Building Secret House Tunnel Underground And Slide Swimming Pool Underground


  1. The Survival

    The Survival3 bulan yang lalu

    Thanks For Watch Previous Video

  2. My drawing adventure

    My drawing adventure15 jam yang lalu

    Invite the homeless to live in the houses you built so many

  3. TT XD 720s

    TT XD 720s16 jam yang lalu

    What do you do with all the houses you have after you build them

  4. Catalyst - D B

    Catalyst - D B18 jam yang lalu

    Do you guys have friends in US to do this in US? US have too many laws but it’s still possible.

  5. ezekiel encinas

    ezekiel encinasHari Yang lalu


  6. Dragon King

    Dragon King12 jam yang lalu

    I just imagine him building a underground restaurant

  7. Niklas Marton

    Niklas Marton12 jam yang lalu

    What are those stones he‘s smashing to dust

  8. Gomuro

    Gomuro12 jam yang lalu

    Your channel is very cool!

  9. Connor Scott

    Connor Scott12 jam yang lalu

    This guy built a better pool than the one that’s in my town. That’s crazy.

  10. Trent Jones

    Trent Jones12 jam yang lalu

    Me when it snows

  11. Michael Wallis

    Michael Wallis13 jam yang lalu

    What do you do with these things

  12. Big Moe

    Big Moe13 jam yang lalu

    I’m getting tired just watching him Diggin if I could only imagine the energy he have how long takes does take him ??

  13. AerioC

    AerioC13 jam yang lalu

    Why TF didn't people do this 3,000 years ago wtf?

  14. Tom S. Gao

    Tom S. Gao13 jam yang lalu

    He’s playing minecraft in real life

  15. похождение CAHbKA

    похождение CAHbKA14 jam yang lalu

    какого хуя, я смотрю это в 2ч ночи?!

  16. Егор Попов

    Егор Попов14 jam yang lalu

    Спасибо что хоть молчит так понятней👍

  17. SAM LORU

    SAM LORU14 jam yang lalu

    What does he use as the final coating that he mixes with water? Is it just dirt?

  18. Streaks

    Streaks15 jam yang lalu

    I have spent two days working on a Minecraft apartment complex. I only have one done. This man makes me look pathetic. I sure feel like it.

  19. Robert Phipps

    Robert Phipps15 jam yang lalu

    This is how we lost Vietnam the way they build tunnels


    ГАРЫЧ ЛИМОНОВ15 jam yang lalu


  21. FUNS 2

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    6:13 snake

  22. mariano mierez

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    Minecraft in Real life

  23. iyadart

    iyadart16 jam yang lalu

    Ok but how do you clean the pool when the water gets dirty??

  24. Thischannelstudios S

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    Her: he’s probably cheating on me right now Him and the boys: DIRT EVERYWHERE YAY

  25. Tempted Epic

    Tempted Epic16 jam yang lalu

    The bamboo clanging = skeleton sound effects in Minecraft

  26. Tempted Epic

    Tempted Epic16 jam yang lalu

    6:13 Anyone else see the snake at the bottom?

  27. Narwhal Trump

    Narwhal Trump17 jam yang lalu

    Swimming pool Yes


    CHENCHAIAH VEENA17 jam yang lalu

    ఓ మై గాడ్

  29. Vile Anonimato

    Vile Anonimato17 jam yang lalu

    This is minecraft in real life

  30. O’Brien

    O’Brien17 jam yang lalu

    Meanwhile I’m over here thinking I’m amazing for building a sand castle

  31. Kallius Ack

    Kallius Ack17 jam yang lalu

    Flintstones in real life

  32. Arnold II Villapaz

    Arnold II Villapaz18 jam yang lalu

    If this guy has many equipment maybe he could build a hotel underground

  33. TRUe hoe

    TRUe hoe18 jam yang lalu

    Где купить такого???

  34. Catalyst - D B

    Catalyst - D B18 jam yang lalu

    Any Geologists in the comments section to provide deeper insight into questions about this channel? Cause this is what we all wanted to do but our parents never let us do. I got kicked and beaten so many times for attempting this in my huge backyard that I just stopped.

  35. うるじすと因果マン

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  36. Mario Mad

    Mario Mad18 jam yang lalu

    This man shows us that you have to work for your happines

  37. Miguel Roche

    Miguel Roche18 jam yang lalu

    because of this, and the number of his videos, he maybe have a village of underground houses with swimming pools

  38. Nghia Nguyen

    Nghia Nguyen18 jam yang lalu

    Ngo đất o đao ko thay mot mien nuoc nua

  39. MightyOtter35

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    The Ultimate Survival: build a secret underground pool

  40. LIBUTERS since 2019

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    I hear some engine of a chainsaw

  41. Brock Kerr

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    I wonder what he does with his houses??🧐

  42. Pepijn Smit

    Pepijn Smit19 jam yang lalu

    Is this really done withouten help?

  43. Kiad

    Kiad19 jam yang lalu

    No one's wondering how these guys are paid, and who manages their channel?

  44. Hming Sangi

    Hming Sangi20 jam yang lalu

    You dont scare

  45. SAPER 09332

    SAPER 0933220 jam yang lalu

    Экскаватор? Не-а, не слышал.

  46. EXTR1X

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    The ending scared the shit out of me

  47. The Peanut Dude

    The Peanut Dude20 jam yang lalu

    Fun way to watch asmr

  48. black bread

    black bread21 jam yang lalu

    snake said : what this my home!

  49. Uttam

    Uttam21 jam yang lalu

    Curious to know how he flush the old water with new one😂

  50. SipOTeaWitPePe

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    He doesn't he just dig a new hut

  51. Bacon Gang

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    Where do they get that tool???🤙🤙🤔🤔

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    Мона лайк

  53. Cory Young

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    He looks like buakaw

  54. Goshish Fun

    Goshish Fun23 jam yang lalu

    Только не говорите им про лопату, а то они построят гребаный подземный город

  55. Michael USMC

    Michael USMCHari Yang lalu

    Do these guys realize how unique their soil composition is. I can't dig 3 inches without hitting a bolder :( So cool what they're able to do with a few simple digging implements. I never thought I'd be jealous of someone else's dirt LoL

  56. Кра Сно

    Кра СноHari Yang lalu

    Мать твою, Джонни, они под землёй!


    WILD CATSHari Yang lalu


  58. bob jenkins

    bob jenkinsHari Yang lalu

    i gotta say whoever is filming these does a wonderful job, always capturing the angle im itching to see, very well done!

  59. Fishing Ovy BD

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    Amazing Survival...... Friend welcome my IDreporter channel

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    Pk t solo

  61. MJ Asmr

    MJ AsmrHari Yang lalu

    My question is what the heck happens to the houses do you just never use them or sell them? Also good job

  62. Никита Петров

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    Молодцы ребята


    HITLESS TUNESHari Yang lalu

    He put his hands on burning coals

  64. james fordin

    james fordinHari Yang lalu

    Is it just me or is the rock he's digging in super copper rich?

  65. Travis Quinn

    Travis Quinn20 jam yang lalu

    It could be but at the same time it could also be iron-rich but due to oxidization has turned the red colors we see now

  66. Lek Edy

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    Cocok jadi tukang gali kubur