Brexit: Parliament prepares to shutdown as government suffers new defeat - BBC News


  1. John Totoro

    John TotoroHari Yang lalu

    Cowadly great Britain will be an Muslim African country in ten years and that's what the idiots asked for.

  2. Atakan Payman

    Atakan PaymanHari Yang lalu

    I love Bercow. I think we'll miss him in Brexit season 4.

  3. Robert Schrey

    Robert SchreyHari Yang lalu

    4:30 Greta !

  4. Soumya Chowdhury

    Soumya ChowdhuryHari Yang lalu

    Very nice comedy show.


    HYUKLDER1Hari Yang lalu

    British Broadcasting Corporation is a London based European Union propagandist. Funded by mandatory levy, autonomous and non-profit. It provides an EU viewpoint on events. News staff spread partial, biased disinformation and promote campaigns favouring EU objectives.

  6. LeeBeeBee1

    LeeBeeBee12 hari yang lalu

    It's amazing how the "impartial" BBC ignores the Brexit Party, I would suppose due to the fact that they have no Parliamentary seats. However they echo the views of millions of British people: Parliamentarians are a disgrace, the attempts at reversal of the result of the Referendum is a disgrace and all those who are working to that end are a disgrace. Nobody wants an election prior to this disgraceful law stopping our exit from the EU being enacted because they want to illegally tie the hands of the few who would actually deliver what the British people voted for. Here's what the BBC doesn't want you to see: An honest politician telling the truth:

  7. Russell Hobbs

    Russell Hobbs2 hari yang lalu

    OPEN LETTER TO THE COMPULSORY BBC SERVICE. when you make a feature on your news, and you next say 'due to cuts' PLEASE replace this with due to bank bailouts' and it will make more sense.

  8. Fingers

    Fingers3 hari yang lalu

    the so called jurnalist who speak bollocks of Bercow cant even show his face instead have a naration? lol that sure tells me i should beleave it

  9. Fredcgt 68

    Fredcgt 683 hari yang lalu

    Who else noticed those 2 boys walking round in circles at 13:00

  10. Mel Arky

    Mel Arky3 hari yang lalu

    Love him or Hate him, Bercow had some funny moments which we probably won't get with whoever becomes speaker after.

  11. KyuuAA

    KyuuAA4 hari yang lalu

    Simple solution: The UK gives back Northern Ilreland to Ireland.

  12. Richard Thornton

    Richard Thornton4 hari yang lalu

    What people dont get about Brexit!! Irish Border Issues are non existent compared to other Brexit Issues!! What about French Fishing Rights in British waters which will evaporate with No Brexit!! Macron assrerts that they will remain though he does not advance an enforcement mechanism for his nonsense!! So we are headed for a mess created by the European Union Dictatorship after three years of their games!!

  13. Miki Dewberry

    Miki Dewberry4 hari yang lalu

    SJW remainer central

  14. Matti Makila

    Matti Makila4 hari yang lalu

    I'm rooting for a new border in the Irish sea! That's where it *always belonged!* #BollocksToBrexit!

  15. M Jb

    M Jb4 hari yang lalu

    I love how sore losers are calling boris undemocratic for stopping government interference in a democratically elected decision made by the public. Funny how media gives crybaby’s the spotlight when it’s 100% clear from the vote they are not the majority.

  16. Isaac Joseph

    Isaac Joseph4 hari yang lalu

    Tom Watson is looking for the Party’s leadership and that is a destroying blow to his party which he is a member. Tom please withdraw your call for Referendum before the general election. Do not divide your party at this time.

  17. Isaac Joseph

    Isaac Joseph4 hari yang lalu

    I had said already that Boris Johnson misled the Queen when he sent the two privy councillors to request the closure of her parliament knowing full well that he had not enough members of parliament under his control of the commons. The advisors of the Queen should have asked Boris that question before granting his wish of prorogation I am confident that the Supreme in London will want to know the answer Boris gave when asked “ Have you got the support of the majority of the commons”?

  18. Isaac Joseph

    Isaac Joseph4 hari yang lalu

    Share on Facebook please.

  19. Jim Bob

    Jim Bob4 hari yang lalu

    Corbyn touches kids

  20. Harry Smith

    Harry Smith4 hari yang lalu

    Lol where out and you can make as many laws as you like . Basic human rights are broken

  21. Stephen Mason

    Stephen Mason4 hari yang lalu

    3 years on now and still they're like, "do you guys think completely ignoring the majority of voters is a good thing to do politically or nah?" LOL

  22. Yusuke Yamamoto

    Yusuke Yamamoto4 hari yang lalu

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  23. Yusuke Yamamoto

    Yusuke Yamamoto4 hari yang lalu

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  24. Father Rob

    Father Rob4 hari yang lalu

    I can’t wait for the 31st of October when the rich remainers taste DEMOCRACY

  25. Thotostho Project

    Thotostho Project4 hari yang lalu

    Shitshow at the fuck factory.

  26. Yusuke Yamamoto

    Yusuke Yamamoto4 hari yang lalu

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  27. Yusuke Yamamoto

    Yusuke Yamamoto4 hari yang lalu

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  28. Yusuke Yamamoto

    Yusuke Yamamoto4 hari yang lalu

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  29. DrDread

    DrDread4 hari yang lalu

    The British parliament operates pretty much like the U.S. White House. They're both run by a dumbass clown and get absolutely nothing accomplished.

  30. Yusuke Yamamoto

    Yusuke Yamamoto4 hari yang lalu

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  31. Aaron Byrne

    Aaron Byrne4 hari yang lalu

    I never knew that the Irish were the ones who put a boarder on the island of Ireland...

  32. Yusuke Yamamoto

    Yusuke Yamamoto4 hari yang lalu

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  33. TomTucker

    TomTucker4 hari yang lalu

    The main issue is this... will Freddos go up in price?

  34. Yusuke Yamamoto

    Yusuke Yamamoto4 hari yang lalu

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  35. Yusuke Yamamoto

    Yusuke Yamamoto4 hari yang lalu

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  36. Yusuke Yamamoto

    Yusuke Yamamoto4 hari yang lalu

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  37. Yusuke Yamamoto

    Yusuke Yamamoto4 hari yang lalu

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  38. Ovidiu Tiță

    Ovidiu Tiță4 hari yang lalu

    Labour cannot possibly think it can outbrexit the Brexit party. The only way to differentiate is to commit to revoking article 50 and become the strongest remain party

  39. Press GB

    Press GB4 hari yang lalu

    Typical BBC Brexit remain party: Reality is that most of the fake news that the BBC is putting out, most of them are Conservative voters anyway & deplore the thought of a Labour Government!

  40. Native

    Native4 hari yang lalu

    they can all have a nice holiday now on tax payers money. Wish i could get 5 weeks off work, id be able to fly home to visit my family.. huh such a hard life being an MP aye...

  41. MsLia32

    MsLia324 hari yang lalu

    This is ridiculous. We all know they have to leave and do it with no deal. Every other discussion is pointless. Seriously, we as the EU should just stop any talks at all, and ask the UK to just give us a memo when they actually close the door (don't forget to put out the lights when you leave).

  42. John

    John4 hari yang lalu

    We voted leave so don't whinge if you cared that much you should if voted stayed even tho we have a not very good parliament

  43. goo turner

    goo turner4 hari yang lalu


  44. gary barnes

    gary barnes5 hari yang lalu

    Don’t know what they’re winging about? They’ve had 3 years talking about it and now they winge because they won’t be able to talk about it for another 5 weeks!!! ( and do nothing)

  45. Paw X Paw

    Paw X Paw5 hari yang lalu

    This should never of Dovetailed down to deal or no deal.. They aren't Noel Edmunds. Britain doesn't need a deal to continue to trade after leaving Brussels.. Deal or No Deal looks to have replaced Soft or Hard Brexit cobblers. UK / eu get out of Ireland and the problem is solved..

  46. Daisy Lee

    Daisy Lee5 hari yang lalu

    Reality is more interesting than fiction.

  47. Dan smith

    Dan smith5 hari yang lalu

    All he has to do is not ask for an extension

  48. Gygf Gyyg

    Gygf Gyyg5 hari yang lalu

    Broxit and government and queen I come for u all

  49. Aurobindo Ghosh

    Aurobindo Ghosh5 hari yang lalu

    bbc give huw bright blue tie with glowing star like that flag behind him


    PASHTUN FATHER OF YOU5 hari yang lalu

    terriost countery now world think they are so good

  51. Dhilan P.

    Dhilan P.5 hari yang lalu

    5:11 😂 run forest run

  52. Roland Becs

    Roland Becs5 hari yang lalu

    So who likes pineapple pizza?🤔

  53. ConnieGMK

    ConnieGMK5 hari yang lalu

    The Prime minister looked more like 'trying?' you talk bollox he been trying hard.

  54. Alex Wong

    Alex Wong5 hari yang lalu

    Don’t need movies! 🍿

  55. Lee Robinson

    Lee Robinson5 hari yang lalu

    Why extend it again when no progress has been made what so ever

  56. Quin Rose

    Quin Rose5 hari yang lalu

    Jeremy Corbyn put Boris Johnson between a rock and a hard place...because if there is no good deal Corbyn expects Boris to force the deal. Corbyn has to remember that no deal is far far better than a bad deal. He is merely handicapping Boris at the bargaining table...that was almost like asking Boris to do something that is Bad for the UK...asking him to behave "treasonously" (if there is such a word...but you get my drift. It is no wonder Corbyn is not popular at all right now!

  57. Jay Deshpande

    Jay Deshpande5 hari yang lalu

    Watching our Parliament action inside is actually quite funny. I’m being honest

  58. Bmw fans

    Bmw fans5 hari yang lalu

    I am fed up of Brexit get over this shit and leave EU make Briton great again

  59. Tom Bowen

    Tom Bowen5 hari yang lalu

    Parties, like people, have to be knocked down before they can be rebuilt into an edifice with strength and purpose. Ask any military trainer. Judge Boris and the Tories in 12 months, and compare your findings with Jeremy. If you can find Jeremy.

  60. TheScienceofnature

    TheScienceofnature5 hari yang lalu

    MP's don't have all the power they think they have. These MPs are obviously abusing their power in making and enforcement of laws within such a small span of time, without in fact AGAINST the consent of the people. MPs have only a portion of the power, the rest is shared with the executive, and the concent of the people. In this situation MPs think their will cancels out the power of the executive and the people. Which is unheard of in any definition of democracy. These MPs would be more at home in an oligarchy than in the British majoraterian democracy. They argue about the sovriegnty of Parliament. They are happy to surrender their sovriegnty over to Brussells but when it comes to answering to the British public, they throw the dummy out and cry about how they have no duty to answer the call of the people who pay their salaries.

  61. Monty

    Monty5 hari yang lalu

    BBC. ,,,, we care about you up north ! Really we do ,, London means nothing to us ,, would you like us to do some pigeon fancying programming on for you ,, strictly pigeons come dancing. .?? With whippets ?? Wearing flat caps ?? Where’s terry Christian ?