Building the Most Stunning Bamboo Jungle House Swimming Pool by Ancient Skills


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    you need make one 4x more bigger than that, and 2x more deep hehe

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    ou eu posso ser brasilera mas amo o trabalho de voces muito lindo esse foi oque eu mais gostei

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    Termites: He is making another IDreporter... Alert the Queen.

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    Wow, that’s a nice pool!

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    Support me welcome to support Yudistira news

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    how is the water green ?

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    Bhai konsi jagah h yeh

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    he doesnt seem sweaty at all...

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    Where's this filmed at

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    Oi eu sou a sara i eu queria percultar para vc como vc com seque fazer iso em eu costaria muito saber

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    This is how you get ants

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    It would be nice to see just once how these are actually built.

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    it's so beautiful you're crazy in the head

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    sant1agoS *mixed feelings enter chat*


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    How much for rent?

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    Did anyone else here a phone 🤔 bru 😑

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    Eu achei lindo. Eu gostei muito. Um abraço.

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    Ofereça comidas tipicas do seu pais, e mostrem essses espaços, para cada um deles . eles irão gostar, e vocês ganharão dinheiro. Pelo seus belos trabalhos.

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    Eu gostei do video, vocês podem ganhar, muito dinheiro alugando, para pessoas ricas, passarem final de semanas. Ou turistas que vão visitar, seu pais um abraço.

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    I hate when they clean themselves in the pool

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    I want you to build an amazing mansion

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    I love seeing actual decent size pools in one of these lol usually they are only like 2 feet deep

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    Bagus banget ya pintar juga

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  27. Love or hate me It's up 2 you

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    So what was so stunning about digging a pool in the middle of the forest? Theirs a number of other IDreporter's that I follow and they've been doing the same thing!!! Don't get me wrong it's a good looking swimming pool but I've seen better. In any case, thank you for sharing your video!!!

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    Starts beating ants

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    Me imagino que son albañiles o algo así solo que en otros países son diferentes y hablan diferentes idiomas son como los albañiles cuando graban y xreso así son ellos para que muestren su trabajo y al quien quiera que le hacen uno pz solo llama xreso graban para mostrarles su trabajo

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    I dont understand.. Why u have to build all the pools when u have the river and waterfall around u?

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    I love Jungle survival

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    Removes dirt from under house for hanging effect... Can't go in house anymore.

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    Jest jakiś Polak?

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    Soy el único que habla español??

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    After end up all all view of things at least once

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    Minecraft irl

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    Anyone else hear the phone go off at 0:57

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    I like to see this🤤

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    434eme commentaires

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    Jungle Survival, Ma che tipo di terreno è? sabbia, argilla o altro ...?

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    สวัสดีเราเป็นคนไทย เราขอชื่นชมในการทำครั้งนี้

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    Bikin kayak gitu di tempat saya bro, wkwkwk

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    How is the water going up the bamboo or whatever and also what happens if the pool overfills?

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    Como las ases

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    No manches

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    Esten vien padres

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    This must have been hard to do all on your own where was the other guy?

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    Que se venga aquí a La Mancha a ver si tiene cojones de hacer un agujero en el campo con un palo

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    I can't wait to build this is my survival world

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    When you guys are gonna start the pyramids project? Need to be 1:1 size.

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    What does he make the sealant with? I see that he has something to burn so he's making ash and is he getting ant hills? And then add water and mix it all together? That's makes the cement stuff?

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    Việt Nam

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    Better you make a hotel there use that house design

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    M A D U R E H

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