CA school shooting witness describes seeing "a body fall"


  1. bright cat

    bright cat3 hari yang lalu

    Maybe don't bully people and this wouldn't have happened

  2. ogshaggyxx

    ogshaggyxx16 hari yang lalu

    U mean a brother and a sister

  3. ツKtr_Blue

    ツKtr_BlueBulan Yang lalu

    Next thing you know pumped up kicks is playing

  4. ssouadxo

    ssouadxo2 bulan yang lalu

    What is wrong with the gun control these days..

  5. ssouadxo

    ssouadxo2 bulan yang lalu

    Wow I actually started crying when I saw this.. the fear she still held while speaking about it.

  6. Hadi Isa

    Hadi Isa2 bulan yang lalu

    Imagine skipping that day of school

  7. Sergio Garcia

    Sergio Garcia2 bulan yang lalu

    Thank God that not everyone died in the shooting

  8. Nine in the cheezwiz pumpkin pie of 2001

    Nine in the cheezwiz pumpkin pie of 20012 bulan yang lalu

    Everyone is saying we need better security. Like sure of course, but we also need better gun control. This stuff doesn’t happen in countries with better gun control.

  9. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump2 bulan yang lalu

    At this point school is like hardcore mode on Minecraft

  10. ImXolo

    ImXolo2 bulan yang lalu

    That’s a girl

  11. Torik

    Torik2 bulan yang lalu

    his sister looks like a guy

  12. ImXolo

    ImXolo2 bulan yang lalu

    F.B.I I thought it was a guy the whole time no 🧢

  13. Brandon Hayes

    Brandon Hayes2 bulan yang lalu

    At first I thought it was fake. Believe me, it was.

  14. TheSlimyNoodle

    TheSlimyNoodleBulan Yang lalu

    Brandon Hayes u make my brain hurt

  15. Brandon Hayes

    Brandon HayesBulan Yang lalu

    @TheSlimyNoodle Congrats to you then.

  16. TheSlimyNoodle

    TheSlimyNoodleBulan Yang lalu

    Brandon Hayes at first I thought you were joking. Then I realized you weren’t, and I lost my braincells

  17. Shooter Shooting

    Shooter Shooting3 bulan yang lalu

    Wow Why didnt i go There 2k Kids

  18. MindFlowersDotNet

    MindFlowersDotNet3 bulan yang lalu

    All school shootings are fake. Research for yourself.

  19. El Duane Chungo

    El Duane Chungo3 bulan yang lalu


  20. alpha ville

    alpha ville3 bulan yang lalu

    Untill America reforms it's gun laws your babies even you your selfs are to be shoot randomly out of no were

  21. El Duane Chungo

    El Duane Chungo3 bulan yang lalu

    Until the U.S not america fat yankee

  22. Stefan Tel

    Stefan Tel3 bulan yang lalu

    arm the teachers

  23. O Nadi Ko 007

    O Nadi Ko 0073 bulan yang lalu

    This shouldn't be happening

  24. El Duane Chungo

    El Duane Chungo3 bulan yang lalu

    Nah the us deserve it

  25. //SuperAsh4U//

    //SuperAsh4U//3 bulan yang lalu

    Everyone. Please do not be a bully. You're getting innocent people killed. Do not bully ! You don't have to be nice. But please for the love of God stop! If you have issues please see the counselor or therapist or talk to somebody! Talk to me I'll give my Instagram. Don't make people go out and start killing us!

  26. SC 1827

    SC 18273 bulan yang lalu

    There's a pattern. Boys, who were bullyied or mistreated at home. Highschools. This is the new type of serial killer: Mass Murderers Kids

  27. SugacoatedMochi

    SugacoatedMochi3 bulan yang lalu

    SC 1827 you’re on to something

  28. Mr. Veritas

    Mr. Veritas3 bulan yang lalu

    "How many of these do we have to see before we do something about it?" Seriously?? California has tried solving it the left wing way, and it clearly doesn't work. The journalists sitting around this newsroom are political hacks.

  29. El Duane Chungo

    El Duane Chungo3 bulan yang lalu


  30. Jai Norman

    Jai Norman3 bulan yang lalu

    Ha ha


    VERNON JACOBS3 bulan yang lalu

    Police radio " I've got one down in the office " wtf, it happened in the courtyard.

  32. Winny Festus

    Winny Festus3 bulan yang lalu

    Am sorry for what you had to witness I love you two Micah and Samara am really glad you guys are okay

  33. Micah Turner

    Micah Turner3 bulan yang lalu

    Winny Festus Thankyou so much ♥️

  34. Sandra Richardson

    Sandra Richardson3 bulan yang lalu

    & in a visa / versa instance "; how would you give an " individual advice " to relate to her sympathy "!;.

  35. Brian Kabonyo

    Brian Kabonyo3 bulan yang lalu

    The good guys with guns like their cowardly draft dodging hero were nowhere to be seen as always, probably safe at home shooting at unsuspecting ducks in their backyard with daddy's rifle

  36. no u

    no u3 bulan yang lalu

    pumped up kicks

  37. realme rara

    realme rara3 bulan yang lalu

    Barricade schools and put metal detectors and security guards.

  38. scott- o

    scott- o3 bulan yang lalu

    Samara, honey; you were nowhere near the gun for it to leave " a little ring in my ear."


    CPS NEWS NETWORK3 bulan yang lalu

    soooo fake.

  40. Dr. Thumbtzen

    Dr. Thumbtzen3 bulan yang lalu

    Did they investigate if that kid been molested ?? Maybe by a man that is close to him

  41. RIOT co No.15

    RIOT co No.153 bulan yang lalu

    its supprising how this happened in cali, a state with the most strictest gun laws in the country 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  42. Humans are the worst animals on the planet.

    Humans are the worst animals on the planet.3 bulan yang lalu

    Damn white males

  43. Galatians 3:26 - 29

    Galatians 3:26 - 293 bulan yang lalu

    Shooter was a biracial, you silly racist.

  44. Astrid

    Astrid3 bulan yang lalu

    This is because of the republicans

  45. Galatians 3:26 - 29

    Galatians 3:26 - 293 bulan yang lalu

    Nope. California is under control of Democrats.

  46. cdimmm

    cdimmm3 bulan yang lalu

    the only horror here are these faces

  47. cdimmm

    cdimmm3 bulan yang lalu

    @Micah Turner as a public service

  48. Micah Turner

    Micah Turner3 bulan yang lalu

    cdimmm why even bother to comment?

  49. Anthony Barletto

    Anthony Barletto3 bulan yang lalu

    Man this is getting crazy it’s crazy when our poor kids can’t even go to school and feel safe I’m at a loss for words my heart goes out to all the families and children that had to witness yet another horrific crime politicians I think it’s about that time to put your foot down and protect our children in these Schools enough is enough with this

  50. John 14:6 KJV

    John 14:6 KJV3 bulan yang lalu

    Watch "Mr Myron Fagan Goes Deep, Back To The Beginning and Exposes All *MIRRORED" on IDreporter

  51. J

    J3 bulan yang lalu

    Same old bogus narrative.

  52. devil turtle

    devil turtle3 bulan yang lalu

    my brother goes to this school thank god he was 5 min late

  53. Kaden D

    Kaden D3 bulan yang lalu

    Peace and love, spread peace and love.

  54. MR: ED

    MR: ED3 bulan yang lalu


  55. Danny Archer

    Danny Archer3 bulan yang lalu

    How can this happen in GUN FREE ZONE??.

  56. n1gger stomper

    n1gger stomper3 bulan yang lalu

    Hes asian so his little insect brain stem will cling to life until they pull the plug.

  57. n1gger stomper

    n1gger stomper3 bulan yang lalu

    @Not A DEM Nor A REPUB you mean my collection of black inventions. Whiter than you jamal.

  58. Troll Troll

    Troll Troll3 bulan yang lalu

    Lmao your profile pic

  59. D'Angelo Brown

    D'Angelo Brown3 bulan yang lalu

    Asians are smart tho

  60. Not A DEM Nor A REPUB

    Not A DEM Nor A REPUB3 bulan yang lalu

    Oh...I looked at your channel and saw that you're black pretending to be white! LMFAO!!!! You're a disgrace to your people! True P.O.S👎

  61. _Ursieminor_

    _Ursieminor_3 bulan yang lalu


  62. Muscle Man

    Muscle Man3 bulan yang lalu

    I keep hearing security, but I just hear 5 more shots after the 5 they got off in the first place. Who knows.. god knows .... praying for you familys

  63. Rachel Colby

    Rachel Colby3 bulan yang lalu

    As someone suffering daily with PTSD its so important for people to understand trauma especially in situations like this one

  64. Kim Todd

    Kim Todd3 bulan yang lalu

    Watch for tips for parents about school shootings.

  65. michael dennis

    michael dennis3 bulan yang lalu

    Publicising the grief of shootings like this incentivizes other people to do the same thing.

  66. baba duke

    baba duke2 bulan yang lalu

    Lies do more than anything. Government has made sure if that since we enter kindergarten. The garden of a child is the mind. Our gardens have been tended by pest control agents.


    UNENSLAVER 13 bulan yang lalu

    Sandy Hook Download and study the report.

  68. SkuStyle

    SkuStyle3 bulan yang lalu

    @David Rauschenbach Then you're the thickest brain washed fool on planet earth. TRUTH is binding, immutable & eternal. Natural Law.. Now run along moronic fool troll.

  69. David Rauschenbach

    David Rauschenbach3 bulan yang lalu

    @SkuStyle No, it's not


    UNENSLAVER 13 bulan yang lalu

    @SkuStyle Trademark initial story changes by the minute. Who were they searching for? "Witnesses" saw nothing, only heard booms or pops that don't add up to the numbers reported. What .45 semi auto has only 6 shots? If it doesn't make sense then it's a lie. "Seeing one person fall" That's it????? No other description of the "event"? "Gunnnmunnn" How about GUN BOY?? Like Sandy Hook. Didn't happen as advertised. No way, no how.

  71. SkuStyle

    SkuStyle3 bulan yang lalu

    Best comment here, this is yet another staged BS event.


    HEMI POWER3 bulan yang lalu

    I wish teachers would be armed

  73. Fifthelement203

    Fifthelement2033 bulan yang lalu

    So... im not sure what pisses me off more. the fact that our kids have to worry about this every single day?The inaction of the government when it comes to guns n enacting common-sense gun laws we all support? Or the fact that mental health coverage is a joke under our current health care system so these kids won't even be able to get the lifetime of health they are gonna need getting through this. SMDH

  74. Bob Dob

    Bob Dob3 bulan yang lalu

    The same circular conversation over and over, right out of the playbook. Law Enforcement pats each other on the back, saying how well of a job they did. Then comes the "We have to do something about it." Then nothing mentioned about exactly what to do about it in cases like this where an "assault rifle" is not used, because in reality there is no way to stop it. That is, unless you want to tell the truth about how parents no longer parent, are more concerned about their career than raising a family, where one parent could stay home and tune into what their kids are doing, and where they'd be a safety net when the kid starts thinking deep into these dark thoughts. It's much easier to point the finger at the schools, who somehow are now responsible for what happens to their kids, because they are the babysitters while the parents are busy being selfish with their own lives working. So let's have the responses about how sexist I am, or whatever label is this weeks talking point, but before you do, take a look at the stats and when all this BS started.. In the late 80s, when kids were thrown into daycare to fend for themselves, due to the demand in the tech sector that women were lured into.

  75. Queen beez

    Queen beez3 bulan yang lalu

    Why at this point am I not surprised, that’s not a good thing, this is getting normal for me. It’s sad I’m in high school right now and I don’t even feel safe anymore. I feel like at any point suddenly I can hear a gun shot. I’ve had five fights alone in the last week so I’m actually legitimately scared that one day there is going to be a shooting. I don’t know if that’s true or not it just really feels that way and it’s really scary.

  76. juicy jake

    juicy jake3 bulan yang lalu

    what is this world, im honestly so done. wheres god when you need him😭😭😭😓

  77. Joel Hundley

    Joel Hundley3 bulan yang lalu


  78. Student Grace Garcia

    Student Grace Garcia3 bulan yang lalu

    The boy that shot up the school shot himself when he was done,he lived for a little bit but he just passed away.The day he shot up the school it was his birthday...

  79. Som Keshav

    Som Keshav10 hari yang lalu

    @do I smell PENNIES I guess so, it's up to you. I just think what the parents of the victims and shooter are thinking right now is all. But whatever, at least we both see eye to eye on this.

  80. do I smell PENNIES

    do I smell PENNIES10 hari yang lalu

    @Som Keshav because I personally dont think he deserves any, but its ur choice

  81. Som Keshav

    Som Keshav10 hari yang lalu

    @do I smell PENNIES I AM NOT DENYING HIS ACTIONS ARE TERRIBLE. I am just saying that I feel bad that he was pushed to that point, who knows what was going on in his life for him to implode to take the lives of innocent people. But yes the innocent people are the victims of a terrible fate and they didn't deserve it. Why are you on my case anyway?

  82. do I smell PENNIES

    do I smell PENNIES10 hari yang lalu

    @Som Keshav he destroyed their lives because he didnr like his own, that's on him

  83. Som Keshav

    Som Keshav10 hari yang lalu

    @do I smell PENNIES Look I feel empathy regardless all right, can't we just mourn in our own way?

  84. Waffle Doggo

    Waffle Doggo3 bulan yang lalu

    The parents crying the school needs police are the same parents that said we make schools to much like prisons and were against EAP my opinion arm teachers that are willing to be armed not all unless there all willing practice EAPs with the kids like another monthly drill they do

  85. Rabbs B

    Rabbs B3 bulan yang lalu

    Don’t believe everything you see people theres a agenda behind all this

  86. JakeUp !i!

    JakeUp !i!3 bulan yang lalu

    Rabbs B shut up there is no agenda, innocent kids were murdered please stop making this about you

  87. Mr Choo

    Mr Choo3 bulan yang lalu

    Thank goodness this occured in California, where they have among the strictest gun laws in the nation. Lay part of the blame where it belongs: with California's autistic politicians.

  88. diss e

    diss e3 bulan yang lalu

    What a hero 👽

  89. Anderson Gonzalez

    Anderson Gonzalez3 bulan yang lalu

    Something has to be done about these shootings. It’s usually I’m high schools with people who need help mentally because of issues they have. Therapy needs to grow as well as counseling. They need a way to express their emotions verbally not by physically shooting up a school. I understand that they’re going through tough times sometimes but it’s just not right. I know I’m only 14, turning 15 November 30th but even though I’m going through tough times in my life I’ve never thought about doing something to put other people in a terrible situation such as mine. It’s not necessarily the guns that are the problem, it’s the people. But that doesn’t mean that gun laws shouldn’t be stricter. I know they’re used for protection but what if that one person with the gun for their “protection” is being bullied or can’t take the pain anymore of their suffering so they take it out on others

  90. ilovecanines

    ilovecanines3 bulan yang lalu

    How many before "we doing something about it?" I don't think it's that no one wants to do something about it. I don't think people know WHAT to do. California has strict gun laws. That didn't prevent this shooting.