Corruption in Brazil: the scam that put politicians behind bars | The Economist


  1. ndowg2705

    ndowg2705Bulan Yang lalu

    morte ao socialismo viva a democracia

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  3. Allan Selman

    Allan Selman2 bulan yang lalu

    Yet the Clinton Foundation in the United States is alive and well...

  4. DrMX5

    DrMX52 bulan yang lalu

    Will this new round of justice mean free shit for the people?

  5. Mrs M&M

    Mrs M&M3 bulan yang lalu

    👎🏼😡it’s a Bull shit! It’s a fake propaganda to ride agenda! Bolsonaro’S is the corrupts also milicians military

  6. Felipe Fischmann

    Felipe Fischmann4 bulan yang lalu

    Time to update this video

  7. Kevin Moore

    Kevin Moore4 bulan yang lalu

    Brazil, $5 billion in corruption. USA, Hold my beer... Too bad the USA doesn't go after corrupt politicians, we tend to re-elect or excuse them.

  8. Nevin George

    Nevin George7 bulan yang lalu

    This video is officially a joke now. #TakeItDown

  9. High Times

    High Times7 bulan yang lalu

    Yeah... you should maybe take down this video after Greenwald's revelations.

  10. 0SakA

    0SakA7 bulan yang lalu

    Moro is corrupt and he corrupted the whole operation.

  11. Triani DD

    Triani DD7 bulan yang lalu

    Whose side the police if they could capture those people, i mean, all of them have big influence to the government, and now the economic of Brazil is still falling down isn’t it? So wht the purpose of this operation while many citizens lost their jobs and having no future (i saw in Vox channel before I came here) and whose side is getting more benefits for this condition if the real condition doesn’t side the people??

  12. Triani DD

    Triani DD7 bulan yang lalu

    I dont mean tht i agree with this corruption.. but i want to know the next step tht they take to control their economic after opening this Big scandal, since I saw the news from Vox and the people need help from government,

  13. Dennis Diamond B. Belvis

    Dennis Diamond B. Belvis9 bulan yang lalu

    Too big to fail, those are the words of corrupt politicians. Thank you Brazil for settling the example for rest of world, Justice always prevail. Kudos from the Philippines.

  14. Erique Santos

    Erique Santos9 bulan yang lalu

    The Brazil never will change this is the truth

  15. Nellie Rutten

    Nellie Rutten9 bulan yang lalu

    Why go into politics if it's not all about filling your pockets with bribes, they should do it like the Clinton and the Obamas did taken millions of dollars for a one hour talk and charge it as a speaking fee instead of a bribe.

  16. Draco lord

    Draco lord10 bulan yang lalu

    I may not have all of the information relating to this but by what right does the US have to fine a foreign company over 2 billion dollars? And if they do, who gets the money?

  17. Jeff Hann

    Jeff Hann10 bulan yang lalu

    Corrupted small business have to come to a end

  18. Mariella Casaverde

    Mariella Casaverde11 bulan yang lalu

    Creen que es un auto , los dueños no saben , tienen que decirle Odebrecht case u Odebrecht sentence , no saben jerga española : lava jato : money laundry from narcs case , muy estúpido de su parte para no aprender o saber bien jerga española , traducir bien , ellos están muy alegres.

  19. Brent Waits

    Brent Waits11 bulan yang lalu

    Typical Communists

  20. Erick Lopes

    Erick LopesTahun Yang lalu

    It's more than ten trillions we coul'd buy one new country alrealy

  21. Tuliocsmed

    TuliocsmedTahun Yang lalu

    And now Bolsonaro and Sergio Moro will hunt the last corrupts in our land...

  22. Colin T

    Colin TTahun Yang lalu

    The fact that the Brazillian right has seized the corruption scandal as evidence of government impropriety peculiar to the Brazillian left is laughable. The Brazillian left has only ever been in power for 8 years of Brazil's entire history. Brazil's entire history is corruption by the political right eventually culminating in a military dictatorship 1964-1985.

  23. Brent Waits

    Brent Waits11 bulan yang lalu

    Look how bad Brazil got while the Communists were in control for those 8 years

  24. Marineide Fernandes

    Marineide FernandesTahun Yang lalu

    Malditos tds del Club Bilderberg!

  25. Marineide Fernandes

    Marineide FernandesTahun Yang lalu

    Privatización+++tercerización+++ CAOS... Genocidio! Os verdaderos líderes americanos están destruyendo Brasil! Los mismos que destruyeron Venezuela! Acorda Brasil que vcs están bajo control mental inducido Por ondas,flaxes y frecuencia

  26. william marques

    william marquesTahun Yang lalu

    96% Of Brazilians want the investigation to continue! The rest is Directly/Indirectly linked with politics and corruption!

  27. The Daily Conversation

    The Daily ConversationTahun Yang lalu

    Great video!

  28. Bitter teaspoon of reality

    Bitter teaspoon of realityTahun Yang lalu

    We, Brazilians, shouldn't trust in any politician anymore. We should unite and change this situation by ourselves. Nós, brasileiros, não devemos acreditar mais em nenhum político. Nós devemos nos unir, e transformar essa situação por conta própria.

  29. Joshua Darling

    Joshua DarlingTahun Yang lalu

    This one is worse corupt Bahamas Government

  30. mike gossner

    mike gossnerTahun Yang lalu

    Idk a lot about Brazil however comments do ask a lot for USA's help.

  31. mike gossner

    mike gossnerTahun Yang lalu

    Kevin Reyes What I don't get is why is there people flying Brazil flags like a kite in other countries? At homes also at apartments Not saying nothing wrong with that (maybe they are homesick?) however wouldn't they use the country flags that they live in? And if not What are those Brazil visitors trying to say? In my opinion if a country land is not so great Not saying that is what happening however if so the land needs to be cultivated proper so crisis don't build. Which leader can do so in you're opinion then? I'm just learning more about Brazil however I do know this when I go for a walk I do see Brazil flags somewhere and in my ten years never saw that before.

  32. Kevin Reyes

    Kevin ReyesTahun Yang lalu

    mike gossner “yea they shouldn’t, they’ll only make things worse then it is”

  33. Carlo Mickele Ferick

    Carlo Mickele FerickTahun Yang lalu

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  34. Edson Reis Edson

    Edson Reis EdsonTahun Yang lalu

    Lula's party PT is the cancer of Brazil.

  35. F. Teixeira

    F. TeixeiraTahun Yang lalu

    2:42-2:45 Bad Gini Coefficient. You can literally see the inequality. The reason why Brazil has more homicides than a war zone.

  36. F. Teixeira

    F. TeixeiraTahun Yang lalu

    Rolf 700k? I bet most american politicians would be in prison.

  37. F. Teixeira

    F. TeixeiraTahun Yang lalu

    Brazil senado is a giant toilet. Its shit. Its symbol of corruption.

  38. sharon anderson

    sharon andersonTahun Yang lalu

    Least they throw their's in jail. We fawn over ours as the way to be.

  39. Arnon Schaefer

    Arnon SchaeferTahun Yang lalu

    Need back monarchy, the best moment in brazi. More rich and - corrupt

  40. Mrs M&M

    Mrs M&M3 bulan yang lalu

    Bull shit!

  41. Piter Ornellas

    Piter OrnellasTahun Yang lalu

    Corruption is only one of the Heads of Hydra. Brazilian s left is envolved with traffic of drugs, and others. Research about FORO DE SÃO PAULO to understand. Olavo de Carvalho rules.

  42. Dogameda

    Dogameda9 bulan yang lalu

    Olavo kkkkkk psychopat

  43. Daniel Badra

    Daniel BadraTahun Yang lalu

    Yeah, the brazilian left like aécio neves and perrela? HAHAHA cara de pau pacaraio. The brazilian left is the one against traffic, that's why we are pro-legalization. You, the ones who are against the legalization of drugs, are the ones helping the drug businesses.

  44. Joseph Smith

    Joseph SmithTahun Yang lalu

    I have been to Brazil few times for work related stuff. My advice is that if you are an American or any visitor from another country, just stay away from going to Central or South America, unless you want to experience some violence.

  45. Joey Caruso

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  46. ๖ۣۜNguyễn Bin

    ๖ۣۜNguyễn BinTahun Yang lalu

    *much corruption in the Brazilian government!*

  47. Agha Lennick

    Agha LennickTahun Yang lalu

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  48. Peterson Teixeira

    Peterson TeixeiraTahun Yang lalu

    Brazil's Chief Criminal Officer got convicted for 12 years and 1 month already. We're seeing some Justice but this is far from over and we need more of those criminals behind bars. Plus, there are BIGGER scams to uncover according to Federal Police. Bigger than Petrobras' scam. Ridiculous.

  49. J Jr

    J Jr2 tahun yang lalu

    Vergonha de ser brasileiro

  50. EngineeringFun

    EngineeringFun2 tahun yang lalu

    So, the money goes to be hidden in tiny businesses, well something to learn for the Clinton foundation.

  51. KRSonbe

    KRSonbeTahun Yang lalu

    EngineeringFun U know the sequel to this is the Trump administration and Russiagate.

  52. ciro roberto

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  53. Mrs M&M

    Mrs M&M3 bulan yang lalu

    ciro roberto You are idiots brainwashed

  54. Kayo Felipe

    Kayo Felipe2 tahun yang lalu

    Best video of the Lava Jato operation. Well done, The Economist!

  55. Mrs M&M

    Mrs M&M3 bulan yang lalu

    Kayo Felipe you had brainwashed 👎🏼or not brain at all!😱

  56. 0SakA

    0SakA7 bulan yang lalu

  57. Anacleto Rosas

    Anacleto Rosas2 tahun yang lalu

    Políticos brasileiros e líderes empresariais estão fortemente envolvidos no que pode ser o maior escândalo de corrupção do mundo. Uma investigação que começou em uma lavagem de carros brasileira se espalhou para 16 países, envolveu mais de 100 políticos e líderes empresariais e colocou bilionários atrás das grades. Mas há um revestimento prateado para o caos Clique aqui para assinar o The Economist no IDreporter: Foi descrito como o maior escândalo de corrupção, envolvendo mais de US $ 5 bilhões de pagamentos ilegais que até agora envolvem os atuais e ex-presidentes do Brasil, vários outros líderes sul-americanos e centro-americanos e membros-chave da elite comercial do Brasil - muitos dos quais agora estão fazendo o ajuste do estilo de vida bilionário para uma vida atrás das grades. Foi lado a lado com a pior recessão do Brasil no México, mas houve um revestimento de prata para todo esse caos. No coração do escândalo estão dois gigantes corporativos: Petrobras: empresa estatal de petróleo controlada pelo Estado. e Odebrecht: maior empresa de engenharia da América Latina. A Petrobras adjudicou contratos de construção à Odebrecht e a outras pequenas empresas. Essas empresas - em operações com a Petrobras - superariam o verdadeiro custo do trabalho. Alguns diretores da Petrobras passariam a olho cego e 3% de cada acordo seria sonegado para um fundo comum de esmagamento, que acumulou milhões de dólares. Esses fundos foram lavados em uma variedade de pequenas empresas como lavagem de carros e postos de gasolina e, em seguida, usado para financiar campanhas políticas e subornar políticos, na tentativa de ganhar ou influenciar a política do governo. Em 2014, uma polícia mundana perguntou sobre empresas de lavagem de dinheiro em pequena escala, descobriu uma rede de corrupção. A investigação, o código chamado 'operação de lavagem de carros', revelou um fluxo de dinheiro dos executivos da Petrobras e da Odebrecht para os políticos no topo do sistema político. E, uma vez exposto, começou a contar o que levou os envolvidos à justiça. Lula, o antigo ex presidente do Brasil, foi considerado culpado de receber um apartamento no valor de cerca de US $ 700.000. Ele está apelando contra sua sentença de prisão de dez anos. Em junho de 2017, o atual presidente do Brasil, Michel Temer, também foi acusado de corrupção. No entanto, a câmara baixa do congresso votou não proceder com as acusações. E, embora a antecessora de Temer, Dilma Rousseff, não tenha sido diretamente vinculada ao escândalo de corrupção, a investigação encobriu sua presidência. Ela foi acusada em 2016 por contabilidade enganosa de fundos do governo. A vasta escala do escândalo logo se desenrolou. Hoje, mais de 80 políticos brasileiros sentados estão agora sob investigação e o escândalo se espalhou para 16 países em quatro continentes envolvendo vários outros líderes e políticos O ex-presidente do Peru, Alejandro Toledo, é um fugitivo, com um mandado para sua prisão. Ele é acusado de aceitar subornos da Odebrecht. Outro dos ex-presidentes peruanos Ollanta Humala foi detido junto com sua esposa por suposto lavagem de dinheiro vinculado ao escândalo. E no Panamá, a Suprema Corte está paralisando um caso contra Ricardo Martinelli. E as empresas no coração deste escândalo? Desde setembro de 2014, o valor total das ações da Petrobras diminuiu US $ 80 bilhões. No final de 2016, o Departamento de Justiça dos EUA condenou a Odebrecht em US $ 2,6 bilhões pelo esquema de suborno e o CEO do Billionaire, Marcelo Odebrecht, atualmente está preso na prisão de 19 anos. O escândalo agravou a pior recessão registrada para tornar a vida muito difícil para muitos no Brasil. 13,5 milhões de pessoas estão desempregadas e o PIB do país ainda está 9% abaixo do seu pico de precessão. Mas o escândalo também trouxe esperança. Pois, enquanto as alegações de subornos e retrocessos não são novidades no Brasil, desta vez os corruptos estão pagando o preço por suas ações. Por isso, 96% dos brasileiros querem que a investigação continue. Eles esperam que, finalmente, manter o corrupto à conta irá enfraquecer a praga da corrupção em seu país. Há mesmo chamadas para Sergio Moro, o juiz federal que supervisiona a investigação, para candidatar-se à presidência em 2018. A investigação teve um revestimento de prata. Descreveu a falta financeira no coração do estado brasileiro, mas também ilustrou a maturidade e independência do sistema de justiça brasileiro.

  58. Manoel Miguel

    Manoel Miguel2 tahun yang lalu

    Brazil needs to remodel our society from the cradle and core family education and school education, along with civic, moral, ethical and social education. We need to learn on putting our nation first in the rank of happiness, our society as the core of our welfare state, and after, our family and later, the individual well being. Today we do the opposite: we think on our individualities and our social values have been deteriorated by corruption, robbery and lack of respect to the others. This is what is happening in Brasilia, among the three powers of the State, and that's what is happening in all parts of our social edifice.

  59. waspbr

    waspbr2 tahun yang lalu

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no silver lining. The fact that Temer and his ministers are still in power and are able to bribe congress and the supreme court to remain in power makes that blatantly obvious. Now politicians don't even bother hiding their corrupt misdeeds because they know that nothing will happen. Either congress or some of the supreme court judges, who have being bought off, will get them out of any sort of prosecution. To add insult to injury they just managed to appoint a new head federal prosecutor that has had secret meeting with Temer and is allies with some of the corrupt supreme court judges. Again, there is no silver lining.

  60. JN Woodard

    JN Woodard2 tahun yang lalu

    Why hasn’t this happened in the US? Scanning the legal terminology doesn’t make it any less corrupt, and this corruption is rampant.

  61. James Stevenson

    James StevensonTahun Yang lalu

    JN Woodard it does happen in the U.S.!! It is simply that we don't have a judicial system that will investigate and prosecute these people

  62. ezequiel miqueias

    ezequiel miqueias2 tahun yang lalu

    The USA have to help latin America countries.

  63. Kevin Reyes

    Kevin ReyesTahun Yang lalu


  64. Renan Rodrigues

    Renan RodriguesTahun Yang lalu

    No, thank you. They must solve their own problems first and then the problems they've created throughout the XX century.

  65. Wesker

    Wesker2 tahun yang lalu

    ezequiel miqueias are you crazy

  66. Daryl Wathen

    Daryl Wathen2 tahun yang lalu

    The USA can't even help their own people, I reckon they should start there instead.

  67. MartGamer765

    MartGamer7652 tahun yang lalu


  68. Baby Chloe

    Baby Chloe2 tahun yang lalu

    The actual President, (not even president) as Lula, Dilma, Aecio and Fernando Henrique Cardoso. No wonder Brazilians need with such an URGENCY A MILITARY INTERVENTION!!! They all are killing the Amazon. The Brazilian people are the good. PT in Brazil is a criminal activists and "ORGANIZED CRIME" ---Please lets support Brazil. Nor against them. Hear the voice. See the video so you can understand the REAL FACTs!!

  69. bollepalli jitendra

    bollepalli jitendra2 tahun yang lalu

    This video is utter crap, typical western news with complete biased view,

  70. SantaMuerte livE

    SantaMuerte livE2 tahun yang lalu

    Most criminals wear suits and ties

  71. Devendr Devendra

    Devendr Devendra22 hari yang lalu

    0SakA देनेवेदे

  72. 0SakA

    0SakA7 bulan yang lalu

    Yes Moro and the staff of his political operation carwash are criminals.

  73. Rodney Lubega

    Rodney LubegaTahun Yang lalu

    Hahaha... Now that has made my day!

  74. Guilherme Hazam

    Guilherme Hazam2 tahun yang lalu

    Good overview, it would take a series of hour long videos to explain everything

  75. 0SakA

    0SakA7 bulan yang lalu

  76. Jacqueline Pereira

    Jacqueline Pereira2 tahun yang lalu

    Federal Moro, do please continue your work Sir. Be strong YOU ARE SHOWING THE WORLD YOUR POTENTIAL" !! The United States Citizens admire you Mr. Moro. --Thank you!

  77. Mrs M&M

    Mrs M&M3 bulan yang lalu

    Bitter teaspoon of reality Moro is the most corrupt 👎🏼👺

  78. Mrs M&M

    Mrs M&M3 bulan yang lalu

    Luiz Puppo well done 👍🏼 it’s perfect 👌🏻 someone with brain Not a brainwashed 🤪

  79. Mrs M&M

    Mrs M&M3 bulan yang lalu

    Jacqueline Pereira 🤮you are so pathetic 👎🏼

  80. 0SakA

    0SakA7 bulan yang lalu

    seems that Judge Moro is after all more corrupt than every one he put in jail.

  81. Bitter teaspoon of reality

    Bitter teaspoon of realityTahun Yang lalu

    Moro may have done good things for our country, but he will never solve the corruption problem alone. The political system is essentially corrupt, and a gradual change likely won't work, because powerful politicians and businessmen will stop it. Our only choice is revolution.

  82. recolian

    recolian2 tahun yang lalu

    when you call this the world's biggest corruption scandal, I wonder why you're not aware of 2G spectrum scam and Coalgate scam in India? Those are like daddy level scams

  83. Akhil Ramolla

    Akhil Ramolla2 tahun yang lalu


  84. thejeffinvade

    thejeffinvade2 tahun yang lalu

    Corruption is just the way to do business, sometimes it's the only way to get things done. Without corruption, the economy and everybody will suffer

  85. Brent Waits

    Brent Waits11 bulan yang lalu

    That might be the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life.

  86. N C

    N CTahun Yang lalu

    OK idiot

  87. Francisco Acioli Gollo

    Francisco Acioli Gollo2 tahun yang lalu

    I am disappointed with this video, it is so naive.