Build House Under The Wood roots & Add Two Swimming Pool


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    This is GOOD VIDEO. That house could actually sell here in America if you sand papered it smooth and painted it over. It even has a yard. These people could make money if they connected with people that know how to install plumbing, electrical power and probably gas. It's weird how they try to shub the "primitive people" as generally being no more capable than a Negro but these, apparently Indonesians, did quite well in their dwelling design.

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    I wish I had one it’s so 😎

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    venha. aqui. amanha

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    talk about short stuff

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    david attenborough documentary: we are deep in the untouched jungle- little random houses:

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    Fala rapaziada

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    I gave you like but you did clikbate with the sespet

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    me and my brother finna go outside and do this

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    Kto z polski

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    Ищешь русский коммент 👍

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    и зачем я смотрю это ночью?

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    Wait don’t they like have house they live in???

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    Se hubieran lavado antes de meterse, ahora el agua quedo amarilla por la tierra

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    They probably used the anti stamina drain cheat

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    7:11 how is he not scared to get hit in the face

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    Let's be honest, the pool is the most interesting part of these videos

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    Why ain't they get no ring worms

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    yg komen orang luar semua oy.. indonesia ora ono

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    come to brazil

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    Será que a câmera deles é feira de terra e bambu?


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    нахуя каждый раз делать бассейн?они его потом заебутся чистить...каждое видео!

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    mais algum br nos comentarios?

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    What legandray

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    a veces me pregunto q wea hacen con todo lo que hacen, las venden o las dejan por ahí?

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    This man has a half sleeve of tattoos but can’t afford better tools??

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    I like how they do things at the same time

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    This is what women can't do. Working without talking

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    На месте

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    11:59 Remind you of something?

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    Is it just me or is this ASMR

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    Who just go here because ur bored? 👇👍👊

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    зачем я смотрю это в 3 часа ночи?

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    sumpah kreatif banget tuhan menciptakan kita dengan kelebihan dan kekurangan masing masing maka bila kita mempunyai kelebihan ayo mulai harumkan bangsa kita INDONESIA MERDEKA STOP PEPERANGAN

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    они там не задалбались таскать воду в бассейн?

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    When ur mum leave u in the woods But u have been watching Indian men build swimming pools and nut talking to each other

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    Come on, I won't believe it

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    very cool

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    i should jus gts

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    It’s 3:38 am guys yk the drill

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    I woke up to this.

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    2:04 anime face in the wall

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    I would not feel safe swimming in that water lol

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    How could you not talk through this

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    Just woke up to this shit

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    Let’s be honest Everyone here is to lazy to actually do this

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    You are very smart

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    Titulo in portugues 👍

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    I am just imagining how much mosquito bites they got from all of this building

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    they can build a house with only using sticks and things to move dirt and i cant make a simple lego house

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    O_O you guys are keep moving at the same time O>O🤣🤣🤣

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    i know primitive technology's the real winner here, but can we appreciate how these guys can carve a house into a hill and could probably make a miniature mount rushmore if they wanted to?

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    Kkkkk que mentira

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    I wish they were real