BruhmanTv Vs Blueface $25,000 4v4 Basketball Game| THINGS GOT HEATED! | FT. MIAMITHEKID, CUDA CASH


  1. BruhmanTv

    BruhmanTvBulan Yang lalu

    WHO GONE WIN⁉️ Blueface♿️ or BruhmanTv🔥

  2. Sage Pitre

    Sage Pitre16 hari yang lalu


  3. iiOmq Mya

    iiOmq Mya22 hari yang lalu


  4. First skillz

    First skillz24 hari yang lalu


  5. Trill Bill - Topic

    Trill Bill - Topic27 hari yang lalu


  6. ksg pac

    ksg pac28 hari yang lalu

    Every time I heard blueface baby I knew they was about to scrore a point 😂😂😂

  7. Bernadette Lewis

    Bernadette Lewis4 hari yang lalu

    I'm so angry that all of these dudes were fully clothed like they about to go to a party but playing basketball 🤨

  8. Justin21er

    Justin21er5 hari yang lalu

    Yea let the kids record 😂😂 they walking and shakeing the cam to much💀

  9. Hey there

    Hey there8 hari yang lalu

    I thought bluegace was crip

  10. Hakeemight69her Gaming

    Hakeemight69her Gaming10 hari yang lalu

    Dubs which means 20s outlaw rival gang bloods😭😭😂

  11. Chris  Armstrong

    Chris Armstrong10 hari yang lalu

    Who was talk and stf up

  12. cellihn

    cellihn12 hari yang lalu

    Why his videos so intense

  13. Tactical Boy

    Tactical Boy12 hari yang lalu

    Worst camera footage ever you can’t seee shit so much fucking cuts and switches

  14. Pink Smoke

    Pink Smoke14 hari yang lalu

    Your video is way better than Miamikid .

  15. Bob Smitty

    Bob Smitty15 hari yang lalu

    They were pushing the line on bro after the game, looking old enough to be his daddy. LOL

  16. Sage Pitre

    Sage Pitre16 hari yang lalu

    Bruh Bangers 💙💪🏾💯

  17. Infinity Prod.

    Infinity Prod.16 hari yang lalu

    The camera man need to stop shaking

  18. Tubo TTG

    Tubo TTG16 hari yang lalu

    Why the camera angles switch so much? Niggas don’t know how to find the best angle or what

  19. Ethan Herbert

    Ethan Herbert19 hari yang lalu

    One of the most special thing about this channel is that it's not CLICKBAIT

  20. goat talk T.V strategies

    goat talk T.V strategies19 hari yang lalu

    Camra man trash

  21. The Shogun

    The Shogun19 hari yang lalu

    Got Pressed by crips 😂😂😂

  22. Shawn Henderson

    Shawn Henderson19 hari yang lalu

    On school yard bitch allight

  23. YellowMarker 709

    YellowMarker 70920 hari yang lalu

    5:03 I was dead

  24. Lul grim 41 Fire squad

    Lul grim 41 Fire squad22 hari yang lalu

    There football players you could tell

  25. B 1

    B 124 hari yang lalu

    Can’t be having no gang bangers in yo vids, niggas gonna remember that shit

  26. Tazzo TV

    Tazzo TV24 hari yang lalu

    Can definitely see you editing music videos

  27. Jabez Robinson

    Jabez Robinson25 hari yang lalu

    No kap bro would of said that school yard Krip shit to me phone mall asp

  28. Jabez Robinson

    Jabez Robinson25 hari yang lalu

    Y’all niggas ass 🤣🤣

  29. Yarki Wallace Jr

    Yarki Wallace Jr25 hari yang lalu

    how did u get in touch with blueface

  30. King Leslie

    King Leslie26 hari yang lalu

    I only liked cause of blue face


    MEME BOI MAFIA26 hari yang lalu

    If it was football it would be more entertainment

  32. blkdve music

    blkdve music26 hari yang lalu

    Remember not all tall black men play basketball😐 Blueface played football

  33. Life With Liaaa

    Life With Liaaa26 hari yang lalu

    Who thought it was clickbate ? 🔥🔥😭 Btw I’m a small IDreporter any support would be mad helpful 💛💍

  34. dev ang

    dev ang27 hari yang lalu


  35. Ketia Elena

    Ketia Elena27 hari yang lalu

    Post a video w your sisters plsss😂💙

  36. RetroTV1

    RetroTV127 hari yang lalu

    Thought it was clickbait 💀

  37. marshann louie

    marshann louie27 hari yang lalu

    When u have recess in gym 😭😭😭😭😭

  38. Mac Gawwd007

    Mac Gawwd00727 hari yang lalu

    😂😂😂That nigga BlueFace play defense like James harden in the regular season .

  39. The intro Makers

    The intro Makers27 hari yang lalu

    I see cuda in every IDreporter video now

  40. red horizon

    red horizon28 hari yang lalu

    camera terrible

  41. Kombat OC

    Kombat OC28 hari yang lalu

    Everybody wearing jeans this look like My Park💀


    aBLUEPRINT VISUAL28 hari yang lalu

    Blue face or navy blue You choose

  43. Kasja Sanders

    Kasja Sanders28 hari yang lalu

    I woulda slept that nigga soon as he got in my face then got off the court

  44. Bot Gaming

    Bot Gaming28 hari yang lalu

    I seen this on blueface live on Instagram

  45. Tony Hamblin

    Tony Hamblin28 hari yang lalu

    Blueface look like he got hella long arms in da thumbnail bro. Its like he stretching lol.

  46. Elisha Johnson-Whatley

    Elisha Johnson-Whatley28 hari yang lalu

    This shit was so trash

  47. urmums Vuhjayjay

    urmums Vuhjayjay28 hari yang lalu

    some of these dudes were throwin up straight bricks

  48. Jamal Jacobs

    Jamal Jacobs28 hari yang lalu

    These niggas suck

  49. nyghtryder 3

    nyghtryder 328 hari yang lalu

    I would of carried yall

  50. Olajuwon Bell

    Olajuwon Bell28 hari yang lalu

    Dat lil ass altercation

  51. Ph Preme YT

    Ph Preme YT28 hari yang lalu

    Y’all need me bruh lol 😂

  52. AKG_47

    AKG_4728 hari yang lalu

    Ard BruhmanTv I’ll play you 1v1 for unique instagram

  53. Melissa Love

    Melissa Love29 hari yang lalu

    U been taking down too many videos whats the real story

  54. Kenny Williams

    Kenny Williams29 hari yang lalu

    i never seen niggas play basketball in forces🤦🏽‍♂️

  55. Noah_the_greatest_of_all_time

    Noah_the_greatest_of_all_time29 hari yang lalu

    I’ve never arched you before or seen your channel I’m glad your channel popped up in my recommended ima start watching you more now you got me as a new sub💯

  56. goofy nigga

    goofy nigga29 hari yang lalu

    Them niggas r trash especially playing 4 25000 I guess my cant buy skill

  57. LiingerYT

    LiingerYT29 hari yang lalu

    Intro song?

  58. Spookyy Clan

    Spookyy Clan29 hari yang lalu

    I kinda feel bad for the kid at 12:36😂

  59. Noah_the_greatest_of_all_time

    Noah_the_greatest_of_all_time29 hari yang lalu

    Spookyy Clan lmao right he wanted to record so bad😂

  60. RNG ZAY

    RNG ZAY29 hari yang lalu

    You took ddg whole edit style

  61. SGN-Dolph

    SGN-Dolph29 hari yang lalu

    I just realized you had more subscribers than trade flocka now

  62. Steve Gutta

    Steve Gutta29 hari yang lalu

    Weak 😂

  63. malcolm alvarado

    malcolm alvarado29 hari yang lalu

    I'm here after his live making sure he straight 👀..

  64. Gummo Tey

    Gummo Tey29 hari yang lalu

    Bruh at 13:50 I would've slapped the shit outta him don't ever get my face that I'd bite his MF 👃 off

  65. Frost SZN

    Frost SZN29 hari yang lalu

    Cuda cash walking around like he gotta take a shit.🚶

  66. Markis Wells

    Markis Wells29 hari yang lalu

    I thought my phone waz at 20%

  67. MEL-BoDiEd- YoUUU

    MEL-BoDiEd- YoUUU29 hari yang lalu

    Who else thought the pic was 2k park

  68. Kyle Bartley

    Kyle Bartley29 hari yang lalu

    Damn even Blueface is better than Flight😂

  69. Kyle -

    Kyle -29 hari yang lalu

    Gay ass nigha. It said yo boy jump from dick to dick like a pogo😂

  70. Kyle -

    Kyle -28 hari yang lalu

    Check it g no cap. Just watched that shit twice

  71. Kyle -

    Kyle -28 hari yang lalu

    BruhmanTv idk man. That’s pretty sketch.

  72. BruhmanTv

    BruhmanTv29 hari yang lalu

    It said yo ho

  73. Leel 98

    Leel 9829 hari yang lalu

    This boring ass game

  74. DatNicca YuhFeeMeh?

    DatNicca YuhFeeMeh?29 hari yang lalu

    Intro song ?

  75. Esketit Esketit

    Esketit Esketit29 hari yang lalu

    Always some old ass niggas trying to fight with that wack ass gang shit. Tired of that shit man grow up. Niggas couldn’t even tell him what a dub was to them.

  76. KJtoocoii ilovepubg

    KJtoocoii ilovepubg29 hari yang lalu

    Blue face wasn't really doin anything tbh

  77. Hayden roth

    Hayden roth29 hari yang lalu

    Yall editing bout ass af

  78. The Red Barron

    The Red BarronBulan Yang lalu

    Dat nigga knew what dub meant he just wanted to start something

  79. vinh9190

    vinh9190Bulan Yang lalu

    This cameraman is giving me a headache.

  80. Ꮆremlin ᏤU

    Ꮆremlin ᏤUBulan Yang lalu

    Yo how df you get my player on here

  81. Mark Adeoye

    Mark AdeoyeBulan Yang lalu

    U tripping with all these ads

  82. Matthew Tonjes

    Matthew TonjesBulan Yang lalu

    The fact yall in Jean's shows yall ain't hoopers.

  83. Zombie Killer

    Zombie KillerBulan Yang lalu

    What song Is that

  84. Gunna {FCNX}

    Gunna {FCNX}Bulan Yang lalu

    Im fuckin with the new intro!!

  85. Gx Gage

    Gx GageBulan Yang lalu

    Is it me or is her feet huge?

  86. TNT SG

    TNT SGBulan Yang lalu

    Gangbanging dead😬🤣🤣

  87. TerrenceOk

    TerrenceOkBulan Yang lalu

    If y’all was wondering W= west side 🤙🏾

  88. Unreal_ Tillted

    Unreal_ TilltedBulan Yang lalu

    He copped ddg wit the 20 % thing

  89. michael gooodwin

    michael gooodwinBulan Yang lalu

    All y’all niggas is ass😂