BREAKING: Rapper Pop Smoke Dead, Murdered in Home Invasion Robbery | TMZ


  1. Killer Tim_23

    Killer Tim_2310 jam yang lalu

    The exact same thing happened to my cousin boyfriend during the holiday season 2019. R.I.P. Pop smoke

  2. Family Account

    Family Account10 jam yang lalu

    This shit crazy. I was listening to Dior when I heard this on god.

  3. NoBrakes

    NoBrakes10 jam yang lalu

    Damn RIP

  4. whatarethoose92

    whatarethoose9210 jam yang lalu

    R.I.P POP SMOKE wtf man!

  5. Mz. Ambition

    Mz. Ambition10 jam yang lalu

    A lot more of industry people are going to follow this whole year... smh

  6. Halla LAV

    Halla LAV10 jam yang lalu

    2020 has been rough so far, life is short - take care everyone!

  7. King J

    King J10 jam yang lalu


  8. Bobby Amdro

    Bobby Amdro10 jam yang lalu


  9. Stryker 001

    Stryker 00110 jam yang lalu

    first juice world now this

  10. sensational king23

    sensational king2310 jam yang lalu

    Rip to you Pop smoke black brother 💪🙏

  11. Whitemanfromtowne T

    Whitemanfromtowne T10 jam yang lalu

    Oh well. Life goes on TMZ aka garbage TV.

  12. Skeet Skeeter

    Skeet Skeeter10 jam yang lalu

    Never even heard of him.. but damn I guess being a rapper isn’t a good profession. This is what happens when you sit there and rap about how much money you got and showing off expensive jewelry.

  13. Ysb Kidd

    Ysb Kidd10 jam yang lalu


  14. Mayito1990

    Mayito199010 jam yang lalu


  15. 8DIMES99 flaco

    8DIMES99 flaco10 jam yang lalu

    Wtf yo

  16. Mary Sesay

    Mary Sesay10 jam yang lalu

    Why this generation 😭😭

  17. Melton Lamey

    Melton Lamey10 jam yang lalu

    Hell nah!

  18. Native Sun

    Native Sun10 jam yang lalu

    Had a lot of enemies....attracting bad energies...RIP Pop Smoke.

  19. Black Sheep

    Black Sheep10 jam yang lalu


  20. Jenniah Ward

    Jenniah Ward10 jam yang lalu

    This world is coming to a end 😢 R.I.P pop smoke ❤️😞

  21. My Channel Is Trash

    My Channel Is Trash10 jam yang lalu

    Gotdayum that was fast I first heard his song in I think September I was in the psych ward, he was hollin on that bitch too. Rip tho

  22. Alienn !

    Alienn !10 jam yang lalu

    R.I.P pop smoke, like juice said, we ain't making it past 21

  23. osdany martinez

    osdany martinez10 jam yang lalu

    shit well rip

  24. MC.OMAR

    MC.OMAR10 jam yang lalu

    gone too soon :(

  25. Kai R33

    Kai R3310 jam yang lalu

    Dam Pop Smoke is gone now 🤦🏽‍♂️ why the good people have to die


    UEATALLMYBEANSNIBBA?!10 jam yang lalu

    I don't know, he didn't sound good to me

  27. CRiMEY

    CRiMEY10 jam yang lalu

    _--iS THEiR A ..Heaven 4 A GANGSTA??-_- 🙏

  28. Ern Betz

    Ern Betz10 jam yang lalu

    Must have been his own “homies”

  29. Grim Bugatti

    Grim Bugatti10 jam yang lalu

    That is a blessing to the Hip-Hop music..Another wack mumble not rapper dead thank you god for this✊🏼🙏🏼

  30. Tim Hauser

    Tim Hauser10 jam yang lalu

    Are you dumb?

  31. Mozard Toussaint

    Mozard Toussaint10 jam yang lalu


  32. Sarada Uchiha

    Sarada Uchiha10 jam yang lalu

    I never heard of this one

  33. Chat

    Chat10 jam yang lalu


  34. Francéat press

    Francéat press10 jam yang lalu

    RIP POP smoke

  35. Jonah Dewar

    Jonah Dewar10 jam yang lalu

    RIP to this youngin No mother should have to get a phone call sayin your child has been shot and killed

  36. 23 Jordan

    23 Jordan10 jam yang lalu

    Y'all didn't learn anything from Kobe 🤦🏽‍♂️

  37. Kobe Bryant

    Kobe Bryant10 jam yang lalu

    Wtf yall dient learn anything fromm X and Kobe

  38. The Money Management

    The Money Management10 jam yang lalu

    TMZ always the quickest wid it. Anyway RIP

  39. Several Piece

    Several Piece10 jam yang lalu

    This been out for atleast 50 minutes tho from multiple sources

  40. Mouhamed Camara

    Mouhamed Camara10 jam yang lalu

    You cannot say pop and forget the smoke 🙏🖤

  41. m s

    m s10 jam yang lalu

    rip to the rippy pop smoke


    SUICIDE PIT10 jam yang lalu


  43. A Guitar

    A Guitar10 jam yang lalu

    bruh wtf i barely found out about this guy just about a week ago, r.i.p 🙏🏾🕊

  44. Dee Ruffin

    Dee Ruffin10 jam yang lalu

    This world dangerous

  45. EarlyMornings&LateNights

    EarlyMornings&LateNights10 jam yang lalu

    Glad he’s dead

  46. Kay

    Kay10 jam yang lalu

    I'm sorry your dad put his 🍆 In you butt

  47. 3RD EYE Da Wizard

    3RD EYE Da Wizard10 jam yang lalu

    U live by the Devil... u die and meet the devil 👿

  48. andressvelezz

    andressvelezz10 jam yang lalu

    He probably Knew who shot him could be his boys

  49. NSG Cash

    NSG Cash10 jam yang lalu

    R.I.P bro this shit sucks fr

  50. Abderahim Noui

    Abderahim Noui10 jam yang lalu

    No way

  51. Travis Dummar

    Travis Dummar10 jam yang lalu

    Deeez nutzz🤣

  52. Splash Adams

    Splash Adams10 jam yang lalu

    Just seen this on snap that’s crazy rip pop smoke damn man

  53. Lil Sparks

    Lil Sparks10 jam yang lalu

    Wtf 😣

  54. Arber Duhani

    Arber Duhani10 jam yang lalu

    Damn another one

  55. yeahisaidthat

    yeahisaidthat10 jam yang lalu

    Like I watch how everybody gon start listening to his music and posting him on they pages.......

  56. Jeremie makoti

    Jeremie makoti10 jam yang lalu

    Rip 😭😭🐐🐐🖤💔💔💔

  57. Elaine Elite

    Elaine Elite10 jam yang lalu

    Ok this does it!!!!! Throw the whole damn world away....Imma slap the first person that thinks about taking a bite out of that damn after God told him not to

  58. Disneyfan1999

    Disneyfan199910 jam yang lalu


  59. Ãdį Wįłł

    Ãdį Wįłł10 jam yang lalu

    Gangster it’s over for la nyc and la ain’t w it no more. Straight beef

  60. Max

    Max10 jam yang lalu


  61. Faze Nigel

    Faze Nigel10 jam yang lalu


  62. Bob Bobs

    Bob Bobs10 jam yang lalu

    Never heard of him, checked him out..... >raps about guns and killing "n@&$as" >gets shot and killed Well color me absolutely shocked.

  63. vund

    vund10 jam yang lalu

    But he never killed nobody.

  64. Lil Kano

    Lil Kano10 jam yang lalu

    Bob Bobs truuuu still rip🕊

  65. pureohana 100

    pureohana 10010 jam yang lalu

    RIP Pop Smoke Long live smoke 💨 😫😭

  66. 2K305

    2K30510 jam yang lalu

    Don’t tell me pop smoke got popped by somebody that wanted smoke ♿️♿️🙏🏾🙏🏾

  67. Chef Jeffe

    Chef Jeffe10 jam yang lalu

    Rest up Rippy smh