BRIAN SHAW WINS Arnold Strongman Classic 2017


  1. Anthony Jarrell

    Anthony JarrellJam Yang lalu

    That 18LB baby, is only 3 days old.. and already eats more then most 30 year olds..

  2. noah burkhardt

    noah burkhardt15 jam yang lalu

    3:32 how far do you think he could throw him?

  3. Cuck Adan

    Cuck Adan17 jam yang lalu

    What is that they’re snorting lmao? I thought it was crack ngl😂🤣

  4. Reniki

    Reniki7 jam yang lalu

    its ammonia

  5. Ezaf_Zappy

    Ezaf_Zappy3 hari yang lalu

    i agree with you brett allen

  6. Wet Bubbles

    Wet Bubbles6 hari yang lalu

    His poor wife

  7. The CCC

    The CCC7 hari yang lalu

    This guy could fight Goliath.

  8. DminorEPICdude

    DminorEPICdude8 hari yang lalu

    anyone else think he was gonna throw the baby over the bar? no just me? ok

  9. Tieia Middleton

    Tieia Middleton9 hari yang lalu

    Watching Arnold recording with Brian begins him says a lot. Arnold asking Brian about him and Brian bringing attention to his competitors. Class act.

  10. Master Roshi

    Master Roshi10 hari yang lalu

    I don’t mean to sound rude but does his baby have Down syndrome ?

  11. Jinnan bghannam

    Jinnan bghannam13 hari yang lalu

    hes cute more than hes intimidating. but hes still a badass

  12. Wesson Smith Jr.

    Wesson Smith Jr.15 hari yang lalu

    Put Brian on football special teams, use him for 1st and goal type situations.

  13. J R

    J R18 hari yang lalu

    Brian Looks Great👍🏼👍🏼

  14. Randy bobandy

    Randy bobandy18 hari yang lalu

    What beat at :34

  15. Jesse Fritz

    Jesse Fritz21 hari yang lalu

    Keri is just awesome! I hope to find a wife as great as her!

  16. Olorinii

    Olorinii24 hari yang lalu

    Does anyone else get the impression that Arnold prefers strongman to modern bodybuilding?

  17. Franco Loconte

    Franco Loconte25 hari yang lalu

    God bless you Brian

  18. manny 2nd amendment

    manny 2nd amendment25 hari yang lalu


  19. king of useless

    king of uselessBulan Yang lalu

    Man is a beast I look up to him as he's one of the strongest and nicest

  20. Anth Mighty Myers

    Anth Mighty MyersBulan Yang lalu

    Prime brian

  21. Alan McDougall Mc Dougall

    Alan McDougall Mc DougallBulan Yang lalu

    Nice young man is Brian Shaw!

  22. Verkkunen

    VerkkunenBulan Yang lalu


  23. Phxmaell *

    Phxmaell *Bulan Yang lalu

    This Brian guy is kinda strong he should be a strongman

  24. Jay Mendoza

    Jay MendozaBulan Yang lalu

    Carrying his son looks like him carrying a football

  25. Evan Payne

    Evan PayneBulan Yang lalu

    This whole video should be a commercial for five gum.

  26. Kit Rodriguez

    Kit RodriguezBulan Yang lalu

    Imagine someone bullies Brians son and he goes "I'm telling my dad" Rip bully, thats for sure

  27. Joseph Joestar

    Joseph JoestarBulan Yang lalu

    How 4th graders feel when they lift 2 chairs

  28. Mihai Florea

    Mihai FloreaBulan Yang lalu

    those handshake fails damn hahahaha

  29. Just a beginning !

    Just a beginning !Bulan Yang lalu

    7:41 Does Arnold waving hands like "come here " or " Go back" ...I am little confuse...

  30. Captain Spalding

    Captain SpaldingBulan Yang lalu

    How can you not love and support brian shaw and his crew. I think there all cut from the same stone. When thor came up on stage brian went too shake his hand thors like nah fuck that i want a fucken hug.. love it..

  31. Shio

    ShioBulan Yang lalu

    This guy should appear in the fast and furious movies

  32. GEK Burpey

    GEK BurpeyBulan Yang lalu

    If I was moving houses, and Brian was my friend. I wouldn’t even have to rent a u haul. He would be able to carry my entire living room 😭😭😂

  33. sithlord85 palpateen

    sithlord85 palpateen2 bulan yang lalu

    What is Brian SNIFFING before a big lift?????

  34. Megafluffysweg

    MegafluffyswegBulan Yang lalu

    Probably ammonia... The same thing they used to use back in the day for boxers to wake em up after a knockout

  35. Hunter Simpson

    Hunter Simpson2 bulan yang lalu

    Eddie hall has to look at Brian when doing deadlifts and feel like a proud fsther

  36. Big Smoke

    Big Smoke2 bulan yang lalu

    what was triple h doing there?

  37. IDropShit

    IDropShit2 bulan yang lalu


  38. Right Is Right!

    Right Is Right!2 bulan yang lalu

    Adorable little boy!

  39. GummyJ0SH

    GummyJ0SH2 bulan yang lalu

    Brian Shaw is my idol

  40. Jtornmented 101

    Jtornmented 1012 bulan yang lalu

    No matter how strong you are there is always a Russian stronger than you somewhere lol

  41. J C

    J CBulan Yang lalu


  42. just me

    just me2 bulan yang lalu

    Love big Shaw man

  43. Matt M

    Matt M2 bulan yang lalu

    What a legend

  44. Olav Hagset

    Olav Hagset2 bulan yang lalu

    What does he inhale before his first lift?

  45. Tommy Mai

    Tommy Mai2 bulan yang lalu

    Dudes a beast

  46. Nspinicelli

    Nspinicelli2 bulan yang lalu

    Sounds like the Doom soundtrack playing hahahah.

  47. shotgun gaming

    shotgun gaming2 bulan yang lalu

    3:32 the safest hands in the world.

  48. LifeOnTheSeaBase

    LifeOnTheSeaBase2 bulan yang lalu

    This man can throw men at high velocity, in awe at the size of this lad.

  49. Beau Devine

    Beau Devine2 bulan yang lalu

    The trophy should weigh like 200lbs

  50. Mathias Pereira

    Mathias Pereira2 bulan yang lalu

    6:30 you can see Martins in the back being a lot smaller

  51. Raimund Rodriguez

    Raimund Rodriguez2 bulan yang lalu

    The baby is stronger than Brian no cap

  52. Digital Emoji

    Digital Emoji2 bulan yang lalu

    Mark Henry commentating?

  53. Dono

    Dono2 bulan yang lalu


  54. Danijel Kobeščak

    Danijel Kobeščak2 bulan yang lalu

    6:30 martins in the back

  55. Majd Shhade

    Majd Shhade2 bulan yang lalu

    If aliens ever wanna invade earth, ill just show them this video of brian and then they'll decide if its worth it or not

  56. Marco Martinez

    Marco Martinez2 bulan yang lalu

    He probably get all the groceries in 1 trip

  57. Team Mongoose

    Team Mongoose2 bulan yang lalu

    But he still has trouble opening a jar of peanut butter.

  58. RedDragon Smaug

    RedDragon Smaug2 bulan yang lalu

    woe to any kid who bullies his son XD

  59. Don Bobby

    Don Bobby2 bulan yang lalu

    2:28 that nod bro! deym

  60. Krishan Attri

    Krishan Attri2 bulan yang lalu

    4:10 nobody Arnold

  61. FatalFlux48

    FatalFlux482 bulan yang lalu

    Bro that baby is gonna be fucking super human when he grows up.

  62. Fvllen Warrior

    Fvllen Warrior2 bulan yang lalu

    What is sex like with Brian Shaw?

  63. William McLaughlin

    William McLaughlin2 bulan yang lalu

    It sounded like Mark Henry was introducing Brian Shaw.

  64. NoobMaster69 _

    NoobMaster69 _2 bulan yang lalu

    3:38 FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH!!! 🔥🤘🤘🔥