1. Soccer 101 Soccer 102

    Soccer 101 Soccer 10246 menit yang lalu

    Give Lannan the point

  2. Pinkie

    PinkieJam Yang lalu

    ilsa is an animae character

  3. huzaifa shoaib

    huzaifa shoaib5 jam yang lalu

    elliot screaming BOOBIES made my ears bleed 13:59

  4. huzaifa shoaib

    huzaifa shoaib5 jam yang lalu

    8:00 shuut uppp !!!!!!!!

  5. Leif Friberg

    Leif Friberg6 jam yang lalu

    how does lannan have a girlfriend but not cray with his moustache not

  6. Ximena Marin

    Ximena Marin8 jam yang lalu

    Nice smg4 merch

  7. Omari Graham

    Omari Graham8 jam yang lalu

    Australia is not a god d**n country it's a continent.

  8. TactualPants379

    TactualPants37910 jam yang lalu

    Just found out Australians are Hawt

  9. Superduoerpaw 123

    Superduoerpaw 12310 jam yang lalu

    Cray would be selling crack if he didn’t do youtube.

  10. TwoYsyy btw

    TwoYsyy btw11 jam yang lalu


  11. Cene Gantar

    Cene Gantar15 jam yang lalu

    Muselk is my too tf2

  12. Don’t say It

    Don’t say It16 jam yang lalu

    Donald durito

  13. Greninja Senn

    Greninja Senn17 jam yang lalu

    In Dutch :D

  14. Greninja Senn

    Greninja Senn17 jam yang lalu


  15. fat boi

    fat boi18 jam yang lalu

    Why does lannans girlfriend look just like his sister

  16. Stan Jansen

    Stan Jansen19 jam yang lalu


  17. Fluffy Cheatah

    Fluffy Cheatah19 jam yang lalu

    Most people are nice here plus we have Tim Hortons

  18. Izrael Lopez

    Izrael Lopez20 jam yang lalu

    Yo I had to turn down my headphones because of Muselk

  19. Seror Brim åk7 Laröds skola

    Seror Brim åk7 Laröds skola21 jam yang lalu

    Bazza has a limited edition smg4 shirt

  20. Mr.unknown Unknown

    Mr.unknown Unknown21 jam yang lalu

    Cray cam to Nederland i have a bed for you dad you can sleep in 👍

  21. wafflie

    wafflie21 jam yang lalu

    I can’t believe that Marcuses name isn’t markes

  22. ShuJTan Kiddish gaming

    ShuJTan Kiddish gaming22 jam yang lalu

    6:13 If its from netherlands down to switzerland Its Netherlands Belguim. Germany Luxemborg France. Switzerland Monaco. Itlay

  23. Arun Riyait

    Arun Riyait23 jam yang lalu

    Me: GuYz ksi finally won congrats on him because he officially beat Logan paul good game👏 Logang: 8:00

  24. shrek_swamp_ donkey

    shrek_swamp_ donkeyHari Yang lalu

    11:01 she would probably get a face lift

  25. TocoCoco123

    TocoCoco123Hari Yang lalu

    Bazz and cray look so good together

  26. Calum Stewart

    Calum StewartHari Yang lalu

    Cray x Tannar anyone?

  27. Lyndall

    LyndallHari Yang lalu

    * My middle name is Marcus. * Me the more you know ✨

  28. A Person who watches videos

    A Person who watches videosHari Yang lalu


  29. Mr nice guy

    Mr nice guyHari Yang lalu

    When Liv said Singapore I said oh hey I live there right now

  30. Crazy_ Epidemic

    Crazy_ EpidemicHari Yang lalu

    Damn Laden you have a hot gf Guys before you start raging

  31. Squad Mobile

    Squad MobileHari Yang lalu

    Not being a nerd or anything but it’s Thalassophobia not Lassaphobia Marcus Edit: I think I was kinda being a nerd

  32. Matthew Robertson

    Matthew RobertsonHari Yang lalu

    1. I am Canadian 2. thank you 🙏

  33. itz clipz

    itz clipzHari Yang lalu

    What's the deal with cray and bazza I don't get what they mean what happend between them in paris

  34. itz clipz

    itz clipzHari Yang lalu

    I'm serious on god I don't know

  35. Carlos Mas

    Carlos MasHari Yang lalu

    U serious or joke

  36. Troy Lindsay

    Troy LindsayHari Yang lalu

    You can actually see the moment Marcus decides to stop being in Click videos.

  37. Ugs like Cali bugs

    Ugs like Cali bugsHari Yang lalu

    Elliott’s girlfriend looks like the evil girl from tangled...

  38. Yogit Shankar

    Yogit Shankar2 jam yang lalu

    For the first time in forever... Someone said the truth

  39. Niall Dodd

    Niall DoddHari Yang lalu

    At 0:48 Cray looked at Ilsa's tits

  40. Michael Hunter

    Michael HunterHari Yang lalu

    USA is best

  41. Jacob playz

    Jacob playzHari Yang lalu

    I've always loved crays mustache

  42. reptile sceptile

    reptile sceptileHari Yang lalu

    I live in the Netherlands

  43. ÑõLõve KG

    ÑõLõve KGHari Yang lalu

    8:46 who else thought she was going to put "YEET" 😂


    xd STMRFORTREXHari Yang lalu

    muselk nice choice of which country you wanna live in #2 :)