1. Gloria Wang

    Gloria Wang26 hari yang lalu

    the first five minutes is just you looking through sweatshirts lol

  2. Ming Lang

    Ming LangBulan Yang lalu

    People wear the same shit everyday?? Not u Melanie.

  3. Maryn Grace

    Maryn Grace4 bulan yang lalu

    “But I’m poor” literally wearing a Patagonia coat

  4. Ellen Upper

    Ellen Upper6 bulan yang lalu


  5. Annmarie Gonzalez

    Annmarie Gonzalez8 bulan yang lalu

    can u plzzz do a video on the boyfriend jeans u make from thrifted jeans ? 😭😭

  6. Maybelin

    Maybelin11 bulan yang lalu

    You passed up on goood ass things... :(

  7. Amber Rose

    Amber RoseTahun Yang lalu

    Where are your jeans from??

  8. emma marie

    emma marieTahun Yang lalu

    im guessing you live in washington hahaha. i go to skyline and im on the swim team, what a coincidence😂

  9. my name jeff

    my name jeffTahun Yang lalu

    wow your store had a lot of nike.

  10. tori meyers

    tori meyersTahun Yang lalu

    Why are your thrift stores so gooooddd?! All of mine suck and smell weird

  11. bri

    briTahun Yang lalu


  12. kill me txs

    kill me txsTahun Yang lalu

    Sksksks i saw so many jems that i want rip :'(

  13. Desyerel Nwoga

    Desyerel NwogaTahun Yang lalu

    why skipping all the cute stuff!?!?!

  14. N E

    N ETahun Yang lalu

    I could literally watch this all day. I LOVE the fact that you don’t cut out or put music over the parts of the video where you just flip through all the clothes!

  15. Robert Giles

    Robert GilesTahun Yang lalu


  16. no thanks

    no thanksTahun Yang lalu

    The way you swing the clothes on the racks 💔💔💔 #criesinsalesassociate

  17. abby p.

    abby p.Tahun Yang lalu

    6:55 BAYERN

  18. okiarao

    okiaraoTahun Yang lalu

    Ahh I see so many things I liked at that thrift store!! Rad!

  19. Jayce Bennett

    Jayce BennettTahun Yang lalu

    The fact that you check the price as soon as you think something is cute .. 😂 me

  20. Ava 123

    Ava 123Tahun Yang lalu


  21. rosa rodriguez

    rosa rodriguezTahun Yang lalu

    How do u get such good quality with a iPhone Bkcbdkwnlsks

  22. fwlti editing

    fwlti editingTahun Yang lalu

    why is your thrift store actually amazing. i went to 5 thrift stores and found one mike thing

  23. Giovanna G

    Giovanna GTahun Yang lalu

    4:24 she skipped over a lifeguard sweater which are usually like 50$ :)

  24. tea time

    tea timeTahun Yang lalu

    confession. I steal my grandpas clothes. don’t even ask, a sister gots some nice vintage shit okay

  25. Sunny Ciao

    Sunny CiaoTahun Yang lalu

    Omg I love this video so much thank u so much please KEEP DOING THESE THRIFT STYLE VIDEOS

  26. I don't like onions

    I don't like onionsTahun Yang lalu

    'Toenails are for sissies'

  27. Emily Sol

    Emily SolTahun Yang lalu

    U missed all the good stuff smh, just for some uglass Nike sweaters. I can tell thrifting is not for u

  28. Hyejean Park

    Hyejean ParkTahun Yang lalu

    Your my spirit animal 😜

  29. Brianna Roman

    Brianna RomanTahun Yang lalu

    I don’t know how many people are going to see this but PLEASE be respectful in thrift stores. A lot of the people who shop there actually can’t afford to go anywhere else and aren’t teenagers looking for trendy vintage finds. Go but please be mindful

  30. hannah leong

    hannah leongTahun Yang lalu

    thrifting vlogs are the literal best skskskks

  31. margarida Silva

    margarida SilvaTahun Yang lalu

    I hope we had that stores in europe

  32. Dylann Beretz

    Dylann BeretzTahun Yang lalu

    Why is it a trend to say “im poor” lmao

  33. Jenny Moran

    Jenny MoranTahun Yang lalu

    Who else is mad that she didn’t get the vineyard vine💀

  34. danielle allen

    danielle allenTahun Yang lalu

    I literally loved the tweety sweatshirt at 1:51

  35. Sydney Penilla

    Sydney PenillaTahun Yang lalu

    its sad that she doesnt have a check...................... lets help mel out her out and get her one.

  36. 강예영

    강예영Tahun Yang lalu

    which value village is it? i live in seattle area too!

  37. Kassandra F.

    Kassandra F.Tahun Yang lalu

    the teal quarter button up fleece top was so cute!

  38. Jessye’s Craft Productions !

    Jessye’s Craft Productions !Tahun Yang lalu

    Your value village has so much good stuff!!!

  39. Donufetti

    DonufettiTahun Yang lalu

    Where’d you get your jeannnsss

  40. Layla Scarlet

    Layla ScarletTahun Yang lalu

    What app do you use to edit??xx

  41. Nicole Green

    Nicole GreenTahun Yang lalu

    You should buy a car charger!!!

  42. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox BleachTahun Yang lalu

    *where did you get those jeans omg 😍*

  43. Natalie Cho

    Natalie ChoTahun Yang lalu


  44. Hannah

    HannahTahun Yang lalu

    You kinda remind me of a sassier Lara-Jean

  45. Akira

    AkiraTahun Yang lalu


  46. Nahla Wilson

    Nahla WilsonTahun Yang lalu

    I think you should re sell thrift finds your thrift stores seem to be really good

  47. Nahla Wilson

    Nahla WilsonTahun Yang lalu

    You passed up so many things that are totally my style and I died inside

  48. AuthenticBees

    AuthenticBees6 bulan yang lalu

    Same oml-

  49. ania gibson

    ania gibson6 bulan yang lalu

    I was going to comment that 😬😂😂

  50. Gina Lee

    Gina Lee11 bulan yang lalu

    MEEEE TOO it actually hurt me inside

  51. Stella Woodall

    Stella WoodallTahun Yang lalu

    I was thinking the same thing!!!!

  52. Mia B

    Mia BTahun Yang lalu

    What thrift store is that?!?! All of the ones near me suck.

  53. Franki Alvear

    Franki AlvearTahun Yang lalu

    what mascara do u use

  54. Alyssa Michelle

    Alyssa MichelleTahun Yang lalu

    “they’re probably all grandmas who have nothing to do” 😂😂😂

  55. Alyssa Michelle

    Alyssa MichelleTahun Yang lalu

    the crutches 😂😂😂😂😂 i’m actually dead lol

  56. Katherine Leal

    Katherine LealTahun Yang lalu

    I absolutely love the quality of this

  57. Hannah Kim

    Hannah KimTahun Yang lalu

    Where were both thrift stores?

  58. Taylor Wilkerson

    Taylor WilkersonTahun Yang lalu

    1:50 I WANT THAT And 7:33 and 7:38 😩

  59. daejah

    daejahTahun Yang lalu

    1:51 I dig that sweatshirt a little bummed you didn’t get it

  60. danielle allen

    danielle allenTahun Yang lalu

    Daejah Denise Benavente SAMEEEE

  61. Kelly Korec

    Kelly KorecTahun Yang lalu

    When she thifts all she goes for is really nice brands. I get that it’s cool and a good buy. But it really shows how what brands you wear influences what people think of you. I thought there were more cool clothes than basic Nike stuff.

  62. a l

    a lTahun Yang lalu

    well it’s a thrift store & it would be cool to get brand name clothes for like $5

  63. Morgan J

    Morgan JTahun Yang lalu

    Yeah she said she hates how she does that in a previous vid

  64. georgia bishop x

    georgia bishop xTahun Yang lalu

    Aleena Ann Agreed. She has the right to buy whatever she likes and she shouldn’t be shamed for it.

  65. angela

    angelaTahun Yang lalu

    Ariel Jade it’s not only girls. No tea just facts, but what she said isn’t true so that makes her comment IrReLeVaNt. She doesn’t only look at brands, she looks at what she likes and if it’s what she likes then let her. 🧐🙂

  66. Aleena Ann

    Aleena AnnTahun Yang lalu

    She did look at a LOT of other things that weren’t branded, however I do agree on the fact that people do like buying branded clothes and there are various reasons for doing so, such as the quality of the item. I don’t agree on the fact that the brands that you wear have an influence on what people think of you and this video doesn’t show any proof on how it affects what people think of you.

  67. hate this game

    hate this gameTahun Yang lalu

    You must live in Washington..

  68. Zoe ?

    Zoe ?Tahun Yang lalu


  69. elle.

    elle.Tahun Yang lalu


  70. danielle allen

    danielle allenTahun Yang lalu


  71. Grace Zhou

    Grace ZhouTahun Yang lalu

    Dangggg I wish the thrift stores I went to had good stuff, on the other hand I think it's cos I suck at thrifting. Lol I can never find smth branded under 20$

  72. Macee James

    Macee JamesTahun Yang lalu

    Like a room tour or some some?