Can 50,000 Magnets Catch A Cannon Ball?


  1. hi Burgin

    hi Burgin2 menit yang lalu

    Hey Billy let's play baseball LOL

  2. A L L I

    A L L I8 menit yang lalu

    3:20 my wig flew

  3. John Obrian

    John Obrian29 menit yang lalu

    U would die if I cannon hits even if u had a vest on

  4. Cody Schildtknecht

    Cody Schildtknecht47 menit yang lalu

    I want you to get invited to a challenge so bad! It would be so much fun!

  5. ultimate502

    ultimate502Jam Yang lalu

    voice crack at 0:11

  6. Sandra Whiten

    Sandra Whiten2 jam yang lalu

    I downloaded kings mobile

  7. roblox war boy

    roblox war boy2 jam yang lalu

    Mann you guys got a lot of cannons

  8. Ahmed Zaki

    Ahmed Zaki3 jam yang lalu


  9. Potato Tomato

    Potato Tomato4 jam yang lalu

    U should of fired a fire work

  10. Shlok IsBack

    Shlok IsBack4 jam yang lalu

    Pirates should have had bulletproof glass on their ships

  11. Ant Jones

    Ant Jones5 jam yang lalu

    Ahh yes that is what happened to my mailbox

  12. John Allen

    John Allen5 jam yang lalu

    Chandler is a gangster for saying morgz will copy you

  13. Thierry Dumessie

    Thierry Dumessie5 jam yang lalu

    how is that gopro still alive man

  14. KalebAS19

    KalebAS197 jam yang lalu

    It's a pretty tiny cannon ball lol

  15. MryStroler Stroler

    MryStroler Stroler7 jam yang lalu

    Can you build in one of your next vids a 30000 $ PC?

  16. Simas Raudonaitis

    Simas Raudonaitis9 jam yang lalu

    Best delivery

  17. SammyPlayz!!

    SammyPlayz!!9 jam yang lalu

    I love you your the best

  18. Doodles by AKR

    Doodles by AKR10 jam yang lalu

    Hi Mr beast you spend so much money and can you give 10,00 dollars in Indian rupees please

  19. Logan Downing

    Logan Downing13 jam yang lalu

    when chandler spit in chris mouth that was just realy groos

  20. XoxoCoolguy893 Xoxo

    XoxoCoolguy893 Xoxo15 jam yang lalu

    Send 20 million dollars to Australia online

  21. Hunter

    Hunter15 jam yang lalu

    The manican un-alived Captain sparkles reference

  22. shirley pagoso

    shirley pagoso16 jam yang lalu

    Poor things ;-;

  23. Brandyn Beese

    Brandyn Beese19 jam yang lalu

    Mrbeast. I downloaded lords legends

  24. luis gall

    luis gall23 jam yang lalu

    Chandler said that because Morgz copys his videos

  25. BlueEnderCookie_2

    BlueEnderCookie_2Hari Yang lalu

    8:05 d* b*

  26. Roxie Biewenga

    Roxie BiewengaHari Yang lalu

    Yes do it

  27. Player Mono

    Player MonoHari Yang lalu

    Pick me

  28. Fire Reflex

    Fire ReflexHari Yang lalu

    Who else seen that the cannon says YEET on it

  29. Jose Meza

    Jose MezaHari Yang lalu

    I downloaded the game

  30. Emerald Amphibian

    Emerald AmphibianHari Yang lalu

    Were Is that at because ILLINOIS national bird is the cardinal

  31. Abrahem Niño

    Abrahem NiñoHari Yang lalu

    Mrbeast can you buy a jet😂

  32. Cracker Crumbs

    Cracker CrumbsHari Yang lalu

    Were doing what? Says the hawt dude

  33. DJ Downs

    DJ DownsHari Yang lalu

    Ayy I got a ps4 and Nintendo

  34. Goldie the gold fish

    Goldie the gold fishHari Yang lalu

    this is what happends to me ship in sea of thieves when i put the reapers flag up 6:09

  35. Sam

    SamHari Yang lalu

    What is Yalls gamer tags on lords mobiles

  36. Fortnite King

    Fortnite KingHari Yang lalu

    Chandler can make a dent in the wall. No one else can.

  37. JJChristie

    JJChristieHari Yang lalu

    No he is only 18

  38. James Stirling

    James StirlingHari Yang lalu

    You: my wife left me Beast: just shoot her with a cannon

  39. Acidartifact537

    Acidartifact537Hari Yang lalu

    8:38 were doing wat

  40. Elliot Wall

    Elliot WallHari Yang lalu


  41. fazeel hussan

    fazeel hussanHari Yang lalu

    Well I am too late for the ps4😔😔

  42. Aqyla jr

    Aqyla jrHari Yang lalu

    the cannon was bigger than the toy ship

  43. Mirdith Joseph

    Mirdith JosephHari Yang lalu


  44. B.B.F.F

    B.B.F.FHari Yang lalu

    I had already download so how can I get the prise

  45. rarufu manacc

    rarufu manaccHari Yang lalu

    The viking

  46. zac twidle

    zac twidleHari Yang lalu

    Ooohh that smells bad... smell it

  47. Brittany Wise

    Brittany WiseHari Yang lalu

    Lords NoblE

  48. Brittany Wise

    Brittany WiseHari Yang lalu


  49. MaTaHuGu

    MaTaHuGuHari Yang lalu

    How the freak do you even have 2 cannons

  50. Tai QT

    Tai QT2 hari yang lalu

    I have the same model of Nokia

  51. Legit CAT Legit ORANGE

    Legit CAT Legit ORANGE2 hari yang lalu

    Don’t kick me please I beg you

  52. Sayed Azim

    Sayed Azim2 hari yang lalu

    Hey mr beast I have lord mobile can I have a ninetdo tell me on the next vido

  53. Landon Babuka

    Landon Babuka2 hari yang lalu

    Yo i have lords moible

  54. Zachary Anderberg

    Zachary Anderberg2 hari yang lalu

    Lol dude the yeet canon

  55. Danny Phantom

    Danny Phantom2 hari yang lalu

    4:49 lmao

  56. minjeong kang

    minjeong kang2 hari yang lalu

    10:46 my favorite anime. Mr beast z with super chandler

  57. Leo McGinley

    Leo McGinley2 hari yang lalu

    It can stop cannonballs.But can it take nerf bullets?

  58. Liam francis

    Liam francis2 hari yang lalu

    mannequin:catches cannon ball also mannequin:bow down too your superior c

  59. Alexgaming _009

    Alexgaming _0092 hari yang lalu

    Rip xbox

  60. Diana Aguilar

    Diana Aguilar2 hari yang lalu

    And I downloaded lords mobile