Christian Eriksen | Danish Maestro | Goals, Assists, Playmaking | 2017/2018


  1. Morgyn Freeland

    Morgyn Freeland10 bulan yang lalu

    Wooooooow lo-fi + football highlight reels go together like peanut butter and chocolate

  2. Anders Lund

    Anders Lund10 bulan yang lalu

    kane nearly miss every time

  3. Juyzegaminghd Support

    Juyzegaminghd Support11 bulan yang lalu

    Holy shit Kane is terrible, he wastes so many chances. The only reason he scores so many goals is because eriksen is feeding him.

  4. jacob juul

    jacob juulTahun Yang lalu

    I dont get barca's hesitation for this player, they should remember what happend the last time they signed a world class danish playmaking midfielder !

  5. Greger Haukelid

    Greger HaukelidTahun Yang lalu

    That man can pass the ball :O Heia Danmark i World Cup, hilsen nordmann :)

  6. Lucasoツ

    Lucasoツ10 bulan yang lalu

    Greger Haukelid hej jeg er fra Danmark ;)

  7. Che Culiao

    Che CuliaoTahun Yang lalu

    Great vid and nice music bro. Thx

  8. Christian Clemens

    Christian ClemensTahun Yang lalu

    9:14 That dude with the megaphone just turned around like "oh wait... fuk"

  9. Herbalattraction3000

    Herbalattraction3000Tahun Yang lalu

    Hoping for more of this at the world cup - Come on Denmark!

  10. Textured Music.

    Textured Music.Tahun Yang lalu

    LOVE the music. Class, just like Christian. Makes such a change from the ridiculous EDM songs peppered over every footy vid! Cheers pal. COYS!

  11. Sixtorrhapsody

    SixtorrhapsodyTahun Yang lalu

    I really dont understand it, if you look at his stats they are insane, If I was one of the major clubs of the world I would pay a load of money to sign him. The world is odd sometimes

  12. Harry Dunlop

    Harry DunlopTahun Yang lalu

    Great vid. Nice to watch a footy compilation without painfully annoying music.

  13. KermitTheBoss

    KermitTheBossTahun Yang lalu

  14. Anouar dz

    Anouar dzTahun Yang lalu

    Eriksson and messi in same team 😱😱😱😱

  15. Kabas Nashi

    Kabas NashiTahun Yang lalu

    It's amazing how many assists he should have had this season.

  16. kongenkiettran

    kongenkiettranTahun Yang lalu

    Great music. I hate how most football videos have edm or techno music.

  17. Javi Navarro

    Javi NavarroTahun Yang lalu

    how many goals did spurs lost ,eriksen easily puts the ball in front of the goal with all advantages for the teammates,he needs to come to Barcelona.

  18. Josh

    JoshTahun Yang lalu

    suck ur mum messi stinks of piss

  19. Anouar dz

    Anouar dzTahun Yang lalu

    your a blaugrana 🔴🔵 Eriksen

  20. Anouar dz

    Anouar dzTahun Yang lalu

    way better than alcantara 💕

  21. Wesley Malutama

    Wesley Malutama6 bulan yang lalu

    Different style, both are good.

  22. يوسف مرقة

    يوسف مرقةTahun Yang lalu

    He's better than thiago🔝👑

  23. Anouar dz

    Anouar dzTahun Yang lalu


  24. Sébastien N'Goyi

    Sébastien N'GoyiTahun Yang lalu

    Nice video ;)

  25. riyad mahrez

    riyad mahrezTahun Yang lalu

    Come to barca 🔵🔴🔵🔴

  26. Miguel Angel Jerez

    Miguel Angel JerezTahun Yang lalu

    someone can tell me what is the song that start at minute 6:58? PLEASE!!!

  27. Schlomo Shekelsteeler

    Schlomo ShekelsteelerTahun Yang lalu

    Spurs for life

  28. Andreas Landon

    Andreas LandonTahun Yang lalu

    This is just ten minutes of perfect accuracy and overview, its a shame that so many perfect chances goes to waste. Eriksen is just a world class player.

  29. Wisdom Nelly

    Wisdom NellyTahun Yang lalu

    Please come to Barcelona

  30. Uranie Fardeen

    Uranie FardeenTahun Yang lalu

    His passes are so accurate 💪💪💪

  31. Gideon James

    Gideon JamesTahun Yang lalu

    Come to barca

  32. ESV1

    ESV1Tahun Yang lalu

    He is so good🇩🇰🇩🇰

  33. Kevoan Manderson

    Kevoan MandersonTahun Yang lalu

    This background music tho. Like some wedding

  34. corbit holmes

    corbit holmesTahun Yang lalu

    its lo-fi hiphop. You dont usually see it on football videos, it fits pretty nicely

  35. Patrick Hall

    Patrick HallTahun Yang lalu

    He is phenomenal

  36. sebastian nielsen

    sebastian nielsenTahun Yang lalu

    Im from Denmark ( jeg er for Danmark)

  37. Lizzie The Heretic

    Lizzie The HereticTahun Yang lalu

    Lars Nielsen tja lol

  38. Lars Nielsen

    Lars NielsenTahun Yang lalu

    tror nu folk herinde er lidt ligeglad

  39. Warbay

    WarbayTahun Yang lalu

    Slet fjols

  40. Jonteau Coppin

    Jonteau CoppinTahun Yang lalu

    You have mad skills, love these videos!

  41. Nymark

    NymarkTahun Yang lalu

    All along, this video shows the best 5 star weak foot player alive at this very moment.

  42. Nymark

    NymarkTahun Yang lalu

    Cazorla yeah, but not De bruyne and Kroos that much, they are seriously good with their primary

  43. wambogo jonah

    wambogo jonahTahun Yang lalu

    Nymark De bruyne and toni kroos have equally good weak feet.... Oh and cazorla

  44. elliot harwood

    elliot harwoodTahun Yang lalu

    Man is a genius, perfect number 10 can do everything


    IBRA MESSITahun Yang lalu

    best video for eriksen 👌👌👌😍😍😍

  46. Emiliano Diaz

    Emiliano DiazTahun Yang lalu

    He's my favorite player...

  47. Shahram Hassan

    Shahram HassanTahun Yang lalu

    lovely! What is this music?


    ALFIAN NUGROHOTahun Yang lalu

    After watch this vids ,now i realize erriksen how many chance we miss to score..eriksen can be king of assist

  49. scott lake

    scott lakeTahun Yang lalu

    SteveRiverwood ofcourse, eriksen is a world class attacking midfielder and the heartbeat of Tottenhams attack. Much more so than dele alli, who I sometimes feel like we'd be better without him as he always tries the first time flick or trick and loses the ball instead of keeping it, ofcourse he's young but can be extremely frustrating. He may score more than eriksen but eriksen is the maestro. Very much like modric was at spurs, just abit further forward

  50. SteveRiverwood

    SteveRiverwoodTahun Yang lalu

    I am still convinced that Kanes scoring total will suffer and go down if Eriksen joins FCB or Real M. Kane scores a lot because of the midfielders, and the lone striker tactic. I bet that you Scott would score at least 5 a goals a season if you took Kanes spot. Those Eriksen passes are on the money, and some of the set pieces from Eriksen are simple tap ins. And thats what this whole video is about, how good Eriksen is, and how good he makes his teammates look. It is so rare that you see a Ronaldo miss wide open shots, but Kane misses some of them. My argument is, that some players, play a lot better on good teams, and for more creative players it does not matter that much. Im not saying Kane is a bad player, just that Eriksen, Alli and the tactics makes him look a little better than he is. He is still a world class striker, and might be the favorite to be the top goal scorer in the WC. I know player value also is about age, league, contract length, demand, form, position, ability and so and so.

  51. scott lake

    scott lakeTahun Yang lalu

    SteveRiverwood he's given most valuable player because of his age. Otherwise messi would be #1, same reason mbappe is #3 and dele #6. Kane also got injured this season. I don't get how you can think that he should have scored 15-20 more goals this season when no other player in the world scored 15-20 more than him. Does that mean every player in world football is overrated? He's only human so ofcourse he's gonna miss chances. He has more to his game other than goals

  52. SteveRiverwood

    SteveRiverwoodTahun Yang lalu

    According to CIES Dele Alli is the nr. 6 most valuable player in the world and Eriksen is nr. 20. Those 2 playmakers and the Spurs style of tactics i think bloats the goal scoring of Kane, dispite his many missed chances. The tactics benefits a lone striker. If kane joined Barcelona or Real Madrid i think he would struggle like Benzema and a lot of other targetman style of strikers that have played in those clubs. I disagree that Spurs are not on the level of Bayern M. and PSG. Liverpool were in the CL-finale, it could might as well have been the Spurs. I know Kane scores a lot, but i think he could have scored 10-15 more in this season. He misses wide open shots alot more than a Ronaldo or a Messi. And by giving him the pricetag of the most valuable player in the world, i think he is overrated. Instead of nr 1 hes perhaps nr. 15-25 in the world, and thats not bad... Good discussion. Scott

  53. scott lake

    scott lakeTahun Yang lalu

    SteveRiverwood I'm not comparing kane to messi or neymar, I'm saying that Suarez who plays for Barcelona, Cavani who plays for psg and lewandowski who plays for bayern, they all play for better teams with better creative players than spurs, but yet kane still scores the same amount, if not more. In a harder league too.

  54. Spurs 15

    Spurs 15Tahun Yang lalu

    Best player of SPURS for me ...Danish man is magic.

  55. si

    siTahun Yang lalu


  56. i am so lonely

    i am so lonelyTahun Yang lalu

    Spurs 15 i kom from Denmark

  57. Bakaman13

    Bakaman13Tahun Yang lalu

    Spurs 15 Between him and Kane it's very close but I think Eriksen is a bit better

  58. ndcomps

    ndcompsTahun Yang lalu


  59. MiloPearson

    MiloPearsonTahun Yang lalu

    choke me daddy

  60. Nathan Output

    Nathan OutputTahun Yang lalu

    Hes been unbelievable this seasom for club and country we gonna struggle to hold onto him