BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love' M/V


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    Yes black pink

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    Kill this love 💔

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    Amo a yenny

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    Eu sou sua. Fan numero 1

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    Holla love

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    Like si eres Army de BTS y BLACPINK

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    I love you black pink let's kill this love

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    That was so cool black paint. My name is malak, Malaki angel

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    I love plackpink

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    Amo blackpink tenho o celular da blackpink

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    Vamos por los 700M

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    I love blackpink😍😘🤩

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    Amoo essa música

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    Love 😘😘😘😘😘 yu

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    I love you❤️

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    July 5,2016 Blackpink Dance Practice, choreo by Paris Goebel of Royal Family dance crew. Verónica Santos - "They haven't debuted yet and their dance practice video is almost at 1 million views, after only 24 hours. Screw all the haters, this girls are going to change the game"


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    An angel hi at the end a devilish bye That verse is 🔥 love this song i can listen to it like if i was new to this song!

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    Guys vote for them on Billboard's poll. What was once a comfortable 2.5million lead has shrunk to (updated)1.6million in a span of almost two weeks. BLINKS AND FANS, KEEP VOTING BLACKPINK!!!✌️✌️

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    They are very good teachers they are beautiful and talented I give them the best of Mexico

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    Jennie 와우 jennie 의 스타일이 마음에 들었습니다..

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    I'm love

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    0:11 black shorts 0:14 white shorts 🤭

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    Lisa❤️ Jennie ❤️ Jisoo❤️ Rose❤️ Blackpink❤️🎶☯️

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    0:44 0:45

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    My Favorite Group😍🤩❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ BLACKPINK🌺🖤

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    I Don't love Black Pink I love Bts

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    لماذا إذا تعلقي في فيديو موسيقي لي بلاك بينك

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    Ok so watch BTS, not Blackpink

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    Best video and song! ❤ I love the synergy between them. So much creativity in the video as well. Just amazing 👏🥰

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    Quem é BR da um like ♥️

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    Who checked in right after yaya's performance 😊

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    Love so

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    0:49 die sieht aus wie Thi Lan😳😆😂

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    I love BOMBAYAHH

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    You beatful Jenni and Lisa I love you BLACK PİNK

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    Who’s here before 2020? ⬇️

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    My holy youg

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    Blak Pink na sua área bb

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    Ну что сказать самое крутое тут слова ра па па па па


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    megusta como es lisa es una de mis faborita

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    715k dislikes wtf y’all dumb

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    Like Si amas a blackpink Like si hablas español Like si eres una blink Likes