Can Tannerite Explode From the Pressure of a Hydraulic Press 50,000 psi


  1. David Bigar

    David BigarBulan Yang lalu

    It needs a shockwave

  2. Twoleggedkumulava

    TwoleggedkumulavaBulan Yang lalu

    When the two ships collided it caused a fire they couldn't put out and ruptured multiple cargo holds which probably combined diesel or kerosene fuel and ammonium nitrate which fire eventually got to.

  3. Titus Veridius

    Titus Veridius2 bulan yang lalu

    Oh, so this video was just to demonstrate that something that was well known to not work, would not in fact work and then to shoot Tannerite (like a thousand other videos). Fair enough I guess.

  4. Austin denning

    Austin denning2 bulan yang lalu

    Skip to 5:30 to stat the video

  5. naspointO

    naspointO4 bulan yang lalu

    just you and tim... creating some chemistry 😉

  6. Andrew Jepson

    Andrew Jepson7 bulan yang lalu

    Just to let you that is the worst brand of exploding targets that my friends and I have tried. It has the most fails with proper mixing and caliber use.

  7. Geoffrey Whitfield

    Geoffrey Whitfield7 bulan yang lalu

    You talk too damn much

  8. zac Loves

    zac Loves8 bulan yang lalu

    I’ve shot a pound of tannerite of a wooden fence post n it blew the fence post into

  9. Matt Modena

    Matt Modena9 bulan yang lalu

    What kind of accent is that?

  10. optimistically cynical .

    optimistically cynical .11 bulan yang lalu

    That was a good first shot

  11. D Ball

    D BallTahun Yang lalu

    Oh great, I’d love to watch the video, but it’s the dude who has the gayest voice I’ve ever heard, who doesn’t know as much about science as he thinks he does.

  12. MusicalSawMen

    MusicalSawMenTahun Yang lalu

    What about tannerite crushed between 2 isolant like ceramic ?

  13. Joe Spawldin

    Joe SpawldinTahun Yang lalu

    What about a drop test from an extreme hight?

  14. veiledallegory

    veiledallegoryTahun Yang lalu

    Yeah myth busters tried the press and other stuff years ago! It takes the proper velocity.

  15. KingLT82

    KingLT82Tahun Yang lalu

    Only a projectile moving a certain speed will set of tannerite binary target.. Some tannerite targets are meant for lesser velocities but most are meant for high velocity. For example the standard tannerite targets can be set off with a 17HMR ( 2500fps) but nothing less in velocity.

  16. Raymond Cassidy

    Raymond CassidyTahun Yang lalu

    I think if you would have put the tannerite in a compressed area, meaning have sides to it so then it cant break out ward, the tannerite would have blown up

  17. YusukeKira stan

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  18. Maki

    MakiTahun Yang lalu

    Now heat up a hammer and hit it😂

  19. ali erkis

    ali erkisTahun Yang lalu

    Does aluminum powder explode if I use flash powder

  20. Erdem Memisyazici

    Erdem MemisyaziciTahun Yang lalu

    Can you say, "Hey y'all, I'm just a bee." in one of your videos?

  21. DsYkX Plays games

    DsYkX Plays gamesTahun Yang lalu

    Ammonia. Deadly for some fish

  22. carbitrage

    carbitrageTahun Yang lalu

    Why a microwave? Did the guy just want shrapnels of shit all over his property?

  23. Pete Badd jr

    Pete Badd jrTahun Yang lalu

    You should definitely try throwing Tannerite in a big bonfire just to see what happens

  24. thesecolorswontrun

    thesecolorswontrunTahun Yang lalu

    You didn't mix it right

  25. XxexpectedslasherxX Exp

    XxexpectedslasherxX ExpTahun Yang lalu

    It has a large radius

  26. ken ezzell

    ken ezzellTahun Yang lalu

    You shoul get a voice changer....

  27. o k

    o kTahun Yang lalu

    Need oxygen too?

  28. Vinna 2k

    Vinna 2kTahun Yang lalu

    *Philadelphia experiment*

  29. Vinna 2k

    Vinna 2kTahun Yang lalu


  30. boobbob 00

    boobbob 00Tahun Yang lalu

    Was the microwave on and running??

  31. cobalt flame

    cobalt flameTahun Yang lalu

    for a second i thought he was gonna crush the wole can at once i was almost like oh baby no what you doin baby stoooop

  32. Ham549

    Ham549Tahun Yang lalu

    The biggest non-nuclear explosion happened in Siberia in the early 1900's from what they think was a meteor exploding.

  33. SAV OİE

    SAV OİETahun Yang lalu

    I have learned that 33 ammonium nitrates work as a result of my research, but 33 ammonium nitrate was the same as sugar crystals, mu crystals suitable for tannerite?

  34. Mr. J Steal

    Mr. J StealTahun Yang lalu

    why didnt you just use Nitroglycerine

  35. Josh Morell

    Josh MorellTahun Yang lalu

    Thats not Tannerite. Sonic Boom is different. Ive compared/tested em both and Tannerite is the most sensitive. Tannerite is Patented by Daniel Tanner and the knock off have been sued and forced to create alternatives that arent as good.

  36. Smriti Phuyal

    Smriti PhuyalTahun Yang lalu

    Use venta black darkest paint

  37. Dave B

    Dave BTahun Yang lalu

    Why the microwave oven? It just makes dangerous shrapnel. It might be not only safer, but more spectacular out in the open.

  38. dossod

    dossodTahun Yang lalu

    I bet this video got demonetized as soon as Tannerite was put in the name

  39. Sled Head

    Sled HeadTahun Yang lalu

    Don't say tannerite too much, they already gave some other channels sh!t.



    You didn’t mix it right putting too much aluminum can actually make it inert next time make the whole batch and scoop a lil bit from it on to the press

  41. PyroX Lucas

    PyroX LucasTahun Yang lalu

    Can tannerite explode under water?

  42. FalcoFury

    FalcoFuryTahun Yang lalu

    I learned that explosions are cool

  43. Steve Hammond

    Steve HammondTahun Yang lalu

    This is similar to C4. We used to cut open claymores and break off a piece of the C4 and use it like sterno to heat coffee in a steel canteen cup. It will burn but will not explode. It also takes a shock force. One time one of our soldiers placed his canteen cup full of water on two small rocks with a piece of C4 below it. When the water boiled, the canteen cup started moving and actually slipped off of the rock, landing on the C4. It caused it to detonate and the cup want about 20 feet in the air. The resulting explosion put a dent in the cup about the size of a nickel. When the 1SG found it, that was the end of our combat cookery experiments.

  44. Michael Cheritto

    Michael CherittoTahun Yang lalu

    Science AND guns and tannerite? Man this channel rocks!

  45. Noah Smith

    Noah SmithTahun Yang lalu

    2:45 that makes one of us

  46. Bob

    Bob29 hari yang lalu

    Lol u alive?

  47. Jume Mowery

    Jume MoweryTahun Yang lalu

    What happens in a vacuum?

  48. Martin Dye

    Martin DyeTahun Yang lalu

    That's a fantastic view from the back garden!

  49. kunal saxena

    kunal saxenaTahun Yang lalu

    Can you try it with thermite, weather thermite would trigger amonium nitrate to get a blast

  50. Youtu be

    Youtu beTahun Yang lalu

    for your information, inside the microwave, there is magnetron which has a small ceramic insulator in beryllium that is highly poisoning carcinogenic if kids playing there, or it goes with the rain in the water... please make it know to each of those guys who destroys microwave.

  51. swwei

    swweiTahun Yang lalu

    I have a question: can a firecracker be used as an igniter for tannerite?

  52. KingLT82

    KingLT82Tahun Yang lalu

    It can not.

  53. GraveUypo

    GraveUypoTahun Yang lalu

    that microwave is exactly like explosive barrels in games. and the villains just leave them everywhere and hang around them. logic.

  54. Adrian's Chemistry Laboratory

    Adrian's Chemistry LaboratoryTahun Yang lalu

    Fun and entertaining video thanks

  55. Adrian's Chemistry Laboratory

    Adrian's Chemistry LaboratoryTahun Yang lalu

    Please see me in my lab decomposing it with heat - it does actually explode.

  56. Adrian's Chemistry Laboratory

    Adrian's Chemistry LaboratoryTahun Yang lalu

    0.59 WHAT? Ammonia - no I think it will be nitrous oxide!

  57. Meckmester

    MeckmesterTahun Yang lalu

    Interesting video. I thought the largest non nuclear, accidental explosion was the Halifax explosion on 6 December 1917. Killing nearly 2.000 people and leveling almost the entire city.

  58. SuperTornadoGun

    SuperTornadoGun6 hari yang lalu

    It was one of the two, Texas city was leveled by the grandcamp explosion

  59. carl gangl

    carl ganglTahun Yang lalu

    Never put a explosive in or next to somthing heavy it can throw very dangerous. I like to suspend it from strings in a V shape in a light container that will disapear like styrofoam very safe and just as loud.

  60. msp2896

    msp2896Tahun Yang lalu

    I'd like you to try crushing diesel, as far as I'm aware it explodes under pressure so let's see how that goes..? Maybe get a container for it that you can snuggly fit the press into to compress just the diesel and not the container.

  61. Leanardoe

    LeanardoeTahun Yang lalu

    poor enviroment

  62. Biki Bahadur

    Biki BahadurTahun Yang lalu

    Waste of time

  63. Amaroq Starwind

    Amaroq StarwindTahun Yang lalu

    0:47 You forgot the Rust! I'm kidding of course. You don't want to mix that in.