CATS - Official Trailer [HD]


  1. JJ Alchemist

    JJ Alchemist27 menit yang lalu

    The Greatest Showman : Cats Edition

  2. Saimanda

    Saimanda2 jam yang lalu

    This is what Hollywood is like in the spiritual world. Thats how they act, this movie is about them lol. They worship moon gods and many others, they are cannibals, they clone and sniff each others butts by giving awards to each other. “Cats” basically give us a taste of the Hollywood star life.

  3. Andrew Jennings

    Andrew Jennings3 jam yang lalu

    Please leave me alone I have sleep paralysis every night and I see these things pls help.

  4. Lewis McVey

    Lewis McVey4 jam yang lalu

    Am I the only one who thinks this doesn’t look that bad

  5. NitroJr96

    NitroJr964 jam yang lalu


  6. Sammy Dropkick

    Sammy Dropkick5 jam yang lalu

    Was anyone else waiting for “the cat in the hat” to show up?

  7. Mario Acosta

    Mario Acosta5 jam yang lalu

    Jezzz this looks awful

  8. Super Mario dante

    Super Mario dante5 jam yang lalu

    Freak no I rather watch the sonic movie instead of this scary carp

  9. I am trying to change my profile

    I am trying to change my profile6 jam yang lalu

    Tbh, this is already good, if they just follow how the original had their costumes, then this could've been better

  10. Stando pawah

    Stando pawah6 jam yang lalu

    just leave the job to a japanese they could make better cat girls for the love of god just redo it

  11. Fish

    Fish7 jam yang lalu

    People actually thought this was a good idea

  12. NightM_95 Game Jolt

    NightM_95 Game Jolt7 jam yang lalu

    Furries: "OWO OH MY GOD THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL, SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!" Normal species of the human race: "Wat da fuk is wrong with those pussies. Teknically if they're kitties, they can be provided as a meat source. I will buture those pussies on my Serbian BBQ. And you vegans can stop freaking out right now."

  13. Taesthetic

    Taesthetic7 jam yang lalu

    I just came here for the comments, they're better than the trailer itself.

  14. WhenYourKermitAndGay

    WhenYourKermitAndGay8 jam yang lalu

    This is taking hentai to a whole new level what the fuck

  15. Della M

    Della M8 jam yang lalu

    So what is the movie actually about?

  16. DramaLlama

    DramaLlama8 jam yang lalu


  17. Meeper Mondragon

    Meeper Mondragon8 jam yang lalu

    The Cat and the Hat 2: Origins ft Taylor Swift

  18. Miri

    Miri9 jam yang lalu

    Ok but in the musical they're suppose to be cats, right? Wouldn't it be much more interesting if the cgi were actual cats instead of weird... cat-people furries....?

  19. Ben Kelly

    Ben Kelly9 jam yang lalu

    Don't you guys dare ruin this for me like how you guys ruined the new sonic movie

  20. deathgenebunny

    deathgenebunny10 jam yang lalu

    Waiting for Frozen 2 to start and this horrific preview came on... beyond scared for my life 😱

  21. Vinchenzor

    Vinchenzor10 jam yang lalu


  22. RedWings01

    RedWings0110 jam yang lalu

    Jeez, and I thought Sonic the Hedgehog looked bad.

  23. Blocky Master

    Blocky Master11 jam yang lalu

    Oh god here come the furries

  24. LadyT

    LadyT11 jam yang lalu

    This movie looks scary 😖

  25. Vivian Lac

    Vivian Lac12 jam yang lalu

    Wow put all the Cool actresses and actors into a movie = Amazing in their Eyes Us: Dafaq.

  26. Fusion ANTONIO70

    Fusion ANTONIO7012 jam yang lalu

    This stuff is scary and weird Im not watching this no thx it had more dislikes then likes damn lol 😐😂

  27. Smol Weeb

    Smol Weeb13 jam yang lalu

    I will never know sleep again

  28. Brennan Moore

    Brennan Moore13 jam yang lalu

    Man I love the work on this horror movie so far! Truly scary! Thanks universal!

  29. Mirosław Mrożnik

    Mirosław Mrożnik13 jam yang lalu

    but... why not even a furry would watch that

  30. Nicole Isabel Villena Bustillos

    Nicole Isabel Villena Bustillos14 jam yang lalu

    I think that the problem is their mouth and nose, they need to be more.... cat alike

  31. Andrew Goodguy

    Andrew Goodguy15 jam yang lalu

    One of the cats die at the end and it really happens Haha spoiled the movie... OK EVERYONE HOW HAS SEEN THE PLAY KNOWS THAT

  32. akasya gedik

    akasya gedik15 jam yang lalu

    what is this film honestly about...

  33. Ultra Boy

    Ultra Boy16 jam yang lalu

    Give it to Japan. They’ll make it 100x better.

  34. Queen_of_llamas 707

    Queen_of_llamas 70717 jam yang lalu


  35. Emily de Villiers

    Emily de Villiers18 jam yang lalu

    What in God’s name is this

  36. SamNeon Productions

    SamNeon Productions18 jam yang lalu

    And people thought the Sonic movie looked bad

  37. Seba :v

    Seba :v18 jam yang lalu

    Pinches furris

  38. Mad 4 Cats

    Mad 4 Cats19 jam yang lalu

    Wow purr!🐾💖

  39. meme boi

    meme boi19 jam yang lalu

    y'all could have used real cats yk?

  40. Smore0

    Smore020 jam yang lalu

    Someone is going to hell for this.