Chef Sends Up A RAW Fried Egg TWICE | Hell's Kitchen


  1. EastCoastExotics

    EastCoastExotics3 hari yang lalu

    He protecc He atacc But most importantly 0:24 he voice cracc

  2. Juan Beltran

    Juan Beltran4 hari yang lalu

    How do you undercook an egg????

  3. chumps with brushes Emma and Ellie.

    chumps with brushes Emma and Ellie.5 hari yang lalu

    it's a fried egg. you are on hell's kitchen. what the fuck.

  4. Gengar X

    Gengar X8 hari yang lalu

    3:24 he is the hero nobody asked for but everybody needed

  5. Makayla McQueen

    Makayla McQueen9 hari yang lalu

    Sterling made me laugh till the video was over

  6. DansApples

    DansApples11 hari yang lalu

    If you can't cook a FUCKING EGG in a oven you NEED TO ABSOLUTELY get the fuck out of Hell's kitchen. No WAY IN ABSOLUTELY FUCKING HELL will you EVER IN YOUR FUCKING DREAMS be Gordons head chef. I saw this type of shit in the Marines. Stupid fuck boy bitches who should get punched as hard as possible in the face joining when they have no business being there. I'm taking about fuckwads who couldn't even do a single PULL UP. This is the culinary verison of that. A fuckwad fuck boy bitch who can't even cook a EGG.

  7. Nathanael Pineda

    Nathanael Pineda11 hari yang lalu

    If u fuck up then gordan will fuck up too

  8. Lotus Clan

    Lotus Clan12 hari yang lalu

    That voice crack at 1:25 though😂

  9. saxaphonemanjj

    saxaphonemanjj12 hari yang lalu

    What season is this

  10. Saki Nightcore

    Saki Nightcore14 hari yang lalu

    How can you not tell that an egg is raw

  11. shreddzter1 -

    shreddzter1 -15 hari yang lalu

    Rough BATCH of retards

  12. TonyBlaze 2006

    TonyBlaze 200615 hari yang lalu

    That voice crack from Ramsey tho

  13. Jugger naut

    Jugger naut15 hari yang lalu

    ramsey is leading them like moron, like an idiot. instead of helping and giving good vibes, he just fucks everyone

  14. Rin Hoshizora

    Rin Hoshizora16 hari yang lalu

    Bryant: *fucks up eggs* Also Bryant: *runner up of season 13*

  15. jxdy

    jxdy16 hari yang lalu

    Sterling's the type of guy just to have around

  16. Emory

    Emory16 hari yang lalu

    Give them credit under a shit ton of pressure being followed by cameras and screamed at. Most of you cunts talking shit probably can’t even make ramen noodles

  17. Why hello

    Why hello17 hari yang lalu

    Sterling really is keeping it 💯

  18. Winston Smith

    Winston Smith17 hari yang lalu

    It's raaaaawww red rawwwww

  19. go crazy ahh go stupid

    go crazy ahh go stupid18 hari yang lalu

    My fellow black brother knew what he was doing🙌🏽

  20. everyyxy

    everyyxy19 hari yang lalu

    Lesson of the day: Don't try to be a cook at Gordan Ramsay's restaurant. Come for the memes.

  21. ZovaZey

    ZovaZey19 hari yang lalu

    "Bryant, you need to learn how to cook an egg, bro." Yikes... When someone says that about you, you KNOW the rest of them have dropped all confidence in your ability. A fucking egg, AND you had a second chance. He's really putting the ant in Bryant.

  22. Hello And goodbye

    Hello And goodbye20 hari yang lalu

    Literally every thumbnail on youtube: Gordon ramsay thumbnails:RAw!

  23. Qow Owri

    Qow Owri20 hari yang lalu

    Me looking at non-funny comments: IT'S DRY

  24. Kassy Baby

    Kassy Baby21 hari yang lalu

    How do you serve RAW fried egg

  25. Austin Steinaway

    Austin Steinaway21 hari yang lalu

    That guy at the end is probably my favorite to ever be on the show. He actually knows his shit but still humble and having a good time.

  26. Veronica Gray

    Veronica Gray21 hari yang lalu

    Why do i feel like the kids’ version is better than the adults’ in terms of their produced food?

  27. Mel'Bee Rose

    Mel'Bee Rose21 hari yang lalu

    Does anyone know what season is this?

  28. richard b

    richard b22 hari yang lalu

    next episode of hell's kitchen how to cook ramen noodles

  29. AshlyMonet

    AshlyMonet22 hari yang lalu

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 he said i felt like i was in a orchestra

  30. Clar Byyy

    Clar Byyy23 hari yang lalu

    I love that guy who sings french toast crepes hahaa

  31. allen liu

    allen liu23 hari yang lalu

    How do people send raw eggs they can all see right?

  32. Hoki Poki

    Hoki Poki23 hari yang lalu

    I wanna punch that bryant in his face

  33. wawa Elias

    wawa Elias24 hari yang lalu

    If there was 💯 thousand people in the world like sterling the world would be a much better place !! 💯 💯 💯 propers my dude I need a homie like sterling 💯

  34. sarah mohdramli

    sarah mohdramli24 hari yang lalu

    what season is this

  35. Laloni Chester

    Laloni Chester24 hari yang lalu

    The only person in the world that can cook to perfection is Gordon!! Why is he imposing it on others

  36. Tenzin Woesel

    Tenzin Woesel24 hari yang lalu

    😂😂😂😂😂 2x

  37. Da bob'a fat

    Da bob'a fat24 hari yang lalu

    Man the food its the worst if ramsay teach lol

  38. formalJester

    formalJester24 hari yang lalu

    Sterling is the MLK of food

  39. SpitDem Filmz

    SpitDem Filmz26 hari yang lalu

    Crips v.s Bloods in the kitchen

  40. cat namingo

    cat namingoBulan Yang lalu

    Gordon Ramsey's throat will give up on them.

  41. Irate Ivan

    Irate IvanBulan Yang lalu

    I loved sterling

  42. Everest Stevens

    Everest StevensBulan Yang lalu

    It's all good, Josh coming in clutch with that spaghett

  43. Shereen Yousif

    Shereen YousifBulan Yang lalu

    🎶 french toast, crepes, florentine, how looong? 🎶 😂😂😂

  44. oxholm

    oxholmBulan Yang lalu

    1080p btw

  45. Dennis Tafeltennis

    Dennis TafeltennisBulan Yang lalu

    When is the new hell's kitchen coming?

  46. Deboleena Roy

    Deboleena RoyBulan Yang lalu

    I love sterling

  47. Marvin Castro

    Marvin CastroBulan Yang lalu

    Shut the hell up sterling

  48. Rion King

    Rion KingBulan Yang lalu

    I live for sterlings spirit, it's amazing

  49. Zerrie=Everlasting

    Zerrie=EverlastingBulan Yang lalu

    Usually I cut the chefs a little slack. Like I can't make risotto or crepes but eggs...your kidding me rn.

  50. Zerrie=Everlasting

    Zerrie=EverlastingBulan Yang lalu

    I've never heard anybody say "it felt good" on Hell's kitchen

  51. TonyC2099

    TonyC2099Bulan Yang lalu

    What season is this? Nvm its 13

  52. Queen Li

    Queen LiBulan Yang lalu

    Sterling was one of the best personalities on Hell’s Kitchen.

  53. yelena gabriyelova

    yelena gabriyelovaBulan Yang lalu

    Gordon looks like my math teacher lol

  54. Aaliyah Sims

    Aaliyah SimsBulan Yang lalu

    “🎶French toast, Crepes, Flourrrintine, Howwww Longgggg?🎶”

  55. Rob Boss

    Rob BossBulan Yang lalu

    Sterling’s under the merciless pressure of Hell’s Kitchen but still manages live his best life there and keep a positive, humorous spirit. Bless this dude.

  56. Laufield

    LaufieldBulan Yang lalu

    Eggs cooking looks perfect to me. Why he called eggs is raw? You gotta be kidding me

  57. Just Maddy

    Just MaddyBulan Yang lalu

    To be fair everyone has a different salt tolerance, I'm used to lower salt than my mom so while I think the dish tastes good she needs to add salt

  58. Its_Toasty Here!

    Its_Toasty Here!Bulan Yang lalu

    I love the discription : '' Who knew Sterling could sing? ''

  59. Jo Wi

    Jo WiBulan Yang lalu

    Men havent even sent out appetizers yet wow that saya a lot and RAW EGG THEY GONNA GIVE SOMEONE SALMONELLA

  60. PanchitoKush Reyes

    PanchitoKush ReyesBulan Yang lalu

    I want Sterling to be my friend!