CHEMICAL PEEL Full Process | Procedure | Peeling | Before & After


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    I couldn't do this I would rip all the skin off

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    You’re very, very pretty!!! 😛😍😇😘😝😜🤗💞💖

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    My skin is the same but I can’t afford to do these things which I would love to do your beautiful tho🥺❤️

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    Her skintone is so even 😩

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    Charcoal soap its really work like magic help for evrething ! im in loove with it .

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    It’s funny how acne makes us look so bad

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    If you are alady watching this know you are very special

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    Youre so pretty! Before and after

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    Stop eating dairy and i promise u you wont have acne. Trust me i am a 38 year old and when i went vegan asthma and acne are goneeee

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    Can you share me . How to use chemical peel .please

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    A melhor parte desse vídeo é o final, eu nunca comentei nenhum vídeo no IDreporter, porque nunca me identifiquei tanto, como esse.... suas palavras foram maravilhosas e eu to chorando agr, pq você descreveu o que eu senti por mt tempo na minha vida. Principalmente quando olho para fotos antigas e minha pele estava maravilhosa e achava horrível. Sensacional, obrigada 🥰💓

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    Start with your diet. Something you are comsuming is not good for you. Try fasing, but see your doctor first.

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    Your so pretty ❤️❤️

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    stop drinking and eating dairy. you are allergic to something.


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    I have extremely oily skin which causes me to have abscess acne sometimes I've been treating myself with clear and clear products I used a foliation and acetone just now trying mask but unsure what kind of mask to use cuz even out the foliating and using acetone within an hour or so my face becomes oily all over again I need help what would you suggest for a person like myself dealing with that.. not to mention I have a very bad habit a picking my face I just can't help myself

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    Monica’s new job after FRIENDS ended! Haaay Monica

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    جاني صداع من تسريحتها 💔💔

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    I love the chemical peel but stop touching your face!!! That’s gonna make you break our more!

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    The message at the end was so sure and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this journey and vulnerability 💕

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    Hey clean your face that shit is fucked up

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    Listen having acne is a huge blow to a persons confidence, especially for us women. Anyone who has acne knows the feeling of isolation and you can almost sense the hesitance in people coming close to your face when greeting with a hug. It’s a terrible feeling. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Don’t give up in your quest to find your personal clarifying regimen. I used 3 step treatments, went to dermas for extractions and after years of suffering I finally found out what food triggers my acne and what clears it up. My skin is not 100% perfect, of course I still break out every now and then but it’s not as aggressive as it used to be. Using gold or original dial soap bar 2-3 times day warm water first then soap, rinse, soap again, rinse warm then rinse cold (2x a day minimum & once before bed) I typically use this face microscrubber which comes in a 3pc pack from the dollar tree once a day (I still do this for everyday maintenance ). Then here’s the $$ saver Adult Acnomel Sulfur Cream. It’s a very strong product and it will also peel your skin so it’s best to use it on weekends. I used it a lot. It worked better than any BP+SA+Retinol. Sulfur is the way to go. From 15yrs old to 22yrs old I tried everything there is, even dish washing liquid. People are terrible. I still remember all the times a classmate, acquaintance, my own family or someone I JUST met rudely made a comment about my skin. Only people with acne can actually understand how it feeels like. Hearing you talk about that sadness you felt triggered me. [sending you internet hugs and heart emojis] We don’t deserve it girl, that terrible feeling.

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    Olá gostaria de saber qual produto você usou!

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    When do you take the supplement pills after a week of peel or start the second day of your peel immediately

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    Why did her face turn red?

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    Wow you are gorgeous

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    Where are your lashes from??

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    Repent and OBEY Jesus

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    I love the smell of gas too

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    the speech at the end was really good and it made me have more confidence 💕

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    That lady is Courtney Cox

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    Did you get this sort of pigmentation/acne after you gave birth? Because my sister's face looks very similar to yours, and it all literally appeared after her second pregnancy. Our GP has stated that this does happen quite a lot to Black women, from his exprience

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    I love the add in you did while editing the video ❤️

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    Take baking soda with water for acne orally. Make a spray of water and white vinegar and use it on your skin a few times a day, both should help reduce acne significantly.

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    I love the end of this video. She's so right and I love the way she looks at things.

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    I would say change diet drink water decrease stress and Change pillow case daily

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    Fur oil Orrrr off for pigmentations & ingrown and lightening ¿

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    Have you ever tried witch hazel? It’s amazing & quick

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    Tbh i rolled upon this video on accident but girls side note alot of boys think pimples are attractive

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    You are the only black person that I saw that have pimples

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    Good job! Thanks for sharing and encouraging other young people

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    I use skin magical to peel off my deadskin and dark spot. That we called skin routine day and night.

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