Camila Cabello - Shameless (Lyrics)


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  2. Isabella Dixon

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  3. Hdjbsb Ju

    Hdjbsb JuJam Yang lalu

    If you dislike this song why are you playing it right now?

  4. G A C H A S T U F F

    G A C H A S T U F FHari Yang lalu

    *me tries to sing the song for the tubes* TOP 10 MISTRIOUS ANIMAL NOISES

  5. Poop Lol

    Poop LolHari Yang lalu

    I have to listen to this it’s so good and catchy Awwwwy thanks

  6. gacha girl

    gacha girlHari Yang lalu

    who else thought this was by selena gomez at first??? l l l l l \/

  7. Juan Bonilla

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  8. Alejandra Gallegos

    Alejandra Gallegos2 hari yang lalu

    the beat gets my vibes out! :3

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    The Phantom of the Opera3 hari yang lalu

    I got an add for the song shameless then skipped it becuase I wanted to hear this song shameless.....

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    Amnah W Hamed6 hari yang lalu

    No i want to go home from school

  11. Amnah W Hamed

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    She is amazing and awesome. I love you

  12. Sewing54

    Sewing547 hari yang lalu

    who else thought this was halsey at first!? l l v

  13. Juju Xiong

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    The song was amazing as HECKKKKKk I like the last part

  14. Tad Boice

    Tad Boice7 hari yang lalu

    My name is alexus and I am your biggest fan. can you please tell me when you come up with a great song about me.

  15. Gladys Ruiz

    Gladys Ruiz8 hari yang lalu

    Best music ever

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    if you dont hate camila=like

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    We don't have to like it to like her. Stop begging!

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    Bruh can relate like if u agree

  21. Turtle

    Turtle12 hari yang lalu

    i just found out my two fav songs are by Camila Cabello

  22. irene102

    irene10213 hari yang lalu

    i still think that in the chorus she says "i won't deny" instead of"i don't want this now"

  23. Angela Porter

    Angela Porter14 hari yang lalu

    The part were it says "show me your shameless right on my neck why dont you"made me think of someone like saying like cut them on the throat cuz that would show like shameless...leave a like or comment if u have thought this or now just thinking of this

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    Its my 4th time listening to it and i already know the lyrics

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    It sounds exactly the song is

  27. Anida Osmanaj

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    this was directed towards Shawn ;) shawmila it REAL

  28. Anida Osmanaj

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    Pastel Chan people say they are, now idk

  29. Anida Osmanaj

    Anida Osmanaj10 hari yang lalu

    cvtradorq _ ok

  30. cvtradorq _

    cvtradorq _10 hari yang lalu

    Lmao no it ain’t,they’re just friends,Lauren was there way more for Camila then Shawn ever was and will be.

  31. Pastel Chan

    Pastel Chan11 hari yang lalu

    Ain't they dating?

  32. jessie31388

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    You’re so great at singing

  33. Clxyro

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    This is a lyric video, the original is by Camila Cabello

  34. Elena Gilbert

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    This was on tiktok live when micheala was singing this on live

  35. Africa Exclusive Hats

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    FYI im on my moms phone and i love Camila but im a bit more of a Selena fan

  36. Sarah P

    Sarah P19 hari yang lalu

    Does anyone else think the chorus sounds like OneRepublic's "If I Lose Myself"?

  37. Trentaco

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    It's ok

  39. Hemanth Kumar

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    I'm Telugu But I love it

  40. XxRosieexX

    XxRosieexX23 hari yang lalu

    *A Shameless Señorita, Crying In The Club Of Havana, Facing All The Consequences And Will Never Be The Same*

  41. sunsetlpopogacha cookie

    sunsetlpopogacha cookie24 hari yang lalu

    not afraid to face it💗

  42. sunsetlpopogacha cookie

    sunsetlpopogacha cookie24 hari yang lalu

    show me you're shameless 😋💗

  43. Maria Clara Lucena

    Maria Clara Lucena25 hari yang lalu

    It is Credence from Fantastic Beasts behind the lyrics ?!

  44. UwU

    UwU27 hari yang lalu

    I'd like camilla better if she didnt try to take mah man. (Hes mgk ÒwÓ)

  45. UwU

    UwU18 hari yang lalu

    @Tae’s Sandals nah she did years ago and I like to hold grudges....when they made "bad things" I'm pretty sure they dated for a short time.

  46. Tae’s Sandals

    Tae’s Sandals19 hari yang lalu

    Oof you mean Shawn mendas..?

  47. EH981

    EH98126 hari yang lalu

    I'd like her better if she didn't use so much autotune and you could hear what she was saying.

  48. Ashie Ashie

    Ashie AshieBulan Yang lalu

    2:34 some videos say “there’s just inches in between us” and other videos say “distance, inches in between us” I hear both and I’m confused on which one it actually says

  49. MicrosoftNerd

    MicrosoftNerd3 hari yang lalu

    i’m pretty sure it’s distance

  50. XxRenaRiverlilyxX

    XxRenaRiverlilyxX21 hari yang lalu

    I believe it’s “distance” since in the next verse it says “weakness”

  51. Ashie Ashie

    Ashie Ashie21 hari yang lalu

    Razzy Kawaii Potato Ray thanks sorry lmao

  52. Razzy Kawaii Potato Ray

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  53. Loranie Martinez

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    I heard them too...

  54. Maggie Stratton

    Maggie StrattonBulan Yang lalu

    “I’m tired of loving somebody that’s not mine”💔

  55. Maggie Stratton

    Maggie Stratton23 hari yang lalu

    sunsetlpopogacha cookie 🍪 I know I had a crush and that part was like you can’t have him🤣

  56. sunsetlpopogacha cookie

    sunsetlpopogacha cookie24 hari yang lalu

    Maggie Stratton aww

  57. Addison and Ava

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    do u ever just see a comment and say to yourself “i wish i wrote that”

  58. Grendy Judith

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  59. idkk

    idkkBulan Yang lalu

    this shit plays in like every clothing store

  60. gracy hulverson

    gracy hulversonBulan Yang lalu

    “i need you more than i want to”. i felt that..💔

  61. Hope Coates

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    Did you copy someone comment... 🙃

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    @Gacha Moonlight lol me

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    That's me with McDonald's

  64. iiPastelEdits

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    0:38- 1:21 My favorite part ;)

  65. Gacha Lilly_WolfQueen

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    iiPastelEdits samd

  66. iiPastelEdits

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  67. Dillon Pindel

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    Mika UwU Mine too

  68. Latasha Lee

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    I want to do this now

  69. BrennamanFilms

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    Now my favorite tv show is my favorite song too

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    I feel this

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    My life >:3

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    I love this song

  74. Mindy BTS

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    Yes I love KPOP and some of the English songs, and of course I love BTS

  75. Eli McGlaughlin

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    but I thought you liked bts?

  76. Tajai

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    “I need ya more then I want ta” 😩😍 ..

  77. Roda B

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  78. golden gamer

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    That bass 👌

  79. Drew Ryan

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    If she had a gospel choir hit that second shameless line in the chorus that would take this song from epic to unreal

  80. Eloise Gillebert

    Eloise GillebertBulan Yang lalu

    On dirait bebe rehxa

  81. Dylan Hawks

    Dylan HawksBulan Yang lalu

    Who else thought that “In my dreams I do anything to you” Was “My dreams they all went to you”

  82. *Amaya*

    *Amaya*Bulan Yang lalu

    This song is such a bop

  83. Thulasi Murthy

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    I love this song....😘

  84. Joshua Gonzalez

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    this is how many peaople like this song leave a like

  85. XxRosieexX

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    Mina is best Girl *They Are Probably Doing It For Fun So Stfu And If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say Then Don’t Say Anything At All.*

  86. Mina is best Girl

    Mina is best GirlBulan Yang lalu

    Like begger

  87. Arames S

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  88. Denise Varnado

    Denise VarnadoBulan Yang lalu

    I love her

  89. Xxitz_crystalWolfxX AKA Wolfie

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    #shameless\Luv this

  90. Mariana M

    Mariana MBulan Yang lalu

    "i'm tired of loving someone that's not mine" I felt that💔

  91. Alyssa McCoy

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  92. Lilly Bowman

    Lilly Bowman3 hari yang lalu

    @Star MagicI support you

  93. Lilly Bowman

    Lilly Bowman3 hari yang lalu

    we all have at least once in our life 💔

  94. Isabella Dixon

    Isabella Dixon25 hari yang lalu

    Mari J it’s okay I feel that everyday.....

  95. Star Magic

    Star Magic25 hari yang lalu

    I really just want to tell her, I have loved her for so long.We have been best friends since 6th grade,I have liked her since 7th,I don't even know what to do since my Mom isn't supportive,and I don't know if she even likes me back. Edit:my mom is starting to understand and is being more supportive Haven't really talk to my dad about it

  96. SantaRamona :v

    SantaRamona :vBulan Yang lalu

    "I'm tired of loving somebody that's not mine"

  97. Andi’s Life N Dreams

    Andi’s Life N Dreams12 hari yang lalu

    Star Magic hey it’s alright someone will be there for you just be positive and keep your hopes up! You won’t be failed 💜

  98. Star Magic

    Star Magic15 hari yang lalu

    It hurts so much.I have loved her and crushed over her for about a year.We act like we are dating,we are often shipped together.But she said that she was straight and had a boyfriend.Im so confused at what to do.I know that if I don't say anything noithing will ever happen,but I'm so scared to.

  99. Asia Azzopardi

    Asia AzzopardiBulan Yang lalu

    I like it Camilla

  100. ivanrdenas cardenas

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    I Love Her