1. - BK

    - BK14 menit yang lalu


  2. PatikosTV

    PatikosTV48 menit yang lalu

    f Elliot

  3. viper

    viperJam Yang lalu

    Muselk im slowly catching up on tf2 hours

  4. Pittyy

    Pittyy2 jam yang lalu

    Was Lazarbeam in IDreporter Rewind? Well this year he is

  5. KittyPlayz Games

    KittyPlayz Games2 jam yang lalu

    Is lannan on rewind? No but yes

  6. S.A.P_A7 MMM

    S.A.P_A7 MMM3 jam yang lalu

    1:10 "Was Lazarbeam in Rewind?" Yes, yes he was.

  7. Suk Me nutt

    Suk Me nutt5 jam yang lalu

    2:38 Muselk: 🎵You say he’s just a friend, you say he’s just a friend🎵

  8. your boi SavaGe

    your boi SavaGe8 jam yang lalu

    Lazarbeam: kisses Ilsa Me: PROFANITYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

  9. Brian Lopez

    Brian Lopez8 jam yang lalu

    Its 2019 almost 2020 and lazarbeam is in youtube rewind😂

  10. Bryan Ramitrz

    Bryan Ramitrz9 jam yang lalu

    Hey Lazarbeam your in IDreporter rewind 2019

  11. Mateo r Delgado

    Mateo r Delgado9 jam yang lalu

    Lazarbeam in IDreporter rewind 2019

  12. Princess RongShen

    Princess RongShen9 jam yang lalu

    At least now lazarbeam is in yt rewind

  13. King Flame1118

    King Flame11189 jam yang lalu

    5:49...MY COUSIN IS 6”8’ And he’s 17!

  14. markkntr1

    markkntr110 jam yang lalu

    No we like LUFU

  15. Caze Awesome Vlogs

    Caze Awesome Vlogs11 jam yang lalu

    Ellots Sister is a victory royal for Lannan

  16. Andrew Zaybekian

    Andrew Zaybekian11 jam yang lalu

    Now he has been in rewind

  17. Lyra Sharma

    Lyra Sharma11 jam yang lalu

    If you search up "Is Loserfruit" you get Is Loserfruit dating Lazarbeam XDXD

  18. Matteo D'Angelo

    Matteo D'Angelo13 jam yang lalu

    Lazar beam is in rewind 2019

  19. Harrison Smith

    Harrison Smith16 jam yang lalu


  20. Flow Lavahack

    Flow Lavahack16 jam yang lalu

    11:23 your a lier Muselk A.K.A Elon Musk, streams on twitch

  21. Flow Lavahack

    Flow Lavahack16 jam yang lalu

    3:46 Muselk played Fortnite since 2011?????

  22. Finlay Skene

    Finlay Skene19 jam yang lalu


  23. Yeusus Hdhdhj

    Yeusus Hdhdhj19 jam yang lalu

    Who was where after IDreporter rewind 2019?

  24. Riley,s Stickbot tv

    Riley,s Stickbot tv23 jam yang lalu

    Back then Lazarbeam: I’ve never been in IDreporter rewind. Now I was in IDreporter rewind!

  25. DJL

    DJL23 jam yang lalu

    He said he wasn’t in IDreporter rewind 2019 Rewind: Imma end this mans whole career

  26. Lee Bishop

    Lee Bishop8 jam yang lalu

    Dang it someone beat me too it

  27. Flow Lavahack

    Flow Lavahack16 jam yang lalu



    RAPTAREXHari Yang lalu

    I swear to God as soon as it said does Lanan ( apologies for spelling ) have an eye desease, it cut to an Eye health ad

  29. Haadiya Usman

    Haadiya UsmanHari Yang lalu

    I am 5 6 foot and I am only 11

  30. 69 God

    69 GodHari Yang lalu

    Muselk said not even 7 foot to bazz muselk 5 foot

  31. 69 God

    69 GodHari Yang lalu

    Is know in IDreporter rewind 2019

  32. thunder virtual67

    thunder virtual67Hari Yang lalu

    1:03 how about now lannen

  33. EarthDragon1141 yt

    EarthDragon1141 ytHari Yang lalu

    You suck

  34. RocketRac223

    RocketRac223Hari Yang lalu

    "Is Loserfruit pregnant?" *Yeet*

  35. Jayden Yann Horng Lee

    Jayden Yann Horng LeeHari Yang lalu

    Play basketball

  36. Lost Whale3345

    Lost Whale3345Hari Yang lalu

    I know I’m late play overwatch 2

  37. Dragonfly DT

    Dragonfly DTHari Yang lalu

    Lannan, I have some good news for u

  38. Yen

    YenHari Yang lalu

    I searched up Crayator They just had to say "Crayator is an Australian 5 foot 8 youtuber.."

  39. Smurfdought y

    Smurfdought yHari Yang lalu

    Whose watching when lazarbeam was in 2019 IDreporter rewind

  40. Zile21

    Zile21Hari Yang lalu

    Why does crayator want to fuck my dog

  41. Satnam Singh

    Satnam SinghHari Yang lalu

    I hate muselk

  42. Jack Macleod

    Jack MacleodHari Yang lalu

    U should get Lachlan in click