Bye Bye Clark Kent! Superman is Ditching His Secret Identity! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)


  1. knightrcer

    knightrcer15 hari yang lalu

    There is no Superman without Clark Kent.

  2. john silcox

    john silcox24 hari yang lalu

    Great he is just Kal El from Krypton . No more Superman no more Clark just an alien sent to save humanity .

  3. john silcox

    john silcox24 hari yang lalu

    That's stupid

  4. hanemg

    hanemg29 hari yang lalu

    Terrible idea. Superman/Clark Kent is iconic and is pretty much synonymous with the term "secret identity". I agree with some others that commented earlier, so far, I dislike everything about the Bendis run except for the art. I thought I hated it when he ruined Jor-El. Now I realize it was a "hold my beer" moment.

  5. Alexander Pichushkin

    Alexander PichushkinBulan Yang lalu

    This isn’t nerdist. This is cringe

  6. John Pulaski

    John PulaskiBulan Yang lalu

    .....all he does is put on a pair of eyeglasses and put on a suit!!!!

  7. tgushiniere

    tgushiniereBulan Yang lalu

    Stupid! Dan Didio is Ultimately responsible for the Decomstruction of Superman and the DC Universe. We will soon have the 5th generation anyway in a year or two with Jon Kent as grownup Superman and Luke Fox as Batman, until the Madness is corrected by a new writer with the Ultimate Multiuniversal Crisis of Infinity! Just my opinion.

  8. Virtigo Count

    Virtigo CountBulan Yang lalu

    But ...Clarke Kent IS HIS IDENTITY! He grows up as clarke Kent. Superman is a title he made-up. To put it simply...Bruce Wayne can reveal that he is batman, but not the otherway around. Because batman is a made up identity.

  9. Quincent Saiorus

    Quincent SaiorusBulan Yang lalu


  10. the continuous one

    the continuous oneBulan Yang lalu

    this reminds me of the famous quote from kill bill vol 2

  11. David Mummery

    David MummeryBulan Yang lalu

    This is stupid

  12. James Rosoman

    James RosomanBulan Yang lalu

    Shame I think in his case he should keep his Clark Kent identity as it makes him more human than alien and his earth family are needing protection from his ememies so he'll have keep them safe forever! And what of his wife and son I know Superboy can fend of evil and keep his eyes open for trouble but his mother Lois is human and a strong woman but she is human after all and secret should be protected from the universe of arch evil foes that is part of Kal El identity his very being his many amazing adventures through the history of Superman Clark Kent Kal El as a legend and human/krypton born on the pages of comics and the man of tomorrow/Steel everyone's hero CLARK KENT:Superman: Man Of Humanity

  13. Randolph Myers

    Randolph MyersBulan Yang lalu

    Clark provided an easy plot gimmick, Oh my god, Lois almost discover my secret identity!!. I never saw why the most powerful being on the planet needed a secret identity. Why hide?

  14. johnmburt1960

    johnmburt1960Bulan Yang lalu

    Good grief.

  15. Collins Ghenghan

    Collins GhenghanBulan Yang lalu

    Somebody pls shoot this Bendis guy in the head. Please.

  16. Frank Columbo

    Frank ColumboBulan Yang lalu

    What a terrible, desperate idea. Superman is a god-like being, a child of the sun shining his radiance over mankind. Clark Kent is just a man amongst many, a God secretly moving amongst his subjects. That is the fun of the character and Lois Lane, oblivious to the man she loves working along side her, the icing on the cake. Bendis clearly doesn't get this, DC doesn't care and the readers are denied the fun I had as a kid reading Superman. So sad.

  17. Ken Hill

    Ken HillBulan Yang lalu

    Well, it was fun reading Superman for awhile. I even stuck with it through "The New 52!" Clark Kent is Superman. Superman gets his sense of decency and fair play because he's a kid from Kansas! Superman, despite recent protestations to the contrary, is here to fight for Truth, Justice, and The American Way! The reason why we read Superman is because when he wears those glasses or is around Lois and Jon is because he acts just like one of us. We don't read because bullets bounce off of him! Hasta Clark, see you when you get back!

  18. Bob Sav

    Bob SavBulan Yang lalu

    It'll all go back to normal eventually, they always do.

  19. Gray Scribe

    Gray ScribeBulan Yang lalu

    So, the Super becomes more important that the Man. I guess we go through the Doctor Manhattan story line were Superman more and more looses his connection to the common people just as in Kingdom Come back in the day. Essentially, we've been there and done that.

  20. the king

    the kingBulan Yang lalu

    In the TV series Lois and Clark , Clark told Lois " Clark Kent is who I am and superman is what I can do " that was a great statement by Clark.

  21. georoge manns

    georoge mannsBulan Yang lalu

    another writer I am going to change what works for 75 years and (Blank it up) let us put superman's close friend in the cross hairs of all his enemies. Clark allowed superman to escape the cape and just relax being so called normal

  22. Gibran Jalil Espinosa Pawling

    Gibran Jalil Espinosa PawlingBulan Yang lalu

    "I don't do fake-out stories... I just ruin good things :)"

  23. BoosterG

    BoosterGBulan Yang lalu

    Another nail in DC’s coffin. It will not last because the fans will not stand for it. Creators just don’t know how to tell good stories these days without changing their back stories.

  24. james Tamburo

    james TamburoBulan Yang lalu

    Wow no more Clark Kent can I by this comic book in Walmart

  25. BoosterG

    BoosterGBulan Yang lalu

    Another nail in DC’s coffin. It will not last because the fans will not stand for it. Creators just don’t know how to tell good stories these days without changing their back stories.

  26. BoosterG

    BoosterGBulan Yang lalu

    Another nail in DC’s coffin. It will not last because the fans will not stand for it. Creators just don’t know how to tell good stories these days without changing their back stories.

  27. Spice Weasle

    Spice WeasleBulan Yang lalu

    Stupid move!!!!!

  28. john raymond

    john raymondBulan Yang lalu

    DC comics makes another mistake! Lossing what makes superman human

  29. Will

    WillBulan Yang lalu

    IDreporter channels are killing comic shops

  30. jdwKeselowskiFan

    jdwKeselowskiFanBulan Yang lalu

    "I don't do fake out stories." BULLSHIT. Bendis totally does fake out stories.

  31. Jack Jerry

    Jack JerryBulan Yang lalu

    Superman’s real name is Kal El.

  32. David Snell

    David SnellBulan Yang lalu

    Bad idea all the way around.

  33. toonster16

    toonster16Bulan Yang lalu

    Something tells me Superman might have to kill a villain in order to send a message to the other ones not to mess with his friends, family, and fellow (former?) Daily Planet employees.

  34. Fredrick Rathbun

    Fredrick RathbunBulan Yang lalu


  35. Mark Bongard

    Mark BongardBulan Yang lalu

    This is a supremely bad idea. it changes the very nature of the character. It is what connects Superman to the humans with whom he lives.

  36. fido

    fidoBulan Yang lalu

    Bendis is well known for ruining francises, because every thing you named he did at Marvel has failed except Miles Morales. Yeah they called Ri Ri Williams a breath of fresh air until they saw Comic sales go down the tube. I just find it funny that Marvel lets a guy like Bendis go because he sucks and DC picks him up knowing the titles he worked on tanked.

  37. Steinar Bergstøl

    Steinar BergstølBulan Yang lalu

    Don't like it. Just like I don't like the destruction of Super Sons due to the aging on Jon Kent. I do not approve. I do not approve at all.

  38. Old School Uncensored

    Old School UncensoredBulan Yang lalu

    I give it less than 6 months

  39. nate godwin

    nate godwinBulan Yang lalu

    The last kent. Story would nice his earrh mother dead

  40. Superman Clark Kent

    Superman Clark KentBulan Yang lalu

    Lets be real here. Not many fans like what Bendis is doing.

  41. John Wilson

    John WilsonBulan Yang lalu

    People always get that part wrong. Superman is the job, just like being a reporter. Clark is who he really is. Kal-el is who he was born as but Clark Kent, Kansas farmboy is who he is at the very core of his being. If he wants to give up being a reporter, fine. Make him an ambassador, a senator, run him for President; but he could no more stop being Clark than Lois could stop chasing a story. It is who they are. Bendis doesn't understand that DC is fundamentally different from Marvel. Angst doesn't work in a Superman book.