Billie Eilish - everything i wanted


  1. Adrian Sierra

    Adrian Sierra17 menit yang lalu


  2. Nassira nbr 1

    Nassira nbr 117 menit yang lalu

    Abooné pliz

  3. 「Chicken Parmesan Requiem」チキンパルメザン

    「Chicken Parmesan Requiem」チキンパルメザン18 menit yang lalu

    I want u to just make one porno that’s all I ask

  4. DuD3 I F!X $h!T

    DuD3 I F!X $h!T18 menit yang lalu

    Damn dawg

  5. Neariah White

    Neariah White18 menit yang lalu

    I’m sorry I’m enjoying the song but I’m sleeping at the same time‼️❤️

  6. drawaboo

    drawaboo19 menit yang lalu

    plot twist: *this is sponsored by a c a r*

  7. King_ Thief

    King_ Thief19 menit yang lalu

    I had a dream.... I eat everything I wanted 😢😫 . Im still waiting for mom to bring food😭

  8. Arturo Jimenez

    Arturo Jimenez19 menit yang lalu

    Simplemente hermosa billie

  9. Kemaria washington

    Kemaria washington19 menit yang lalu


  10. 『A u t i s m o』

    『A u t i s m o』20 menit yang lalu


  11. Luly Cervantes

    Luly Cervantes20 menit yang lalu

    It’s my favorite song from Billie illish!🚘 💦

  12. Elisa Turcios Fuentes

    Elisa Turcios Fuentes20 menit yang lalu Here this! It’s amazing!

  13. panini & caloge Vlogs

    panini & caloge Vlogs20 menit yang lalu


  14. Allisson Mena

    Allisson Mena20 menit yang lalu

    Love the video!!!

  15. ItsAlex Gaming

    ItsAlex Gaming20 menit yang lalu

    bro you really outdid yourself and it looks really good!

  16. OnigiriPuff

    OnigiriPuff20 menit yang lalu

    So with Bad Guy I was just kinda like “Yeah, this is fine I guess. Kinda don’t get the hype.” I get it now. I’m sorry.

  17. Bapple YT

    Bapple YT20 menit yang lalu

    I’m the bald guy

  18. Cassidy Corkill

    Cassidy Corkill20 menit yang lalu

    did anyone notice in the beginning when the beat started to clap Billie was closing her eyes to the clap beat thingy?

  19. Tiger Mccabe

    Tiger Mccabe20 menit yang lalu

    That poor hellcat

  20. UwU OwO

    UwU OwO21 menit yang lalu

    Me crying

  21. TheResistanceReview

    TheResistanceReview21 menit yang lalu

    Does anyone else get a sinking feeling watching this ?

  22. Fer tron

    Fer tron21 menit yang lalu

    I really feel that

  23. Brittany Spencer

    Brittany Spencer21 menit yang lalu

    This video seems so tame compared to her other videos. Until you find out that she actually drove her car into ocean and it wasn’t special effects

  24. SavedUploads

    SavedUploads21 menit yang lalu

    Great song

  25. Jesar Carduza

    Jesar Carduza21 menit yang lalu

    2019: "I want to know how to drive a car" *2020: "I want to drive a car in the ocean"*

  26. NL Cici

    NL Cici21 menit yang lalu

  27. Laura Contreras

    Laura Contreras21 menit yang lalu

    Alguien de colombia?

  28. dudinha game Santos

    dudinha game Santos21 menit yang lalu

    Billie love you

  29. Person 101

    Person 10121 menit yang lalu

    Did anyone else emotionally break down when Billie and Finneas smiled at each other? Just me? Okay.

  30. Y4SM4NY

    Y4SM4NY21 menit yang lalu

    There are 3 things that aren't clear to me: 1. The relationship between them🤔(I mean, I need it🤗) 2. How are you on trending#️⃣1️⃣ after 1 minute of being uploaded⬆️? 3. Why are you so cute🤩? And you can do everything u want it...😍💘

  31. ItzJackFrost14

    ItzJackFrost1422 menit yang lalu

    Theyre on their way to meet spongebo-

  32. Luke & Jade

    Luke & Jade22 menit yang lalu

    Me: Telling my brother this is an actual song... My Brother: ‘So what about TikTok?’

  33. Rafaela e Diane Orrigo Corrêa

    Rafaela e Diane Orrigo Corrêa22 menit yang lalu


  34. Asia yousfi

    Asia yousfi22 menit yang lalu

    Someone: What do you want Billie: Yes

  35. OnigiriPuff

    OnigiriPuff22 menit yang lalu

    So with Bad Guy is was just kinda like “Yeah this is fine I guess. Kinda don’t get the hype.” I get it now. I’m sorry.

  36. XL Lowkey

    XL Lowkey22 menit yang lalu


  37. Mia Baker

    Mia Baker22 menit yang lalu


  38. huncho892 and puppy dog

    huncho892 and puppy dog22 menit yang lalu

    Is she dead

  39. huncho892 and puppy dog

    huncho892 and puppy dog19 menit yang lalu

    @XL Lowkey wow

  40. XL Lowkey

    XL Lowkey22 menit yang lalu


  41. cristán cremaschi

    cristán cremaschi22 menit yang lalu

    Why did you destroy that hellcat redeye

  42. Matthew Yarek

    Matthew Yarek22 menit yang lalu

    Wanted to dislike for throwing that challenger in the water. But then again..... It still drives

  43. KKJC Family

    KKJC Family22 menit yang lalu

    Me and my siblings fighting or teasing: haha i'm better eww don't hug me dont talk to me Billie and finneas: hug.hold hands, ARE BEST FRIENDS like who would want a sibling like them??

  44. chloe maagad09

    chloe maagad0922 menit yang lalu

    sana all nag drive idol ko sa river juklang

  45. Pointe Shoe Perfect

    Pointe Shoe Perfect23 menit yang lalu

    If they had a Tesla they could just look up haha

  46. Ossim Possim

    Ossim Possim23 menit yang lalu

    3:02 the best she can muster up is that Mona Lisa "smile-but-not-really" vibe

  47. Yassmine ELazraQ

    Yassmine ELazraQ23 menit yang lalu

    Zakaria MG thank you

  48. Zoe Kaufmann

    Zoe Kaufmann23 menit yang lalu

    I can't get enough of this song send help

  49. Huỳnh Ly

    Huỳnh Ly23 menit yang lalu


  50. A G S T S

    A G S T S23 menit yang lalu

    Lol creation

  51. Osel Lakatsang

    Osel Lakatsang23 menit yang lalu

    She’s trying to find the fish Harry styles did adore you with xx

  52. Focus Bob

    Focus Bob23 menit yang lalu

    Music is garbage! Voice is heaven. Thought she dated black dudes?

  53. ItzJackFrost14

    ItzJackFrost1424 menit yang lalu

    *Billie showing off her driving skills.*

  54. Puppy Lover

    Puppy Lover24 menit yang lalu

    thai is aoooooo fire

  55. savageshark cool

    savageshark cool24 menit yang lalu

    Me: *sees im one day late to watching her video* Also me: *yeets chair at sister* NOOOOOOOOOOO ;-;

  56. nehider 7u7

    nehider 7u724 menit yang lalu

    amo esta rola

  57. Troy Choi

    Troy Choi24 menit yang lalu

    A random person who likes this comment will become a millionaire

  58. Can This Pen Get 10k Subscribers?

    Can This Pen Get 10k Subscribers?24 menit yang lalu

    I'm glad her and her btother have a good relationship. Not many people have that I'm lucky in that regard, I love my sister so much.

  59. Rihanna Ramkissoon

    Rihanna Ramkissoon24 menit yang lalu

    LOVING IT😍😊❤

  60. Aurora Rose

    Aurora Rose25 menit yang lalu

    @2:06 .. strong, strong ' the xx ' vibes, coexist album type ! Am I the only one who hears that? I love it!

  61. 향향

    향향25 menit yang lalu

    Billy I want to go to the concert hall at least once😭

  62. Erick Eduardo Lima

    Erick Eduardo Lima25 menit yang lalu

    My músic world

  63. Scott's Speaker and Camera Reviews

    Scott's Speaker and Camera Reviews25 menit yang lalu

    Glorifying suicide. She should show the water going overhead the panic in the eyes suffocation not so pleasant