Best Korea Street Food in Seoul, Myeongdong District


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    7:19 Christmas day EXO 10:25 falling for you EXO

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    Very hard work people..., RESPECT..!

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    Korea Street Food so good

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    They speak chinese

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    명동 외국인만 가는곳 저기맛도 없고 비싸기는 열라비쌈 보통 가계 4배 5배 비쌈

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    0:47 , 2:58 , 3:50 , 9:28 , 9:48 , 11:38 what are the name of these food/foods , Thanks!

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    11:38 ''Hweori gamja'' tornado potato Cut potatoes like a whirlwind and fried

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    9:48 "Ddal ki mochi" chewy rice cake inside sweet strawberry

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    9:28 Grilled skewers sausage and shrimp or sausage and rice cake

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    3:50 (from left) "Ho dduck" a kind of pancake inside brown sugar,nuts and cinnamon powder mix "Goon man du" is fried dumpling "Go gu ma mattang" is syruped outside sweet potato

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    2:58 kind of noodle is "japchae" sweet potato starch noodles with vegetables mix soysauce

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    Koreans do not eat snake??

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    I tried the lobster before, it was good eventhough slightly costly. Options of halal food are available.

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    notsomeoneyouknow really? im going there next year but im worried of the halal status there. i saw videos on twitter where they only put up the halal sign when muslims are around

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    Guhan Megawarnam Can’t really trust the halal signs there in myeongdong.

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    I dont think myeongdong has best korean street food. So many great food in local market.

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    We can compare how us East and South East Asians prepare street food vs South Asians. The differences are tremendous.

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    dominic all races do that shit, just enjoy the food and stop crying

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    Hi. Anyone know if myeongdong market open when on winter month? Thank you in advance.

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    @Dong Ha Lee Oh thanks for the info. Appreciate that

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    they are open all year around. the items may vary seasonally. One thing I want to say in advance is the price range is relatively high, as due to the location

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    yaki noodles? hahaha! nani?!

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    this is japchae not yaki noodles

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    명동 바가지로 유명하지

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    Best Korea Street Food in Seoul ?? As a Seoul citizen, the quality of street food in Myeongdong and the level of compared to the price are very rubbish. . If you guys don't care much about the local atmosphere and want to visit Seoul and enjoy street food, i recommend visiting Namdaemun market located near Myeongdong or Mangwon market located near Hongdae.

  55. Don Capri

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    @Coneja Hi, I’m in holiday in seoul, I actually went to both Myeongdong and Namdaemun according to your recommandations, I prefered namdaemun for the taste of the food, and sellers are friendlier, but it’s too bad there is not much choice in namdaemun, myeongdong actually is really big and there is more things to try, both market have their advantages in my opinion

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