Confronting My Strange Addiction


  1. ShaneGlossin

    ShaneGlossin15 jam yang lalu

    Hope u guys like part 1 of this weird 2 part series! :)))

  2. Pretty& Paranormal Cassie Kay Bates

    Pretty& Paranormal Cassie Kay Bates12 jam yang lalu

    ShaneGlossin can’t wait for part two!!!!

  3. Adam Crawford

    Adam Crawford12 jam yang lalu

    Fblinged the video! Blingglossin

  4. Elizabeth Early

    Elizabeth Early12 jam yang lalu

    Shane when are you resticking

  5. Rose

    Rose12 jam yang lalu

    50ShadesOfShazy no

  6. Elizabeth Early

    Elizabeth Early12 jam yang lalu

    Shane when are you resticking

  7. Purpleshoes Purp

    Purpleshoes Purp11 jam yang lalu

    Y’all are so silly !

  8. The Many-Faced God

    The Many-Faced God11 jam yang lalu

    Come on guys it's not bling minions its blingions how could you miss that one Now officially copyrighted TM. You had your chance its mine now 😈

  9. Best Fran

    Best Fran11 jam yang lalu

    Is this Shane Dawsons new account?

  10. K8

    K811 jam yang lalu

    Bling Minions = BLINIONS!!!!!

  11. Janamatrix Illustration

    Janamatrix Illustration11 jam yang lalu

    im always so sad when the video is over :(((

  12. Enchantelover247

    Enchantelover24711 jam yang lalu

    Sorry Shane, I’m drunk because the in-laws have been over...I’m trying my best to follow but I think it’s best to watch when I’m sober 😂 so confused

  13. Multiverse

    Multiverse11 jam yang lalu

    Who else can't wait till shane and rayn have kids lol

  14. Ava Clayton

    Ava Clayton11 jam yang lalu

    Can you PLEASE bling every coke can in your fridge?😂🥴

  15. Aniu_Snow

    Aniu_Snow11 jam yang lalu

    Bedazzle the furries collars😆

  16. Gacha girl

    Gacha girl11 jam yang lalu

    What about ur golf cart

  17. Tatiana Carmona

    Tatiana Carmona11 jam yang lalu

    "What's that book called? Is it called Fish Book?" 😂😂😂

  18. Orla Phipps

    Orla Phipps11 jam yang lalu


  19. c a r m e n

    c a r m e n11 jam yang lalu

    Ryland: “Well it is Shwazki”😭😭

  20. The life of Maddy

    The life of Maddy11 jam yang lalu

    Omg #5 on trending💗💗💗🥰

  21. Sierra Fathke

    Sierra Fathke11 jam yang lalu


  22. StuckinThorns

    StuckinThorns11 jam yang lalu

    Ooooh Shane your eyebrows look so good

  23. aleecia jade

    aleecia jade11 jam yang lalu

    iconic duo: Ryland + his taco 🌮

  24. Uriah Adcock

    Uriah Adcock11 jam yang lalu

    why dont you upload on shane ?

  25. Tiara Hernandez

    Tiara Hernandez11 jam yang lalu

    Wash those straws

  26. Muffins33

    Muffins3311 jam yang lalu

    Thank you for subscribling

  27. Jocelyn Romero

    Jocelyn Romero11 jam yang lalu

    You should do a conspiracy theory of the coronavirus

  28. Luna

    Luna11 jam yang lalu

    'she tries to ... fertilize' i SCREAMED

  29. n a n j i z X a n i m a t i o n z z

    n a n j i z X a n i m a t i o n z z11 jam yang lalu

    This makeup thing got to his head 😂jkjkjk

  30. Shan Kay

    Shan Kay11 jam yang lalu

    Ryland eating in the back is me constantly

  31. oh wow

    oh wow11 jam yang lalu

    Man his channel name should be called Shane Blingin or something that has the word bling in it

  32. kittygirl 9

    kittygirl 911 jam yang lalu

    Shane: bye my bling queen make sure to turn on your bling-cure

  33. Kaydence Davis

    Kaydence Davis11 jam yang lalu

    someone needs to cosplay Shane's bear statue lol

  34. My dad is cooler than your dad

    My dad is cooler than your dad11 jam yang lalu

    Eat your cereal

  35. Laura

    Laura11 jam yang lalu

    This is AMAZEBLING✨✨✨✨ YOU GUYS FORGOT THE cat and dog collars!!!!!✨✨✨✨🔮💫 Love this new channel , so fun!

  36. melissa mac

    melissa mac11 jam yang lalu

    Because of Shanes Video I just had a blingariffic day :)

  37. Millie Brown

    Millie Brown11 jam yang lalu

    can’t wait for Shane’s “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” wedding video

  38. Dallas Ivory

    Dallas Ivory11 jam yang lalu


  39. Sarah Skunza

    Sarah Skunza11 jam yang lalu

    The first 5 minutes of this video is me drunk. I am Shane. And I am here for it. Ok.... now to continue the video....

  40. J & N

    J & N11 jam yang lalu


  41. Karla Valdizon

    Karla Valdizon11 jam yang lalu

    Omg cant wait for part 2 loved the video

  42. Lisa R

    Lisa R11 jam yang lalu

    Ryland saved the entire video tbh.

  43. RB LadyB

    RB LadyB11 jam yang lalu

    Ok Shane sweating the entire time, is ME. ✌ Thanks anxiety, and medication! We always moist here

  44. Caroline Lee

    Caroline Lee11 jam yang lalu


  45. BeautywithV

    BeautywithV11 jam yang lalu

    Omg I cannot wait!!! X

  46. JLynn Harris

    JLynn Harris11 jam yang lalu

    2:49 -3:10 acting like every parent who works full time, dinner, laundry, homework, lunches, etc..and reaches their daily breaking point 😂🤣

  47. Amber Ridge

    Amber Ridge11 jam yang lalu

    Ryland @ 9:34 makes me think of Sid from Ice Age

  48. Victoria Katherine

    Victoria Katherine11 jam yang lalu

    Blingkin funny.

  49. D-Bug Schwang

    D-Bug Schwang11 jam yang lalu

    NO. I don't want bling. I want conspiracy videos.

  50. Sara Berkeley

    Sara Berkeley11 jam yang lalu

    i love the intro!!!!!!!

  51. Seaflame 1

    Seaflame 111 jam yang lalu

    At the starting of the video, why is cheeto such a mood doe 😳

  52. Shai Mercado

    Shai Mercado11 jam yang lalu

    Shane Strawson

  53. Kim B, that's me

    Kim B, that's me11 jam yang lalu

    From Slime to 'Bedazzled' Blinged out everything! (P.S. Still waiting for you to make and sell slime :) )

  54. alice marquez

    alice marquez11 jam yang lalu

    you’re so funny!🤣🤣🤣

  55. Janel McCorrister

    Janel McCorrister11 jam yang lalu

    It SOOO great seeing you happy and laughing. You do you, Shane! ❤️❤️

  56. Alisa Holverson

    Alisa Holverson11 jam yang lalu

    Everyone brings their nice home cooked leftovers from the night before for lunch at work. I wouldn’t know such a thing. The fiancé eats regular food for breakfast and in the middle of the night 😐.

  57. MissJho

    MissJho11 jam yang lalu

    1:47 "You're my life" like "awwwwwwwww" sooooo sweet! #Sana All

  58. Smooth

    Smooth11 jam yang lalu

    Shane got that cash cash green cash green cash paperrrrr

  59. siimply_evalyn

    siimply_evalyn11 jam yang lalu

    shane:looks at james charles palate also shane:”let’s just hide that, she’s my competition now” i’m sorry i never do these types of comments lmao bye

  60. 1b

    1b11 jam yang lalu

    it’s official. shane has too much money

  61. Abbee Black

    Abbee Black11 jam yang lalu

    This was supposed to be a BEAUTY CHANNEL

  62. BTS ÄRMY

    BTS ÄRMY11 jam yang lalu

    Not really. It was a channel for makeup vids *and* some random shit 🗿 I love it.

  63. Evelyn Goates

    Evelyn Goates11 jam yang lalu

    I ordered you merch this morning and I’m so excited to get it!!!

  64. EmerSketch

    EmerSketch11 jam yang lalu

    Shane said my name.. I'm now ded I can finally rest in peace

  65. Mariella Serrano

    Mariella Serrano11 jam yang lalu

    I wonder what Shane did with his like 10 million dollars lol

  66. Kavon LiLLiL

    Kavon LiLLiL11 jam yang lalu

    I’m actually kinda pissed Shane glossin has a really good ring to it😂