1. Kpop Lover

    Kpop Lover4 jam yang lalu

    Blinks! Lets also stream Stay so it will reach 200m.We need more views in Stay MV -phblink

  2. your mom gay

    your mom gay4 jam yang lalu

    Blinks let make history with 1b WE CAN DO THIS ❤️

  3. Chanakarn Janyanai

    Chanakarn Janyanai4 jam yang lalu

    BLACKPINK - ‘뚜두뚜두 (DDU-DU DDU-DU)’ 17/10 6PM KST: 977,832,052 views 18/10 6PM KST: 978,594,022 views today 761,970 views

  4. nike Vuna

    nike Vuna4 jam yang lalu

    Blackpink really have loyal fans out here

  5. kīm jējø

    kīm jējø4 jam yang lalu

    BLANK 978M FOR DU DDU DU OMG 32 FOR 1B ????? 😇😇😇😇

  6. Kiel Bene

    Kiel Bene4 jam yang lalu


  7. Jin Lee

    Jin Lee4 jam yang lalu


  8. ขุนทอง ปารมี

    ขุนทอง ปารมี4 jam yang lalu

    Like 😍😍

  9. Vivanda Simaremare

    Vivanda Simaremare4 jam yang lalu

    Yg orang Indonesia momen dibawah

  10. صبا سامي

    صبا سامي4 jam yang lalu


  11. Hong Ngoc

    Hong Ngoc4 jam yang lalu

    Hit you with that ddu du ddu du!!!!!!!!


    IRGi SAHRU RAMADANI4 jam yang lalu

    Kurang bagus

  13. Fanboy Fangirl

    Fanboy Fangirl4 jam yang lalu

    Kontol lu yg gak bagus anjng

  14. Vannida Phetsamai

    Vannida Phetsamai5 jam yang lalu



    CHAMPION MUSIC5 jam yang lalu

    Anybody here just to check if its 1B like me????

  16. Jonathan Ong

    Jonathan Ong5 jam yang lalu

    1B before new year. #blinks #blackpink #ddududdudu

  17. MЄƖƦвeαr

    MЄƖƦвeαr5 jam yang lalu

    1B before 2019 ends💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  18. Maria Krüger

    Maria Krüger5 jam yang lalu

    Like jennie:🐱 Like lisa:🐶 like rosé:🐰 like jisoo🦄

  19. Asha ptrs

    Asha ptrs5 jam yang lalu


  20. Tuấn Hoàng

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  21. Asha ptrs

    Asha ptrs5 jam yang lalu

    Beautiful Song

  22. GamingWithUsernameYT

    GamingWithUsernameYT5 jam yang lalu

    Who is here Wait for Blackpink get 1B views?? 👇Like

  23. Nasrul Zaffrey

    Nasrul Zaffrey5 jam yang lalu

    Who's waiting DDU-DU DDU-DU reach 1 BILLION? 👇

  24. Andrei Laranas

    Andrei Laranas5 jam yang lalu

    I always find myself coming back to this video to check the view count increase closer to 1B

  25. Endrita Z

    Endrita Z5 jam yang lalu

    Nobody: Everyone in the comment section : Who is here before 1B • • • • 👇

  26. Victor Salazar

    Victor Salazar5 jam yang lalu

    Looks like we are getting a million a day let’s go!!!! One billion coming before 2019 ends, Let’s do it Blinks

  27. Lylis Violeta

    Lylis Violeta5 jam yang lalu

    Can you guys stop talking about v**ws a moment please? Please blinkeuh! 🖤💗 Show your love to BP by comment ing smthg like: "Blackpink love! Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, Lisa!" Please! Thank u!🖤💗🥰

  28. L K

    L K5 jam yang lalu

    Wait For 1B Views😻

  29. GabiuxsLT

    GabiuxsLT5 jam yang lalu

    Yass queens

  30. Olivia trianiza

    Olivia trianiza5 jam yang lalu

    Lisa👑 jenne💎 jisoo🌈 rose I love you 😍😊( BP)

  31. Hugo potter

    Hugo potter6 jam yang lalu


  32. Quỳnh. Mai_

    Quỳnh. Mai_6 jam yang lalu

    3 năm 1 tình yêu

  33. Shiro Nahe

    Shiro Nahe6 jam yang lalu

    Keep str3am1ng BLINKs!

  34. stan loona

    stan loona6 jam yang lalu

    solo quería comentar antes de que esto llegue a las 100M de vistas jeje.

  35. Nguyen Tran

    Nguyen Tran6 jam yang lalu

    1b let's go

  36. Lester Dimacali

    Lester Dimacali6 jam yang lalu

    Jisoo trippin 1b times... thats more than anyone elses childhood lol

  37. haro san

    haro san6 jam yang lalu


  38. daya kaci

    daya kaci6 jam yang lalu

    99% commentes are like who ils here before.... I am hère after

  39. Lylis Violeta

    Lylis Violeta5 jam yang lalu


  40. Choa's Thighs

    Choa's Thighs6 jam yang lalu

    Welcome New Blinks!! Needing to learn the members? Look no further! Jisoo is the beautiful lead vocalist, visual, and eldest in the group! - 1:06 1:50 Jennie is the powerful main rapper and lead vocalist! - 0:22 1:34 Rose is the angelic main vocalist and lead dancer! - 0:52 2:04 2:32 Lisa is the talented main dancer, lead rapper, and maknae! - 0:38 2:49

  41. Sukardi Jaya

    Sukardi Jaya6 jam yang lalu

    Keren dan cantik

  42. Fernando Alonso

    Fernando Alonso6 jam yang lalu

    Who else will be here when we hit 1B ?

  43. ทองสุข พึงรําพรรณ์

    ทองสุข พึงรําพรรณ์6 jam yang lalu


  44. creativity of Alicia

    creativity of Alicia6 jam yang lalu

    hey Lisa do you know that Someone is making videos on you and jonkook got married

  45. Park_ Meli

    Park_ Meli6 jam yang lalu


  46. Abady Manoban

    Abady Manoban6 jam yang lalu

    ¡Vamos por el billón!


    YG IS THE REVOLUTION6 jam yang lalu

    why is it so hard to hit this views to 1 billion?? the more we stream the more the views slowed down.. 🤔

  48. Gordon Freeman

    Gordon Freeman6 jam yang lalu

    How many will know something horrible has happened in the kpop these days, dear Blinks, perhaps the time has come to stop talking about views and make a reflection! Even if the girls look happy and smiling, there may be something that hurts them but they don't give to see, I am convinced, indeed certain, that the girls are strong and do not allow themselves to be easily hit by hate comments! Like me many of you are also worried because the girls could read certain negative comments and be hurt by them! So, invade their social networks with comments of love and appreciation for their work! And for all the stupid idiots, haters and antis, Blackpink are much stronger than you, you can't break them down, we're a nation, Blinknation will always walk beside Jisoo , Jennie, Lisa and Rosé! One last thought goes to Sulli, RIP Sulli!

  49. Lylis Violeta

    Lylis Violeta5 jam yang lalu

    I am with you girl! And yes sorry for Sulli😔

  50. Sabiha oli

    Sabiha oli6 jam yang lalu

    Lisa and jisoo😍😍😍 if you agree then like.

  51. : 3

    : 36 jam yang lalu


  52. 9 7

    9 76 jam yang lalu

    i love BlackPink ❤

  53. 9 7

    9 76 jam yang lalu


  54. Chou Chewy

    Chou Chewy6 jam yang lalu

    Everyone please come here everyday for up the views 🙏

  55. Thằm Phạm

    Thằm Phạm6 jam yang lalu

    1000000000 view

  56. HQz.

    HQz.7 jam yang lalu


  57. Majid Pawar

    Majid Pawar7 jam yang lalu

    Anyone from 2020? Don't worry Blinks we reached 1 Billion

  58. Chelsea Siahaan

    Chelsea Siahaan7 jam yang lalu

    Hayo loh yg tiap hari nonton biar bisa 1B views🤣

  59. raneen Omar

    raneen Omar7 jam yang lalu

    Don't forget billboard vote to black pink❤❤❤

  60. Nabila Bushra

    Nabila Bushra7 jam yang lalu

    1B IN 2019 COME ON BLINKS WE CAN DO IT 👇 👇 👇 👇

  61. Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon Jungkook7 jam yang lalu

    คนไทยทางนี้จร้าาาาา 👇😋😋

  62. 찰Charlotte

    찰Charlotte7 jam yang lalu

    *Get ready to hit haters with ddu du ddu du cause 1 B is COMING!!!!* Keep it going BLINKS!! Unleash ur monster str3aming power and let's reach 1 B before 2020!! HWAITING!!!!

  63. Ntina Bunny

    Ntina Bunny7 jam yang lalu

    Here's proof that you were here before 1Billion!

  64. pizza 67890

    pizza 678907 jam yang lalu

    We need to get the video to 1 billion before the end of this yearrrr

  65. Jennie Kim

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