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    Before I even came out to myself I watched this and I don't think anything of this- after I came out to myself I under stood but then my friends and mom.... and now I know 😢. I honestly cried well watching this.

  2. Anaa S2

    Anaa S22 jam yang lalu

    me three days after knowing I am bisexual: hey guys...sooo i have something to talk about my friends; oh...what?? me: I am bisexual... my friends: we need to talk to you me: * freaking out * my friends; i am a lesbian and those two are bisexual AND NOW WE ARE A HAPPY FAMILY LOL

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    Fuuuuuuuuck that's insane😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    I came out to my family, they really didnt give a shit 😂 Its probably because my family has so many LGBTQ+ members lol.

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    the last part gave me chills!

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    Whenever people that I love do this, I love them even more.

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    I love when he said u can’t be gay I am gay

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    why did I cry well elle started crying 😭

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    Go girl! When I came out my mom actually did not care.....

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    i was literally staring at my phone but at the end i started balling my eyes out. 🥺💞

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    I was confused as to why this random IDreporterr showed up in my recommendations and this video explains everything I’ve seen in her videos and the fact that she’s in my recommendations. I wish I could come out the way she did but my family is unfortunately homophobic and so is my whole country.

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    My family all look down upon the LGBTQ community so I haven't come out yet and I'm scared to come out. I know my friends will accept me but I'm also scared to come out too them

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    When i saw this i cried and the when i remembered the you cant be gay i am i just started laughing.

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    yess gurl open up for the world! thats the kind of youtubers that i like, open and wild.

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    She is such a bad bitch

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    Thank you so much, this means so much to me

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    Im really proud of you.. When you started crying it just reminded me when i told my friends and now it's a bit different but i still love them even if they don't love me.. I am bisexual life can be a tough one but we'll all get through it together _smile

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    Awww baby this made me so happy 😭

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    Aren’t you from David Dobrik


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    I'm so retarded in the beginning of the video I was like is she bisexual

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    “You can’t be gay, I’m gay >:(“

  30. s o f t b o i

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    ....... You cant be gay IM gay thats exactly what i said to my friend when she came out

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    i didn't even come out to my parents, they were just like are you a lesbian and i was like yea

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    You guys need JESUS.

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    Hi! My name is Simon Schmitt and I am Bisexual

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    "You cant be gay. I'm gay" That's the funniest thing I've heard

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    you are like the alter of me, we have some similarities in living as LGBTQ+ community, thanks for inspiring me

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    I lost my shit 😣at 2:27 cuz I Elite truck so much as a semi out bisexual teen 💗💜💙 and my heart 💓 goes out to u 💕💖💕 so much and CONGRATS☺on having the confidence to come out😜

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    This is one of the best coming out videos I’ve ever seen..! :’)

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    So i am bi( but I like girls more) and when my mom found out she said like "Well you can't be sure about that since you are only 15 so that is just great

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    Ok u are so boring :D

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    IM LATE! but im so so so so proud of you ELLE,

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    We love you elle!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤ PS: I'm bisexual too its okay

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    It’s ok

  50. mma mma15 hari yang lalu

    This was so heartbreaking to watch her struggle before coming out. Im straight so dont really understand it but i think its really ashame for some people. Luckily she has a understanding friends and family it seems but my dad is extremely homophobic as are a huge percentage of the older generation of men in Scotland. I think if i was gay and came out then my dad would disown me for a while and even if and when he did decide to talk to me again he would most certainly be embarrased of me his whole life. Im happy that atleast now the vast majority of the younger generation in scotland are tolerant and understanding. I dont get why my dad thinks like that its like people dont choose to be gay and even if they did whats wrong with it. His reasonings when i critisise him for thinking that way is that he says the method in which they have sex is gross but lets be honest its gross no matter what hole you stick it in haha

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    "you can't be gay, I'm gay" hahahaha gets me every time

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    Girl honestly I watch this video of all listening to Dodies I’m by coming out song wow that added a whole new feeling to this video

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    Well I knew at 14 and I'm 19 and gonna be 20 soon haven't told my family yet I can feel that weight of that pain on ur chest

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    I guy cried SO HARD watching this video, because being bi has been such an important part of my life. T fact that I am Asian, makes it harder for most of my family - especially the older generation - to accept members of the lgbtq+ people. Which is why I haven’t come out to them yet. Seeing Elle crying just made me cry, as I know that I won’t be accepted by my whole family for who I am but seeing Elle’s be so loving towards her gives me hope.❤️

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    What is the song she is singing in the car toward the end?? Someone please help!

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    It’s mostly easier to come out to people You haven’t known for a long time because you haven’t made the same type of relationship as someone like your siblings and parents

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    anyone else lying in bed sobbing two years later?

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