Billie Eilish - everything i wanted (Audio)


  1. Sonia's Way (Weird YouTuber)

    Sonia's Way (Weird YouTuber)Jam Yang lalu

    Producers : "How many people you wanna make cry with this" Billie Eilish : YES (a small youtuber here)

  2. randomperson 2341

    randomperson 2341Jam Yang lalu

    Me: *opens live chat* Also me: maybe i will come back later

  3. Jenny Lopes

    Jenny LopesJam Yang lalu

    Who's here before 1M Likes? | | v

  4. the crying corner

    the crying cornerJam Yang lalu

    but why is it german comments if the song is in english...?

  5. Smriti singh

    Smriti singhJam Yang lalu

    200 likes and ill coverr this song 😊💕

  6. Tucker The dog

    Tucker The dogJam Yang lalu

    Help me Reply I had a dream

  7. Tucker The dog

    Tucker The dogJam Yang lalu

    I got everything I wanted

  8. Lee Ann Hamilton

    Lee Ann HamiltonJam Yang lalu

    Billie E is invited to be a guest on this up and coming IDreporter show based out of Idaho,

  9. Adam Kerluck

    Adam KerluckJam Yang lalu

    who else is getting "Somebody that I Used to Know" vibes from the album cover?

  10. Player One

    Player OneJam Yang lalu

    absolutely everything is beautiful in this song

  11. Khloe Neumann

    Khloe NeumannJam Yang lalu

    Am I the only one that just found this song and never heard it lol Like: no Comment: yes Ps: I’m not asking for likes I’m just wondering and I don’t need likes so don’t hate me plz

  12. hi its me

    hi its meJam Yang lalu

    If no one knows the painting one screen is an abstract painting of the Golden Gate Bridge which Billie mentions is her song

  13. clutchtherapper

    clutchtherapperJam Yang lalu

    Hot new music give your ears something new and give me a listen don’t miss it

  14. Blue Team

    Blue TeamJam Yang lalu

    Its aight. Definitely not one of her best. I like the painting tho

  15. soda ouma

    soda oumaJam Yang lalu

    I know this is off topic but I JUST GOT A SPRITE CRANBERRY AD 😎

  16. Dogga Dude

    Dogga DudeJam Yang lalu


  17. Sara Freih

    Sara FreihJam Yang lalu

    Im literally crying rn this is sooooo good

  18. Uzi boi

    Uzi boiJam Yang lalu

    Girls: tHiS iS sO sAd

  19. otgoo galya

    otgoo galyaJam Yang lalu

    247 i love you billie eilish

  20. brennan inc.

    brennan inc.Jam Yang lalu

    Me repeating the song over and over so I can look for the "Keine Schwäche zeigen" comments and relate to Billie about her dreams

  21. Rossi Cawkill

    Rossi CawkillJam Yang lalu


  22. Jazmine Luna Flores

    Jazmine Luna FloresJam Yang lalu

    I'm ready for this song live

  23. Jo6

    Jo6Jam Yang lalu

    Billie i know this song is about u dying in your dream and nobody cared in ur dream... but i had a sleep paralysis were something was pushing my head in the pillow and i tried to lift my head up but i was too weak i also tried to call my brother that was beside me well he just thought i was having a dream but he didn't know that i was trying to call him. i couldn't move nothing but my head, i was struggling so i just stop trying and waited a few minutes and it was over it was an relief . i know this sounds weird but thats really what happened like if you had sleep paralysis l l l V

  24. Sketchy Star

    Sketchy StarJam Yang lalu

    My wife 😫❤️

  25. krxel diaz

    krxel diazJam Yang lalu

    Holy shit... The picture looks like the Golden Gate bridge 😳😳

  26. gamer chick

    gamer chickJam Yang lalu

    These comments got me annoyed 🤔😒🤔😂

  27. parzival

    parzivalJam Yang lalu

    Everyone: why are there so many German comments? Keine Schwäche Zeigen


    AKID39 OFFICIALJam Yang lalu

    Still #1 let's keep her up there.

  29. •Gacha._.Snow•

    •Gacha._.Snow•Jam Yang lalu

    Bro after listening to this song for the 8th time I JUST realized it’s a really sad but also somehow sweet song. It’s literally about a dream involving suicide and the relationship with her and someone else which I’m guessing is her you billy💚💚💚

  30. Nef Slice

    Nef SliceJam Yang lalu

    you can tell the fame is real to her. she can’t go anywhere without people asking her stuff, meeting her, etc. she has to carefully plan everything-getting somewhere, leaving without being seen. She had a short childhood. People are at her HOUSE. people are always watching you, the pressure is strong. so much criticism. if she ever wanted to just drop the fame, it’s possible people would HARASS her. she can’t for her own safety. Billie, if your seeing this, just remember there’s MILLIONS of people that love you. we know you’re exhausted, tired, stressed, anxious. but we also know you’re strong, amazing, talented, and that you are such a kind, loving person. you’re beyond talented okay? but we all just want you to be happy. please remember if you ever need to take a break or ANYTHING, you can. you’re human. lots of love, bil. 💓💓💓💓 ps-love the song. oh, and you’re literally my favorite person in the entire world :)

  31. Idk what this is -Diana

    Idk what this is -DianaJam Yang lalu

    I was here at 300,000 views but I was on the school computer and I just forbid my phone

  32. LaJuan Empire

    LaJuan EmpireJam Yang lalu

    I’m cryin it’s so good😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

  33. A Cute Dog

    A Cute DogJam Yang lalu

    when a billie eilish song is higher up on trending than a spongebob movie trailer 😔

  34. Egl M07

    Egl M07Jam Yang lalu

    I love this girl

  35. Mr. Agama

    Mr. AgamaJam Yang lalu

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  36. jenna faith

    jenna faithJam Yang lalu

    Billie means everything to me. She saved me like Finneas saved her

  37. ʙᴇᴇ ʙʙʏ

    ʙᴇᴇ ʙʙʏJam Yang lalu


  38. rxtary is a weeb

    rxtary is a weebJam Yang lalu

    *who is watching in 1998*

  39. Lvcas

    LvcasJam Yang lalu

    me: oh wow this song is so great let me see the comments *sees german comments only* me: oh no

  40. Skylar?

    Skylar?Jam Yang lalu

    9% of the comments: GeRmAnS 90% of the comments: omg all these people are talking about GeRmAnS 1% : Die Duestchen

  41. Katherine Kruse

    Katherine KruseJam Yang lalu

    love the song keep up the work billie

  42. Jostin MEN

    Jostin MENJam Yang lalu

    OMG yeaaaaaa

  43. Esterlita Samora

    Esterlita SamoraJam Yang lalu

    German : jajajajaj

  44. Kath Coocoo

    Kath CoocooJam Yang lalu

    Im so confused by the comment section lol😂

  45. Toni Cavazos

    Toni CavazosJam Yang lalu

    Go off then 🤩

  46. Conrad Berg

    Conrad BergJam Yang lalu

    Me goiNg down to the comMents whEn it has 6 Million veiws...kNowing tHat it's going to get at least 80 million by the end of the week

  47. Epicturtleguy 11

    Epicturtleguy 11Jam Yang lalu

    I had a dream one time, it didn't go well

  48. Yatziry Otero

    Yatziry OteroJam Yang lalu


  49. Freddy Bboy

    Freddy BboyJam Yang lalu

    Já tem isso tudo de vizualizações!? 😲😲😲

  50. Camille Perrault

    Camille PerraultJam Yang lalu

    Why is this song so amazing I feel so bad that Billie has to go through all this pain like she doesn't deserve that nobody does Even if she wasn't a famous singer I'd still have respect for her and everything she's such an amazing human being

  51. Bill Buffett

    Bill BuffettJam Yang lalu

    Fucking boring !

  52. Md Mhotofa

    Md MhotofaJam Yang lalu


  53. Bill Buffett

    Bill BuffettJam Yang lalu

    Das Lied ist sehr langweilig

  54. yuli do

    yuli doJam Yang lalu

    Like si amas a billie eilish 👍👍

  55. osito bob

    osito bobJam Yang lalu

    Que ea

  56. Worthy Kid

    Worthy KidJam Yang lalu

    Can i have 3 likes?

  57. Patrick Sullivan

    Patrick SullivanJam Yang lalu

    Deadmau5 remix I called it

  58. Pilar Bolaños Jimenez

    Pilar Bolaños JimenezJam Yang lalu


  59. Satis

    SatisJam Yang lalu

    Everyone talkin bout German comments, but ion see them 🤷🏾‍♂️

  60. minhhai kim

    minhhai kimJam Yang lalu

    I want my crush, but I can’t get her

  61. Uriah Cordova

    Uriah CordovaJam Yang lalu


  62. MKAY Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day!

    MKAY Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day!Jam Yang lalu

    *So this is like a new mumble genre?*