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    Movieclips TrailersBulan Yang lalu

    What are your first impressions of the movie adaption of the musical Cats?


    BREADBOI KiTTBulan Yang lalu

    Why!? Why!?

  3. Kittenbella

    KittenbellaBulan Yang lalu

    I'm horrified

  4. Reoma

    ReomaBulan Yang lalu

    How do I delete it

  5. Cosmic Slacker

    Cosmic SlackerBulan Yang lalu

    The new sonic

  6. Oof

    OofJam Yang lalu

    I owe the Sonic movie an apology

  7. Brandon Chavez

    Brandon ChavezJam Yang lalu

    Omg the furries I lost hope

  8. sAnz Aja

    sAnz Aja2 jam yang lalu

    I'm guessing the genre is "horror"?

  9. •KiraSmile•

    •KiraSmile•2 jam yang lalu

    These are furries escaping from Area UwU

  10. another account to ignore

    another account to ignore2 jam yang lalu


  11. xXx Kupferschwinge xXx

    xXx Kupferschwinge xXx2 jam yang lalu

    They must have payed a lot to get the people to act for this movie

  12. Lily Morgan

    Lily Morgan3 jam yang lalu


  13. Mr. TacoTurkey

    Mr. TacoTurkey3 jam yang lalu

    **presses the “go back button”**

  14. Lord freiza

    Lord freiza3 jam yang lalu

    Y know... maybe the sonic design wasn’t THAT bad

  15. Wulfuu Doguu

    Wulfuu Doguu3 jam yang lalu

    Have yall seen the musical? Like at all? Its humans...dressed up as cats. Why are yall surprised by this movie

  16. Victor M

    Victor M3 jam yang lalu

    So instead of the Wicked movie adaptation, we get this coming out this year?

  17. Lucifers Daughter

    Lucifers Daughter4 jam yang lalu

    It's not horrible.....but it's not great. I dont think I'd watch it though.

  18. I'm a hater I hate myself and love attention

    I'm a hater I hate myself and love attention4 jam yang lalu

    I think the sonic movie is better.

  19. ayo oye

    ayo oye4 jam yang lalu

    This isn’t worthy of the choreographer of Hamilton

  20. Dasha Sunweb star stable

    Dasha Sunweb star stable4 jam yang lalu

    This movie would have been ok if they hadn't used THE CREEPIEST CATS IN THE WORLD

  21. SketchyBoi

    SketchyBoi5 jam yang lalu

    IT 2: Scariest movie in 2019 Cats: Pathetic.

  22. Bridgett The Octoling

    Bridgett The Octoling5 jam yang lalu

    [Everyone.. no like]

  23. Salle Edstrom

    Salle Edstrom5 jam yang lalu

    as a musical with talented actors and actresses, this doesn't seem THAT bad. Heck, this maybe not that bad when we see it. as for the CGI: MY GOD IT'S HORRIFYING. if they were normal humans (with the size of cats and perhaps had cat ears and tails) I wouldn't mind.

  24. Marwan Joundi

    Marwan Joundi5 jam yang lalu

    I don't know if i'm not enough smart to appreciate this or too smart. Anyway, i don't appreciate it.

  25. TUSezRUS

    TUSezRUS6 jam yang lalu

    I need answers

  26. QorinHalfhand.

    QorinHalfhand.6 jam yang lalu

    Furry: The Movie But i would deffinitly watch it.

  27. sumfuc

    sumfuc6 jam yang lalu

    i didn’t know people were mad at this?

  28. I cant change my name

    I cant change my name6 jam yang lalu

    *This movie will be the reason Russia will nuke the US.*

  29. SuperiorZyro

    SuperiorZyro7 jam yang lalu

    You know, Sonic’s design wasn’t that bad.

  30. Let Pride

    Let Pride7 jam yang lalu

    Listen I love this song but ummmmmm.... is anybody else uncomfortable 😶😐

  31. ChemicalXD

    ChemicalXD7 jam yang lalu

    120k dogs disliked the video.

  32. B rian

    B rian7 jam yang lalu

    Look. At those dislikes lol

  33. Shameless Coal Burner

    Shameless Coal Burner9 jam yang lalu

    Meh, could be worse. I'd watch this... then put it aside and think about it every now and then. And to be honest... it doesn't look that bad to me. An unpopular opinion, but whatever. My threshold for disappointing films peaked when I watched the live action movie of Avatar The Last Airbender. Nothing - *NOTHING* - will be worse than that. It still haunts me. 😨

  34. gd bros cotzi/danieldegeo

    gd bros cotzi/danieldegeo9 jam yang lalu

    This makes hulk cgi in endgame post credit scene look like a masterpiece

  35. JCArtist

    JCArtist10 jam yang lalu

    You can never go wrong with cats they said...

  36. Carlos

    Carlos11 jam yang lalu

    This is SO bad for many reasons and i'm sure they know it, this must be a comedy... a very bad and scary comedy

  37. Joe Chambers

    Joe Chambers11 jam yang lalu

    U guys gotta stop with the hate comments i can’t keep likening them all

  38. Goofiy Oofer

    Goofiy Oofer12 jam yang lalu

    Why the human faces I would be fine with a cat face

  39. Fira/Watera. Da TattleTail

    Fira/Watera. Da TattleTail12 jam yang lalu

    Ok where do I start. The CGI. It's God awful! They couldn't do it like the original with oh I don't know... COSTUMES!? Also how the heck are they supposed to walk!? Like a cat or a human? Make up your mind! Also if you can give some of them clothes, give all of them clothes. You can't slap CGI fur on the bodies and call it a day. I'll still give it a watch when it comes out and I do believe it will have comedic moments and beautiful singing but for God's sake please please make this at least somewhat true to the original musical.

  40. ERR0R 4O4

    ERR0R 4O412 jam yang lalu

    Kill it with fire...

  41. Denise Mouring

    Denise Mouring12 jam yang lalu

    A real person made this..

  42. Chocoloxx

    Chocoloxx12 jam yang lalu

    oh hell no

  43. Little

    Little13 jam yang lalu

    *can they- no* *these are definitely furries that i never would prefer*

  44. Alex Fierro

    Alex Fierro13 jam yang lalu

    Killer Queen has no Weakness

  45. Maggie Ma

    Maggie Ma13 jam yang lalu

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m pretty sure this is worse than the sonic movie.

  46. Excited Doggo

    Excited Doggo13 jam yang lalu

    If the only thing Taylor Swift's character talks about is breakup, I will consider this a great movie

  47. Ava Smith

    Ava Smith13 jam yang lalu

    Area 51 shared this trailer before the people could find it at the base

  48. Excited Doggo

    Excited Doggo13 jam yang lalu

    0:58 Ah yes into the trash you go Mr. Corden!

  49. DM

    DM14 jam yang lalu

    After this horror, I think I'm looking forward to the Sonic movie.

  50. Bitis

    Bitis14 jam yang lalu

    There is an ad at the beginning of the video stopping me from watching the horror that we call cats 2 and I appreciate it

  51. sujith castelino

    sujith castelino14 jam yang lalu

    I honestly thought this was gona be a thunder cats movie So disappointed

  52. Devon

    Devon14 jam yang lalu

    First of all there shouldn't be any talking. It's supposed to be an operetta. Second of all Victoria isn't the main character. Third of all I have no idea what's going on here plz explain thanks.

  53. 1,000 subs with no vids?

    1,000 subs with no vids?15 jam yang lalu

    No thanks I'm good.

  54. kob the troll

    kob the troll15 jam yang lalu

    Me: So this is actually coming out Creators of CATS: Of course Me: YOU BETTER SAY SIKE RIGHT NOW

  55. Connor a

    Connor a15 jam yang lalu

    Can James Corden stop making me somehow hate him more

  56. simoneaux15

    simoneaux1515 jam yang lalu

    Thanos was right

  57. boiii

    boiii15 jam yang lalu

    Its weird but I kinda like it?

  58. Fired Heartbeat

    Fired Heartbeat15 jam yang lalu

    A great *ahem* movie about *ahem* ... I love it.. still

  59. super gamer

    super gamer16 jam yang lalu


  60. Jane Rentz

    Jane Rentz16 jam yang lalu

    Music: ok Costume design: no.

  61. fruite cakke

    fruite cakke16 jam yang lalu

    WAIT one of the cats ia wearing a fur coat

  62. Bakuwu _

    Bakuwu _17 jam yang lalu

    Sonic is a work of art compared to this

  63. Retaj Alhelal

    Retaj Alhelal17 jam yang lalu

    Oh my f-ing god

  64. Hayley King

    Hayley King17 jam yang lalu

    Why? Why does this exist?

  65. _ Majcis _

    _ Majcis _17 jam yang lalu

    Sonic is beautiful

  66. happy feat

    happy feat18 jam yang lalu

    This scares me Anyone else can relate

  67. Coolguy 111163

    Coolguy 11116318 jam yang lalu

    the celebs are probably just doing it for the money

  68. Tyhg truyr3

    Tyhg truyr318 jam yang lalu

    .... why

  69. Salty Panda

    Salty Panda18 jam yang lalu

    2 things one my grandpa did this play a really long time ago 2... WTF

  70. anime onepiecelife

    anime onepiecelife18 jam yang lalu

    Who thought making this was a good idea?

  71. jiggus figgus

    jiggus figgus19 jam yang lalu

    You see kids idris elba doesn't WANT to be james Bond... he wants to be on cats.

  72. eva ortega

    eva ortega19 jam yang lalu

    We saw this in “fade” by Kanye and it should stay there lol

  73. GalOrbit Beats I

    GalOrbit Beats I19 jam yang lalu

    I’m sorry but this might be the biggest movie flop of 2019. If it makes a good box office revenue it’ll most likely be because people want to see how bad it really is

  74. Pac-Man

    Pac-Man19 jam yang lalu

    Sleep Paralysis Demons: I’m evil Cats Trailer: *hold my catnip*

  75. stormalfred 123

    stormalfred 12319 jam yang lalu

    This is bad and i have not even looked at the trailer

  76. Chocolate Perfume

    Chocolate Perfume19 jam yang lalu

    Dude this trailer is hilarious, but the comments r iconic!!😂😂

  77. Luka Luke

    Luka Luke20 jam yang lalu

    this whole cat furry things...i dont like it

  78. Sontana

    Sontana20 jam yang lalu

    Why do only some cats wear cloths?

  79. Caily

    Caily20 jam yang lalu


  80. A_Terrible_gamer

    A_Terrible_gamer20 jam yang lalu

    This should be the cure to the cure that cures cancer

  81. A B

    A B20 jam yang lalu


  82. Sal Del Baño Ya

    Sal Del Baño Ya21 jam yang lalu

    the furry movie

  83. Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez21 jam yang lalu

    What the actual f-

  84. Ozzie comedian

    Ozzie comedian21 jam yang lalu

    Me: Can we have cats? Mom: No, we have cats at home Cats at home: