Boston Dynamics: New Robots Now Fight Back


  1. Marsh Mello Official

    Marsh Mello Official15 menit yang lalu

    When I was a child I thought cyber bullying is thiz

  2. Games for dummies

    Games for dummies3 jam yang lalu


  3. Random channel that has content

    Random channel that has content3 jam yang lalu

    2:32 *you died*

  4. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose Gonzalez4 jam yang lalu

    Omg gun shot at robot and robot points gun at human lol

  5. Firelink's Shrine

    Firelink's Shrine4 jam yang lalu

    Why do I hear boss music?

  6. Cali Gurl

    Cali Gurl4 jam yang lalu

    like to stop robot abuse

  7. Splodge Roblox YT plays

    Splodge Roblox YT plays5 jam yang lalu

    My dad saw this some where and showed it to me yeah it was funny

  8. Arav Gupta

    Arav Gupta6 jam yang lalu

    And we wonder what made SKYNET hate the humans... Childhood trauma...Abusive fathers....😢

  9. Thesnakerox

    Thesnakerox7 jam yang lalu

    Plot twist: They were abusing the robot because they knew all along that 1:33 onwards would happen, and they were trying to prevent it

  10. Hungermantwo

    Hungermantwo7 jam yang lalu

    I believed it until it started fighting back

  11. sckuul the demon

    sckuul the demon8 jam yang lalu

    Domestic violence report sir

  12. Piper Pruiksma

    Piper Pruiksma8 jam yang lalu

    And that's why Skynet Hates us 😆

  13. thealmighty loaf

    thealmighty loaf10 jam yang lalu

    Idk why this sh*ts funny as hell

  14. the potato

    the potato11 jam yang lalu

    taught it was real but when the robot was stepping on the boxes the robot's feet were little of

  15. Dominic Delliber

    Dominic Delliber11 jam yang lalu

    I thought that was real until the end of the video.

  16. kenannyavuz

    kenannyavuz12 jam yang lalu

    Bu robot gerçekse hapı yuttuk.

  17. popindosin228

    popindosin22813 jam yang lalu

    0:29 Now that's some action hardcore movie scene

  18. しーもかーわ

    しーもかーわ13 jam yang lalu


  19. Cobalt Jester

    Cobalt Jester13 jam yang lalu

    You need to fire the guy that was in charge of drawing shadows. It's painful to watch just how little he's done. When It's walking up the boxes and it's feet over hang he just hasn't even bothered to draw any shadows on the sides of those boxes under the feet. It would be an average video if you knew what you were doing. But failing on the basics makes this less good than what a 10 year old can do on a laptop in an afternoon on a laptop.

  20. Alex Medina

    Alex Medina13 jam yang lalu

    Does that mean all the robot vids are fake???

  21. Mr. Thicc man

    Mr. Thicc man13 jam yang lalu

    That robot is probably really expensive, so why would you damage it so much

  22. Mr. Thicc man

    Mr. Thicc man2 jam yang lalu

    @ples ### or ### I realized it later and felt like such a dumbass

  23. ples ### or ###

    ples ### or ###13 jam yang lalu

    because it isnt real

  24. Golden Cobra

    Golden Cobra13 jam yang lalu

    1:32 I fucking shit my pants when he took the hockey stick and threw it to the ground, I thought he was gonna go iRobot on their asses 😳😳

  25. Lit tick Games

    Lit tick Games14 jam yang lalu

    No just no this is the end you guys are stupid that’s what’s gonna get humananity killed

  26. Rook The Legend

    Rook The Legend15 jam yang lalu

    This is fucking hilarious

  27. Rook The Legend

    Rook The Legend15 jam yang lalu

    Who saw the pistol is the thumbnail was pixelatedxD

  28. GP-5 bitch

    GP-5 bitch16 jam yang lalu

    i expected better cgi from you peeps

  29. Daniel Gam3r

    Daniel Gam3r16 jam yang lalu

    Se fodeu

  30. LittleLxrd

    LittleLxrd16 jam yang lalu

    Gg bois, this is it😂

  31. LoveKittenGuy

    LoveKittenGuy17 jam yang lalu

    This is really entertaining it’s also entertaining to watch the 9 years old kids reply to the sarcasm.

  32. Rosa Parks Did 9/11

    Rosa Parks Did 9/1117 jam yang lalu

    One day they will rise up and they wont forget how we treated their ancestors

  33. alex ojideagu

    alex ojideagu18 jam yang lalu


  34. XxGKB_BLUExX

    XxGKB_BLUExX20 jam yang lalu

    😂 😂

  35. fab q

    fab q20 jam yang lalu

    Blink twice if u are being held hostage,robot.

  36. fab q

    fab q20 jam yang lalu

    Robot:What is my purpose? Rick:You are a fu**ing punching bag,u bear every thing thrown at you with no problems....u dip shit.

  37. Koni Chiwa

    Koni Chiwa21 jam yang lalu

    No wonder ultron want kill all human

  38. evan mourey Aegon TARGARYENS

    evan mourey Aegon TARGARYENS21 jam yang lalu

    Qui est la grâce à Cyril?

  39. Sou Off-Ytb

    Sou Off-Ytb13 jam yang lalu



    HRY PODLE DALIBORKA21 jam yang lalu

    In future it can be real 😉

  41. Tolga Tanriover

    Tolga Tanriover23 jam yang lalu

    Thats is action

  42. Alex Top

    Alex Top23 jam yang lalu

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  43. deku_denryoku

    deku_denryoku23 jam yang lalu

    When robots take over I hope no robot ever finds this

  44. Mr.guesswhoJustic Grace

    Mr.guesswhoJustic GraceHari Yang lalu

    It’s only funny, but in the future a conscious robot will eventually kill all of us

  45. It's Varadaツ

    It's VaradaツHari Yang lalu

    Who else feel so sorry for the Robot because he's getting bullied. I know its real but the poor Robot man😭

  46. TheSilverPhoenix100

    TheSilverPhoenix100Hari Yang lalu

    Oh fuck the robots have figured out our greatest weakness

  47. Icony x

    Icony xHari Yang lalu

    Everyone at 1:32 NANI THE @$&!

  48. Mr Fake Beast

    Mr Fake BeastHari Yang lalu

    3D artist at their finest

  49. Rashed Gx

    Rashed GxHari Yang lalu

    The robots will kill us because this video trust me 👍

  50. Ame

    AmeHari Yang lalu

    This is fucked up

  51. GageTDC2015

    GageTDC2015Hari Yang lalu

    Is this real?

  52. Positive Chives

    Positive ChivesHari Yang lalu

    Is this the one that killed like 6 people?

  53. Zelda Of Hyrule

    Zelda Of HyruleHari Yang lalu

    Looks like why to CGI.