Billie Eilish - everything i wanted (Audio)


  1. KultPlayz

    KultPlayzJam Yang lalu

    New song?

  2. Sarah Ford

    Sarah FordJam Yang lalu

    why is the entire comment section like for billie and comment for ___ like just appreciate this work of ART 🤩

  3. Underrated Gacha Girl

    Underrated Gacha GirlJam Yang lalu

    This song really has a lot of depth in it. Like if you listen to the lyrics clearly, then you will start to understand what they mean

  4. pou krill

    pou krillJam Yang lalu


  5. M R.

    M R.Jam Yang lalu

    I am a huge fan of edm, but Billie will always be my favorite pop artist 💛

  6. DaLilPanda

    DaLilPandaJam Yang lalu

    This music is great

  7. Regina Acosta

    Regina AcostaJam Yang lalu

    Omg I really like this SOOONNNGGGGGG IM LITERALLY CRYING hahajaha

  8. Samuel Campos

    Samuel CamposJam Yang lalu


  9. Alyssa Cox

    Alyssa CoxJam Yang lalu

    I love her sm 🥺💗

  10. Fred-Erik Tehvan

    Fred-Erik TehvanJam Yang lalu

    Good vibe, thanks Billie!

  11. -

    -Jam Yang lalu

    Noah fence but this is bad

  12. LotusLatte

    LotusLatteJam Yang lalu

    *No offence lol

  13. effigy

    effigyJam Yang lalu

    Lyrically and melodically Billie's song are always beautiful. Never fails to hit one in the 'feels.'

  14. Арина Канашина

    Арина КанашинаJam Yang lalu

    I like her song's style💕

  15. José francisco Goncalves

    José francisco GoncalvesJam Yang lalu

    Ahhhhhhhh mdsssss quanta perfeição credooo😻😻😻😻😻

  16. X_Hectic _X

    X_Hectic _XJam Yang lalu

    New hit??????? I think so, like this is rlly good And who else is really excited for the music video cause I am🤗

  17. celerycranks

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  18. Annie

    AnnieJam Yang lalu

    Living is more important than anything else -ur grade,salary,fame....So don’t be too harsh on urself, allow urself to fail..u gotta come out of that feeling of sad and guilty when u fail ok?

  19. Susueus Susuususis

    Susueus SusuususisJam Yang lalu

    When this song is super popular I can say I was here when it released, 13th November 4pm 🥑💛

  20. Caylee Lamb

    Caylee LambJam Yang lalu

    How old is Billie Ellish I googled it and it said she's 18 but theirs no way she's like a PROFESSIONAL

  21. Taj Eilish

    Taj EilishJam Yang lalu

    My bby

  22. Justine Joubert

    Justine JoubertJam Yang lalu

    This is sooo good wish so much I could meet her irl but I unfortunately can't because I live in Canada but maybe one day I could. I really like her she is my world !

  23. Lela Clark

    Lela ClarkJam Yang lalu

    I feel like this song's picture depicts an even deeper meaning, especially when you have synesthesia. Even when you look at the painting it almost looks like a bridge which is what the song is talking about at the start. The fact that there's that random strip of dark could depict a deeper meaning that i couldn't even completely understand, but i do find her art choice interesting. The colors are so vibrant, yet so depressing in an odd way. Even if the art may mean nothing, The song and painting are both absolutely stunning.

  24. claudia grimaldo

    claudia grimaldoJam Yang lalu

    This is really beautiful!❤️❤️❤️

  25. JM J

    JM JJam Yang lalu

    This song puts me in my vibes

  26. Nur Syazzana

    Nur SyazzanaJam Yang lalu

    You're precious

  27. Aek edinorog

    Aek edinorogJam Yang lalu

    Billie eilish ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  28. Isa Hastings

    Isa HastingsJam Yang lalu

    Alguém traduz 😣😣😣

  29. Aryan akhtar

    Aryan akhtarJam Yang lalu

    before a million

  30. Cristina Moreno cuya

    Cristina Moreno cuyaJam Yang lalu

    Like:Billie Eilish Comment:ariana

  31. __Datz Mai__

    __Datz Mai__Jam Yang lalu

    its been like 2 hours later & i have not stopped playing this


    MIKETUGAJam Yang lalu

    Who is big fan of billie Ellish give a big like on this comment

  33. Martu Gonzalez

    Martu GonzalezJam Yang lalu

    Te amo mucho, saludos desde Argentina bb

  34. Jocy Alvarez

    Jocy AlvarezJam Yang lalu

    This song is sooooo me...keep it up Billie i luv u...❤😊❤😊❤ Ik you've been on hard times like me that is why i luv ALL your songs😊😊😊

  35. Olivia Skye

    Olivia SkyeJam Yang lalu

    Omg I really like this song 🖤

  36. Lizeth Chalco

    Lizeth ChalcoJam Yang lalu

    Hermoso, me encanta 💕😍

  37. nkosinathi ngema

    nkosinathi ngemaJam Yang lalu

    Beautiful. the lyrics and the production are fire.

  38. 박유빈

    박유빈Jam Yang lalu

    who is better????? fuxking stop it. we all love billie .

  39. Brian huang

    Brian huangJam Yang lalu

    What is the name this song


    SAMILE SILVAJam Yang lalu

    Amazing...omg beautifuuuuul

  41. Omar Cardoso

    Omar CardosoJam Yang lalu


  42. Laila Lessard

    Laila LessardJam Yang lalu

    So good 💙👍🥰

  43. maggie z.

    maggie z.Jam Yang lalu


  44. Omar Cardoso

    Omar CardosoJam Yang lalu

    First 500000

  45. Foreva Tiara

    Foreva TiaraJam Yang lalu

    She had a dream that she killed herself and nobody cared or noticed it but finneas said that he will always be with her.

  46. Pixie Robo

    Pixie RoboJam Yang lalu

    I love Billie Eilish because she's so pure and realistic about common situations in life. Her voice just is so emotional like she's pouring her heart out in every single song. I like hows she's not faking her emotions and despite the hate, she still stays strong and keeps going no matter what others think of her.

  47. Fatihhan Yıldırım

    Fatihhan YıldırımJam Yang lalu

    Who song is better? Like= bad gut Comment=everything i wanted

  48. Viviana Suazo

    Viviana SuazoJam Yang lalu

    AMO la música de billie elish es la mejor a su tan corta edad

  49. Sneha Jain

    Sneha JainJam Yang lalu

    I have been waiting for it so terribly that I didn't even sleep🤪

  50. Music studio by Sadman Khan

    Music studio by Sadman KhanJam Yang lalu

    Who thinks this song's a masterpiece? 👇👇

  51. arwa

    arwaJam Yang lalu


  52. Yared Cuautenco

    Yared CuautencoJam Yang lalu

    😍😍😍😍wow 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️❤️❤️😍❤️😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😍😻😍😻🎵🎵🎶🎶🎶

  53. Sophia Key

    Sophia KeyJam Yang lalu

    Imagine being one of those 2.2k people that have no brain. That DISLIKED THIS AMAZING PIECE OF ARTWORK!👀🥺💜

  54. Yeraldin Vargas

    Yeraldin VargasJam Yang lalu

    Soy la unica qur habla español? Like si tambien hablas español

  55. Afriana *

    Afriana *Jam Yang lalu

    Yessssss I love it already

  56. Grey Wolf

    Grey WolfJam Yang lalu

    Wow! New song! Thank Billie!

  57. Leafy Green

    Leafy GreenJam Yang lalu


  58. Katherine Kilgore

    Katherine KilgoreJam Yang lalu

    LOVE YOU Billie!!

  59. ravencassidy

    ravencassidyJam Yang lalu

    This needs to be a Reylo song

  60. Emu Duckie

    Emu DuckieJam Yang lalu

    This song is about a dream Billie had about her commiting scuicide on the Golden Gate Bridge and nobody noticing her missing and or if they noticed not caring it’s about her being thankful for her loved ones who watch out for her this song is a snipet into her dreams/nightmares very interesting.

  61. Natasha Fischer

    Natasha FischerJam Yang lalu

    i. love. this.