Can 50,000 Magnets Catch A Cannon Ball?


  1. Ruby wilkinson

    Ruby wilkinson8 jam yang lalu

    Couple months later: Morgz : I think i boutta steal😂

  2. Random Person

    Random Person8 jam yang lalu

    So this is what we are going to do when we raid area 51

  3. FloppyMochi Express

    FloppyMochi Express11 jam yang lalu

    The salt bae looking guy tho....

  4. beana bidwell

    beana bidwell13 jam yang lalu

    i love how it just ended with ''chandler's left a dent and yours didnt'' xD

  5. Sergio Gutierrez

    Sergio Gutierrez14 jam yang lalu

    Lords mobil is a great game im playing it right now

  6. gæhow

    gæhow14 jam yang lalu

    Chandler has been watching yt lately at 4:55

  7. Pr0xed

    Pr0xed14 jam yang lalu

    Omfg I have chrohns disease and I never see anyone donate to them in a charity I fucking got out of my chair in excitement bc of that

  8. Kendra Vernon

    Kendra Vernon17 jam yang lalu

    4:50 *LOL*

  9. Ivan Ramos

    Ivan Ramos17 jam yang lalu

    Mrbeast: fires cannon ball Nehibors: wtf was that

  10. Jeremiah Johnson

    Jeremiah Johnson18 jam yang lalu

    Where did beast get four cannons

  11. Pamle Pfirman

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  12. Andrew Bortnik

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  13. Twerk Tv

    Twerk Tv20 jam yang lalu

    Hahaha lol

  14. Pownzone Plays

    Pownzone Plays22 jam yang lalu

    You were in Indiana!

  15. Introverted Awesomeness

    Introverted Awesomeness22 jam yang lalu

    That’s what Joyce buyers should’ve tried when her magnets didn’t work

  16. Alex Xander

    Alex Xander23 jam yang lalu

    9:54 the oven is ready

  17. sam sakvisal

    sam sakvisal23 jam yang lalu

    give me

  18. Jordan Simmons

    Jordan SimmonsHari Yang lalu

    Please send me a game system! i've never had one EVER!

  19. Leonardo Chudin

    Leonardo ChudinHari Yang lalu

    7:55 it’s a Nokia

  20. DaleTañagGamer // DTG

    DaleTañagGamer // DTGHari Yang lalu

    I love all of your experiments

  21. Arvid Jernkrook

    Arvid JernkrookHari Yang lalu


  22. Jalmaan

    JalmaanHari Yang lalu

    haha that slowmoguys music

  23. Fun things To do and grind :D

    Fun things To do and grind :DHari Yang lalu

    BEAST PLAY Beast:“Say your a cop one day and someone robs a store and comes out with a CANNON” Criminal: “HOW DA HECK DO I CARRY A CANNON

  24. Nadia Freeman

    Nadia FreemanHari Yang lalu

    Do playing monopoly with real money

  25. jen jen

    jen jenHari Yang lalu

    Mr beast can a have a PS4 please!?

  26. Lumbago69

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  27. sebi's worldTV

    sebi's worldTVHari Yang lalu

    Chandler's left a dent and yours didn't ,WILL THE VIKING EXEPT CHANDLER'S POWER LEVEL IS OVER 9000 OR WILL HE BE OVER COME WITH RAGE find out next time on DRAGON BEAST Z

  28. The_LoganTheory

    The_LoganTheoryHari Yang lalu

    Mrbeast is the new slo mo guys Lol XD

  29. Mason Austin

    Mason AustinHari Yang lalu

    Somebody say hi to me

  30. Sealies Cooking Channel

    Sealies Cooking ChannelHari Yang lalu

    When a wig does more damage then your fists

  31. Ginger Snaps

    Ginger SnapsHari Yang lalu

    chandler: dont let morgz copy your city me:laughs cause morgz copied mr beast

  32. Flikkii

    FlikkiiHari Yang lalu

    Chandler is stronger than a viking

  33. News Moto

    News MotoHari Yang lalu

    surprised they don't have GTA 5 stars yet

  34. Johanna Triana

    Johanna TrianaHari Yang lalu

    8:26 - 8:29, Joyce take notes

  35. Brian Kahny

    Brian KahnyHari Yang lalu


  36. Ultimate_Skittles300 Ultimate_Skittles300

    Ultimate_Skittles300 Ultimate_Skittles300Hari Yang lalu

    Chris do u moisturize

  37. Celia Barriga

    Celia BarrigaHari Yang lalu

    I really want a ps4 for a long time but i am broke i have the game

  38. Mxllory

    MxlloryHari Yang lalu

    When chander said don't let morgz copy your city Morgz: DESTROYING THINGS WITH A CANNON BALL, (GONE ENTIRELY WRONG) Mrbeast: *what*

  39. Ruby wilkinson

    Ruby wilkinson8 jam yang lalu

    Mxllory also mr beast: meh let’s give him £10,000 😂😂

  40. Missa Cayton

    Missa CaytonHari Yang lalu

    Come blow my car up

  41. HeY BroH

    HeY BroHHari Yang lalu

    Mr beast 💗Love this Man..i've even just created a youtube Channel to follow my progress.I would love some Support/ feedback so please please please hit subscribe and check it out guys. peace!

  42. Aimee Silvestri

    Aimee SilvestriHari Yang lalu

    with an s

  43. Aimee Silvestri

    Aimee SilvestriHari Yang lalu

    morgs sucks

  44. Monse Ventura

    Monse VenturaHari Yang lalu

    Jimmy: “yeah it’s 3 + 25” Chris: “so 20” 😂😂😂 he’s so good at math

  45. Jacy Anderson

    Jacy AndersonHari Yang lalu

    8:26 is for u Joyce Byers

  46. Gabriel Barrera

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    Im anew subscriber 😍 paypal me pls

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    I subbed at 600,000 subs

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    9:54 and 9:56 are moods lolzzz

  50. Alon Duncan

    Alon DuncanHari Yang lalu

    Who just has cannons

  51. Sunny K

    Sunny K2 hari yang lalu

    Good vid

  52. FelixShark123

    FelixShark1232 hari yang lalu

    New PlaN Naruto : Lets Raid Area51 Mr.Beast : Let's Buy Area51

  53. Faze laze Faze

    Faze laze Faze2 hari yang lalu

    Person: just copy them. Morgz: don’t do that be original

  54. Ruby wilkinson

    Ruby wilkinson8 jam yang lalu

    Faze laze Faze other way around bud

  55. Happy Kid

    Happy Kid2 hari yang lalu

    The oven is ready

  56. hamza mamasaunda

    hamza mamasaunda2 hari yang lalu

    hi, your videos are so unbelieveable , I want money tooooo ahhahah just joking a fun of your videos

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    The Ronald McDonald house helped my family at a really difficult time in their lives thanks jimmy ❤️

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  59. John Kenneth  Enriquez

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    at 10:00 are you kidding me

  60. Syntax

    Syntax2 hari yang lalu

    3:16 Me: *Good Enough*

  61. Leslie Leathem

    Leslie Leathem2 hari yang lalu

    50,000 magnets shot from a cannon yeah!!!!!

  62. accolatte

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  63. Jairo Corpus

    Jairo Corpus2 hari yang lalu

    I Riley need a pd4

  64. PotatoScar :3

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    At 8:12 I noticed it said yeet XD

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    can i have one plz i sub my name is jojo

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    chandler stronger than a viking?!

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    10:42 Everyone liked that.

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  69. Geek Girl

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    the cannon said yeet.

  70. Zuleyka on yt

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    Oooooo roasted chicken morgzzz

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    Thank you.... Thank you for avenging my vending machine money

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  73. Michael Miller

    Michael Miller2 hari yang lalu

    Mr.beast can we destroy a car with the cannon?

  74. johnsteve mav

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    Morgz copies legit all you r vid lol

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    Plant a tree for every subscriber 🌳🌲🌳🌲🌴🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌴🌴🌳🌲🌳🌴🌲🌳🌴 Copy this so mr beast can see :-)

  76. Tristan Fitzgerald

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    love the videos very creative keep up the good CONTENT lots of views

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    Lol first sponcer that i actully download best english on eurth 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  78. epm Emerald pig man

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    Dude perfect cannon trick shots

  79. NinjaBoy8910

    NinjaBoy89102 hari yang lalu

    The cannon said yeet on it

  80. Jess Day

    Jess Day2 hari yang lalu

    Joyce Buyers (from stranger things) should have shot her magnets out of a cannon onto her fridge in season 3 😂

  81. Aiden’s adventures

    Aiden’s adventures3 hari yang lalu

    No way he said Morgz you suck

  82. Larry Towle

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    Just so you know I don't have any games i need the ntendoeswich