Cat Tries VR


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    Most phone-based VR systems don't allow for 3D spatial positional tracking, plus the lower resolution can often dilute the stereoscopic image. If Michael the cat wants to upgrade his VR game I suggest the Vive Pro or the Valve Index. Those are both high-end PC-based headsets, though they're a little on the expensive side... but Michael is financially stable, right?

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    @Patrick Fischer safatqtwfgGfzfyehczusfjwjqns xkxndjeosHqyix fuenxbczftatat4tkgjgyyyyifjgufdjdi😬😴😱dekdkrkflfofiugkf,g

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    Channel of stray cats. Subscribe

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    Приезжайте к нам в Россию учиться русским языком а а то я ничего не понимаю

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    He cant fix cat girls but real girls he can

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    I like it

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    5:26 umm look at her mouth

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    Well you don’t have girl friend but you have three woman love you

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    Master of love

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    Kitty in the cast He do be looking like a ladies man doe

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    Isn’t the vr music from the start from zombie catchers

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    May I give you kisses. *Throws chair*

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    just focus at 5:26 and see the fake tooth of the female cat where she turns around but the tooth stays in an spasific place.

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    was just me , or the female cat has a fake edited sharp tooth and Michael is just both cats with edit again.

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    Michael is so sweet and cute💕💕

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    How old is Michael?

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    Am I the only one who saw this? 5:26 Look at cats mouth...

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    😂 best

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    Is it that hard to get a date

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    i love cats 😍😍😍

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    #love cats hahahaha🥳🥺😘

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    2:37 😂😂😂

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    How can you not accept an XBOX!

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    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww mikle is sooooooooooo adorable

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    Lol this is how many times he got hit w/ a chair 👇🏿

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    1901 ME:are there going to be flying cars in the future 2020 ME:NOPE

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    ha ha ha, laughed my beeb off!

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    its beautifull

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    Saya orang indonesia saya suka sekali Vido arons animals

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    That ending part was so sad

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    5:26 вы чуть-чуть запалились

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    6:02 poor aaron

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    6:1 poor cat

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    5:46 Roses r red Violet r blue U are thirsty Here some clod brew That part made my laugh

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    This is the best youtube thing ever its so hilarias.

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    The movie they were watching was shallow hal I love that movie

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    3:49 cracked me up

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    I was hoping for a happy ending

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    Oh looks like cat found a girlfriend XD lol

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    Really a really nice video I love cats they are so cute and sweet those cats in that video love it

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    Hey it looks like my name Miguel real but the Miguelsans120 is just a name a game ok?

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    That is this IDreporter

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