Billie Eilish, Khalid - lovely


  1. Dark mood

    Dark mood32 menit yang lalu

    I have one got a trailer for the movie "It's Not Time to Die" to the music of Billie Elish ???

  2. Audrei corpuz

    Audrei corpuz41 menit yang lalu

    Omg, Im A big fan of khalid and billie

  3. Alan sharp 13

    Alan sharp 1350 menit yang lalu

    Whenever you feel sad or depressed just listen to this song it will make you feel better ☺🙂😌

  4. 81122 roze

    81122 rozeJam Yang lalu

    Песня👍👍👍 Билли Айлиш❤️


    NATALIA LOPEZJam Yang lalu

    How not to love Billie Elish

  6. Thayná Lays

    Thayná LaysJam Yang lalu

    Tô viciada nessa música adorei

  7. Zack Baird

    Zack BairdJam Yang lalu

    Her videos always remind me of how my dreams/nightmares are setup

  8. Thi Lê

    Thi LêJam Yang lalu

    It amazing im from Viet Nam

  9. Herminio Lima

    Herminio LimaJam Yang lalu

    1Pense em um cantor 2 fecha a boca 3 dá like 4 comente isto em quatro outros vídeos 5 agora olha a sua voz

  10. Maëlle Edouard

    Maëlle EdouardJam Yang lalu

    Je kiffe ta chanson



    You really Billy ?

  12. Luiz felipe Pereira

    Luiz felipe PereiraJam Yang lalu

    Ameizng.I Love You 😚😚😍😍🤗

  13. Ирина Бухкало

    Ирина БухкалоJam Yang lalu

    Да ето тот русский комент который ты искал 👑

  14. ツROLL

    ツROLL24 menit yang lalu

    Не, не искал и научись писать

  15. Enzo Riviere

    Enzo RiviereJam Yang lalu

    Je suis françai ta musique me fais pleurer continu comme ça

  16. Nisan Temel

    Nisan TemelJam Yang lalu

    hi billie eilish

  17. Hien Hien

    Hien HienJam Yang lalu

    Good i like

  18. Eline fanynka

    Eline fanynka2 jam yang lalu

    Kdo je Čech ?

  19. Poli Fãs

    Poli Fãs2 jam yang lalu


  20. Comteudo aleatorio

    Comteudo aleatorio2 jam yang lalu

    Very good


    WINTER FLOWER3 jam yang lalu

    still watching in 2020

  22. Asad Shaikh

    Asad Shaikh3 jam yang lalu

    Yo? Why no lyrics in the comments? Dafuq?

  23. Alvin Munsayac

    Alvin Munsayac3 jam yang lalu


  24. Raidon Music

    Raidon Music3 jam yang lalu


  25. sla eu uso crack

    sla eu uso crack3 jam yang lalu

    bones - sleepmode

  26. KEndaL & YUI

    KEndaL & YUI3 jam yang lalu

    Интересно Русские найдутся?

  27. Дэйрэн

    ДэйрэнJam Yang lalu

    Конечно :)

  28. Íris Casanova

    Íris Casanova3 jam yang lalu

    I love you billie elish

  29. Íris Casanova

    Íris Casanova3 jam yang lalu


  30. Prince Raj Singh

    Prince Raj Singh4 jam yang lalu


  31. sh gamings and crafts

    sh gamings and crafts5 jam yang lalu

    This is one of those songs in which i just want to read the lyrics listen to its music and feel it hard and not scrolling to the comment section😇

  32. Cysterio

    Cysterio5 jam yang lalu

    I found this song almost two years late after watching Ten and Winwin's performance. Their performance makes this song so much more beautiful than it already is. I love Billie Eilish and I love NCT so that hit really hard. Check out the video if you haven't already. Beautiful Song. Beautiful Performance.

  33. LaceytheanimeloverX . _.

    LaceytheanimeloverX . _.6 jam yang lalu


  34. Эвелина Иващенко

    Эвелина Иващенко7 jam yang lalu

    Просто l love you ❤

  35. yusuf kabakcı

    yusuf kabakcı7 jam yang lalu

    Hello turkey 2020

  36. Formybear Kdh

    Formybear Kdh7 jam yang lalu

    I don't wanna be home anymore...

  37. WickedDreamer

    WickedDreamer8 jam yang lalu

    how did i only find this now?

  38. t.h.e.e dawns

    t.h.e.e dawns8 jam yang lalu

    Who still here 2020🖐Billie all way 😭❤

  39. Nicolas Alencar

    Nicolas Alencar8 jam yang lalu

    Mano musica para quem ta na bed kkkkkkkkkk

  40. Gabriela Pajewski

    Gabriela Pajewski8 jam yang lalu

    every time i listen to this i ball my eyes out

  41. Canz Racy

    Canz Racy9 jam yang lalu

    Hi everyone! I've just made a cover of this song. It will mean so much to me if you can take some time to listen. Let me know if I should do more Billie's song covers! :)

  42. Isis De la Luz

    Isis De la Luz9 jam yang lalu

    I love this song sooo much billie is a representation to me

  43. Sugar's Bro

    Sugar's Bro9 jam yang lalu

    Hit like if you came for this👉 1:11

  44. Roberta Demetrio

    Roberta Demetrio9 jam yang lalu

    I Love Biillie sou brasileira amo vc

  45. Kobe Mccarthy

    Kobe Mccarthy9 jam yang lalu

    the cringe!!!

  46. perdykool

    perdykool10 jam yang lalu

    I think Billie is gorgeous. I love her hair, beautiful eyes and her voice is absolutely hypnotic

  47. jesus montiel

    jesus montiel11 jam yang lalu

    No entiendo ni mierda pero puta que me gusto la cancion

  48. Vika Liss

    Vika Liss11 jam yang lalu

    WOW this is a song in the mood l listen every day as feeling swith pain in one sony

  49. SB Magic

    SB Magic11 jam yang lalu

    I’m the bald guy... whoops wrong video

  50. Aimé Reyes

    Aimé Reyes11 jam yang lalu



    DARK GAME11 jam yang lalu


  52. Adrian Fans ariana grande

    Adrian Fans ariana grande11 jam yang lalu

    Mk ultra

  53. Let's react it new

    Let's react it new12 jam yang lalu

    Who is only here for Billie like if you agree

  54. Killer Dark FF 〆

    Killer Dark FF 〆12 jam yang lalu


  55. Santiago Nicolas

    Santiago Nicolas12 jam yang lalu

    1:11 😍🔥

  56. ĀntÕ ßß 7u7

    ĀntÕ ßß 7u712 jam yang lalu

    So amazing 💙

  57. 996366252 Abraão Alvis Silvia De Jesus

    996366252 Abraão Alvis Silvia De Jesus12 jam yang lalu

    hello yuor brazi no englegi no no may name is abraão good monegr

  58. Sami Amor

    Sami Amor12 jam yang lalu

    Sam Smith would have been better

  59. Joacas de mileto

    Joacas de mileto12 jam yang lalu

    Best singer in the world,i love you Billie Eilish❤ (melhor cantora do mundo, te amo Billie Eilish❤)

  60. Murder Sans

    Murder Sans13 jam yang lalu


  61. Luz maria Martinez

    Luz maria Martinez13 jam yang lalu

    angelic voice

  62. trixlove angel

    trixlove angel13 jam yang lalu

    Severe Goosebumps Feel like crying Feel like SInging Feel like driving while I listen to this

  63. Edna Ferreira

    Edna Ferreira13 jam yang lalu

    I leve you