Billie Eilish Freaks Out While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


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    Shout out to the youngest guest in Hot Ones history!

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    First We Feast 500th comment

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    We Stan she's amazing

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    "You don't have to if you dont want to" ..... "I don't have a show tonight"

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    Fucking soda and MILK?

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    21:10 thumbnail

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    Edgy teens incoming

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  12. iman qureshi

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    i thought she was vegan

  13. vicarious1028

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    I like Billie but you can't tell that her parents never slapped the shit out of her. She's still a child even though she's famous. As a kid I would never curse around adults.

  14. Anthony Voorhees

    Anthony Voorhees4 jam yang lalu

    I didn’t know Justin Bieber was transgender

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    Lovely people.

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    6:01 Ladies learn! This is how you should behave when having a good meal!

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    Billie Eyelash

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    Sean looks like Garrett Hilbert From Dude Perfect

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    She doesn't have a ring on her pinkie.

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    She’s very charming

  23. LogicalNotes

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    4:02 He forgot to warn her about hands near one’s eyes.

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  25. Toni Mendez-Silva

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    She's so fricken adorable 😊

  26. Lil Adam Official

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    Billie: Burps Me: *fell in love*

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    Da Bomb is cruel..its made to clean shower tiles..

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    She’s VeGAN

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    I wanna come on hot ones

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    Billie Eilish tickets range from $250 to $2000....


    TRUTH PREVAIL ONLY TRUTH23 jam yang lalu

    uglY girl

  33. Zoey The Diva Queen

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    Her face at 21:21 lmao she looks scared..

  34. ninja shadow

    ninja shadowHari Yang lalu

    She barp like 1 billion times 😂😂😂

  35. Tiana Morgan

    Tiana MorganHari Yang lalu

    I love how Sean did vegan nugs too

  36. Marcelo de Barros

    Marcelo de BarrosHari Yang lalu

    Assistindo esse vídeo com um samba tocando de leve ao fundo NÃO TEM PREÇO!

  37. Dynamic Jae Thought

    Dynamic Jae ThoughtHari Yang lalu

    I wish you guys can get Poppy on here, and/or Tech N9ne.

  38. tatyanna henderson

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  39. nd4spd

    nd4spdHari Yang lalu

    Plebs still out here trying to rip on vegans without having seen What the Health, Cowspiracy & Dominion. SMDH Think you have the high ground but really just making yourself look dumb.

  40. Jace Sarif

    Jace SarifHari Yang lalu

    Really she likes that dumbass game and she thinks red dead is hard 🤣🤣 she has 0 brain cells how does she dress herself ?oh wait no wonder...haha worthless

  41. Mowac

    MowacHari Yang lalu

    ...I.....c A n'T s T a n D t H i S cU Nt

  42. CleverMan

    CleverManHari Yang lalu

    I like her. But I would like her better if she dressed like a girl.

  43. CleverMan

    CleverMan11 jam yang lalu

    crxvels but she’s got a great body it’s a waste to hide it in those clothes.

  44. crxvels

    crxvels17 jam yang lalu

    well shes gonna do what she wants so get over it

  45. Jon Focker

    Jon FockerHari Yang lalu

    another musician infatuated with hell smhhhhhhh

  46. busfahrer09

    busfahrer09Hari Yang lalu

    that are some fineass bouncy titties

  47. Shynggys Sadyk

    Shynggys SadykHari Yang lalu

    Greta Turnberg wouldn’t like her burping

  48. Avocado Eilish

    Avocado EilishHari Yang lalu

    Dad :jonny jonny jonny :yes papá dad :eathing sugar ? Jonny: no papá dad :telling lies jonny : no papá dad : open your mouth jonny : 14:39

  49. Casey Addington

    Casey AddingtonHari Yang lalu

    Of course such a dumbass lil ass kid would choose nuggets. Like them mfs don’t even hold sauce she’s faking.

  50. Bshwhsv Shwjeve

    Bshwhsv ShwjeveHari Yang lalu

    I love billie eilish but burping made it so disgusting but I still love her sooooooo much!

  51. Bshwhsv Shwjeve

    Bshwhsv ShwjeveHari Yang lalu

    Yooooooo! I literally just saw a video of friends that were trying to prank another friend and they literally ended up killing their friend..... Poor man 😢🤲🙏 please pray for this poor man PLEASE!!! I'm literally crying right now!!.. It's just very sad bro to kill your best friend without trying to..

  52. Bshwhsv Shwjeve

    Bshwhsv ShwjeveHari Yang lalu

    I can't stop crying bro, it's so painful to watch someone's head being smashed to the ground and the worst part is that his BRAIN got smashed on the ground....

  53. jennifer sarrubbo

    jennifer sarrubboHari Yang lalu

    I absolutely love this and can not wait to see more, perfect way to interview someone!!!

  54. Wynn Khuu

    Wynn KhuuHari Yang lalu

    Billie on her last wing screaming sounds like Chewbacca

  55. Lorenzo Lazzari

    Lorenzo LazzariHari Yang lalu

    nooooo! pooor billieeee!

  56. Darfa O1

    Darfa O1Hari Yang lalu

    Me when I eat my pizza roll while it's still hot

  57. SKR ALUCARD7u7

    SKR ALUCARD7u7Hari Yang lalu

    17:57 moaning XD damn hahahaha

  58. Smoer1

    Smoer1Hari Yang lalu

    How big is her tongue, lol.

  59. Louise Le Bec

    Louise Le BecHari Yang lalu

    Could she please close her mouth while eating

  60. Egor4ik_ Play

    Egor4ik_ PlayHari Yang lalu

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  61. Porkchop Slayer

    Porkchop SlayerHari Yang lalu

    Very talented but very annoying

  62. Abinash Bori

    Abinash BoriHari Yang lalu

    7:14 thats where I fell ♥️

  63. Abinash Bori

    Abinash BoriHari Yang lalu

    That burp made me fall in love ♥️

  64. mahesh gupta

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  65. BriArya16

    BriArya16Hari Yang lalu

    If Dax is the reigning champ the she has to be the runner up for going back to the wings after the last dab😂😂

  66. Katie Close

    Katie CloseHari Yang lalu

    i am homeschooled. she has insulted my kind, but im not mad at all :D

  67. teenspirit1

    teenspirit1Hari Yang lalu

    never listened to this billie eilish lad, but she looks like some rich kid on drugs talking in broad wovels. Maybe she took weed to numb her pellet.

  68. Revel Syndia

    Revel SyndiaHari Yang lalu

    Billie: Freaks our while eating spiced wings Me: Freaks out when I hear her sing