Chain Restaurant Steak Taste Test


  1. GeoX D

    GeoX D2 jam yang lalu

    Tthis steaks look sad

  2. Brittani Delaine-Walker

    Brittani Delaine-Walker2 hari yang lalu

    Links mom and her husband

  3. Ashley Jo

    Ashley Jo4 hari yang lalu

    Never had a steak. True story.

  4. JB13

    JB134 hari yang lalu

    Watching this makes me wanna go to Texas Roadhouse

  5. uberlisk

    uberlisk5 hari yang lalu

    That guy at the end is definitely not Chad


    GCV HAPPY5 hari yang lalu

    Outback is my favorite

  7. Ikon

    Ikon7 hari yang lalu

    I agree with them, for me if I'm eating from a chain steak place I'll only eat from 3. 1. Outback 2. Longhorn 3.TexRoadhouse

  8. elle Christian

    elle Christian8 hari yang lalu

    💥Daughter is a Texas Roadhouse manager (10yrs) started age 20. Its an EXCELLENT company to work for! Definitely the Best steakhouse, but most importantly it's best in overall quality, Outback is 2nd. I'm being purely objective. Head manager is key to the quality of these restaurants,

  9. Syaiful Haziq Syaifulzamani

    Syaiful Haziq Syaifulzamani10 hari yang lalu

    Nobody: Not even soul: Link: ... Bloomin’ Onion

  10. Ri Fleming

    Ri Fleming11 hari yang lalu

    Yep went from sitting at a sizzlers to a Denny’s real quick

  11. Braddah Gibbz

    Braddah Gibbz12 hari yang lalu


  12. wtf richard

    wtf richard12 hari yang lalu

    Texas Roadhouse FTW.

  13. Danielle Valero

    Danielle Valero12 hari yang lalu

    Definitely Outback steakhouse!!! I agree!!!!

  14. Cody murray

    Cody murray12 hari yang lalu

    Longhorn Steakhouse definitely should have been on here.

  15. Daniel Aguilar

    Daniel Aguilar13 hari yang lalu

    Texas Roadhouse is the only place to get a steak.

  16. elle Christian

    elle Christian8 hari yang lalu

    I agree my daughter is a manager at one, and as a person who has lived all over the US other than cooking it for myself it's the only place that does steak right

  17. The Fisherman’s Reviews

    The Fisherman’s Reviews14 hari yang lalu

    Longhorn is better than any of these

  18. Tobias Holub

    Tobias Holub14 hari yang lalu

    it‘s not ok to throw food to the ground just because you don‘t like it : /

  19. Isadora Mayumi

    Isadora Mayumi12 hari yang lalu

    do americans think doing things like this is normal? because no one is mentioning it in the comments. i'm baffled.

  20. Isadora Mayumi

    Isadora Mayumi12 hari yang lalu

    yeah, that was so bad. really unnecessary and unrespectful with the food.

  21. Michael Sweeney

    Michael Sweeney14 hari yang lalu

    Link seems like a queer tbh 😂

  22. Octane Networks

    Octane Networks15 hari yang lalu

    Longhorn blows away outback.

  23. drschplatt

    drschplatt16 hari yang lalu

    I'm confused. Do people actually go to these restaurants and order steak? Why would you do that? Why wouldn't you go to an actual steak house to get a steak? Also, who the heck ranks steaks based on the "seasoning?" A good steak needs nothing more than salt, pepper and some butter. If you have to put a seasoning crust on a steak, you're not making steak.

  24. Cole Acevedo

    Cole Acevedo16 hari yang lalu

    Should have done this with Gordon Ramsey

  25. LenonautoMotivecare 9

    LenonautoMotivecare 916 hari yang lalu

    I never really watched this show the guy on the left is hilarious 😂

  26. TheSlotVampire _E.T-1

    TheSlotVampire _E.T-114 hari yang lalu


  27. Thomas H H

    Thomas H H16 hari yang lalu


  28. Olive Payne

    Olive Payne16 hari yang lalu

    8:31 Hey I live in Cary

  29. Allen Buchanan

    Allen Buchanan17 hari yang lalu

    Ive ate at all of them except Sizzler. Texas Roadhouse is best by far!

  30. Daniel Bouchie

    Daniel Bouchie17 hari yang lalu

    None of those looked good at all....

  31. C

    C17 hari yang lalu

    All the steaks looks dry.

  32. Steve O Rondinelli

    Steve O Rondinelli17 hari yang lalu

    Texas Roadhouse hands down.The Dallas Filet is one of the best steaks I've ever eaten & the rolls with Cinnamon butter are just amazing!!

  33. Darkii Darling

    Darkii Darling18 hari yang lalu

    I love this video and channel

  34. Katie Whittier

    Katie Whittier19 hari yang lalu

    The marks on the Sizzler’s steak looks fake

  35. iDisrrpt

    iDisrrpt19 hari yang lalu

    May 17 is my birthday

  36. Captain Sky

    Captain Sky19 hari yang lalu

    Makes sense for TGI Fridays to be there, however they've gone down hill the past couple years in my opinion. You guys should do a burger taste test from these big chain restaurants cause there all pretty good

  37. Tom T.

    Tom T.20 hari yang lalu

    Love your channel. Keep it up!

  38. Jon Mantooth

    Jon Mantooth20 hari yang lalu

    Guga Foods is laughing at this video all the way to his Wagyu dreams.

  39. what

    what22 hari yang lalu

    Bro you can NOT just start w Outback

  40. Saltt ll

    Saltt ll22 hari yang lalu

    I’ve been to that TGI Friday’s too lmao

  41. Nikkyp692

    Nikkyp69222 hari yang lalu

    Every now and then I watch a GMM. I haven’t watched in a couple years. Wow things change, somethings don’t. It’s good to be back

  42. Arihant Gamer

    Arihant Gamer22 hari yang lalu


  43. Nathan Carder

    Nathan Carder23 hari yang lalu

    Them steaks look revolting

  44. Mike Landreth

    Mike Landreth23 hari yang lalu

    Mmmmm Ice Cold Steak ! That's how you do a Taste Test !