Cheetos Makeup... Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!


  1. Sarah Elizabeth

    Sarah Elizabeth13 menit yang lalu

    12:04 I was way too high at this moment and I fucKING DIED LAUGHING ON THE FLOOR AND THEN MY DOG STOLE MY CHICKEN NUG ... 😢🤦‍♀️😂

  2. Korbin Thaller

    Korbin Thaller24 menit yang lalu

    Jeffree: before we try anything.... My Brain: Automatically thinks of Cops Me: "DONT YOU DARE TRY ANYTHING FUNNY SISTER!!!!!"

  3. Florisa

    Florisa26 menit yang lalu

    Did he just say that he wants the pallet to smell like Hot Cheetos? He’s never smelt a bag before😂

  4. Maria Suero

    Maria Suero28 menit yang lalu

    Soooooo GlamLife X Jeffree Collab 👀👀

  5. Slimaz Coke

    Slimaz CokeJam Yang lalu

    Love ur hair

  6. Daikon Black

    Daikon Black2 jam yang lalu

    No need for them to do this. Who's fucking idea was it? "Yo guys you know our flaming hot cheetos? Let's turn that shit into.........MAKEUP."

  7. Ayse Melek Kuscu

    Ayse Melek Kuscu2 jam yang lalu

    When I'm waching it I felt like he is using real Cheetos to do the makeup.I feel bad for that.But it looks good 👍

  8. paola b.

    paola b.2 jam yang lalu

    jeffree can make even shit look good on him

  9. Kelly Hansen

    Kelly Hansen3 jam yang lalu

    This is absolutely such an amazing approval for the Cheetos Palette! :)

  10. Margarita ToHe

    Margarita ToHe3 jam yang lalu

    Who is jeffrey and why everybody talk about him

  11. Kelsey Schafer

    Kelsey Schafer3 jam yang lalu

    Eating Cheetos rn

  12. I am Naya_islandgyalnika

    I am Naya_islandgyalnika4 jam yang lalu

    I never thought I’d see Jeffree with a bag of “forever 21 “ or even “Cheetos make up “ for that matter.. 😩❤️

  13. Zone Agario

    Zone Agario4 jam yang lalu


  14. Zone Agario

    Zone Agario4 jam yang lalu

    There's rumor going on that the red and orange are edible and taste like Cheetos

  15. Ashleigh Hanewinckel

    Ashleigh Hanewinckel5 jam yang lalu

    Topaz is blue

  16. Chrome - Issaur

    Chrome - Issaur5 jam yang lalu

    They used Cheetos for *EVERYTHING*

  17. Vanessa Leonard

    Vanessa Leonard5 jam yang lalu

    I love it when he threw the pallet and then realized he hadn’t tried it yet. 😂😂😂

  18. Richard Recupero

    Richard Recupero6 jam yang lalu

    Ewwww that makeup. Ewwwwww shim

  19. obeytoons News

    obeytoons News7 jam yang lalu


  20. Domino Ross

    Domino Ross7 jam yang lalu

    Jeffree actually hilarious 😂

  21. Gacha Gamer101

    Gacha Gamer1018 jam yang lalu

    Am I the only person that here’s beep all through the vid

  22. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay8 jam yang lalu


  23. Love Bug

    Love Bug9 jam yang lalu

    Chalky the house on the finger 😵🤣


    NICO'S MOMMA9 jam yang lalu

    "I'm in a long term relationship.. I like to have orgies." 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. Raul Guzman

    Raul Guzman9 jam yang lalu

    I loved the videos but that co I didn't like collaboration with chetos

  26. Kayleigh Volkering

    Kayleigh Volkering9 jam yang lalu

    1; expensive as shit. 2: Bad forever 21, you bad xD 3: don't worry Jeffree you can always come live in The Netherlands or honestly anywhere outside of America where the whole craze about certain brands is just ' one of those american things ' XD Nutella? I had that a couple times as a kid. No one gave a shit, then suddenly it blew up for no reason. Mountain dew, dorito's.... oreo's... rididculous xD

  27. Inam Ntsantsa Phila

    Inam Ntsantsa Phila9 jam yang lalu

    I luv how he is soo successful yet still makes IDreporter videos luvv u sooooo much


    LARISSA PANDA9 jam yang lalu

    alguém que fala português ai ?

  29. oddeyecircle

    oddeyecircle12 jam yang lalu

    i didn’t know there was a brand of makeup called cheetos but i went to a bunch of shops in chicago that had a BUNCH of cheetos merch like hats and pants and shoes and now i know why?

  30. Jasmin Mc

    Jasmin Mc13 jam yang lalu

    21:30 "MKEY" Mickey Mouse in the house or what?😂

  31. Jasmin Mc

    Jasmin Mc13 jam yang lalu

    I'm wondering how hard is it to put those eyecontacts on and take them out with long nails?

  32. Chelsy Shell

    Chelsy Shell13 jam yang lalu

    Jeffree you are a true friend and such a good person. You deserve everything you have worked so hard for . You are my romodel and you make me believe I can do anything I put my mind to . It was so heart warming and real and amazing that you guys allowed us to be part of your journey of the conspiracy pallette. I wish I could meet you in person you are my romodel

  33. Chelsy Shell

    Chelsy Shell13 jam yang lalu

    I also wanted to say that your humbleness and kindness and your true friendship is what I admire most about you

  34. The super sisters

    The super sisters13 jam yang lalu

    I love pigssss I’m getting ur pallete for Xmas sooo excited

  35. Brooke Alexis

    Brooke Alexis13 jam yang lalu

    Me: sees Cheeto makeup Also me: Hey mom can you go get some Cheetos

  36. Kadeesha Andrea

    Kadeesha Andrea14 jam yang lalu

    So does he ever actually do makeup looks and not just boring eyeshadow on the lids?

  37. Harley Carmichael

    Harley Carmichael14 jam yang lalu

    9:24 I had to stop myself from cACKLING bc my whole house is asleep 😂😂

  38. Kierston L

    Kierston L14 jam yang lalu

    I don’t like cheetos either, like I’ll eat the flaming hot crunchy ones but they aren’t my thing

  39. Ashlee Newland

    Ashlee Newland14 jam yang lalu

    get a lawyer! can maybe recover for that for breach of good faith. or bring in parole evidence for interpretation

  40. Karla Frazier

    Karla Frazier14 jam yang lalu

    Frito lays ms Mama 😂😂

  41. MetroGnome

    MetroGnome16 jam yang lalu

    I used to have a girlfriend and knew other people in the same group that had a very peculiar way of being. They’re the Instagram type of doing promos and all that stuff, and I never understood why they acted the way they do until seeing this video. They always mentioned they liked this Jeffree fellow but I never watched one of these video until now and I am in disbelief and have a huge sense of closure. They act literally just like this, I can’t believe this. It’s uncanny. This is so strange. I feel like I was dating Jeffree but through the filter of another person. This is insane to me. Fuck man. I’ve been had big time. Case closed, finally makes sense. Shit.