Can DRY AGE save a $1 Steak? | Guga Foods


  1. mikedabucify

    mikedabucify3 jam yang lalu

    Thank you! And subbed

  2. Daniela Rossi

    Daniela Rossi3 jam yang lalu

    This was so good! the pineapple one would get a good sear if you add sodium bicarbonate to the seasoning?

  3. Reaper Sykko [Sykko Cartoons]

    Reaper Sykko [Sykko Cartoons]3 jam yang lalu

    Why are people making zombie steaks?

  4. ferdinand tambunan

    ferdinand tambunan4 jam yang lalu

    try soak with honey, way more tender guys lol

  5. TheCommentGuy

    TheCommentGuy3 jam yang lalu

    Would still pineapple since its cheaper

  6. John Goodwin

    John Goodwin6 jam yang lalu

    The young guy is chewing on the piece he ate like it was leather. Eye of the round is to be used as fertilizer or bait. Prime Rib and Ribeye are your best steaks. and you don't need to wait for 45 days

  7. dlf restoration

    dlf restoration8 jam yang lalu

    Angle just keeps eating the 🍍one

  8. BeastMaster 64

    BeastMaster 649 jam yang lalu

    I like the pineapple method

  9. The Resistance

    The Resistance10 jam yang lalu

    This man just forced a pineapple to eat a steak.

  10. Reena

    Reena11 jam yang lalu

    Ok but why

  11. Nick's Stuff

    Nick's Stuff13 jam yang lalu

    Now, the obvious question: can you dry-age a pineappled cheap steak!?

  12. JM2006

    JM200614 jam yang lalu

    I tried the pineapple and its good but not great but its very good

  13. Melanie Daria

    Melanie Daria14 jam yang lalu

    Angel is hilarious!

  14. thisrocks88

    thisrocks8814 jam yang lalu

    Saw a few of your videos and was super happy with the entertainment quality and then I went into the description. You sir are a gentleman. Thank you!

  15. Leon

    Leon15 jam yang lalu

    dat epic cooking scene though

  16. omm0000

    omm000016 jam yang lalu

    5:12 You know barbecue is no joke for real americans

  17. Matthew Fogarty

    Matthew Fogarty19 jam yang lalu

    Eye round is best dried for a day or two, butter seared then cooked in a dutch oven. 275 for 3 hrs and run through a slicer on the bias. Insanely good on a sandwich, like steak ums on steroids. No idea why you'd try and make a dog into a cat but whatever. Just use it for what it's best suited for. If you want amazingly cheap great steak, buy Teres Major or false filet, 5 bucks a pound and they don't call it false filet for nothing. 20 years butchering, no need for a YT channel.

  18. Mei Shxt

    Mei Shxt19 jam yang lalu

    Maybe try dry aging for 2 weeks??? Not 45 days

  19. guy c

    guy c20 jam yang lalu

    This video just got you a sub 👍 Nice work man 👏👍

  20. dom domdominoes

    dom domdominoes21 jam yang lalu

    can you use canned pineapple

  21. Cassandra LuvLee Hyde

    Cassandra LuvLee Hyde22 jam yang lalu

    6:58 looks in to camera like he got ripped off lmao

  22. DeadKoby

    DeadKoby23 jam yang lalu

    I've had very good success marinating steaks in Italian dressing.

  23. Review

    ReviewHari Yang lalu

    I bought a smoker because of you, I love this style of cooking soo much that it's more fun to me than drinking with the boys haha, I just love smoking foods and you keep making me more excited to try more styles etc.... Everyone always wants to come over thanks to you. I was new to this state and the smells attracted neighbors, the laughs and regular gatherings attracted more people and now I have a good group of friends, I want to say thank you.

  24. Daniel LaDue

    Daniel LaDueHari Yang lalu

    Everyone knows that most cheap steak is way too tough and chewy, but what are the beef cuts that feel too soft and falls apart too easy??? I think my mom was buying roast meat or something as I was a child. We would cut them into steaks, but the flavor was a off, and the fibers were way too soft.... It tasted like stuff that should be in a stew, but I made sandwiches and fajitas. I knew nothing about food back then, and pretty sure my mom still doesn't.

  25. Michael Davis

    Michael DavisHari Yang lalu

    What about dry age and pineapple combined?

  26. Kurt Lamprecht

    Kurt LamprechtHari Yang lalu

    lol, as if a $15-18 steak is an impressive comparison...

  27. Kurt Lamprecht

    Kurt LamprechtHari Yang lalu

    dude, your speech cadence is duuuuuuumb

  28. Loyal Games

    Loyal GamesHari Yang lalu

    Man you really cook a great looking steak.

  29. Marco Estiercol

    Marco EstiercolHari Yang lalu

    So I spent 15 minutes watching you turn a 1 dollar steak into a 1 dollar steak.

  30. J. E.

    J. E.Hari Yang lalu

    Now you need to do a pineapple on a dry-age steak.

  31. J. E.

    J. E.Hari Yang lalu

    You did it Guga! You cracked the Eye of Round steak debacle.

  32. Robert Clitmaster

    Robert ClitmasterHari Yang lalu

    Can you dry age at half the time it might be a little better

  33. Silently Sceptical

    Silently ScepticalHari Yang lalu

    Pineapple then dry age please!

  34. Silently Sceptical

    Silently ScepticalHari Yang lalu

    Goddamn it, now I want to eat steak.

  35. Ron Hansard

    Ron HansardHari Yang lalu

    I enjoyed this steak analysis. Very informative, and I'm going to try the Pineapple method myself. Thanks!

  36. Matt Lovell

    Matt LovellHari Yang lalu

    Don’t eat that

  37. N/A N/A

    N/A N/AHari Yang lalu

    So was the dry aged like jerky?

  38. Baka Pierre

    Baka PierreHari Yang lalu

    you could also use honey instead of pineapple

  39. Shortcut Shadow

    Shortcut ShadowHari Yang lalu

    cool, good to know, I'll have to try the pinnaple technique. :D thanks for sharing! :D

  40. EjScythe

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    guga i love you brotha keep up the great vids luv you to alex!!!!

  41. run4funs 2

    run4funs 2Hari Yang lalu

    I need some steak now. 😓

  42. LKVideos

    LKVideosHari Yang lalu

    6:41 that face lmao "Yeeeaaaa ..... :S"

  43. alto

    altoHari Yang lalu

    make it like a sausage like a dryaged sausage thing u eat raw, u get at like fares

  44. CrazyLegs

    CrazyLegsHari Yang lalu

    Ruready2try? 😲 Yea.

  45. Jonathan Sorto

    Jonathan SortoHari Yang lalu

    “Sooo let’s dooit”

  46. Sophie Benshitta Maven

    Sophie Benshitta MavenHari Yang lalu

    Wow, this is a real education. thank you

  47. HeySparkyy

    HeySparkyyHari Yang lalu

    Did anyone else feel slightly uncomfortable when he revealed the dry aged steak?

  48. Meep Moop

    Meep MoopHari Yang lalu

    I did.. it looked like a scab..

  49. Fritzkier

    FritzkierHari Yang lalu

    That's a lot of money.

  50. Andulvar

    AndulvarHari Yang lalu

    You also dryaged for 45 days. Try for a shorter amount of time. You don't dry muscle like that for that long of time.

  51. calmdragon

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  52. calmdragon

    calmdragonHari Yang lalu

    Sharpest Knife = Samurai Sword 😳

  53. Gumbly

    GumblyHari Yang lalu

    Is it possible to Dry age the Pineapple Steak to concentrate the Flavour and tenderness?

  54. Akiko Fujishima

    Akiko FujishimaHari Yang lalu

    My son's father is Vietnamese, and I know more Vietnamese than I can count that can turn meat like this into awesomeness.. Um, Banh Mi! lol! Some use pork, but everyone I know uses the same cut of beef in this video.

  55. Kevin Lay

    Kevin LayHari Yang lalu

    what happens if you do the same thing but bathe the $1 steak in butter and dry age the same way?

  56. Silver Wolfen

    Silver WolfenHari Yang lalu

    Your American Eskimo is adorable

  57. Marco Contreras

    Marco ContrerasHari Yang lalu

    did he really need a bbq light up light up his flame. isnt that in the man handbook of growing up knowing how to start a fire??? ive started a fire with flint and also 3 sticks. and i cook my meat raw after the kill wtf am i watching.

  58. Carson Tipps

    Carson TippsHari Yang lalu

    Marco Contreras oooh big man kills his food and then makes his own fire like a Boy Scout. Chimney starters don’t need lighter fluid and are way easier and faster. It’s not a crutch it’s just better in every regard. Any professional would use one.

  59. Charles Reliable

    Charles ReliableHari Yang lalu

    Nice, closeup camera work.

  60. BengkelMarmer dotCom

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    Thank you Mr Pineapple

  61. Calvin Montgomery

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    I feel like angel low key hate his uncle...

  62. Jotaro Kujo

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    Pineapple has protease...

  63. Tybo

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    Salt, pepper, and garlic powder...salt, pepper, and garlic powder...salt, pepper, and garlic powder 🤪🤪🤪

  64. christian karlo urbano

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    too much talking