Black Mamba in the Fridge | Snake City


  1. Nat Geo WILD

    Nat Geo WILDBulan Yang lalu

    Snakes are good at keeping unwanted rats under control, but can be dangerous when it's all happening inside a house. What are your thoughts on this encounter?

  2. Jennifer Loving

    Jennifer Loving2 hari yang lalu

    Very dangerous! That snake was extremely upset, enough to bite somebody!

  3. Shaik Regal

    Shaik Regal4 hari yang lalu

    I thing it is ecosystem

  4. sonic baseball

    sonic baseballBulan Yang lalu

    That was dangerous, but AWESOME 😃

  5. JamezOwnU101

    JamezOwnU1014 hari yang lalu

    So that's where all our old smartphones went

  6. Petite Marshmello

    Petite Marshmello6 hari yang lalu

    Snakes are cute but some are DEADLY but still cute

  7. Robert In der Weide

    Robert In der Weide6 hari yang lalu

    i didnt know that there were black mambas in India

  8. sage pressley

    sage pressley5 hari yang lalu

    South Africa. Not India. This just happened to be an Indian family

  9. Джесси-Паша моя жизнь

    Джесси-Паша моя жизнь6 hari yang lalu

    У людей такая грязь в доме,а за холодильником что творится, ужас!!!в свинарнике на много чище чем у них,ещё удивляются почему всякая падаль заползает!!!Для начала начните отбелевателем пользоваться!!!!

  10. [ Night Core ]

    [ Night Core ]7 hari yang lalu

    Why do i feel bad

  11. احمد سعيد

    احمد سعيد7 hari yang lalu

    Very stupid trying convince people . Such poisonous Snakes very dangerous she should be eradicated to extension

  12. sage pressley

    sage pressley5 hari yang lalu

    They kill everything that you don't want. You bave no idea how bad rats and other rodents would be without them.

  13. Doug Carter

    Doug Carter11 hari yang lalu

    What a great happy COLOURFUL pair of snake catchers are they.

  14. MadNadz

    MadNadz17 hari yang lalu

    isnt there like a long glove that covers your whole arm...?

  15. Madcat_

    Madcat_11 hari yang lalu

    probably there is.. but problem is does it cover you from the bite..

  16. Jelita Ch

    Jelita Ch20 hari yang lalu

    Is tjat the snake sounds?

  17. Ardian

    Ardian23 hari yang lalu

    I love and hate their sound

  18. Alfie-Zach Gargan

    Alfie-Zach Gargan27 hari yang lalu

    My thought is i keep over 78 different species of venomous snake 2 are black mamba other green mamba

  19. Shawn Bataju

    Shawn Bataju27 hari yang lalu

    I haven't watched the whole thing but what country is this taken in?

  20. Seven hell in

    Seven hell in26 hari yang lalu

    South Africa

  21. allen copley

    allen copley29 hari yang lalu

    Glad you didn't kill the animal. Most people wouldn't think twice about killing it, too bad too.

  22. iwan wahyudi

    iwan wahyudi3 hari yang lalu

    @john smith No don't

  23. john smith

    john smith24 hari yang lalu

    Kill it!

  24. Parris Lucas

    Parris Lucas29 hari yang lalu

    Wtf is wrong with these people with RATS?? I'd rather die than live with rats. Atleast the snakes clean! Nice black liquorish smell lol!!! Seriously F THAT!!!

  25. Ja'far Shodiq

    Ja'far ShodiqBulan Yang lalu

    Africa:grabstick Australia:net and hook Asia:bear hand😂😂

  26. arche legaspi

    arche legaspiBulan Yang lalu

    The people around seems like somewhere from india!

  27. Mja Nkos

    Mja Nkos29 hari yang lalu

    Yes they are South African Indians

  28. Just a mental fellow

    Just a mental fellow29 hari yang lalu

    arche legaspi I don’t think there’s black mamba here in India

  29. elsab8379

    elsab8379Bulan Yang lalu

    Those people should get out of the way. A black mamba is very fast. They're just in the way of the snake catchers

  30. King Quarter 67

    King Quarter 67Bulan Yang lalu

    Mo Mamba

  31. Khan Naeem

    Khan NaeemBulan Yang lalu

    Job well done. 🥇

  32. Navdeep Singh

    Navdeep SinghBulan Yang lalu

    That's great finally a full story. Thanks

  33. Nat Geo WILD

    Nat Geo WILDBulan Yang lalu

    We're glad you enjoyed watching!

  34. Mr. Biologist

    Mr. BiologistBulan Yang lalu

    Incredible! And there we so many people just watching, I mean, what if mamba would escape and they would all be in danger. They propably didn't realize the real danger of this species🐍

  35. Mavicity

    MavicityBulan Yang lalu

    They're lucky the snakes came in. I mean, the snake was doing them a favor.

  36. Jennifer Loving

    Jennifer Loving2 hari yang lalu

    Yeah, but it a very poisonous snake in someone's house. There were kids around, too.


    SISYPHUS VASILIASBulan Yang lalu

    Glad to see a cautious and wary snake controller for once.

  38. Nat Geo WILD

    Nat Geo WILDBulan Yang lalu

    We're glad professionals were able to handle the situation.

  39. Del Mac

    Del MacBulan Yang lalu

    You keep referring to "Snake City", but what is the city's real name and where in the world is it?

  40. Melanie Hale

    Melanie Hale11 hari yang lalu

    @Kenny McCashless thanks! I had been wondering the same thing 👍!

  41. Del Mac

    Del MacBulan Yang lalu

    @Kenny McCashless Thanks, I had no idea. :-)

  42. Kenny McCashless

    Kenny McCashlessBulan Yang lalu

    Durban, South Africa.

  43. Latika Wagh

    Latika WaghBulan Yang lalu

    is this india???

  44. Varun Sagar

    Varun Sagar29 hari yang lalu

    South Africa


    FAIZAN ANZARBulan Yang lalu

    @Indy Jones ohhh..

  46. Indy Jones

    Indy JonesBulan Yang lalu

    @FAIZAN ANZAR There are no Black Mambas in India


    FAIZAN ANZARBulan Yang lalu

    I think south india

  48. Carlos Enzo

    Carlos EnzoBulan Yang lalu

    I’m Muslim Click like ✅

  49. MnmlPulze

    MnmlPulzeBulan Yang lalu

    4:38 Fake sound effects its from kobra and not from a black mamba

  50. matias alexander canaviri rocha

    matias alexander canaviri rochaBulan Yang lalu

    I love snake city =)

  51. Marcus De Villiers

    Marcus De VilliersBulan Yang lalu

    This dudes a badass

  52. Marcus De Villiers

    Marcus De VilliersBulan Yang lalu

    That house just needs to be burnt down

  53. John Ralston

    John RalstonBulan Yang lalu

    Im over here turning my phone as he's trying to get it lol

  54. Nat Geo WILD

    Nat Geo WILDBulan Yang lalu

    Such a tense situation to watch!

  55. Thomas Vetor

    Thomas VetorBulan Yang lalu

    Dam it , they found my hiding spot ....

  56. becky ramlogan

    becky ramloganBulan Yang lalu

    please tell me that is an abandoned house!!!!!!!!!

  57. cory ddp

    cory ddpBulan Yang lalu

    I've seen the show and like so many shows involving animals I'm amazed that not one person of color is able to do anything. It's probably more of the networks not giving people of color the same platform because I refuse to believe the Tarzan in the jungle narrative

  58. Saurav Suman

    Saurav SumanBulan Yang lalu

    Hey simon are u ever bitten by Mambas?

  59. sonic baseball

    sonic baseballBulan Yang lalu

    That was dangerous, but... That... Was... AWESOME 😃👍great job 👏

  60. Nat Geo WILD

    Nat Geo WILDBulan Yang lalu

    We're glad you enjoyed watching!

  61. The Lifestyle Cooking

    The Lifestyle CookingBulan Yang lalu

    Oh god, This is Good Job.

  62. belly247able

    belly247ableBulan Yang lalu

    The house and the fridge need straight cleaning and fumigation!

  63. Joe Paul

    Joe PaulBulan Yang lalu

    Black Mamba in India?????

  64. Joe Paul

    Joe PaulBulan Yang lalu

    @garth margot I see...... thanks

  65. garth margot

    garth margotBulan Yang lalu

    Not India South Africa🇿🇦 large Indian population here.

  66. Shaik Regal

    Shaik RegalBulan Yang lalu

    Is their antibiotics for it venom

  67. sage pressley

    sage pressley5 hari yang lalu

    No. There's antiVENOM but yes. Bites are common so an antivenom is easy to come by

  68. Shaik Regal

    Shaik RegalBulan Yang lalu

    Orlando R. Browntown956 :: I don’t understand that who makes this anti biotic for this venom And who gives this names

  69. Orlando R. Browntown956

    Orlando R. Browntown956Bulan Yang lalu

    There actually is for many snakes.

  70. Candyfloss솜사탕

    Candyfloss솜사탕Bulan Yang lalu

    good job bro~~^^

  71. Martine in France

    Martine in FranceBulan Yang lalu

    Why are all these people staying so near. Mambas (dendroaspis polylepsis) are so quick react and fast moving. This one does not seem aggressive but scarred and corned, he could have stroke. His face is rather sweet if the specie wasn't deadly. They are lovely snakes and good predators on rodents. He found a warm place to hide by the condensator of the fridge, as a nice secure place to be. This couple is really courageous. They have so much experience in handling poisonous snakes, they anticipate their reactions.

  72. Martine in France

    Martine in France16 hari yang lalu

    @Ian Ghose yes, curiosity and they felt safe behind the couple !

  73. Ian Ghose

    Ian Ghose16 hari yang lalu

    Well. Lets just say that those people are idiots. But more realistically perhaps, curiosity got the better of them, and i guess they had great faith in this couple's ability to catch the snake before it got to them..

  74. Azliana Lyana

    Azliana LyanaBulan Yang lalu

    Great job. Also this is one of those nightmare inducing episodes where you become really concerned by the space behind the fridge.

  75. Nat Geo WILD

    Nat Geo WILDBulan Yang lalu

    You never know what could be hiding back there!

  76. Σ Μ

    Σ ΜBulan Yang lalu

    Those two persons with the tattoos are more scary than the snake!!! Sorry!!! 😂😂

  77. Neilton Farias Filho

    Neilton Farias FilhoBulan Yang lalu

    Very Danger black Mamba !

  78. Neilton Farias Filho

    Neilton Farias FilhoBulan Yang lalu

    Very Danger black Mamba !

  79. Shawn Newell

    Shawn NewellBulan Yang lalu

    Snakes! Why'd it have to be snakes!

  80. streetrunner1091

    streetrunner1091Bulan Yang lalu

    Your pretty good! ( Metal gear Solid 3 Big Boss voice) lol He is the Snake Whisper !

  81. aditya mehta

    aditya mehtaBulan Yang lalu

    The hissing sound show that iam not❌ your enemy..... So don't interfere 😀

  82. rajesh jain

    rajesh jainBulan Yang lalu

    Make a video on all posible reptiales please

  83. Amu Playz

    Amu PlayzBulan Yang lalu

    Omg i would just run away screaming and going wild!!!!who's with me?

  84. Amu Playz

    Amu PlayzBulan Yang lalu

    @KeiKey J lol😄

  85. KeiKey J

    KeiKey JBulan Yang lalu

    LEAD the charge!! I’m right behind you! 😂😂

  86. Nat Geo WILD

    Nat Geo WILDBulan Yang lalu

    We feel like that's a natural reaction, especially with a black mamba!

  87. Rage Dragon

    Rage DragonBulan Yang lalu

    rlly a *BLACK MAMBA* on somepoint its making me feel weird....

  88. CWA411

    CWA411Bulan Yang lalu


  89. Daniel Halpert

    Daniel HalpertBulan Yang lalu


  90. Bantiarna Mac Rághnaill

    Bantiarna Mac RághnaillBulan Yang lalu

    Someone needs a new fridge.