Build Beautiful Swimming pool & House Crab (Full Video)


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    when i told you i screamed at the insects-

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    I love your work. I want to learn how to build from nature

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    I'd like to visit the rainforest that these guys dotted paradise pools with

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    In the future u guys are gonna be able to build a hotel

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    Perfeito ótimo trabalho

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    where are these located?

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    how long does it take?

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    "A rock lobster"

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    I wanna show this to Bear Grylls lol

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    Esto es arte

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    2019: building a crab house 3746: building the world

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    5000:Super world maker has been realeased on the Wii Universe.

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    Itu orang di bayar brapa woeey

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    i like the extreme detail

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    Klo mau dekor rumah gua :v

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    Elon Musk : " You can't build the rocket "

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    Well I feel like they just covered the giant crab statue with dirt and then “Carved it”

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    It would be more damn good if they paint ghe crab 🦀

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    Someone hired you to build or not. Don't you think that building it and throwing it away will destroy the soil and waste time?Why don't you use your skills to build a house or a pond for others to use?Does your government allow you to do this or is it not illegal to destroy the soil? I think it is better to plant a vegetable garden.

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    You lick balls

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    e so eu que falo portugues

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    How can they dig much big ground in hours

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    every time i go to watch these video's and i see the thumbnails with these crazy creations i'm always like no way this has to be fake

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    Wow berry nice house and sweeming poll

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