Billie Eilish Surprises Her Biggest Fans | Just Dance 2020


  1. Nhiên Nguyễn

    Nhiên Nguyễn53 menit yang lalu

    Me: *look at the title* Me: *Watching the video* Me: ThEy miSSeD mE!

  2. Valt

    Valt59 menit yang lalu

    4:02 she low key kinda cute

  3. the Oreo man comes back

    the Oreo man comes backJam Yang lalu

    I sing better than billie

  4. Marissa Krieger

    Marissa KriegerJam Yang lalu

    2:51 MOOD

  5. Eduarda Barros

    Eduarda BarrosJam Yang lalu

    I' love you Billie Ellish

  6. Brincando com Mikaela

    Brincando com Mikaela2 jam yang lalu

    I love billie

  7. Emily Emily

    Emily Emily3 jam yang lalu

    Legends say the girl in blue is still dancing

  8. Sophia

    Sophia3 jam yang lalu

    they aren't me and im crying wtf

  9. Sophia

    Sophia3 jam yang lalu

    bro if its her biggest fans why am I not there?

  10. Emily Hueber

    Emily Hueber4 jam yang lalu

    Billie I love your music 🎶

  11. Sarah Melyssa

    Sarah Melyssa4 jam yang lalu

    Como eu queria um abraço da Billie (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

  12. cjiminie

    cjiminie5 jam yang lalu

    The girl’s facial expression on 2:03.. I died..

  13. Lillies Life

    Lillies Life5 jam yang lalu

    And 2:53 😂😂🤣

  14. Lillies Life

    Lillies Life5 jam yang lalu

    2:25 why does she look like dizzy or what ever her name is from descendants?

  15. Bananiel

    Bananiel5 jam yang lalu

    Brem krikey

  16. Júlia Sousa

    Júlia Sousa6 jam yang lalu

    1:45 quem é brasileiro e português vai entender: O meu deus vcs viram? Ela cantou juntamente com a gravação e ficou repetido!

  17. BEAUTY. ph

    BEAUTY. ph6 jam yang lalu

    MACARENA tiktok dance compilations

  18. Claudia Vermoen

    Claudia Vermoen6 jam yang lalu

    BRAM KRIKKE !!!!!!!

  19. roseilish

    roseilish6 jam yang lalu

    I would’ve started sobbing, *happy sobbing*

  20. Jam Lee

    Jam Lee6 jam yang lalu

    2:49 lmao that girl in the middle just going ham

  21. 100,000 subs Without anything goal

    100,000 subs Without anything goal6 jam yang lalu

    2:48 First girl: scream Second girl: ⬆️⬆️⬇️⬇️◀️▶️◀️▶️🅱️🅰️, Start

  22. Kai the Anti glitch

    Kai the Anti glitch7 jam yang lalu


  23. Zerrin Agayeva

    Zerrin Agayeva7 jam yang lalu

    aaa wow

  24. Bossa Admana

    Bossa Admana7 jam yang lalu

    1:49, i thought she farted

  25. Enzo Anania

    Enzo Anania8 jam yang lalu

    stil dont know who this is.

  26. Kristina Hovorková

    Kristina Hovorková8 jam yang lalu

    I don't Billie, but this Is cUtE❤️

  27. Maëlys R

    Maëlys R8 jam yang lalu

    Billie love

  28. caty castermans

    caty castermans9 jam yang lalu

    its soo cool because its billie HELLO !!!!!

  29. Lilian Guerche Fenerichi

    Lilian Guerche Fenerichi10 jam yang lalu

    friend love the Billie eilish iam the Love

  30. nesia _

    nesia _10 jam yang lalu

    Kto z polski?

  31. Vikzn _

    Vikzn _11 jam yang lalu

    Wie komt hier door bram kreikie?

  32. bobertje co

    bobertje co12 jam yang lalu


  33. Dead by Wild

    Dead by Wild12 jam yang lalu

    I'm not a big fan of Billie *(I like her songs but I don't listen to them usually)* but I have to admit she's very fun xD

  34. Hoseok LittleSlut

    Hoseok LittleSlut12 jam yang lalu

    im always with KPOP every single day and never listen to any other song,after I listened to BAD GUY I started to love all of her song and every english artist...Thx to her❤️❤️❤️❤️

  35. gacha TT

    gacha TT13 jam yang lalu

    I wonder where the girl with the buns got the shirt I want one

  36. itzgalaxy_moon :3

    itzgalaxy_moon :314 jam yang lalu

    At 2:57 I literally dropped a glass

  37. Julia Souza

    Julia Souza14 jam yang lalu

    I Love you billie eilish

  38. itzgalaxy_moon :3

    itzgalaxy_moon :314 jam yang lalu

    At 2:54 it was crazy

  39. •ЛåКи •

    •ЛåКи •14 jam yang lalu

    Нифига у неё ногти


    XxSAD SUICIDE xX15 jam yang lalu

    They’re so lucky :