Can Men Handle the Pain of Giving Birth?! (LABOR PAIN SIMULATOR)


  1. Just Nuesca

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    12:39 to level 10 HAHAHA

  2. ThanosTiny_YT

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    You should a made Jessica do it

  3. Tea

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    KNOW YOU KNOW HOW WE WOMEN FEELS!! 🐒💩🤰🏻 But its worse becuse we cant say stop to the (>_

  4. Akshansh Sood

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    lol Anthony was to funny

  5. Natalie Servin

    Natalie ServinHari Yang lalu

    Late but I showed this to my mom and she said " 🤦these men are SCREWED " and I was LMAO 🤣

  6. Avion Robinson

    Avion RobinsonHari Yang lalu

    You guys are making me scared to give birth idk if I want to have kids anymore if I have to go through that!!!!!!

  7. Don’t mess with my army Niggas

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    Your lol

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    I have no likes and I'm sad please like comment and help😢 👇👍👍

  9. Emma Crisan

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    I’ve met so many men who has wives or women in their life who has given birth, and they all said they’d rather get kicked in the balls than go through labor! Y’all forgetting that labor can be as long as 30 hours! When the baby is pushing itself from the contraction, your asshole is also tearing not just your vagina... not saying getting kicked in the balls doesn’t hurt, but you can’t compare the pain to pushing a baby out your body.

  10. bb

    bb2 hari yang lalu

    Who else hugged their mom after waching this

  11. Mr- Noobie

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    I gave birth to a poop

  12. SupremeOtakuBoi

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    Getting kicked in the balls is the most painful thing humans can feel

  13. BloodyScept

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    Imagine getting stepped on your balls

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    You should do this to Keira 🤣🤣

  15. Bryan Castillo

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    U always here “let’s have another baby” but never “kick me in the balls again”

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    Mom watching 💁🏻‍♀️

  17. Giovanni Concepcion

    Giovanni Concepcion3 hari yang lalu

    You should of tried it on a girl that gave brith to see how accurate it is and how much it compares

  18. IIGalavizII

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    8:27 Announces she’s pregnant not even a month later

  19. Jennifer Morales

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    Wait isn’t she like pregnant now? After she quote on quote said “I’m not interested” to having a baby? Lol

  20. Jennifer Morales

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    fellon mellon oh okay. Just making sure cuz I didn’t understand. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    It was just a joke... She has like 4 months left before the baby comes

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    Girls feel it 516494679181548x times pain

  23. Luka Matijevic

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    ”i can’t get up my stomach”. I need to poop then he jumps up from bed and goes

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    That intro though

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  26. The Villareal’s Journey

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    I’m 19 and have two beautiful daughters n planning to have a 3rd one before I find out I can match my dad to donate him a kidney ❤️

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    I've had 3 kids and we're planning a 4th

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    When someone has a roblox profile picture

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    When someone has a fortnite profile picture dumbass

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    I'm a girl and now I'm scared

  31. someoneee .

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    Brian: Do you think you’re ever gonna give birth one day? Amanda: no no , after that, I’m not interested Me after watching brandon’s video: 😏😏

  32. Vonnie’s Playscape

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    I’m giving birth in March 2020

  33. izatahmed ahmed

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    I'm scared when I give birth now

  34. DC Bringman

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    You should have tried the pain simulator on a mom to find how accurate it really is because they can compare it to real labor.

  35. NzX NaCs

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    I think getting hit in the nuts hurts worse cuz I have never said hit me in the nuts but girls be like let’s have another baby😂

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    Omg love this I’m a mom of two and this is fun to watch 😂

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    I bet that hurts so bad

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    My mom gave birth 8 times i have 4 sisters and 3 brothers plus me is 8 people i dont think she had pain becuase she was probly yousto it

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    At 4:41 when he knocked I started looking around I thought it was real 😂

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    that's correct Jessica. HE gave birth 13.6 mils! HAHAHA

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    Sub to me or you don’t love your parents


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    Bro. Rug won the challenge, but the video dudn't make it to 200 thousand likes....

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    Noah is cute. 🦋☺️

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    Can u do a gaming vid