Cooper's Big Surgery


  1. TmarTn2

    TmarTn2Bulan Yang lalu

    UPDATE: We recorded this on Thursday. He's happy and crazy as ever; still doesn't even act like anything happened. He's doing perfect :) Be sure to check out the vlogs going live over on Trev&Chels!

  2. Johnny Regno

    Johnny Regno25 hari yang lalu

    I am your biggest fan hi I’m sorry I amerence

  3. Kenzo Loo

    Kenzo Loo27 hari yang lalu

    Watch tuckerbudzyn!

  4. JustMe2

    JustMe227 hari yang lalu

    Happy Cooper is doing better! Cooper is such a cutie :)

  5. Ha Ki

    Ha Ki27 hari yang lalu

    I have an idea for a lower key supper Cooper Sunday! Get their paw prints in clay so that you always have something to remember them by!

  6. Por- Tuga32

    Por- Tuga3213 jam yang lalu

    You guys need to try bark box i get it ever month for my dog

  7. Jeanette Branco

    Jeanette Branco16 jam yang lalu

    I loved this video so great, I am happy he is ok. Great family. Brought joy to my heart.

  8. Tammy

    TammyHari Yang lalu

    my dad works next to the vet place you went to

  9. Mama2six

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    Do you like Nahko

  10. mica hayden

    mica hayden6 hari yang lalu

    12.30 taron egerton

  11. Sprite Smith

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    California King

  12. Miggy Smalls

    Miggy Smalls6 hari yang lalu

    Sucks that his legacy wont go on

  13. lol yolo

    lol yolo6 hari yang lalu

    From this day on cooper Will never be the same energetic dogg

  14. Lindsay Richhart

    Lindsay Richhart8 hari yang lalu

    I don’t please can you call me please

  15. Jorge montt

    Jorge montt9 hari yang lalu

    Esta si que es buena vida!!!!! 🇨🇱😎👍

  16. siril bellerin

    siril bellerin9 hari yang lalu

    why sleeps koda not in the bed?

  17. hope and destroyer you will bow

    hope and destroyer you will bow9 hari yang lalu

    I like how you waited until he was in the car before you said the word vet

  18. AJ R

    AJ R9 hari yang lalu

    My dog had that bad surgery breathe to

  19. Adrianne Lacumba

    Adrianne Lacumba10 hari yang lalu

    i like copper

  20. jyoti gajjar

    jyoti gajjar13 hari yang lalu

    Don't be crazy

  21. Danny Crowley

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    Me: man hold has left Cooper Cooper: da**

  22. Hunter Caskanette

    Hunter Caskanette15 hari yang lalu

    Feel better buddy my doggy gets fixed on 12 of september

  23. Billy Connolli

    Billy Connolli15 hari yang lalu

    Cooper looks so cute when he is tired.

  24. Lucky •

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    There a California king

  25. 레나 브리즈번 Lena Brisbane

    레나 브리즈번 Lena Brisbane17 hari yang lalu

    🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️ hope recover soon cooper .

  26. Mia Clarke

    Mia Clarke17 hari yang lalu

    I love the dog the father is toooo loud.

  27. Water Damage Restoration Channel

    Water Damage Restoration Channel17 hari yang lalu


  28. Anna Luisa Rossini

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  29. OhIDid

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    No nut cooper

  30. Neenusubbusreemati Subhash

    Neenusubbusreemati Subhash20 hari yang lalu

    How Are you Cooper after surgery

  31. Juan Moreno

    Juan Moreno20 hari yang lalu

    ZDaddy I love you in the call dad

  32. Juan Moreno

    Juan Moreno20 hari yang lalu

    ZDaddy I love you in the call dadBest brother in the garage

  33. Shawn Greise

    Shawn Greise20 hari yang lalu

    could you do trying to teach koda how to swim for a futuer scs episoed

  34. Jade Ruri

    Jade Ruri21 hari yang lalu

    I love this video

  35. Jana Amr

    Jana Amr21 hari yang lalu

    Awww I’m sorry copper,love cooper!!!and kodaaaa so little babys

  36. Rachel Dane

    Rachel Dane21 hari yang lalu

    There's a California king which is what we have because we have 2 giant Labradors and it's works well

  37. Jennifet Smith

    Jennifet Smith21 hari yang lalu

    Can you please give me a update on how cooper is doing sent s hos surgery?

  38. FaZe HuSkyZ

    FaZe HuSkyZ21 hari yang lalu

    Koda & Bella are safe from the vet this episode ;) aww poor Cooper ;(

  39. Javy DelGado

    Javy DelGado21 hari yang lalu

    I know cooper is a boy but why does he pee like a female dog?

  40. Chief Jawa

    Chief Jawa21 hari yang lalu

    poor cooper get a modern cushion pet cone for him !

  41. Mr. Raindrop

    Mr. Raindrop22 hari yang lalu

    Cooper: 🐕 Gumball and Darwin: youve lost penis privelage ✂

  42. Trooperofdeath21 -

    Trooperofdeath21 -22 hari yang lalu

    Oh man, It makes me sad to know my kitty will have to lose her ovaries when she hits 4-6 months.

  43. Jazmine Mcbride

    Jazmine Mcbride22 hari yang lalu

    When I got my kitten fixed it was so funny seeing him drunk me and my mom where dying laughing at him bc he had a gient con on him and it was funny seeing him run into the walls and it was funny

  44. Shane Ryle Tan

    Shane Ryle Tan23 hari yang lalu

    Bye bye coopers balls 😭

  45. l j

    l j23 hari yang lalu

    Where’s the Labradooodle

  46. HyperPotion

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  47. michelle Lewis

    michelle Lewis23 hari yang lalu

    U can see it in chelc face she was so worried about her puppers... such a great dog mom..

  48. Erin Li

    Erin Li23 hari yang lalu

    Cooper seems pretty healthy already

  49. Ratto Chan

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    You should make a Lazy Koda Monday! And Adventurous Bella Wednesday

  50. Ratto Chan

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    Icechili it was 3 am puls im dumb 😋

  51. Icechili

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    Jesus those names are awful

  52. JP Trojan

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    Or kwirky koda Wednesday

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  54. narsimha reddy

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    where is koda

  55. Alvaro Aer

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    Im seriously crying because I cant have a dog but y realy cant because im alergic 😔😭😧

  56. shur7318

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    Cooper will now get fat and have less energy that’s a fact ! No more swimming for cooper just wait and see

  57. Lily_ Stuff

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    I cant believe i've watched ur vids for 4 years gezzzz :]

  58. Hot Girl

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    What surgery? which surgery?

  59. Paws on Paws

    Paws on Paws24 hari yang lalu

    Poor cooper I hope he will be ok all the time and I wish to see Baby coopers lol also I hope this Sires never ends

  60. Haley Yates

    Haley Yates24 hari yang lalu

    What's wrong with Cooper?

  61. Alex Tinsley

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    You could be like Shaquille O’Neal and get a custom made bed

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    Which dog is Koda?

  63. Cooper the Dachshund

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    My little sausage dog cooper got desexed at 5 or 6 months and when we saw him he looked cute drunk lol 🥺🐶💕😂😂

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    "Where are my testicles, Summer?"

  65. Bloxy Vibes Xx

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    About to get a puppy and still don’t have a name! Anyone have ideas? (It’s a golden retreiver) we think bailey. COMMENT!

  66. Emilsar Escobar

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    I think Bailey is a good name for ur dog

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    Such a cutie ❤️

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    My dog is one and he did it and got fixed 🥺