Blind FRIED CHICKEN Taste Test


  1. xandermac05

    xandermac0529 hari yang lalu

    I wonder if Chris Broad has seen this...

  2. TrumpForce:MAGA

    TrumpForce:MAGA5 bulan yang lalu

    I love this. Thank you for being awesome.

  3. Kristena Meritt

    Kristena Meritt5 bulan yang lalu

    I have an extremely hard time taking him seriously with that eye mask! So cute

  4. Lea Bermudes

    Lea Bermudes9 bulan yang lalu

    The mask is hilarious! Great vid. Satoshi’s turn!!

  5. Will Man

    Will Man11 bulan yang lalu

    Blindfold Satoshi and make him drink beer for test

  6. Steven Ferguson

    Steven Ferguson11 bulan yang lalu

    I love Satoshi's facial expressions! :)

  7. Stoked My Dude

    Stoked My DudeTahun Yang lalu

    You both have amazing memory, to me. And I'm 21. My memory isn't the greatest anyway, but I wouldn't even remember the names of all of the brands, let alone which flavor came from what piece. lol Anyway, awesome videos as always. :)

  8. Orange My

    Orange MyTahun Yang lalu


  9. CJ.For.The.Music

    CJ.For.The.MusicTahun Yang lalu

    Satoshi’s faces are priceless...he is a perfect game show host...✨🤙🏼✨

  10. KriskoKid4

    KriskoKid4Tahun Yang lalu


  11. Gamer_Shrimp 88

    Gamer_Shrimp 88Tahun Yang lalu

    I love fried chicken xd especially korean fried chooks!!

  12. TJ B

    TJ BTahun Yang lalu

    Lol I love how you know your fried chicken hahaha

  13. びびびび

    びびびびTahun Yang lalu

    ファミチキの功罪について語ると 謎の勢力に潰される (あんな嘘肉・・・)

  14. Partycat

    PartycatTahun Yang lalu

    i think kfc is the same all over the world soggy skin and dry even if its dark meat

  15. Sue Baker

    Sue BakerTahun Yang lalu

    Blind challenges were so fun and having guests join in was very entertaining too!

  16. COCOA

    COCOATahun Yang lalu

    おはようございます!タビイーツさんのこちらの動画で 食べた事が無かったモスチキンを今朝(人生初)食べましたーーー(笑) 御二人の動画の影響力は、私には大きいです(笑)☆ 美味しかったです♪

  17. Bradley F

    Bradley FTahun Yang lalu

    One of MY favorite TabiEats! Good fun 👍 guys

  18. Life of Lin

    Life of LinTahun Yang lalu

    This was so much fun!! My favorite one is from Lawson. I ate one Lawson chicken almost everyday I when visiting Japan! I just came back and watching this made me crave for more... 😋

  19. festorfamine

    festorfamineTahun Yang lalu

    I seen Popeyes in Vietnam, is there any in Japan? If there's none, I'm sorry.

  20. TabiEats

    TabiEatsTahun Yang lalu

    No Popeyes here unfortunately

  21. Real Hedi

    Real HediTahun Yang lalu

    I never had a bad chicken I Tokyo they all amazing!

  22. engage

    engageTahun Yang lalu

    i think next time, show the chicken close up again at the end

  23. Pao

    PaoTahun Yang lalu

    the other guy sounds like francis from cooking with dog

  24. iskandartaib

    iskandartaibTahun Yang lalu

    That blindfold... I remember now what it reminds me of. There was a live action Nodame Cantabile movie, where someone (that percussion guy) painted eyes on Nodame's eyelids while she was asleep on a park bench. It was quite bizarre after she woke up and opened her eyes - when she blinked, you could see the painted-on eyes. They had quite a bit of an argument and it looked like she was blinking double-speed.

  25. Yanty Agustina

    Yanty AgustinaTahun Yang lalu

    you guys make me miss Indonesian lawson Enachiken, now-defunct 711 chicken katsu and egg katsu sandwich,and also KFC chicken

  26. blanche berg

    blanche bergTahun Yang lalu

    for me it has to be KFC

  27. quadpumped34

    quadpumped34Tahun Yang lalu

    Red O is a 'RIGHT' and white cross a 'WRONG'? wtf?

  28. Life With Mrs B

    Life With Mrs BTahun Yang lalu

    I love the crust/batter/coating on KFC chicken!

  29. John Smith

    John SmithTahun Yang lalu

    My black friend would ace this test!

  30. Elizabeth R

    Elizabeth RTahun Yang lalu

    this video is so much fun! I hope to see the one with Satoshi trying beers blindfolded

  31. fortheloveofchocolat

    fortheloveofchocolatTahun Yang lalu

    Loved this video, guys! I want to do that here. LOL and now I know for sure I will be trying MOS Burger next time I go to Japan.

  32. Kristopher Guillaume

    Kristopher GuillaumeTahun Yang lalu

    Unfair to compare KFC to convee. store food... but how in the world convee beat a food chain.....

  33. Michelle Lee

    Michelle LeeTahun Yang lalu

    torturing myself at night has become a routine :)

  34. prakasyita pitaloka

    prakasyita pitalokaTahun Yang lalu

    Looove fried chicken! Although I have to be honest that I prefer hot & crispy skin than original recipe on KFC.

  35. TRamp94

    TRamp94Tahun Yang lalu

    I can't stand dry chicken >.

  36. 加藤

    加藤Tahun Yang lalu

    はじめまして! いつも楽しい動画ありがとうございます。 絶対サトシさんバージョン見たいです!! ハンバーガーとか、スナックとか…ビールとか(笑)

  37. Mindy's Mom

    Mindy's MomTahun Yang lalu

    That was so much fun to watch!! You got 3 out of really know your fried chicken! The MOS Burger chicken looked delicious! I loved your mask brother! I giggled when I first saw it, because I put one of those onto my little chiweenie (Mindy) a few years back. I’ll post her picture on Instagram. ☺️ Thanks for sharing!

  38. xnonsuchx

    xnonsuchxTahun Yang lalu

    I know it's heresy to some in the US, but I like KFC better than Popeye's. However, I'm basing that on tenders and sides and not their regular fried chicken...tenders because I often don't care to deal with bones, though fried chicken skin can be super amazing, so maybe I need to try Popeye's regular fried chicken next time I have a chance. For sides, I FAR prefer KFC's mashed potatoes & gravy, and coleslaw (the only coleslaw I'd eat as a kid).

  39. GothicKittyMadness

    GothicKittyMadnessTahun Yang lalu

    my girlfriend is vegan and hates fried chicken!

  40. GothicKittyMadness

    GothicKittyMadnessTahun Yang lalu

    my girlfriend is vegan and hates fried chicken!

  41. tslin89

    tslin89Tahun Yang lalu

    Yayyy!! I'm glad you did this video! Shinichi, yo're really good at this!