Bill Burr : Epidemic Of A Gold Digging Reaction


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    Thanks everyone for just being you!

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    Abbott and Costello who’s on first 😅😂🤣

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    thank u guys for just being cool ass dudes with no h8 for anyone <3

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    U guys gotta check out Bill Burr - motherhood is the hardest job. It’s hilarious

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    You guys have righteous spirit I can see it in your faces... God bless and keep laughing my brothers

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    This dude is mad funny but he was telling the damm truth

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    Never shot a layup in her life

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    Ya'll are the best

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    Bill Burr is a legend... Watch some George Carlin if you want the real shit.

  11. Word to Hannah

    Word to Hannah2 hari yang lalu

    The difference with MJB is that he cheated on her not the other way around so he should not get any money. Also, he was working as her manager and was not "kept." Kendu ruined his own rep then blamed her for the connections he lost as a result of cheating on MJB. There are double standards but not in MJB's case. We should be supportive because all she wanted was love, it's all in her music. She doesn't deserve any of that.

  12. Vinyl Meister

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    Bill's comedy is great because it's honest.

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    You guys make it that much more entertaining... thanks for your reaction videos!

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    It's not equal indeed.

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  16. Jennifer Burwell

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    This is the ONLY Bill Burr bit that I don't love. I mean, yeah if you're Bill Burr or Coby Bryant or Tiger Woods, there are probably some super hot chicks that only want to get married for money. But seriously, most of us aren't amazingly beautiful.. we have to work pretty hard to always look good, and we just want a partner who can at least hold up his end of the deal! Just getting someone who can pay for their own crap without going to jail, that's hard enough! Love Bill, not offended, but it's not an epidemic. It's a tiny subset of rich and beautiful women who suck, but those dudes are pretty dumb too if they fall for it!! Guys are do dumb! It makes the regular girls' jobs so much harder LOL

  17. Erik Strasburg

    Erik Strasburg2 hari yang lalu

    Meh I mean my parents divorced and damn near all of my child support went towards shit like my mom's cigarettes which isn't some rare occurrence. The system is fucked and no one is even bothering to address it. The main reason I'm so weary of ever getting married is how fucking petty and crazy my mom treated my dad.

  18. Daniel

    Daniel5 hari yang lalu

    Everything she was awarded added up to about half a billion. 250 million cash, 2 houses and a yacht worth like 200 mil

  19. David McCartney

    David McCartney6 hari yang lalu

    Most women want equal rights as men but they are not willing to work for those rights, or are not able to.

  20. IrishBiteGirl

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    You don't need half a billion to raise a kid. The average American middle-class won't even make a million in 20 years... And they still make more than enough for a comfortable life. No reason to have to give someone half your worth when you're rich and you break up. It's sickening.

  21. My Me

    My Me7 hari yang lalu

    As a women not living in america honestly whatever he says is so damn true on so many levels.

  22. Derek Johansen or something

    Derek Johansen or something7 hari yang lalu

    I swear the divorce, child custody, and child support laws in America were made by women...

  23. Sinema Prince

    Sinema Prince7 hari yang lalu

    Bill is one of the greatest comedians of the last decade. And he has been at it for 25+ years. Love him and love your reactions!

  24. Anthony

    Anthony8 hari yang lalu

    Honestly for me it depends on how long u were married and how much love and effort she put into the relationship. Mackenzie Bezos was married to Jeff for 25 years AND helped him build Amazon to the conglomerate it is now so in my opinion she DEFINITELY deserves half but if she had only been there for like 3yrs or less and didn’t do much of anything I would’ve said she gets nothing or close it. Somewhere between 0 and 5 percent which is still a shit ton to a normal person but for someone used to living lavishly it wouldn’t be much of anything.

  25. BRDSX

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    I LOVE that he makes people uncomfortable

  26. test channel 01

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    Louis C. K. Boys vs girls

  27. Mark Mazz

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    He's absolutely always telling the truth bill burr the Legend!

  28. Mark Mazz

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    Bill Burr the Legend! Always speaks the truth!

  29. Jess Allen

    Jess Allen9 hari yang lalu

    Who need to check out Bill Burrs, Phillly Rant.....He was at a comedy festival in Philadelphia and goes off on a hostile crowd........its classic

  30. Source Scorp

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    "absolutely reprehensible behavior" , LMAO!!!!!!

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    love you guys

  33. Clay Loomis

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    If anyone is curious, here's the recording of Mel Gibson bitching about losing his Laker tickets,

  34. Derrick Vineyard

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    There’s a reason Chappelle had him on his show numerous times.

  35. Debra Shepherd

    Debra Shepherd11 hari yang lalu

    Love Bill Burr. Just found your guys’ channel & subscribed 😊. I think it’d depend on how long they’d been married, whether they had children, & like you guys said, if they’d agreed early on the wife would stay home & raise the children. And it’d depend on what the rich famous dude had done. Still, I don’t think the husband should have to just handover half his entire career’s worth unless there are exceptional circumstances, like they’d been married 20 yrs & had children bc at that point she’s got as much invested in the relationship as you would a career. But it should cut both ways. If a very famous & successful woman treated her husband that way, same rules.

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    looks like 44 gold digging whores disliked this video

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  38. Chris Nelson

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    Bill keeps it real

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    Both your laughs are infectious. Loved this.

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    I liked

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    Loving this guys, keep em coming !

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    Bill’s always spot on with the double standards.

  43. TheBluearmy33

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    Don't forget Eddie Murphy warned men back when he did Raw. Can't wait for his Netflix special. 70 million but it's Eddie. Worth it.

  44. TheBluearmy33

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    Love your reaction channel guys! Just subbed!😎👍🏻✌🏻

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    Please check out Jim Breur's sears story y'all! Thx

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    Just found you guys, y’all make me smile man! I’m subbing

  47. Sean Berberich

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    Women want equality except in Family court and divorce.

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    Please do Steve harvey africa trip

  49. Derek L

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    Dorito dusted cleavage...

  50. Lee J Swagger

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    look up Andrew Yang

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    times are rough..suge knight collecting that youtube-money too

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    You guys should check out Chris Porter Ugly and Angry

  53. Nick Johnsen

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    Everyone is laughing at how over the top silly Bill is being but big homie on the rights eyes told the whole story when he breaks down everything Arnie did and imagine the flip of you going to another country and accomplishing that His face said “now hold on.. this man is spittin fucking F A C T S “ 😳👌👌👌

  54. Screwylooy333

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    The Arnold breakdown is so insightful. For real I can't fathom the amount of lifetimes I would need

  55. rick valentino

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    And he didn't mention his business degree, he got into real estate and other business enterprises that made him millions before he got fully into acting.

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    First video I saw from you guys. You seem real and down to earth with no faking. Gave you thumbs up.

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    He learned his best ways from George Carlin of course

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    Bull Burr "F#cked up thoughts". Epic.

  59. Ponyboy Curtis

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    Bill Burr Old Man Face and Helicopter Story are my 2 favorite.

  60. RareHarmony

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    You should react to Gilbert Godfrey.

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  62. Rodney Steffan

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    He and chappelle and Chris rock are the best current comedians

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    St33LR043 Jim is good, but he doesn’t stand with those other names.

  64. St33LR043

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    Rodney Steffan Louie and Jim Jeffries gotta be in there too

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    Did you guys see the Philly Rant, yet? Bill became a legend that night!

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    @P.I. Forever Thank you!

  67. P.I. Forever

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    Not yet, but it's on our list!

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    Thanks! I'm now a subscriber.

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    No, thank you for your support! It's great people like you that makes doing these videos worthwhile.

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    Whores don't care about lumber....LMAO!

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    Glad your channel is kicking off. I just discovered you guys recently. Your reactions are good.

  72. Michael Pahula

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    its 25:00 minutes long .. but do Jim Jeffries Takes his friend to A Brothel. You'll laugh so fucking hard.

  73. Nikola Dietmar Krapp

    Nikola Dietmar Krapp26 hari yang lalu

    Bill Burr is not a comedian, he's a philosopher.

  74. Astra Noel

    Astra Noel4 hari yang lalu

    The best comedians are. They are the last frontier of observation, truth and common sense.

  75. ryan m

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    Blue Collar Carlin.

  76. thunderkat9503

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    Nikola Dietmar Krapp, I totally agree! Check out Patrice O’Neal!

  77. Mike C

    Mike C26 hari yang lalu

    !00 mill to hire a nation to kill her lol still save 150 mil. Told that to my grandpaw years ago and he said but kids loose their mom , I was like shit they raised by nannies anyways and rich

  78. Dan Weeks

    Dan Weeks26 hari yang lalu

    Bill Burr: "Isn't it amazing that once you get divorced, all of a sudden it costs $50k a month to buy the kid Fruit Loops?"

  79. Derek Johansen or something

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  80. Grizzle Ones

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    I hate to be that guy but he says 60k

  81. Kasper W

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    @Masao Yeah it's from Ol' red nuts

  82. Masao

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    Wa s that from Bill Burr? I thought I heard it from Aries Spears

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    You have to watch bill burr when he goes off on the crowd in Philadelphia

  84. Georgios N. Telas

    Georgios N. Telas26 hari yang lalu

    By far the last decade the best stand up comedian. Better than Louis CK. Cause Bill is consistent either on stage or on tv shows as a guest. Check for example what he "did to' Conan and Fallon. Or that infamous video here

  85. CrownPrince2008

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    Yo! You guys need to watch Bill Burr- Some people need lotion!

  86. P.I. Forever

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    Should have it out by tomorrow

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    More bill Burr and Theo von !!!!!!!?

  88. Tyler Cooper

    Tyler Cooper26 hari yang lalu

    It took me a while to understand that when black people are watching comedians and if they call them stupid that means they thought they were funny lol.

  89. Brandon Law

    Brandon Law26 hari yang lalu

    Listen to me when I tell you, play Tom Segura and start recording hes a GOAT.

  90. Steve Kastner

    Steve Kastner26 hari yang lalu

    Jeff Bezos is getting a divorce and his wife is getting 70 billion. Hell no

  91. dothedeed

    dothedeed4 hari yang lalu

    @Steve intentionallyleftblank You can't spend money like that. Every hour he makes $4 Million just from the interest it makes sitting in the bank. The only way for him to lose wealth is if Amazon stock price falls.

  92. Johnny Nemo

    Johnny Nemo4 hari yang lalu

    What's funny is that she'll be the worlds richest woman because of the divorce settlement. To be honest, it's his own stupid fault for not getting a prenuptial, something every couple should get, especially a person of his wealth.

  93. Bathoryyy

    Bathoryyy8 hari yang lalu

    @Steve intentionallyleftblank Would organize a shit load of music show personaly haha

  94. Derrick Vineyard

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    Steve Kastner 1-800-HITMAN

  95. Steve intentionallyleftblank

    Steve intentionallyleftblank20 hari yang lalu

    @Ayo A That's still a mind-boggling amount of money. I don't know what I'd do with it if I had it. I guess just buy a custom guitar or something? Probably not much, to be honest.

  96. igeto12

    igeto1227 hari yang lalu

    1:33 did the guy with the red shirt say “half a billion dollars” 😂🤦🏾‍♂️. Still great reaction guys 👍🏾

  97. Jamie Lee

    Jamie Lee27 hari yang lalu

    Bill Burr talks more about this in others where he talks about why is it when you get divorced all sudden Cheerios cost $20,000 you guys came in a relationship with nothing you should leave with nothing. Now taking care of the child is totally different but why should you have to take care of your ex especially after they find another man

  98. Phry3

    Phry326 hari yang lalu

    @Jamie Lee Got a link to that one?

  99. LiberalsArePoop

    LiberalsArePoop28 hari yang lalu

    Bill is so great!

  100. John Bruce

    John Bruce28 hari yang lalu

    That shot is funny. So much humor in the truth.

  101. Salieri Amadeus

    Salieri Amadeus28 hari yang lalu

    Burr rarely makes me laugh, but I’m always smiling and saying fuck yeah. He makes you think more than laugh out loud.

  102. TheDude1316

    TheDude131628 hari yang lalu

    you gentlemen are entertaining and have a very likable personality.

  103. Michael Mcardle

    Michael Mcardle28 hari yang lalu

    He was great on Dave's show the race draft if you never seen it a long time ago.

  104. Craig Wiggins

    Craig Wiggins28 hari yang lalu

    Burr points out the obvious. It's ridiculous the sum some of these settlements are outlandish.

  105. H R

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    do it do it fuck it do it!

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