Carnival Cruise Tips, Tricks, Hacks, & More


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    Please add your own Carnival travel tips below!!

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    @andre paris go to carnival website jobs.carnival . com

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    Hello there.. i always wanted to be apart of carnival family. Am a well certified chef.. . My email (

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    Caesar Cinema the ship will not wait for you . You will be left behind due to time limits at the decks , the ships get fined . Be back half hr before said time.

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    Spend the extra $$$ to upgrade your room if you plan on hanging out in there at all! :)

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    Love how you had the adult Jacuzzis all to yourself, are they saltwater or chlorine?

  7. Caesar Cinema

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    I know, we loved it too. It’s chlorine.

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    Thanks . that was a great video !

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    Thank you ☺️

  10. Keena

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    Do you guys thinks its better to buy a bottle instead of the cheers package? I don't know if I want to spend the extra $300. And do they have bars at the excursion locations?

  11. Caesar Cinema

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    They don’t sell bottles on board but you can bring on a 750ml bottle of wine 🍷 or Champagne 🍾 . It’s up to you if you want to pay per drink or try the cheers package but if you are going to have more than 5 drinks a day it makes up for it. Depending on where you go and what excursion you go on will depend if they sell alcohol. Most places do have bars though.

  12. Relly Sunshine

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    When going to the port, I suggest bringing your passport just in case you want stamps and more importantly if something happens and the ship leaves you, you have an accident, etc. You will have your passport to be able to get back home or to the next port.

  13. Relly Sunshine

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    Great tips guys

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    Thank you ☺️

  15. April Romero

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    Do you have to pay for all you’re food on the cruise or is it free with board?

  16. Caesar Cinema

    Caesar Cinema22 hari yang lalu

    The food is free! Enjoy and have fun. They do have a few restaurants that charge but all the food in the video was free of charge.

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    So helpful ! We’re going April 17th ❤️

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    Thanks. Where are you cruising to?

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    Great job explaining this. Wife and I are headed out of on carnival this weekend!!

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    Wow. I’m jealous. Have fun

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    Caesar Cinema headed to grand Cayman and Cozumel.

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    Great. Have fun. Where are you guys going and how long?

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    thanks guys great video

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    You’re welcome and thanks for watching

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    excellent video

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    Thank you John Sullivan

  27. Christen Secrest

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    Never use your room key to lock the safe! If you lose your key you will have problems. You are supposed to lock the safe with a credit card. I always carry my useless movie pass card to lock the safe and in some cases make the lights function (required on newer ships)

  28. Caesar Cinema

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    Yes good point Christen

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    Great tips!

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    Thanks Tina

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    Thank you for the tip👍

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    No problem Yolanda, thanks for watching.

  33. Robert J

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    Do you feel a 3 day cruise is long enough? Because I was looking into a 5 day. A 7 day seems too long.

  34. Caesar Cinema

    Caesar CinemaBulan Yang lalu

    It really depends on you. I love to take short and long vacations. Some people get homesick after a couple days. I would have preferred a couple extra days on the ship though.

  35. Wormanatti

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    Cheers card nope, Drink package nope! That's for rookies. I bring my own everything 😁. We bring like 6 cases of soda, brisk tea etc & some other stuff not your business 😁.

  36. Wormanatti

    Wormanatti24 hari yang lalu

    @Stephanie Moorhead No more 12 pack sodas? We brought 6 cases last to Bermuda. Sprite, Fanta, Brisk you name it.

  37. Stephanie Moorhead

    Stephanie Moorhead24 hari yang lalu

    Carnival recently changed their rules for bringing drinks on the ship.

  38. Sonia Sostre

    Sonia SostreBulan Yang lalu

    How long was the cruise?

  39. Caesar Cinema

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    3 days. Here is the video if you want to see it

  40. Penny Zoellner

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    We take our carry on with on the ship because we need my husband c pap and meds. I've also known people who never got there luggage until the last day! So we wheel around our carry on. Also if you are bringing wine or soda you have to have it with you. We don't by the drinks pkg because we don't drink much. Only 1 drink a day. Thanks about the copy of passport,need to do that!

  41. Caesar Cinema

    Caesar CinemaBulan Yang lalu

    Thanks for your input. I would put meds and c pap machine in a backpack and check in the rest of the luggage.

  42. Blake Grice

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    the ability to bring a flat iron is not a hack.

  43. Blake Grice

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    Caesar Cinema you’re missing my point above. It was a stupid comment on your vid. It’s ok. But it was stupid

  44. Caesar Cinema

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    I didn’t mention any of the above. Some females travel with flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers, I was just trying to be helpful. Sorry you didn’t like it

  45. Blake Grice

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    Caesar Cinema no it’s not. Bring a toothbrush. Bring a hairbrush. Bring underwear. Not hacks.

  46. Caesar Cinema

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    It is for ladies and it’s a FAQ

  47. Marc Plegge

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    Came from recommended videos ready to be like yeah wrongggg but actually right! Best tip is make friends w your crew they will always hook up someone that isn't the typical tourist d***.

  48. Silver Gobbler

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    This is all common sense. I know all this and more. Been on cruises before you were born. Also, on a ship like that with mostly balconies, you don't get an inside room. You can order breakfast the night before and eat on your balcony enjoying the view and privacy. You're tips are nothing new. Been there done that numerous times!

  49. Kay Sandel

    Kay SandelBulan Yang lalu

    Your Tip #1 isn’t necessarily a good one if you plan on eating in the dinning room. Some times it takes them a long time to get your bags to ur room. I know I don’t board the ships in the same clothes I want to dine in.. but if you do.. more power to ya .

  50. rpaulv

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    Since Carnival now uses those edible straws that almost “melt” if you don’t drink your beverage fast enough, I’d recommend bringing your own metal reusable straw. Also, I saw a family with walkie talkies to connect with their folks when they’re not at the same place in the ship, this would be useful if you don’t buy the text or wifi package

  51. Caesar Cinema

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    Great tips thanks for adding them

  52. rpaulv

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    I like how down to earth you both are, in addition to providing great tips

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    Thanks 😊

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    I love this video! Super helpful thank you so much

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    You’re welcome Mandy

  56. ARC Adventures

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    Totally agree on the guy's burger and cheers package!! Did you guys try the pig patty? Great video and tips, love the music too!! :-)

  57. Caesar Cinema

    Caesar CinemaBulan Yang lalu

    Thanks. No we didn’t but it sounds delicious. We will definitely try it next time.

  58. Jolene Weaver

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    Which ships have you been on

  59. Jolene Weaver

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    We did san Juan and we loved it...we had company with us and was learning bout this time we r doing it on our own....

  60. Caesar Cinema

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    I’ve only been on 2 ships but I’ve done so much research it’s ridiculous lol. I’m planing my 3rd cruise in 2020 but my wife and I are undecided where to. How about yourself?

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    Really enjoyed this!

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    Thanks for watching Island Girl

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    Backpack, yes or no ?

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    these are amazing tips to someone who has never cruised before im saving this video if i ever do. I honestly would have messed up a trip royally if it weren't for these.

  66. Caesar Cinema

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    Thanks. I appreciate the kind words

  67. Todd French

    Todd French2 bulan yang lalu

    Here's my tip, tip as you go as well. We bring $100.00 dollars in 1 dollar bills. A couple of dollar to the bartender who has waited on you for an hour goes along way. A few dollars to your dinner wait staff goes along way. They remember you and we've found the service is always excellent.

  68. Caesar Cinema

    Caesar Cinema2 bulan yang lalu

    Good tip Todd. Thanks for adding it.

  69. Russ Gilbertson

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    Hello Caesar thanks for the advice. You both had a great room and really good advice. Russ from Oregon

  70. Caesar Cinema

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    Thanks Russ from Oregon I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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    Here’s a tip don’t cruise with Carnival at all.

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    Hey guys thanks for covering laundry. Often over looked detail:)

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    No problem. Thanks for watching

  74. Nancy Gregg

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    Each person can take a 12 pk of pop on board and there is a fridge in your room. Plus you can take a can to dinner with you.

  75. Caesar Cinema

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    Thanks for the tip

  76. Tina Sick

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    Going on Carnival Horizon in 42 days.. but who's counting. Lol. Really enjoyed your tips and reviews. Ps Great buffalo shirt. I

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    Thank you ☺️

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    Fiancé and I are going in April 2020 for our 4 year anniversary ... I can’t wait !!!!!❤️

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    Nice! Where are you guys sailing to and how many days?

  80. Tawana Aikens

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    I never purchase the drink package. You can bring a bottle of wine per person 21 and over. Fun shop sells bottles of adult beverages that can be ordered and in your cabin upon arrival. Bring a cup with lid and fill up with juice from the Lido and/or bring 12pk of soda for your mixture to make your own drinks. More economical than the drink package.

  81. Goddesslexii

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    so i’m 18, how old you gotta be to drink on the cruise ?

  82. Goddesslexii

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    ughh okay thank tou

  83. Caesar Cinema

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    You have to be 21 per Carnival Cruise policy to drink on the ship.

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    I love this video. Learned so much. I'm hitting the subscribe button now!

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    Thanks for the support David!

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    Carnival cruise lines also stop in Roatan. Visit the Flamingo Cultural Center in Punta Gorda, Roatan for a breakdown of the Garifuna culture given by Garifuna people, in the first Garifuna settlement post exile. for more info.

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    thank you for filming this !! you guys are awesome and super real!

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    You’re welcome 😊

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    Haha yall are so baked I love it.

  90. Phil Twitchell

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    Cheer package drinking / tips.1) Meet your room steward at the start of the cruise and ask for a bucket of ice be in the room in the morning and one at night if you don't have a refrigerator (they are not very cold). We still get ice to refresh mixed drinks and keep beer cold. P.S. tip your steward at the end of cruise. We tip $20 2) You can always take your drinks to the room for later. Leave a note asking room service to leave your drinks alone. Some beers have screw tops or you can ask the bartender not to open it. p.s. bring a bottle opener.3) Bring a collapsible cooler for the room. 4) Remember on the day of disembarking you can not drink. Plan ahead.5) This may sound dumb but bring a koozie. Beer is serviced in aluminum cans / bottles and they WILL heat up FAST on deck. 6) Your cheers package starts when you get on the ship. Most bars close about 2 in the morning. So if you board at 1:30 that afternoon do the math to get to your limit of 15 drinks!!7) Apply the above to port calls also. If your drinking (off ship) at a port of call remember you still have that 15 drink limit no matter how long you were on shore or how much you drank.8) Ask at anytime how many drinks you have left. When you get to 10 drinks the receipt you have to sign will show how many you have left.9) Get to know your bartenders. They will remember you and they will speed up your refill and sometimes" buy" you a drink if you reach your limit.10) The "comp" food and free room service is 6pm till 10pm . Order your food and wait for it. Then go out. Trust me the all night pizza booth will have a long (drunk) line.11) Remember Carnival is betting you won't drink the full package. If you are on a 5 day cruise with 2 people that's 75 drinks each totaling 150 drinks combined. Pace yourself and enjoy!!!!

  91. Liane Layman

    Liane Layman3 bulan yang lalu

    If your room is ready when you get on the ship just put it in your room. It's guy's burger joint not guy. $80 more, you know what I can do with $80 especially when I'm not in the room that much. The time of year you go depends on how crowded it is. You don't have to go to formal night if you want. If you want to you can order off the kids menu.

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    Last time I saw a beard cut like that I was in the Cook County Jail

  94. Seleste Amaya

    Seleste Amaya3 bulan yang lalu

    The tip with the app is very handy! You get basically everything you have on the Fun Times paper, it tells you activities that are happening. It also shows the different restaurants that are on your ship and it tells you the ports you’re visiting. It also has a chat feature that the person who I believed booked the room or similar to that can make a group chat and/or just a one on one chat, for $5 however. I’ll be listing some things I think are pretty helpful or something you can do to better your experience When going on a cruise, bring a backpack! It’ll become very handy if you arrive early to a cruise and your room isn’t ready and your luggage isn’t with you. Especially if it’s a big one too. You can pack swimsuits in there if you love the pool, your electronics, basically anything you’d need quick access to. Personally, I like to watch videos about the cruise ship I’m going on. I like to watch them to discover new things I may not have known about. For instance, I’m going on Carnival Horizon and I didn’t know there were such rooms called Havana Cabana Suites. And that you have access to basically a serenity type area for the adults, but it’s also available for the kids now, for extra money of course. I also didn’t know there WERE suites on Carnival cruise ships, and even grand suites 😂 Additional to the researching the ship part, look for the things you can and can’t do. Look for things you can bring and can’t bring, like the fact you can bring hair straighteners and curlers. On a cruise, I say you can do anything you’re allowed to do, so do anything you’re allowed to do! Try things you don’t normally try, if you don’t normally dress up for formal night, bring the most formal thing you own and wear it! This is your cruise and you’re here to have fun! Break out your shell a little or a lot! You can also meet new people and have valuable relationships. Just don’t get too crazy or do something you might regret later. You should also explore the ship. I got lost on my second cruise because it was huge like most are, and the one I’m going on next is even bigger, so you can watch videos exploring the ship so when you get on the ship, you’ll have some sort of navigation, and once you go around the ship and is able to locate a good amount of things, you won’t have to worry so much about getting lost. Plus, you might even discover some secret areas that are available to you, but most people don’t know about! Remember to get off the ship a few times! You don’t have to get off every stop, but maybe one or two, at most three. I got off at every stop my last cruise and while I did get enjoyment out of it, I suffered from sand in my swimsuit and I was tired as soon as I was able to lay down. I had to go to dinner later as well, so it wasn’t very fun. It didn’t help I was having cramps as well. Though, my next cruise will only have like three stops, so I think I’ll get off every one? Cruises are much more enjoyable without having to worry about your kids doing something stupid. My mom doesn’t need to worry about me, but she needs to worry about my baby brother, but because he doesn’t do so well with other kids, she didn’t send him off to the little kiddie center, so he stayed with us. And screamed his head off, but he’ll be older by the next cruise, so it should be okay. Anyways, what I’m trying to say is for the little kids, send them off to the kiddie center. They’ll probably have a lot more fun than if they’re with you, and for the older kids, don’t worry about them too much, they should be able to enjoy their vacation too. Also, it doesn’t hurt to continue your vacation after your cruise if you have the money. If you flew out to Florida for your cruise, think about staying a few days before flying back home. Basically, I guess I’m saying be mindful and smart about your cruise, but don’t forget to have fun! You didn’t spend all this money to hate this vacation, so you should enjoy it!

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    Wow. Great tips

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    She looks so peaceful and happy the whole video, love it! Thanks for the tip! I didnt realize you could buy liquor bottles on the ship

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    Thanks Rebecca 😊. I’m glad you liked it

  98. Benjamin Thomason

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    If you go to guest service's you can ask them for a deck of cards they will give you one per person in your cabin. Also they will give you free post cards wail supplies last.

  99. Caesar Cinema

    Caesar Cinema3 bulan yang lalu

    Thanks for adding that Benjamin

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    I like how you try out the amenities to show people what they are really about 🌎🌹➕⚡

  101. Caesar Cinema

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    Thanks. I wanted to show people how it really goes down.

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    This was a dope video

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    Thanks Java. I’m glad you liked it.

  104. Milton Holland

    Milton Holland3 bulan yang lalu

    Another additional tip is that you're allowed to bring one 150 ML of unopened bottled wine per adult on the ship. You're also allowed to bring a 12 pack of unopened can of sodas on as well. Also recommend that you pre-purchase a case of water that will cost estimate $3.00 to your room and it will be in your room by the time you arrive there.

  105. Amy Dixon Cox

    Amy Dixon CoxBulan Yang lalu

    You could also bring individual flavor packets like crystal lite to add to your water bottles...

  106. Caesar Cinema

    Caesar Cinema3 bulan yang lalu

    Thanks again for adding those tips Milton.

  107. Milton Holland

    Milton Holland3 bulan yang lalu

    Additional tip for the Cheers program is that is also includes soda, premium coffee, bottled water, and energy drinks. Also if you're planning on getting off the boat please make sure you are aware of last call boarding time.

  108. Caesar Cinema

    Caesar Cinema3 bulan yang lalu

    Great tips Milton. Thanks for the info.

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    Anyone going on jan 6?

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    He shoulda just did the talking 🙄


    CCL MIAMI BLOG3 bulan yang lalu

    Enjoy your trip.

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    Wait a min we were told you did not need a passport? OH LORD!!

  113. jazzie cat

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    @Peach McQueen God willing 12/27/19.

  114. Peach McQueen

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    jazzie cat when are you going on the cruise?

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    @Caesar Cinema Thank you so much I feel better LOL!!

  116. Caesar Cinema

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    People were using their ID with birth certificates when we went.

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    Thanks, great tips love this

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    At 6;50, when you guys are talking about the Cheers package, you look so drunk. I love it.

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    We took full advantage of the cheers package lol.