Catch A Queen Ant in Your House


  1. World Experts

    World Experts2 tahun yang lalu

    Thank you !! for watching this video For people who felt sad about the colony , i am really sorry but you are wrong Just for clarification - This type of ants (pheidole cf. aphrasta ) has more than a queen up to 20 so the colony still alive - During this video I didn't even kill one ant you can check that by watching the video again - This happens in nature some colonies move to a more stable place after rain thanks !

  2. DatAtomicInvader !

    DatAtomicInvader !10 hari yang lalu

    We’ll colonies don’t always have multiple queens even if they are polygynous

  3. Ants America

    Ants AmericaBulan Yang lalu

    You don’t know if the colony has more than 1 queen

  4. Steven Nguyen

    Steven NguyenBulan Yang lalu

    Don't feel bad. Those people complaining most likely kills billions of bacteria and microscopic yeasts everyday. How cruel. And they don't realize it

  5. TinyCube YT

    TinyCube YTBulan Yang lalu

    Wow! This video is so cool. World Experts,you should see another ant show named AntsCanada on youtube

  6. The Master of Blu

    The Master of Blu3 bulan yang lalu

    world experts do NOT do this, the queen has more chances to die from stress or starvation ( no workers taken with the queen) and even though the genus is polygenic, colonies may still have only 1 egg laying queen ( exemple : yellow crazy ants are polygenic, but still can live perfectly with only 1 queen, and so can most polygenic species) and yes, most ants move after rain, but most nuptial flights also occur right after or before rain, so this method still damages the ecosystem and you could just as easily wait for nuptial flight. so ur " clarification " is complete BS

  7. Ariff Suhut

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    @World Experts At 0:54 what do you mean by "You must enter a little light" ?

  8. Mark Garcia

    Mark Garcia9 hari yang lalu

    Everyone evacuate grab your things and eggs and your queen because were about to splash by a lemonade

  9. Mary Ann Sacdalan

    Mary Ann Sacdalan12 hari yang lalu

    ant holding an egg 2:53 quenn 4:08 edit this will cost you a like

  10. wyt 007

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    This tip is really useful but there are like 29844910 holes in my house and I can’t locate them all :-(

  11. Thanos left butt cheek Thanos right butt cheek

    Thanos left butt cheek Thanos right butt cheek21 hari yang lalu

    It’s not trying to find the ant queen it’s trying to break their home

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    Is that workes with termite 2 ?

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    We should get rid of the horny King as well from screwing the Queen.

  16. Flame HerobrineYT - Roblox & More!

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    When i see colony of ants, my skin hair stands.

  17. Delara Delara

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    You use the elements of water to destroy the colony a tiny bit

  18. David Anacleto

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    It’s water or vodka ?


    MAHMD SSSBulan Yang lalu

    لقد تم إختطاف الملكة اليزابيث


    JESSEN FERNANDOBulan Yang lalu

    2:05 That Ant Come out after the Mixture were Squish


    JESSEN FERNANDOBulan Yang lalu

    They are Paid Actor

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  23. Mothra Kaiju

    Mothra KaijuBulan Yang lalu

    They are Black Crazy ants, they have 2 or more Queens so its fine

  24. FlareStarsdream -

    FlareStarsdream -Bulan Yang lalu

    Does this work for a nest made of dirt and goes far underground?

  25. OhHey I'mJulez

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    The colony has more than one queen guys and colonies in nature often move after similar events like rain.

  26. Chimera

    ChimeraBulan Yang lalu

    Oh, this is a pretty cool idea... Place an open formicarium next to it and they might just walk in on their own.

  27. kimi of lagend

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    Thanks because teach me how to catch a queen ants😊😊

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    such HORRIBLE ANNOYING music!

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    5:15 "Yoink"

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    Was good until the bizarre music started 👎 channel deleted 😛

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    This is cruel and would be very difficult to start an ant colony again

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    That's the point

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  35. good guy

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    why you do this to your formicarium

  36. Aneyah singh Tharu

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    Liar queen ant never walks

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    They were holding her

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    I met the queen *not clickbait"

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  40. Mortar and Pestle Tshuaj Khib thiab Qws Txob

    Mortar and Pestle Tshuaj Khib thiab Qws Txob3 bulan yang lalu

    Yeah, but that only relocates them, not getting rid off of them.

  41. Shane Roesner

    Shane Roesner3 bulan yang lalu

    if your roof was being eaten by ants you wouldn't think this was funny

  42. DanK MemeS

    DanK MemeS3 bulan yang lalu

    No one: Me at 12:30 Midnight: How to catch a Queen Ant.

  43. Aidy LD

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    The ordinary ants are going to kill you

  44. THE BUDDHA 420

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    The queen was abducted save the queen kill the giant Protect the babies we all must save the Queen

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    Does lime work😭

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    That was an eviction notice

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    I kill a lot of ants every summer and spring

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    The new-molecular South-spun electron fluid concept is here now for Your review! H2O turns to H2O2 in just 13 seconds manually. This flattens soda/beer but makes wine taste sweet in 45 seconds. Oprah Osmond Nick's and Pierro have seen

  49. JomoDaMusicMan

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    this is one of the dumbest videos that i've seen, why? don't u people wonder even if they caught the queen coming out, how many of the eggs and embryo's will become new queens, unless u kill all the eggs and embryos

  50. john o neill

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    I need help ive ants and cant get to them

  51. 666 Zara

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    Can you use lemon juice? Or only fresh lemon ;-; I has lemon juice in plastic lemon

  52. Oneyda Ponce

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    What if you have ants in DIrT🙄

  53. Crystal Mcgregor

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    What species of queen ant did catch

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  55. Dace Aulina

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    Did this work outside?

  56. Paskalis Marsutanto

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    do you have to use lemon?

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    5:15 fucking idiot

  58. Max random max

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    please some one tell me this method works outside

  59. kurdi

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    i think i am gonna try it out.

  60. Nigiri Sushi mmm

    Nigiri Sushi mmm4 bulan yang lalu

    How do I get rid of ants? I used hot water in a bucket with dishwashing soap and sugar. To dissolve their exo skeleton. Then it gets weak according to another video. Is that right?

  61. Nigiri Sushi mmm

    Nigiri Sushi mmm4 bulan yang lalu

    Cool but really under my terras were like 35 queen ants which I killed last year. And this year again so many ants even more then last year. Are there over a million ants under my 4 meter by 3 meter terras?

  62. - sunny

    - sunny4 bulan yang lalu

    Nigiri Sushi mmm You don't even know what a queen is.... just wow. And stop killing like what the hell is wrong with you first learn what a queen is.

  63. Mpho Ngwenya

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    Ant Man will not be happy about this.

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    Teraz wiem jak zdobyć królową dzięki

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    If I catch a queen ant I will probably kill it cuz I don’t want another generation of ants in my house. Or maybe I will throw it over the fence to my neighbors... muahahahaha!

  66. Great minecraft

    Great minecraft4 bulan yang lalu

    Or catch the Queen and raised the colony, then dump it into your enemies bedroom

  67. MB

    MB4 bulan yang lalu

    Should have put a torch by the whole and torched all of them little fuckers up.

  68. Javi Álvarez

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    Que imbecil... Este video debería llamarse "como expoliar colonias para llevártelas a tu casa.." Lo del limon mejor te lo pones en los ojos. Valiente mierda de video Deberian banearte

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    I'm going to try this but i'm just Scared because what if they go on my bed? what will i doooo??????????

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    Is that lemon and vodka

  71. Ryan Pots

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    It dint work