Billie Eilish - LOVELY (Lyrics) ft. Khalid


  1. Jina Abdel Massih

    Jina Abdel Massih12 jam yang lalu

    I used to think Billie eilish was too weird so I never gave her a shot until now I found that that this amazing song was for her like wow so I watched a couple of her songs, yeah she's talended, but I also see a future for her as an actress to be honest like there are dark roles she would be perfect for

  2. Henrique Silva

    Henrique Silva14 jam yang lalu

    não é adorável? sozinho coração de vidro minha mente de pedra me despedaça pele ao osso ola bem vindo em casa Em portugues

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    2 0 1 9

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    Dezembro? 2019

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    december 2019

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    1:55 know*

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    Do you like Billie Eillish? YES:Comment,subscribe,leave a like:) I like Billie SO SO SO SO SO SO much!!!! NO:dont do anything and just get the flip outa here!!!!GOOOOOOO IF U DISLIKE HER!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Katie Mcbride

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    Who's here because of Shadowhunters? Season 3 episode 20 magnus breaking lock scene

  10. Cíntia Lima

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  11. Billie Eilish fan

    Billie Eilish fan2 hari yang lalu

    My life is falling apart, I don't know what to do anymore, who to count on, I'm alone😭💔🍃

  12. Riri’z crazy life•

    Riri’z crazy life•14 jam yang lalu

    Billie Eilish fan ITS okay❤️💔

  13. Didier Salazar

    Didier Salazar2 hari yang lalu

    Someone in december 2019? 😭❤️ This song just makes people already sad, more sad 😪

  14. Alfaro

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    Puro pedo siuuuu


    DARKNESS2 hari yang lalu

    December 😍 2019??

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    Diciembre 2019?

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    Adoro essa musica me toca

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    Quero cohe cervos

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    December 2019🤣 Sory, I'm from Russia

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    December 2019 💌 🎄

  22. Aahana Krishnan

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    ''Isn't it lovely?All alone'' ~I can relate

  23. Zahira y Fernanda bellejos

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    December / 7/2019

  24. Juliana Peres

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    Toda vez que tô triste ouso essa música pq sou uma merda

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    i love

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    Girls with period: oh I hope some day I'll make it out of here

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    This is better then High School

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    My literally liking everyone's comments

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    Es un poco sad la cancion

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  31. El Xachatryan

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    Who wants collab BTS&Billie?😍😍😍 If yes like💜

  32. Danish Izham

    Danish Izham18 jam yang lalu

    @El Xachatryan i dont think billie's voice suits them

  33. El Xachatryan

    El Xachatryan21 jam yang lalu

    @Danish Izham why?

  34. Danish Izham

    Danish IzhamHari Yang lalu

    I dont think so

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    Me encanta bilielich

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    Biilies es

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    Hello welcome home 😭

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    Lovely❤❤❤ Billie Eilish❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    Кто любит били Кстати кто знает ЭДИСОН Я ЕГО ЛЮБЛЮ

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  45. Josselyn Mora Noguera

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    O my gosh love this freaking song