CATS - Official Trailer [HD]


  1. Camila Delaney

    Camila Delaney7 jam yang lalu

    Hey everyone

  2. Cyrus jamito

    Cyrus jamito7 jam yang lalu

    Better than the sonic the movie Like Dr.Phil said to me

  3. Camila Delaney

    Camila Delaney7 jam yang lalu

    Do you think I could ever be as amazing as her?

  4. Albert Tasayeva

    Albert Tasayeva7 jam yang lalu

    If they made a human cat hybrid Me: I love is C:|

  5. Camila Delaney

    Camila Delaney8 jam yang lalu


  6. Alexander Vera

    Alexander Vera8 jam yang lalu

    What the hell did I travel bact 2009

  7. Dear Ken

    Dear Ken8 jam yang lalu

    I dont care what anyone says I'm excited to see this. Growing up I had the vhs of this musical and it made me so happy that I watched it every night. I am just excited to hear the music and see how they present it as a whole.

  8. Meowy Naeko7084

    Meowy Naeko70849 jam yang lalu

    Okay..... People who make an animations bout their OC Furries..... *this is irl*

  9. Savannah Carrizales

    Savannah Carrizales9 jam yang lalu

    I dunno why people r hating on the effects. This movie looks epic!!!!!!🤘🙀😼😺

  10. SilverSoul 06

    SilverSoul 0610 jam yang lalu

    Pinches furros.

  11. Alex Cordero

    Alex Cordero10 jam yang lalu

    When they did the hitler salute, that shit hit

  12. Maximum Melody

    Maximum Melody11 jam yang lalu

    They should’ve used makeup...

  13. ThatGuyOmega

    ThatGuyOmega11 jam yang lalu

    Jesus someone forgot to not let their Rattata evolve and it started repopulating

  14. sandpir8

    sandpir811 jam yang lalu

    Oh boy I simply can't not wait for this to waste a screen at the AMC. (Barf...)

  15. Atzimba Torres

    Atzimba Torres11 jam yang lalu

    ¿No podían poner a alguien más como Bombalurina:(?

  16. steve

    steve11 jam yang lalu

    I wonder what went wrong, probably the fact that they thought doing cgi was a good idea or making the movie was a good idea

  17. ttofurmn _

    ttofurmn _11 jam yang lalu

    i think most of this budget was spent on therapy for the animators

  18. LPs_ Tibble_Productions

    LPs_ Tibble_Productions12 jam yang lalu


  19. Kody Johnson

    Kody Johnson12 jam yang lalu

    I think it looks like it’s going to be good.

  20. Nade Yeeter

    Nade Yeeter12 jam yang lalu

    This is fucking cursed

  21. Stupid Asmr

    Stupid Asmr13 jam yang lalu

    It’s rewind time

  22. Jack Torrance

    Jack Torrance13 jam yang lalu

    I actually want to fuck that white cat

  23. Captain CopperBeard

    Captain CopperBeard10 jam yang lalu

    Jack Torrance. No dude J-just no!

  24. AKH 2k700

    AKH 2k70013 jam yang lalu

    WTF. thought sonic was worse

  25. KingdomHeartsFan3211

    KingdomHeartsFan321113 jam yang lalu

    I really don't get why people are so creeped out by this! This looks potentially groundbreaking! Also, is it me or does Ian McKellen look kind of good as a cat?

  26. god at hockey 12

    god at hockey 1213 jam yang lalu

    And I thought the Sonic movie and Cat and hat was bad?

  27. Natalie Raynor

    Natalie Raynor14 jam yang lalu

    I feel bad for hatting on the sonic movie I think I owe them an apology

  28. oggy jack

    oggy jack14 jam yang lalu

    This is what happens when you get addicted to cat and dog filters on Instagram and Snapchat.

  29. matt_fanboy 101

    matt_fanboy 10114 jam yang lalu

    Well at least now we know what the unseen creatures from Bird Box look like lol

  30. bowserkidgaming Amaya

    bowserkidgaming Amaya14 jam yang lalu

    I legit searched sonic movie and one of the results were this

  31. The Poyo Boyo

    The Poyo Boyo14 jam yang lalu

    From the director of *LES MISÉRABLES*

  32. WoofWoofPlayz GD

    WoofWoofPlayz GD14 jam yang lalu

    Omg I need to bleach my eyes

  33. Muffinlynz OwO

    Muffinlynz OwO15 jam yang lalu

    FURRYS have evolved...

  34. fuck u

    fuck u15 jam yang lalu

    The sonic movie was a warning of this

  35. Osvaldo

    Osvaldo15 jam yang lalu

    "You know what this trailer needs, Jim? Low pitched purring."

  36. Janet Rodriguez

    Janet Rodriguez15 jam yang lalu

    FIRST,THE SONIC MOVIE! NOW THIS?! jesus christ what has the world come to?!

  37. Hamayun Ahmadi

    Hamayun Ahmadi15 jam yang lalu

    Y'all owe Will Smiths genie an apology

  38. Captain CopperBeard

    Captain CopperBeard10 jam yang lalu

    Hamayun Ahmadi not just will smith. Sonic to

  39. pizza rolls

    pizza rolls15 jam yang lalu

    oh lord no

  40. This is so sad Alexa

    This is so sad Alexa16 jam yang lalu

    So.....basically every furries wet dream?

  41. Etherelle

    Etherelle16 jam yang lalu

    At this point it’s better to film some furries instead of this monstrosity

  42. Hugh Salin

    Hugh Salin17 jam yang lalu

    *Halle Bailey Catwoman has entered the chat.

  43. Gerry McCann

    Gerry McCann17 jam yang lalu

    Hey has anyone here read A Dream Of 1000 Cats by Neil Gaiman? The trailer reminded me of that story.

  44. Stefan Larsen

    Stefan Larsen17 jam yang lalu

    What a horrendous butchering of the song Memory

  45. Girl SkYwAlKeR

    Girl SkYwAlKeR17 jam yang lalu

    bro, it's very dislike and i'm really worried about it, i'm a fan of Cats for a long time, and even having your CGI errors, i really want to see but i don't think i deserve so much criticism yet will go through the final revisions and they will probably fix some mistake

  46. Mo Gajeski

    Mo Gajeski17 jam yang lalu

    Idgaf what anyone says. I’m excited for this musical!

  47. NorthSaucy

    NorthSaucy17 jam yang lalu

    What the fuck

  48. MoreMadog 1738

    MoreMadog 173817 jam yang lalu

    somebody needs to tell all directors to not ruin our lovely childhood animations like sonic, cats, and all the others please for the love of God stop it we don't want this

  49. N1gh7Rav3n

    N1gh7Rav3n18 jam yang lalu

    This movie is just the start of the furry take over confirmed.

  50. tonya wayne

    tonya wayne18 jam yang lalu

    im actually kind of stoked for this the memory rendition was a little eh tho otherwise im excited!

  51. gphx

    gphx18 jam yang lalu

    'This Christmas you will believe...' I believe I'd rather eat a hairball.

  52. j pad

    j pad18 jam yang lalu

    this movie is just a hole bunch of furies but animated

  53. Silny Symetryczny Testosteronowy Samiec

    Silny Symetryczny Testosteronowy Samiec18 jam yang lalu


  54. Agent Prime

    Agent Prime18 jam yang lalu

    I gotta be honest the trailer for the live action Thundercats movie is a bit more tamed than I thought.

  55. The Mavericks

    The Mavericks19 jam yang lalu

    Trailer: this holiday season you will believe me: no the fuck I won't

  56. The Mavericks

    The Mavericks19 jam yang lalu



    EL VIEJO QUE TE PARIO20 jam yang lalu


  58. Ella The Great

    Ella The Great20 jam yang lalu

    *Top ten things that blew the budget on this movie* 1. Catnip 2. Catnip 3. James Corden 4. Catnip 5. Catnip 6. Catnip 7. Catnip 8. Catnip 9. Paying people to watch it 10. Catnip

  59. Dabuu

    Dabuu20 jam yang lalu

    This looks entertaining! but the main character needs some work appearance wise

  60. Ионуц Небилиак

    Ионуц Небилиак20 jam yang lalu

    Cat...a tomcat...a black one!

  61. Rose Playzz_

    Rose Playzz_21 jam yang lalu

    Ho Comes From Translator Fails? ;-;

  62. Marko Studio

    Marko Studio21 jam yang lalu

    Keep that thing in a normal theatre

  63. Error 404

    Error 40421 jam yang lalu

    They coud probably improve their looks if they had some more fluff around their head, kind of like the wigs in the musical

  64. Error 404

    Error 40421 jam yang lalu

    Like I don't understand why so many of them are shorthaired

  65. Lord Sidious

    Lord Sidious21 jam yang lalu

    this trailer looks like a weird dream that you can't even explain

  66. GeorgyGirlUSA Robinson

    GeorgyGirlUSA Robinson12 jam yang lalu

    I love weird dreams that I can't explain logically but that make sense emotionally.

  67. Rafael Dórea Cardoso

    Rafael Dórea Cardoso22 jam yang lalu

    Did anyone for real think this was a good idea?

  68. beanthebun

    beanthebun22 jam yang lalu

    i spot a gay

  69. T3MPE5T The launchpadder

    T3MPE5T The launchpadder22 jam yang lalu

    Ummmm... No?

  70. Kenny Lin

    Kenny Lin22 jam yang lalu

    Taylor Swift: I’ll be the actress starring in your bad dreams This trailer: 👀👀

  71. _ Ainosof1a _

    _ Ainosof1a _23 jam yang lalu

    Well this is... different

  72. Glory Alia

    Glory Alia23 jam yang lalu

    And who came up with this one?

  73. Xp ert

    Xp ert23 jam yang lalu

    oh god my eyes are bleeding

  74. gunnergoz

    gunnergoz23 jam yang lalu

    Since I'm just a guy who knows what he likes, I like it. I'm sure there are criticisms to be made and will be, with a vengeance, but you know what? In this day and age of outrage, lies, suffering & disaster, I need and enjoy some distraction like this film. Carry on, then.

  75. Bb Frank

    Bb Frank23 jam yang lalu

    Can everyone PLEASE shut the fuck up about sonic? It’s been said by 100 people already calm down you’re not clever if you copy and paste

  76. Mall Rat

    Mall Rat23 jam yang lalu

    Why just fucken why

  77. paddydoodle xx9

    paddydoodle xx9Hari Yang lalu

    What I see in my nightmare s

  78. FAN

    FANHari Yang lalu

    This is more shocking then the dead body that logan paul showed us.....

  79. Sabakujo :v

    Sabakujo :vHari Yang lalu

    Did anyone else felt that the cats are piercing into your soul with their eyes and bodies that look like the most horrible abominations that NOT EVEN FURRIES CAN ENJOY

  80. Movie Lover 2014!!!!!

    Movie Lover 2014!!!!!Hari Yang lalu

    Sonic Movie: Am I a joke to you?

  81. Montanachief Returns

    Montanachief ReturnsHari Yang lalu

    Oh... Sonic suddenly looks like an absolute masterpiece. 😳

  82. 12lampki

    12lampkiHari Yang lalu

    Way to ruin the best song from the musical Hudson.... Sounds like shit compared to Elaine page or Judi dench

  83. haydocupcake17

    haydocupcake17Hari Yang lalu

    furries be like...

  84. Spitty V

    Spitty VHari Yang lalu

    This is giving me nightmares