College Student Finds Out She's Pregnant While Already In Labour | I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant


  1. Eli Cited

    Eli CitedHari Yang lalu

    This was my worst nightmare in college

  2. Patricia Dollin

    Patricia Dollin2 hari yang lalu

    I had 2 friends that didn't know they were pregnant and had there babies at one friend kept telling me shehad gas .I kept telling her i think your pregnant.she said no way , her husband would kill her.Finally one day i told her if you don't tell him i will.She said I'm not I've had my period.I've had 6 live births and 7 mis.make an apt and at least be checked and her husband didn't want her to go because of money.If you don't and something happens i will make sure you go to jail.Finally she wentand guess what, drs said baby due in 2 mon, i told her listen to me,you may have 2 wks.I went to flea mkt i asked people to donate , people gave me everything you could possibly need, this was Sat.I went scrubbed it all up, painted ect.Sunday I had her a baby shower with all this stuff and 3 days later she had the baby at home.she was at one hosp.and baby was rushed to childrens.The baby girl was in hosp for a long time,she is now 21 and perfectly fine. I was so mad at her husband, she was quite a bit younger and had no idea.

  3. ankita mishra

    ankita mishra6 hari yang lalu

    So causal reaction.... Yaha India Mei hota toh MAA baap JEENE nhi dete... Society toh baad Mei aata hai

  4. Emily Jewelle

    Emily Jewelle12 hari yang lalu

    Hats off to this grandmother! She did such an excellent job of being smart and supportive. My first thought would of been an ectopic pregnancy as well! I can't imagine how shocking and scary this would be.

  5. Olive oily

    Olive oily13 hari yang lalu

    Nah man. Tie me up I’m not gonna risk it after binging these 😂🙈🙈🙈

  6. Tharushi Chathumika

    Tharushi Chathumika16 hari yang lalu

    Why she did not inform it to boy's farther

  7. Ganesan Venkateswaran

    Ganesan Venkateswaran16 hari yang lalu

    Not even baby bumps?

  8. Lights·Camera·Borealis!

    Lights·Camera·Borealis!18 hari yang lalu

    W-w-w-w-wait... Are these actors or did they film this when it was happening?? (This is obviously a joke)

  9. Kimberley Kennedy

    Kimberley Kennedy22 hari yang lalu

    What I never understood is how do these women never know their pregnant I have five kids and I know my body so well I knew before the doctor

  10. Julia S

    Julia S15 hari yang lalu

    Kimberley Kennedy - maybe b/c they r so young? Also, I'm surprised how much we don't know about our bodies. And I'm 40 ish.

  11. Remythehufflepuff

    Remythehufflepuff23 hari yang lalu

    Best friend award goes to the blond one

  12. Clemintime Farlar

    Clemintime Farlar24 hari yang lalu

    usually bigger/chubby-ish people are those that don’t realize they’re pregnant this far along like this

  13. xXlovable_ seleneXx

    xXlovable_ seleneXx24 hari yang lalu

    Umm i know i sound really dumb right now but how do u get pregnant but u didnt do "it" i just wanna ask because i dont understand the whole plot. Sorry for being dumb and wasting ur time ......😓😕😓

  14. YANAXINE 4327

    YANAXINE 432724 hari yang lalu

    Wtf how come she didn't know thats she's pregnant?! like bruh😥

  15. Julia S

    Julia S15 hari yang lalu

    Also her bump was tiny. I was 5 pounds at full term.

  16. Julia S

    Julia S15 hari yang lalu

    My mom was trying but she kept having her period. She only knew she was pregnant b/c she got constant pregnancy test. Period whole time.

  17. kimmy cuthbert

    kimmy cuthbert21 hari yang lalu

    Birth control

  18. JustlovingMel

    JustlovingMel24 hari yang lalu

    Around 4:44 you can already see the baby lol

  19. Rosey Antonio

    Rosey Antonio24 hari yang lalu

    why so graphic

  20. chezney world

    chezney world26 hari yang lalu


  21. Dariane Lumanlan

    Dariane Lumanlan27 hari yang lalu

    You mean she didn't even notice or feel the baby's movement inside her womb?🤔

  22. Suka Jalan Channel

    Suka Jalan Channel17 hari yang lalu

    A friend of mine notice her pregnancy during 7 month on that time her eldest son just 1+ years


    LORNA JOVEN28 hari yang lalu

    you had sex. your period ceased. and it didn't cross your mind that you are pregnant? duh.

  24. Jovonna Reynolds

    Jovonna Reynolds28 hari yang lalu

    I'm 35wks and I could feel my baby move all the time. GOD bless her baby is healthy that's all GOD

  25. Adrita Deb

    Adrita Deb14 hari yang lalu

    Hope your baby comes out healthy, too... All the best with parenting..!

  26. jerkphobia

    jerkphobia29 hari yang lalu

    Jeez people, not every one's experience is the same. Every one's body is different. This thing is not uncommon. Stop being so overly dramatic that she didn't know.

  27. glishteach

    glishteach29 hari yang lalu

    How fat do you have to be?

  28. Julia S

    Julia S15 hari yang lalu

    glishteach - I have seen pics of girls in a 2 peice bathing suit & look normal& then surprise labor in couple weeks. Crazy. I seen on shows like this, not real life. Lol.

  29. Mommy A

    Mommy ABulan Yang lalu

    It's a human inside of you, how could you not notice?🤣

  30. Junnie Jun

    Junnie Jun24 hari yang lalu

    Señorita A Every pregnancy is different for each woman. Just because you felt the baby doesn't mean others will. Some babies don't kick as much, and even if they do, some mothers can't tell.

  31. Mommy A

    Mommy A28 hari yang lalu

    I'm a mom. I don't need to educate myself. it's a HUMAN..inside of you. moving. how could it be possible that you didn't notice it? there's something STRANGE or UNUSUAL on your body and yet you don't bother?

  32. Mary P

    Mary PBulan Yang lalu

    i hope you are being sarcastic if not you should seriously educate yourself.

  33. Charisse Nacional

    Charisse NacionalBulan Yang lalu

    Ok. She was studying the sex lesson not academic lesson 😂😂😂😂😂

  34. megalopolis2015

    megalopolis2015Bulan Yang lalu

    This baby has a strong family resemblance. I hope he and his mom are continuing to thrive.

  35. 이이

    이이Bulan Yang lalu

    Her friend is like the father. She was always there for her...

  36. Alpha 7

    Alpha 7Bulan Yang lalu

    I seriously wonder why do ppl will be this stupid in some places and they will just leave them in froster care later poor kids who has to go through all that

  37. Nidhi Sharma

    Nidhi SharmaBulan Yang lalu

    I had a tubal pregnancy and lost my tube

  38. Haley Cowett

    Haley CowettBulan Yang lalu

    Nidhi Sharma I’m so sorry

  39. faty inspiration

    faty inspirationBulan Yang lalu

    The baby was born without the umbilical cord !!! I know that it's acting but still the could have done something 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. S P A C E L A N D U X U X A

    S P A C E L A N D U X U X ABulan Yang lalu

    You can get pregnant from eating to much

  41. Rahman

    RahmanBulan Yang lalu

    Some one night stand secretly released in her lol

  42. dilani perera

    dilani pereraBulan Yang lalu can be????

  43. Hammad Irfani

    Hammad IrfaniBulan Yang lalu

    Is it possible to be pregnant while taking birth controls? Is it? And shez having her periods?

  44. Cheryl L Ridley

    Cheryl L Ridley8 hari yang lalu

    Yes, it is. I had a friend that was on birth control & got pregnant. She continued to have her period, but felt like she had the flu. She went to the doctor, & was told she was 5 months pregnant. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl 4 months later, despite being told her baby would have birth defects from the birth control. This was her 5th child!

  45. Sam

    Sam9 hari yang lalu

    gucci chan It certainly is possible, even if you take all your pills on time, but it is highly unlikely. That being said, no contraception is 100% safe, including condoms that are effective in preventing pregnancy around 98% of the time.

  46. Amaranta Ursula Fumagalli

    Amaranta Ursula Fumagalli10 hari yang lalu

    no it’s not possible to get pregnant while on birth control, women who get pregnant usually forget to take all the pills or take specific medications that stop the hormones from working, but you just have to look at the pill’s box, please don’t spread false information about it

  47. Vicky Carlos

    Vicky Carlos21 hari yang lalu

    Yes..a lady I know had the patch, the implant, birth control shot and pills and still had 5 kids..😲

  48. Haley Cowett

    Haley CowettBulan Yang lalu

    Hammad Irfani Yes it’s possible

  49. AnnehMations

    AnnehMationsBulan Yang lalu

    Why the hell am i watching this im only 13 ;-;

  50. G'dAy MaTe

    G'dAy MaTe29 hari yang lalu

    Same, I watch Dr. Phil too

  51. Sandra Borg

    Sandra BorgBulan Yang lalu

    this lady was fat before having a baby, what about fetal alchole sydrom

  52. Wolf Girl

    Wolf GirlBulan Yang lalu

    Everyone’s saying I’m not ready for this, and they can’t handle or afford a baby. Well if you can’t, don’t have unprotected sex idiots!!!!!

  53. The dark angels Mitchell

    The dark angels MitchellBulan Yang lalu

    I would cry and say I didn't know I was pregnant I'd say to my bf I never knew and I would tell my bf to stay with me xxxx

  54. Omega Forever Pahrump

    Omega Forever PahrumpBulan Yang lalu

    You play you pay

  55. Mrs Shahzad

    Mrs ShahzadBulan Yang lalu

    she nvr feel bby moving or kicks?

  56. Mrs Shahzad

    Mrs ShahzadBulan Yang lalu

    lol she lie

  57. Allison Hunter

    Allison HunterBulan Yang lalu

    I always wonder if these baby actors have PTSD after performing in these scenes lol. Baby: "Oh God its happening again!"

  58. Ms. Gutierrez

    Ms. GutierrezBulan Yang lalu

    I don’t understand didn’t she feel the baby kick , I felt my baby’s kick.🤷🏻‍♀️

  59. Nin Craft

    Nin Craft13 hari yang lalu

    No, some people don’t feel the baby kicking. They also don’t have pregnancy symptoms. Sometimes it’s due to something I do not know the name of, but it’s when the fetus is located in the back of the uterus

  60. Ms. Gutierrez

    Ms. Gutierrez25 hari yang lalu

    Lucy Gabbert Thank you for the explanation

  61. Lucy Gabbert

    Lucy Gabbert25 hari yang lalu

    It can depend on the child's position and the position of the placenta. Especially if the person didn't get the proper pregnancy meds because they didn't know they were pregnant, the child could be weaker or smaller.

  62. Ms. Gutierrez

    Ms. GutierrezBulan Yang lalu

    Necia Vasquez hahaha right!

  63. Necia Vasquez

    Necia VasquezBulan Yang lalu

    Maybe she thought it was gas lol

  64. Union Pacific big boy fan

    Union Pacific big boy fanBulan Yang lalu

    1st grandson for 1st time grandma

  65. Everything _melanie :D

    Everything _melanie :DBulan Yang lalu

    Why they using flip phones 💀🤣

  66. Nin Craft

    Nin CraftBulan Yang lalu

    The episode is called Freshmen 15 and it was released on June 2, 2009

  67. Nin Craft

    Nin CraftBulan Yang lalu

    Sabir Ahmed it was posted to IDreporter this year. This episode is old. It’s from the first season in 2009

  68. Sabir Ahmed

    Sabir AhmedBulan Yang lalu

    wdym it was posted this year and this is the official channel

  69. Nin Craft

    Nin CraftBulan Yang lalu

    Because it was back when smart phones weren’t a thing lol

  70. Unique Treat

    Unique TreatBulan Yang lalu

    this story is a literal miracle from God praise JESUS CHRIST!

  71. Cathy

    CathyBulan Yang lalu

    This show makes it seem like every woman who gets pregnant can deliver a kid naturally. I can't. I dilate to 4 and stop. Ive had 2 kids. I'm proof that not all women can deliver a baby naturally

  72. Carnory

    Carnory5 hari yang lalu

    But did someone ask

  73. Pamela Phillips

    Pamela PhillipsBulan Yang lalu

    How can both the mom and daughter not realize she is pregnant until delivery?

  74. Pamela Phillips

    Pamela PhillipsBulan Yang lalu

    @Nin Craft Have a nice day.

  75. Nin Craft

    Nin CraftBulan Yang lalu

    Pamela Phillips I’m sure you are a very educated person and thanks for considering my advice. To respond to the part about the prenatal care issue, fortunately her baby turned out healthy.

  76. Pamela Phillips

    Pamela PhillipsBulan Yang lalu

    @Nin Craft As a nurse practitioner, I have seen some stuff, and consider myself educated. Going back to my point,it is imperative to educate people, which I do in my practice. She could have been a high risk pregnancy and could have died from gestational diabetes or preeclampsia. There is also issues with knowing the mothers blood type. There is an entire lecture series about genetic testing on newborns, which implicates another gamete of disastrous outcomes for the newborn. As I finish my doctorate, I'll keep in mind your advice on getting more educated.

  77. Nin Craft

    Nin CraftBulan Yang lalu

    Also, it happens to women that have already been pregnant before and it also happened to a woman who thought that women who didn’t know they were pregnant were stupid but she was actually four weeks away from giving birth to a baby she didn’t know she was pregnant with. It seems impossible but it DOES happen and once you become educated on it, it’s very understanding.

  78. Nin Craft

    Nin CraftBulan Yang lalu

    I understand why you have a hard time believing this. I did too at first until I became educated on this. After I started watching this show, I realized that it made a lot of sense why they didn’t know they were pregnant.

  79. Andy Richardson-Cox

    Andy Richardson-CoxBulan Yang lalu

    Why had she been heavily drinking if she was only 19!?!?

  80. PiperRockelle Fans

    PiperRockelle Fans13 hari yang lalu

    Some teens do...

  81. saramations

    saramationsBulan Yang lalu

    Fr... 🤔

  82. Parwin Ali

    Parwin AliBulan Yang lalu

    Stomach will look like pregnant not just gaining weight!

  83. Nin Craft

    Nin CraftBulan Yang lalu

    Not all women look pregnant during their pregnancies. Some women don’t grow a belly at all.

  84. Freddie Boom Boom Washington

    Freddie Boom Boom WashingtonBulan Yang lalu

    Parwin Ali Not always.

  85. lingling kong

    lingling kongBulan Yang lalu

    is it real story or not

  86. PiperRockelle Fans

    PiperRockelle Fans13 hari yang lalu

    It is... But not the same ppl... Its a recreated story with different actors

  87. zoeythecat channel

    zoeythecat channelBulan Yang lalu

    Who the heck is the dad im scared cuz im a girl AND WHY IS HIS NAME LESLIE IF HE IS A BOY -_-

  88. zoeythecat channel

    zoeythecat channelBulan Yang lalu

    @Andy Richardson-Cox hmmm my life is a lie my mom lied about names 😥

  89. zoeythecat channel

    zoeythecat channelBulan Yang lalu

    @Adeline Tan uhhh ok

  90. zoeythecat channel

    zoeythecat channelBulan Yang lalu

    @Freddie Boom Boom Washington hmmm i never thought of that

  91. Freddie Boom Boom Washington

    Freddie Boom Boom WashingtonBulan Yang lalu

    zoeythecat channel Could be worse, he could be a “boy named Sue.”

  92. Adeline Tan

    Adeline TanBulan Yang lalu

    Leslie Neilsen from "Naked Gun" movies. Enough said.

  93. Namelessfoz

    NamelessfozBulan Yang lalu

    Who's the father.

  94. Les B Petty

    Les B PettyBulan Yang lalu

    She looks like the girl off 16 and pregnant i really believe them 2 different people. The one pregnant and the one telling the story

  95. janet dickinson

    janet dickinsonBulan Yang lalu

    How thick can you be

  96. Luzdelia Betancourt

    Luzdelia BetancourtBulan Yang lalu

    how can you not notice a stomach growing.. it’s like looking at a piece of meat cooking ... hmmm i think it’s cooking but idk while it’s getting darker ect..

  97. Nin Craft

    Nin CraftBulan Yang lalu

    Some women don’t grow a belly when they’re pregnant and they don’t feel the baby moving

  98. D'Quarte Rivers

    D'Quarte RiversBulan Yang lalu

    give her a chance because her baby was an accident like almost like everybody else give her a minute to breath before you judge anyone in any situation

  99. Laarnie Ceriaco

    Laarnie CeriacoBulan Yang lalu

    She did not feel the baby moving in her belly?

  100. Naveen 2020

    Naveen 2020Bulan Yang lalu

    I’m scared, I’m pregnant and is in my 3rd trimester

  101. Aria Dee

    Aria DeeBulan Yang lalu

    I was so scared too my first time but it was amazing when I saw my baby

  102. Freddie Boom Boom Washington

    Freddie Boom Boom WashingtonBulan Yang lalu

    Broken Heart, Broken Everything You’ll be alright, just get lots of rest.

  103. Farha Diba

    Farha DibaBulan Yang lalu

    Is it possible that, u don't know that, u r pregnant.... And u r going to birth......??!!!

  104. Sadia Shahid

    Sadia ShahidBulan Yang lalu

    Of course... same question in my mind...🤨🤨

  105. Gaming With Ella

    Gaming With EllaBulan Yang lalu

    my mom delivered my baby sister and she didn’t get no cramps no simtumes(idk how to spell that word. 😔.) and she went to the doctor and they never said she was pregnant and my mom is not fat or skinny she is a average weight and when she was pregnant she didn’t get no more weigh & she just got into labor at the house..

  106. Rosa T.

    Rosa T.Bulan Yang lalu

    So she still had her period

  107. Kim Heijkoop

    Kim HeijkoopBulan Yang lalu

    No right?