Bloons TD Battles - HOW LONG CAN WE SURVIVE?- 50,000 ECO!


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  3. Hammas Haukka

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    I do not understand the clickbait defensiveness here? Yes, your titles are clearly clickbait. And no, you don't do less than most IDreporterrs, you do a lot more than many. But why does it matter? If this is your approach to IDreporter, then that's fine. Gotta get those viewers somehow. And at least you don't do it by plastering thumbnails of naked girls everywhere.

  4. Koen Verhalle

    Koen Verhalle9 bulan yang lalu

    WHAT that resolution

  5. NightPlayz

    NightPlayz10 bulan yang lalu

    Regen reds are so OP

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  7. Shane Craig

    Shane Craig11 bulan yang lalu

    What dafaq does eco mean?

  8. Chance Armstead

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  9. familiar, but unrecognizable

    familiar, but unrecognizableTahun Yang lalu

    I beleive I say this for a lot of people, when I say that I appreciate your videos. I've mever thought they were clickbait, and that they're entertaining. Thank you; keep up the good work.

  10. Dylan MOREAU

    Dylan MOREAUTahun Yang lalu

    i want to just say that when i see a sjb video that says battles i click on it, no questions asked

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    This is CLICKbaiting cause hes baiting clicks... ITS NOT FUNNY

  12. master gamer

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    yo, I versed hey once, and I gotta say, she was formidable. but in the end I won

  13. Stefan Schultz

    Stefan SchultzTahun Yang lalu

    8:29 to 8:57 How tf did this dude only lose 10 lives?

  14. Hard Stone

    Hard StoneTahun Yang lalu

    Stefan Schultz HACKS

  15. maniacalsnowball

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    I thought I heard Devil may cry song in the background?

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    25:23 did u just assume Jessica's gender

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    Ok well I wasn’t expecting the nipples

  19. obi_dank_kenobi

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    All y’all clickbait comment people go to those “crafty” channels or top trending or top 5 channels. Have fun

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    He played mobile along time ago...

  21. F.B.I. Chief

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    Love your videos! Greetings from Germany❤️

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    Wow that was so intense

  23. D3V

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    Dude you are Bashurverse 2.0. This has language near the end of the video that is frighteningly inappropriate for your audience.

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  25. D3V

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    ‘I click bait less than all other IDreporterrs combined!’ So, you do it a lot?

  26. Noah Havens

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    He won all his stuff in cards the first guy did

  27. Kristian Torres

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    Who wants eggs? :P

  28. Wolfie 1515

    Wolfie 1515Tahun Yang lalu

    Did anyone else notice on the snake river map a lot of balloons went through the other persons side around 8:30

  29. Wolfie 1515

    Wolfie 1515Tahun Yang lalu

    Lolz I have all the decals that can be bought with madalians but I don’t use them XD I just bought then cause I had nothing else to spend it on XDDD

  30. Evan Jones

    Evan JonesTahun Yang lalu

    That was an epic game

  31. Deathstarsmizz Yt

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    superjombombo still has Bloons from round 86 and his opponent has bloons from that round only haha

  32. Patrick jDH

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    This guy is all over the place 😂

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  34. Maniacal Bonsai

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    i swearto god every time i see the submarine icon on the bottom i think its like a surgeon with a facemask on and i always think" wtf is that a bloon surgeon"

  35. omar msmq

    omar msmqTahun Yang lalu

    World record is 250000

  36. Cheeseburger

    CheeseburgerTahun Yang lalu

    you copied isab with camgrow reds

  37. Grace Deng

    Grace DengTahun Yang lalu

    I like how he calls "Jessica" a "He" lmao

  38. Pixel

    PixelTahun Yang lalu

    Click bait?

  39. Alex Chen

    Alex ChenTahun Yang lalu

    he wasnt sending bloons to u . Its play of fire. it sends back at u

  40. Gitte Buyckx

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    Clicbait sike not

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    Whatever you say you do click bait a lot !

  43. Night Shade

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    Aliansrock50 has gotten 250000 eco

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    Skips ten seconds “my nipples are so hard!”😂😂😂

  45. Mohamed Osama

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    I feel so bad for krash :( :( :( he worked hard he payed money on his new account he went to play and you absolutely destroyed him without caring :( :( :( what a poor guy :( :( :(

  46. Oreoin

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    Its click bait, he got 50,002 Eco. just a joke luv the vids.

  47. Hugo Cole

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    Jessica Mattie was hacking at the beginning look at all those boons flying past

  48. Yey ya

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    What's the name of the song in 22:26

  49. SKLIZ

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    Camel regrow reds?

  50. Religi

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  51. Stellar Yugioh

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    is everything in this video off colored or is it just me

  52. Spencer Phillips

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    If you're talking about league of legends, I didn't know you played that game

  53. C Ivy

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    Says I HAVE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS reality,he has 60k

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  55. Carson Kacirek

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    When the tower known for late game cant handle late game

  56. HaiYan Yan

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    *Who else is enjoying these last game vids?!?!?*

  57. Dolphin Reverse

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    I find non-hairy spiders scarier than hairy spiders

  58. Super Tom

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    I had the great fight vs a hacker 200 zomg v me I win

  59. Magnus Høyerhumberset

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    8:30 whats the deal iwth all the bloons going through on his side and not taking lives..?

  60. Jack Scott

    Jack Scott2 tahun yang lalu

    Umm, am I retarded or was the other guy cheating at 8:50? I’m kind of new to this game, but that looked like he had a shit ton of loons make it to the end and he didn’t lose like at all.

  61. Deadpool

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    clickbating is telling us your playing the new call of duty when ur actually play with rocks

  62. Flapawangatang

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    You talk like a strip club DJ