Best of FaZe Rain


  1. Coop M.

    Coop M.Hari Yang lalu

    Man do I miss these days

  2. Falk

    Falk3 hari yang lalu

    man i miss this

  3. Jack Hodgson

    Jack Hodgson7 hari yang lalu

    anyone watching in 2019??

  4. Reinvited DCUO

    Reinvited DCUO12 hari yang lalu

    Who’s still here watching this beautiful master piece 😍😢

  5. Zerniozz Plays

    Zerniozz Plays10 hari yang lalu


  6. Lumids

    Lumids20 hari yang lalu

    End of 2019 and brings a tear to my eye I miss these days :(

  7. Lurcide

    Lurcide15 hari yang lalu

    i still ts on modded lobbies today on bo2

  8. huo

    huo18 hari yang lalu

    doesn’t feel like 5 years at all

  9. DOS Flash

    DOS Flash21 hari yang lalu

    Missing this...

  10. BeyondGodsRain

    BeyondGodsRain23 hari yang lalu

    The good old days 😔😔

  11. Leo Aston

    Leo Aston25 hari yang lalu

    I want rain nowwwww

  12. Relox

    Relox28 hari yang lalu

    ... Damn, I go older.

  13. lDroxyy

    lDroxyy29 hari yang lalu

    came back beacause of the edit and music on this video. i remember being obsessed with it when it first droppped and No Angels has been one of my favourite songs ever since. super nostalgic video for me

  14. Coco康納

    Coco康納29 hari yang lalu

    I was 12 when i would watch these man....

  15. 田中

    田中Bulan Yang lalu

    BO2 best。。

  16. Srgy

    SrgyBulan Yang lalu


  17. L U X I F Y 升

    L U X I F Y 升Bulan Yang lalu

    I cry rn

  18. Slrpu - Minecraft

    Slrpu - MinecraftBulan Yang lalu

    2019btw, i miss these days ;( classic playing cod with the boys i miss my old friends i left on xbox 360, im actually crying rn ;(

  19. ᴡᴀᴠʏツ

    ᴡᴀᴠʏツBulan Yang lalu

    I miss this stuff u know I cry almost errytime i see one of your guys old vids


    KMG EXTRMBulan Yang lalu


  21. Hits Billcam TV

    Hits Billcam TVBulan Yang lalu

    Pls I miss you ..

  22. xSLx B34ST

    xSLx B34ST2 bulan yang lalu

    Still come back to this I just miss the old FaZe fortnite is trash I wish the original faze was just back faze rain and faze adapt

  23. Migizi

    Migizi2 bulan yang lalu

    Man even tho the Community is over with it was great while it lasted stuff like this is what kept me driving threw my problems somedays being at school was the highlight of my day cuz I dredded being at home but then when I was home I knew I could just close my door put on my headset and join my 6

  24. Dramaa

    Dramaa2 bulan yang lalu

    Migizi yea man, all my problems would just fade away while tryna hit shots in 6mans it sounds stupid but it was simpler and better times. The trickshotting hitting community will never be forgotten<3

  25. Unsubscribe from me

    Unsubscribe from me2 bulan yang lalu


  26. Fragzy

    Fragzy2 bulan yang lalu

    This was truly my favorite edit, what, 5 years ago? Time flies I guess.

  27. Leon Günaydin

    Leon Günaydin2 bulan yang lalu


  28. Balistik

    Balistik2 bulan yang lalu

    The nostalgia

  29. Paolo Colello

    Paolo Colello3 bulan yang lalu

    Bro I this so much :(

  30. Erxys

    Erxys3 bulan yang lalu

    Paolo Colello this vid makes me cry

  31. Venum

    Venum3 bulan yang lalu

    Damn back when I used to come home from school and watch Rain uploads every day even from his double upload times. I never missed his videos Its crazy how about 90% of the bo2 clips I saw from his videos and then to his Finale montage I was still watching by then. Just everything changed

  32. Akay-47

    Akay-473 bulan yang lalu

    I know there’s a lot of Rainn fans still watching this🙄

  33. quad

    quad3 bulan yang lalu

    Best Bit 0:00 - 4:50

  34. quad

    quad3 bulan yang lalu

    Still remember when this came out ❤️ I watch this everyday

  35. WestboundElf1

    WestboundElf13 bulan yang lalu

    I miss this man

  36. Slice / zYukino

    Slice / zYukino3 bulan yang lalu

    Where did the time go

  37. Granite Ettine

    Granite Ettine3 bulan yang lalu

    Someone in 2019 ?

  38. emanoel

    emanoel3 bulan yang lalu

    best time of my life

  39. Zach Brown

    Zach Brown3 bulan yang lalu

    I miss the call of duty era..

  40. Eliass

    Eliass3 bulan yang lalu

    This is The FaZe we All want, GAMING NOT VLOGGING :(

  41. Qavoe

    Qavoe3 bulan yang lalu

    miss these days bro i really do

  42. Hutchy

    Hutchy3 bulan yang lalu

    How's does this still only have 1.1 Million views 😩 blows my mind

  43. atonía

    atonía3 bulan yang lalu

    ima cry bruh on jah

  44. Chris Rodriguez

    Chris Rodriguez3 bulan yang lalu

    Times were better back then😔

  45. Chris Rodriguez

    Chris Rodriguez3 bulan yang lalu


  46. Req

    Req3 bulan yang lalu

    Still the best

  47. KeshAmbient 信仰

    KeshAmbient 信仰4 bulan yang lalu

    Miss old times :(

  48. Blyzh

    Blyzh4 bulan yang lalu

    Such an iconic video to come back to

  49. Anthony Hernandez

    Anthony Hernandez4 bulan yang lalu

    2019 May???

  50. Nick.

    Nick.4 bulan yang lalu

    Really miss this faze rain

  51. Mad Find

    Mad Find4 bulan yang lalu

    This was the shit

  52. Herb _

    Herb _4 bulan yang lalu

    Anyone else here just looking back on the good old days. I miss it :(

  53. Anthony Hernandez

    Anthony Hernandez4 bulan yang lalu

    same ;(

  54. Jay Swervo

    Jay Swervo4 bulan yang lalu


  55. Itz ArticReef

    Itz ArticReef4 bulan yang lalu

    And Rain if you see this you should do more things like this.

  56. Xhevat Kurteshi

    Xhevat Kurteshi4 bulan yang lalu

    Brooooo so much memories

  57. Itz ArticReef

    Itz ArticReef4 bulan yang lalu

    Like it starts at 0:30

  58. Itz ArticReef

    Itz ArticReef4 bulan yang lalu

    What song is like the whistling part

  59. Soullyy

    Soullyy4 bulan yang lalu


  60. Luis Sanchez

    Luis Sanchez4 bulan yang lalu

    Damnnnn man straight memories remember these trickshottin days. Gave me chills watchin this

  61. Parallel Doug & Art

    Parallel Doug & Art4 bulan yang lalu


  62. Viizak

    Viizak4 bulan yang lalu

    Rain please come back :(

  63. captaingamesz

    captaingamesz5 bulan yang lalu

    5 years old already??? Damn

  64. Kevzyhs

    Kevzyhs5 bulan yang lalu

    I miss this

  65. Ajay nM

    Ajay nM5 bulan yang lalu

    Money corrupted this legendary team. It’s sad, really.

  66. X-Ski- X -Mask-X

    X-Ski- X -Mask-X5 bulan yang lalu

    2019 anyone?

  67. Cristian Esposito

    Cristian Esposito5 bulan yang lalu

    Anyone on 2019?