Conor McGregor isn't afraid and never turns down a fight PERIOD,Urijah on TJ,Aljo on Henry Cejudo


  1. GuSuBu Tribe

    GuSuBu Tribe3 bulan yang lalu

    Perhaps Conor is turning his Millions into more MILLIONS. The question is... Why are YOU wasting your life bashing people in youtube comments? So mad... Hahahahaha. STAY SMALL.

  2. i.e.m.

    i.e.m.3 bulan yang lalu

    Dana: ''Conor McGregor isn't afraid and never turns down a fight and I definitely never touched his penis with my mouth''

  3. lawrence5584

    lawrence55843 bulan yang lalu

    Well well, dana white finally stopped licking Khabib's ass to stand up for the real warrior. I'm impressed.

  4. Elvira Hancock

    Elvira Hancock3 bulan yang lalu

    Dana White once again protecting his great lover Conor McGregor. What a huge surprise.....

  5. Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson3 bulan yang lalu

    Khabib got lucky I tapped out -Conor Mcgregor

  6. shaari mohd amin

    shaari mohd amin3 bulan yang lalu

    If he doesn't afraid why he is begging his life in that cage?

  7. Arne Timmer

    Arne Timmer3 bulan yang lalu

    McGregor has turned down only one fight. Probably because he is allergic to tiramisu. Vote now,

  8. Layne Scooby

    Layne Scooby3 bulan yang lalu

    How you training with DC and cant wrestle

  9. Cassius Johnson

    Cassius Johnson3 bulan yang lalu

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Uriah Faber gets flaged by USADA

  10. Gary Kindred Jr

    Gary Kindred Jr3 bulan yang lalu

    Look we all know Jessica Eye didn't belong in the octagon with Valentina but the division is so thin nobody really belongs in there with her at 125 the thing I hate about these questions from the media is what do they expect the fighter to say? If Valentina said anything other than what she said she would be diminishing her OWN performance it's stupid

  11. Revolt Ter

    Revolt Ter3 bulan yang lalu

    McGregor vs. Gaethje Conor won't even need to win the fight to earn my respect, as long as he accepts the fight vs. Gaethje and earn his spot because most of us think that Gaethje would retire McGregor.

  12. Benjamin ZAOUI

    Benjamin ZAOUI4 bulan yang lalu

    Cody GARBRANDT: "Sh!t! I ran put of space in the front!" [pauses for a moment] 💡💡💡 "Wait, I know!" [proceeds to fill all available space left on back with one (sh!tty) tattoo.

  13. Rezaul Hoque

    Rezaul Hoque4 bulan yang lalu

    Smaller dudes in ufc r bunch of weirdos. Few class fighters though like frankie

  14. E36ASAP

    E36ASAP4 bulan yang lalu

    So it was all cool and dandy for team "alpha male" but they keep letting everyone know that as long as you make us look good we'll keep our mouths shut instead of telling you its wrong and then they all say he showed them how to do it haha so more guys are doing it like nate said thier all on steroids! Faber trys to be this fsce of reason and now wants to bad mouth? How do we know he wasnt using the stuff? No tests back then like we have now! Too many things usada doesnt check for or half asses because "its too expensive" haha TJ fucked up and he admits but alpha male guys are like an ex gf wanna air all your shit out and domt realize they going down with the ship also all loses haha

  15. xkoehc

    xkoehc4 bulan yang lalu

    Matt Serra being a "clean" athlete had my dying omg XD

  16. KingCarrot500

    KingCarrot5004 bulan yang lalu

    MMA World missed a massive opportunity not putting Cody's head on Nelson's mum's face!

  17. Ciaran Bernard

    Ciaran Bernard4 bulan yang lalu

    McGregor is finished.

  18. Nik Barker

    Nik Barker4 bulan yang lalu

    Cant wait for Henry cejudo to complete his transition so he can become the womans bantam weight champion

  19. spoke1183

    spoke11834 bulan yang lalu

    GTFO mctap is probably doing more lines and whisky shots and shitting in the bucked scared shitless.

  20. NorCal Rider

    NorCal Rider4 bulan yang lalu

    McGregor killed his own heart by doing all the cocaine... Like Tyson. He’s done.

  21. David Moya

    David Moya4 bulan yang lalu

    Shut your bitch mouth already uriah .you sound like a woman get over it stop gossiping Like a faggot and man up you little midget I guarantee I can beat the brakes off of you

  22. kendell walters ZDS

    kendell walters ZDS4 bulan yang lalu

    You need to upload before i fukin go insane

  23. Jose Hernandez

    Jose Hernandez4 bulan yang lalu

    My God!!! Aljamain Sterling and Mike Perry do NOT shut up!!! Unreal!!

  24. M M

    M M4 bulan yang lalu

    Cody ''Nipple-Back'' Garbrandt

  25. Tzap Inferno

    Tzap Inferno4 bulan yang lalu

    I know I'm probably the only one interested in this, but... can someone please point out the software used to make the video at the end ( adding cropped faces to cartoon characters and such ) ? Would highly appreciate it. :)

  26. Tzap Inferno

    Tzap Inferno3 bulan yang lalu

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy who would actually have the answer to my question... :/

  27. Conor McGregor

    Conor McGregor4 bulan yang lalu

    I didnt say that dana moron

  28. ScottKipple

    ScottKipple4 bulan yang lalu

    No uploads over the weekend! Hope MMA World didn't catch a strike with all the IDreporter drama going on.

  29. gumbypimp65

    gumbypimp654 bulan yang lalu

    Bullshit he turned down cowboy cerrone to fight Nate Diaz instead, cerrone had just come off a win and Nate was partying in Mexico.

  30. x EGD x

    x EGD x4 bulan yang lalu

    UFC is shit without Jon Jones.

  31. inkwell flood

    inkwell flood4 bulan yang lalu

    Its scary when you belive your own bullshit danasaur --- soon you'll be extinct. Fuck connor to, its only bb bb b business - go away and find your balls - crotch goblin.


    H1TMAN Ru1Z MATAMOROS4 bulan yang lalu

    Cejudo the best right now but nawt sure he would have beat Demetrius Johnson on the rematch!!Sterling fought sloppy last fight scared thinking about getting head kicked! Ferguson is the best when hes throwing punches wen stops takes to much damage like he has a iron chin we Kno he doesn't lol Cody stopped trying to kill himself is a new man a gladiator after tj thing! Of course defend Connor Dana hes ur cash cow 😂😂

  33. Theo Kag

    Theo Kag4 bulan yang lalu

    Is it me or rose namajunes looks like a bit like elon musk... 🤔😂

  34. antwan ali

    antwan ali4 bulan yang lalu

    great video man

  35. Chris J

    Chris J4 bulan yang lalu


  36. Tony Serrano

    Tony Serrano4 bulan yang lalu

    Connor the Tap out Queen should just shut his potatoe chin up already for his bark is louder than his bite nowaday's.

  37. NoMoreYouSure1000

    NoMoreYouSure10004 bulan yang lalu

    Conor doesn't turn down fights, Dana just doesn't offer him any. How can a guy who only fights every 18 months not turn down fights? Come on Dana.

  38. ulrik reimann

    ulrik reimann4 bulan yang lalu

    Then why doesn't he fight?

  39. 1966cambo

    1966cambo4 bulan yang lalu

    Clip bait yet again.....

  40. Foot L Johnson

    Foot L Johnson4 bulan yang lalu

    "Conor never turns down a fight" Well then what the fuck chuck? I mean Dana.... It's been 2 years, are you gonna offer him one or what? If he never turns down a fight, and it's been 2 years, that means you haven't offered him a fight in 2 years? You know what, fuck it, I'm done. UFC is fuckin lame now, it's so over saturated, there's so many events and fights that it's just meaningless now, and ever since conor came on the scene there are so many fighters behaving like straight up donkeys in order to get attention.... It was funny at first to see the crazy irish guy run his mouth but that got old and now he doesn't even fucking fight, sorry to say this as a long time UFC fan, but it's fucking boring now. It was much more entertaining to watch a single event a month with the best fighters around, now we watch like 2, 3, sometimes 4 events a month packed full of fuckin nobodies. UFC has just become a clown car of randoms. And why does the UFC management feel the need to keep hosting these ridiculous midget fighting contests? Nobody wants to watch a cavalcade of 135 pound 5 foot midgets who can't even hurt each other roll around for 3-5 rounds...It's usually always a fuckin decision.... Because they can't hurt each other!!! they're too small!!! BOOOOOORRRINNNNNNGGGGG!!!!!! It's like watching little kids fight... Might as well go down to the local high school and pay some kids to fight in the parking lot..Scratch that, make it the local middle school, even high school kids are bigger.... UFC straight up joke now bro, should change it too UMC. Ultimate Midget Championship. When did the UFC turn into Mcdonalds? Just spam that low quality... spam it spam it spam it, one shitty meaningless event after another yet the most popular guy in the sport is benched for 2 years? Yeah, fuck it, UFC is fugazi now, fuckin boring. Fuck you Dana, I'm glad you got paid, you deserved it, but you turned the UFC into a fucking clown show. Bunch of little midgets runnin around, Cocky fighters that don't fight for 2 years. Jones apparently has a golden cock of the Gods and Dana loves the taste, because he's allowed to cheat like every time while other people get the ban hammer. Either suspend them ALL for cheating or don't suspend ANY of them, what's with this playing favorites shit? Fuck off, UFC is dead.

  41. 416teedot Errr

    416teedot Errr4 bulan yang lalu

    He turned down every fight unless it’s the khabib rematch this guy sucks his dick so hard 😂 give tony the next title shot fuck what conor says or wants maybe he should go get a W before anything

  42. amacm69

    amacm694 bulan yang lalu

    Cody is an idiot with such stupid tattoos jesus. Maybe concentrate on fighting and training

  43. Hamish Bertenshaw

    Hamish Bertenshaw4 bulan yang lalu

    Henry looks like my 5 year old trying to be tough

  44. Castor Troy

    Castor Troy4 bulan yang lalu

    completed tattoo session. Still has no chin

  45. Catalyst Hypnosis

    Catalyst Hypnosis4 bulan yang lalu

    Tj clearly an inbred ,no natural gifts for inbreds

  46. SquareBraceX2

    SquareBraceX24 bulan yang lalu

    Henry Cejudo just wants big name fights. Not his fault that the biggest names are losers, and the best fighters are No-Name punks that nobody cares about. Cejudo named the only three fighters (besides the one he already beat up) that the general public know. Can't hate on the guy for that. If the Young N Hungry Club can make their names matter, then he'll probs be more keen to fight them

  47. Nick

    Nick4 bulan yang lalu

    Why does Cody have a gun..... fuck sake

  48. Nicholas Lehman

    Nicholas Lehman4 bulan yang lalu

    Henry is a beast

  49. Aisha

    Aisha4 bulan yang lalu

    That back tattoo is ugly AF

  50. Mitchell Sparkes

    Mitchell Sparkes4 bulan yang lalu

    Oh nowww big titty wants the tuivasa fight!?? Now he losing and getting cut 😂😂

  51. Ziggidagod

    Ziggidagod4 bulan yang lalu

    He should fight Floyd again LOL

  52. Ziggidagod

    Ziggidagod4 bulan yang lalu

    Connor Mcgregor scared of real Niggas.

  53. Xavier Blanc

    Xavier Blanc4 bulan yang lalu

    Yep Dana, and that asian chick that ran away from the camera at the casino wasn't a hooker either.

  54. Denise Noles

    Denise Noles4 bulan yang lalu

    I guess Urijah forgot that Mendes popped and was suspended.

  55. Thomas Cunningham

    Thomas Cunningham4 bulan yang lalu

    Rose getting slammed looks 100% like Smeegul

  56. kkarx

    kkarx4 bulan yang lalu

    Conor is not afraid of smaller guys.

  57. jaylord lao

    jaylord lao4 bulan yang lalu

    really he dunno if hes scared of course he using hes brain make more money

  58. duman5596

    duman55964 bulan yang lalu

    I think Dana still has an Irish dick in his ass. Period!

  59. Augustine Coronado

    Augustine Coronado4 bulan yang lalu

    Conor " Never turns down a fight, only turns down the NEGOTIATIONS" McGregor. Sounds somewhat right....

  60. Starscream 9

    Starscream 94 bulan yang lalu

    He sure ran and is still running from that trilogy fight he owes Nate

  61. tony motorrad

    tony motorrad4 bulan yang lalu

    Conor is full of shit. Comedy MMA belt holder

  62. mc finn

    mc finn4 bulan yang lalu

    The boogey woman was correct.