BRIAN SHAW'S RECORD BREAKING FEATS OF STRENGTH | The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History


  1. Andrew Lang

    Andrew Lang5 hari yang lalu

    “The same weight as 3 golf carts” AKA, if he wants to play through, let him play through unless you want to wake up with your cart on your back

  2. Boston Chris

    Boston Chris20 hari yang lalu

    Those stones was literally amazing. Most people in the world can’t even lift them off the ground. My brother tried doing that once when he was there and he is very strong and he just shaped them but never got them off the ground. Those things are very very heavy and the hardest thing is ripping that metal ring

  3. BigRedThunderDragon

    BigRedThunderDragon20 hari yang lalu

    Cool show. I wonder why the mountain Hafthor isnt here though?

  4. Nick Nguyen

    Nick Nguyen21 hari yang lalu

    You guys should try double tracter-trailer pull

  5. Max Nick

    Max Nick24 hari yang lalu

    I live in Virginia

  6. Cody Legare

    Cody Legare27 hari yang lalu

    Brian Shaw is a freak athlete very few of them in the world.

  7. Jason Andrews

    Jason Andrews28 hari yang lalu

    "Only 12,000 pounds" meanwhile im over here getting tought a lesson by a pickle jar

  8. Nick Fitch

    Nick FitchBulan Yang lalu

    I want to see these guys do the titan games challenges

  9. Dill Dough

    Dill DoughBulan Yang lalu

    Imagine how many groceries he could carry at once. Legend!

  10. V Jr

    V JrBulan Yang lalu

    they are all very nice, Eddie and Robert are great, and this show is great too, is this out already or just teasers? History channel?

  11. PlaxLoFlax Playz

    PlaxLoFlax PlayzBulan Yang lalu

    Naaa it’s vrock

  12. Starrtbone

    StarrtboneBulan Yang lalu

    Did he just snort coke and scream at the crowd? 1:58

  13. Ron Rafalzik

    Ron RafalzikBulan Yang lalu

    Brian Shaw is the strongest man that ever lived!

  14. a hooman

    a hoomanBulan Yang lalu


  15. Robert West

    Robert WestBulan Yang lalu

    This dudes scream alone generates an earthquake

  16. Krunchy Kandy

    Krunchy KandyBulan Yang lalu

    If you make a next season (which I hope you do), they should take on Louis Cyr's stuff from Canada. You could even invite JF Caron for a guest appearance.

  17. Alexis Javier Sanchez

    Alexis Javier SanchezBulan Yang lalu

    What did he sniff before that lift ?

  18. Clark Lucero

    Clark LuceroBulan Yang lalu

    Saitama can can lift those in one hand

  19. McSoapy

    McSoapyBulan Yang lalu

    weak i could clap this dude 1v1 any day boi

  20. Free Bleach

    Free BleachBulan Yang lalu

    What a frecken unit

  21. shay muir

    shay muirBulan Yang lalu

    Super cool series, there is a lot of fake tv, but there is no faking these lifts, and the other things these guys have done. So cool


    HISTORYBulan Yang lalu

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  23. Seth Tan

    Seth TanBulan Yang lalu

    I could watch these guys do normal daily stuff and be entertained. Cooking shows, groceries or even just trying to fit into various types of car.

  24. Timothy Suisala

    Timothy SuisalaBulan Yang lalu

    They should play basketball

  25. {Uncommon Little Thing}

    {Uncommon Little Thing}Bulan Yang lalu

    I cant even open a water bottle

  26. {Uncommon Little Thing}

    {Uncommon Little Thing}Bulan Yang lalu


  27. Kev

    KevBulan Yang lalu

    I wish they would've brought Thor

  28. James

    JamesBulan Yang lalu


  29. Sai Ganesh

    Sai GaneshBulan Yang lalu

    The most Respecting thing in this video is Eddie .. OMG what a guy he is ... The best motivating friend to briaaan.. BRIAN AND EDDIE 💓💓

  30. Kirmukarmu

    KirmukarmuBulan Yang lalu

    Why is this guy larping as worlds strongest when he isnt? Haftor is alot stronger and in the last actual strongman competion Brian was at 8th place while Haftor was 1st. LOL! This guy is a fool acting like hes the best.

  31. Julian Machen

    Julian Machen9 jam yang lalu

    Brian is easily strongest to ever walk the earth. Brian came 8th because he's a lot older than hafthor and he had injuries. Brian holds way more records, 4 wsm titles and is just overall way more impressive. Acting like hafthor is the best would be considered being a fool.


    TEAM RΩCKETBulan Yang lalu

    1:59 just enough to make the pain go away

  33. Mike Farnkopf

    Mike FarnkopfBulan Yang lalu

    Wow!! Adding plates to my bar right now!!!👍💪👊

  34. Kevin Rønhovde

    Kevin RønhovdeBulan Yang lalu


  35. Mr. Mango

    Mr. MangoBulan Yang lalu

    I got a hernia just from watching this

  36. xZenkaiDragon

    xZenkaiDragonBulan Yang lalu

    Was he doing drugs at 1:58 ? .-.

  37. zXon3

    zXon3Bulan Yang lalu

    5:56 me when i lift grocery bags off the ground

  38. BigPapaDave

    BigPapaDaveBulan Yang lalu

    "nobody can lift that it's impossible" brian-"aight imma lift it"

  39. Sebastian

    SebastianBulan Yang lalu

    I love Brian Shaw - he's my 3rd favourite strongman in history, and by far the best personality, but Pudzianowski would have beaten him at WSM, prime-for-prime.

  40. Sebastian

    SebastianBulan Yang lalu

    @Zachery Mazur That's a heck of a detailed response full of in-depth contextual analysis. Let me provide you some. Firstly - I said WSM, not pound-for-pound strength, which there aren't many men in history that could compete with Shaw for that. As for WSM, it has always been to varying degrees a strength mobility event, and it's returning to that in recent years (you might notice Shaw's results falling in those years). Besides, they did compete against each other. Shaw in his 4th year as a strongman failed to qualify for the 2008 WSM Final - which Pudzianowski won. In 2009 The Dominator was beginning to be more interested in a media career (dancing with the stars), and mma (which he switched his training to), having already achieved his goal of 5 WSM titles, in which case he came 2nd in the final, to Shaw's 3rd. So a dwindling Pudzianowski towards the end of his career beat a Shaw beginning to approach his prime years both times they competed. Your name actually strikes me as Polish in origin, at very least. I figured you might know a little more about Pudzian.

  41. Zachery Mazur

    Zachery MazurBulan Yang lalu

    Not true at all lmao

  42. Yung Boz

    Yung BozBulan Yang lalu

    “The boat was ONLY 12000 pounds” yea I can do it too

  43. Gen Street

    Gen StreetBulan Yang lalu

    Brian is just a giant teddy bear tbh

  44. michelle mendez

    michelle mendezBulan Yang lalu

    Brian all the way!!!!!!

  45. Mike Greer

    Mike GreerBulan Yang lalu

    New balance makes shoes for Brian that are twenty-four inches long.

  46. Kyezie131

    Kyezie131Bulan Yang lalu

    1:59 did he just snort cocaine

  47. BigDog

    BigDogBulan Yang lalu

    It's smelling salts temporarily improves mental focus

  48. detops mu

    detops muBulan Yang lalu

    Please find new editors for this show, its horrendous!!!

  49. Vincenzo Chiaravalloti

    Vincenzo ChiaravallotiBulan Yang lalu

    BEAST is the only one that portrayed symptoms of STEROIDS. A detached bicep results from steroid use because the muscle grows much fast than the ligament which holds it.

  50. hojo70

    hojo70Bulan Yang lalu

    Don't know what's going on with Brian this year, he's performing miserably. He's in tenth place for Arnold Strongman and with only 7 points most likely will not be a competitor at the Arnold Classic this year. Might finally be time for him to get out of Strongman competition and take up another hobby, like sewing or something.

  51. Walter The Terrible

    Walter The TerribleBulan Yang lalu

    I wov them

  52. Ok Boomer

    Ok BoomerBulan Yang lalu

    2:40 is that MrBeast merch?

  53. Arthur Guillaume

    Arthur GuillaumeBulan Yang lalu

    Brian, for sheer strength, you are the best. Thanks for your efforts, I enjoy watching you do amazing feats of strength.

  54. DK KSA

    DK KSABulan Yang lalu

    What exactly does he put against his nose and smell it

  55. jimihenrik11

    jimihenrik11Bulan Yang lalu

    I Think it's funny how the cannon doesn't even look that heavy.

  56. Charl1eSheenWIN

    Charl1eSheenWINBulan Yang lalu

    I just dont get why they literally are killing themselves. None of these guys would live to 60

  57. Football unlimiteD

    Football unlimiteDBulan Yang lalu

    Maybe, but they'll all be remembered, especially Brian and Eddie

  58. Austin Banks-Wilson

    Austin Banks-WilsonBulan Yang lalu

    I met him randomly at the San Antonio Airport. 😭😭 Truly the nicest dude I've ever met.

  59. Jims Tv

    Jims TvBulan Yang lalu

    Respect for the all strong man Brian Eddie every one my question is for all of you can any of you modren era strong man will able to break the world record you never talk about the world record of on of the best ever wrestler in the world The Great Gama 1200 kg stone lift... Hopefully you will also make a video on that v soon

  60. Trevor Lester

    Trevor LesterBulan Yang lalu

    Truly making history on the history channel

  61. spitfire4sergi

    spitfire4sergiBulan Yang lalu

    2:00 set your Playback speed to 25%. Hair will grow on your chest like a chai pet

  62. Mohamed Naufal

    Mohamed NaufalBulan Yang lalu

    01:27 come on Brian! You're a great and a nice guy but if Vikings were to feed you, they would probably go out of foodstock in a few days 😂 Am a big fan of yours though 😉😜

  63. Aseel Khalaf

    Aseel KhalafBulan Yang lalu

    The boat is ONLY 12,000 pounds

  64. Vince Murphy

    Vince MurphyBulan Yang lalu

    The way Brian says you can take back the ugly part 😂😂 😂😂 😂....such a gentle giant

  65. infamouscoma886

    infamouscoma886Bulan Yang lalu

    He needs to win his 5th title to be only 1 of 2 to ever win that many week titles! It just needs to happen! Come on Brian let’s do it!

  66. Just Me

    Just MeBulan Yang lalu

    Breaking ALLL KINDZZZ of records!

  67. George Bisson

    George BissonBulan Yang lalu

    They're all awesome, but Shaw is extra awesome!